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    Federal Tax Credit may be coming back for Tesla purchases

    Where are you reading this? The summary text I read here only talks about a price limit and income limit for used cars https://mikethompson.house.gov/sites/mikethompson.house.gov/files/GREEN Act 2021 sxs.pdf
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    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    Interesting. Anyone know if Tesla lowers pricing automatically until a car sells, or if there are more organized changes? Partly I'm wondering if any major shifts in pricing may occur as people start to trade in their cars for refreshed Model S beginning in March, of if that's all priced in.
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    WTB: Model S Late 2016/Early 2017 90D/100D FUSC, FSD [CA]

    Would Tesla tell me the order date if I called them up with a VIN? (guess I can try...)
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    WTB: Model S Late 2016/Early 2017 90D/100D FUSC, FSD [CA]

    Any idea how to verify whether supercharging can be transferred for a particular car? Is calling Tesla with the VIN possible? Some sellers I'm talking to don't know the exact date of their car if they aren't the first owner
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    WTB: Model S Late 2016/Early 2017 90D/100D FUSC, FSD [CA]

    Ah, did not know that about the 100Ds, wasn't sure of the exact timeline of when the 100Ds came out. Aiming for 90D because I'm concerned about range, what's the full charge range of your 75D?
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    WTB: Model S Late 2016/Early 2017 90D/100D FUSC, FSD [CA]

    As the title says, I'm looking for a late 2016 or early 2017 Model S 90D or 100D with FSD and FUSC. Doing my best to comb through threads here as well as all the listing sites, but posting here in case anyone catches this who is selling.
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    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    That's interesting. EV-CPO has an "uncorked acceleration" feature that I was using, which I assume just parses the 0-60 times Tesla puts on the listing, but you're saying that it may not matter?
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    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    Very useful thread. Hoping we see a bit more downward price pressure as some folks trade in their 3-4 year old cars for the 2021 refresh, will have to see... Does anyone have a good sense what premium Tesla is charging for FSD on used cars? I have it as part of my EV-CPO search because it feels...
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    Tesla reduced price by $2k for M3, $5k for S/X

    Has anyone contacted Tesla to confirm 1) the SR is still available 2) if the price is $33k or $35k?
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    Tesla won't remove FSD from used vehicles for sale, right?

    What is your methodology for finding these cars, out of curiosity? I've tried to set up some different filters but not sure I'm catching them all.
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Thanks for clarifying. From what I've seen, even for cars that are new and clearly discounted from list, I've only seen 0 in the discount column (at least for Model 3). I've set up a few crude price/option filters to notify me when a car comes up that seems discounted.
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Looks like the Discount column doesn't actually work anyway, shows 0 on cars with a clear discount
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    Anyone Looking for Demo Model 3 deals

    Sent PM as well, but looking for an SR+ (looking to go economical and downgrade to SR)
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    For premium subscribers, is there any way to set up alerts for cars with > $0 discount?
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    Anyone Looking for Demo Model 3 deals

    There's no question Q2 will be weak given production was halted for at least a month (still unclear when it will come back) The question is, how many new inventory or non-inventory cars exist and will they even need any incentives to get them moved
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    Anyone Looking for Demo Model 3 deals

    May end up doing that as well. It's a strange time...lead time for new orders on Tesla's website says 6-9 weeks which is effectively the end of the quarter. How many inventory cars are left? Will there be any cars floating around at a discount? SA points out that once test drives were halted...
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    Anyone Looking for Demo Model 3 deals

    My SA says there are no test drive or showroom cars in the Bay Area right now, just some new inventory. Still hoping to snag a small discount on an SR but wondering if that's out of the question right now...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Is there anyone that would beat 1.99% / 36 months? Looking at the spreadsheet, looks like no except for the Hawaii only ones...
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    Front License Plate in CA

    No front plate for 3+ years driving Model S around SoCal, no issues so far. Plan to do the same with X.
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    K-MTG (Captain Sunshade) - Model X

    What is the heat shield?
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    Estimated April-Early May delivery is now blank.

    Vin 25XX, also had dates disappear today (previously said April-Early May) Assuming they haven't yet built the car, I'm happy to wait as quality improves, especially if there is even a remote change of a 100kw option coming out.
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    Test Report: Towing the Bowlus Road Chief

    Thanks for the report. We're planning to tow our TrailManor with our 90D. Many of the things you said about the Road Chief will apply to the TrailManor as well - it's light (our model is about 3000lbs unloaded), short (6' 7" when collapsed) and should have a decent aero profile.
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    The Tesla Van (albeit Tesla Service)

    Those Nissan vans could not be uglier. I have mixed feelings on whether or not branded, non-Tesla service vehicles are a good idea or not.
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    2014 Q4 Earnings Report and Conference Call

    Press release says that Shareholder Letter should be posted at 2PM, but I don't see it on this page with the others. Events & Presentations | Tesla Motors Anyone have a link?
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    12 Model S for $60k a piece?

