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  1. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    I went through my insurance company..... Thought it would be a safer bet as Florida is a "no-fault" state.... Didn't get a loaner as I had another car to drive..... But even that, getting my insurance company to move on the thing was a major pain. The delay of getting it approved will be...
  2. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    and....... the final estimate is $6200.00.... Finally approved after waiting 15 days...... They have started the car..... Hope they don't find anything else. The upside is that it appears that they won't have to wait on any major parts. Only the Aero cap and some trim getting replaced...
  3. Chris350

    The accident saga begins...

    WOW...... My model 3 is currently in the shop. It was backed into and hit right behind the Driveside rear passenger door above the the rear wheel.... It's been at the repair shop currently for almost 2 weeks with no work done on it yet.... The quote I have is over $6500 currently....
  4. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    LOL..... I was kind of joking on the 2 weeks thing..... I was expecting at least 4 - 6 weeks.... At this rate, you may be right.....
  5. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    Update - Well the car has been sitting at the body repair location (10 Days)... I checked into the status on Wednesday and was told that the repair would estimate out at around $6500.. The repair shop submitted the adjustment (on Wednesday) to the insurance company and got crickets...
  6. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    Most of the damage is behind the rear door.... The door appears to open fine... Not sure if there are any sensors around this area.... I did get a strange alert when I started to back up.... The car sounded an alarm like there was something behind me.... I did stop the car and got out to...
  7. Chris350

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL - Garden Road

    Needs are for me: More stations in WPB - Best Place Okeechobee Blvd (near turnpike) Jupiter - Near turnpike and 95 (These insect here) Stuart That would cover me perfectly as I SC most of the time....
  8. Chris350

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL - Garden Road

    Yeah..... That WPB Wawa (Blue Heron) is a rough location..... Charging in the day is a pain because the station is so busy, so waiting for a charger is becoming the norm..... Charging at night is sketchy as you have to fend off the panhandlers... Those 2 chargers have had issues with low...
  9. Chris350

    $1200 to repair?

    Tesla Damage 02.25.21 by Chris350 posted Mar 3, 2021 at 10:52 AM It finally happened... After almost 2 years of ownership, I finally got hit... Person just back into the car..... Insurance quotes $1200 in damage..... But body shop claims that won't even come close to covering the labor to...
  