    Why do the photos appear to be stock photos (and very low resolution at that?) You'd think someone with 12 Model S on hand would be able to locate a camera.
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    Rumor: P85D firmware update to increase 0-60 performance to 2.8s

    If this transpires, the headlines will be incredible for two reason: -2.8s is just ludicrous and truly puts the P85D in the highest echelon of performance vehicles -This performance increase was delievered via an over the air software update
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    Upgrade Button is Back

    Why would it say deliveries begin 2014? That seems to counter the guidance we've been hearing.
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    Who wants my Hawthorne invitation? And who offers his/hers too?

    The invite allows you to select up to 3 guests attending with you
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    Who wants my Hawthorne invitation? And who offers his/hers too?

    Looking for an invite as well! Thanks for starting this OP.
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    What time did your email come in? Trying to figure out if they're still rolling out or if I missed this one.
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    S owner and X reservation holder, no email yet. I'm hopeful!
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Yet another duplicate thread to get merged in... About time to unveil the D and something else
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Anyone have a clue if this is an actual event happening in, say, Hawthorne - or just an announcement? Haven't heard or seen anyone getting any sort of invite.
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    Tesla Motors current and future battery degradation warranty...

    Seems to me the biggest reason Tesla can't/won't do this is because they would be essentially admitting that the car has a major flaw. This would scare away unfamiliar buyers. Most of us are familiar with the technology and understand that this is an inherent factor, but many don't. While I...
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    What will MX be cross shopped against?

    How would you know this? Have you sat in either?
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    Model X Roof Rack|Hitch Rack|Trailer|Toys

    If I'm not mistaken, Elon tweeted (perhaps a year ago?) that the X would have "class-leading" towing capacity. However, I can no longer find the tweet.
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    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    You're talking about the temp ones right? I assume the new ones will be 135kW Also, it's not exactly a 33% reduction in time due to tapering, but it definitely helps at the max point
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    Is the Tesla discrete enough?

    This is actually a great (if overly simplified) analogy. Might use this sometime...
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    Please don't do this...(park blocking multiple Supercharger spots)

    In the past Elon tweeted that the Model X will have class-leading towing capacity. Don't have a good way to find the tweet right now but if you search TMC you'll find reference to it.
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    Realistic 3rd row seating for adults?

    It was stated in this email sent out to all preorder customers that the third row will be an option, it will not come standard. So, the answer is yes.
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    Current status of Firmware 6.0 ?

    The Play Store offers beta and alpha channels so that developers can roll out new versions to a small number of users that are enrolled in the beta. I do this all the time.
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    Battery Pack Compatibility

    Funny how that hasn't happened (won't happen?)
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    Massively ICE'd

    Curious, where did you get the info about pull-in spots? I hope that's a reality, would make towing with Model X and charging at SCs possible.
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    Tesla readying for X assembly

    This is definitely great news as it means that things are on schedule (at least the factory side of it) Has it always been the case that the Model S and X will be produced on the 'same line'? Somehow I thought it was going to be two separate lines. Although, having toured the factory...
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    Time to configure. Imagine the Model X Design Studio.

    I think you're looking for an RV
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    We the People Petition on Tesla Motors

    Response to We the People Petition on Tesla Motors Response to We the People Petition on Tesla Motors | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government Could this be any more of a non-answer? Disappointed, but not the least bit surprised.
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    Lessons from Model S to be applied to Model X

    Agreed. This thing better have solid ceiling vents in the 2nd and 3rd rows. I don't see how they can possibly miss this, it's standard equipment in all SUVs and minivans that I've been in.
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    Model X Tally

    Interesting. The reason I asked is because I know someone who told me over the weekend that a family member had sold their Sig reservation because they needed another vehicle sooner. Perhaps they were misinformed.
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    Model X Tally

    Lot of people saying that reservations can't be sold with absolute certainty. Has anyone asked Tesla? Agreement reads: This Agreement is not transferable or assignable to another party without the prior written approval of a Tesla authorized representative.
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    Model X Tally

    11,270 reporting in! The anticipation begins.

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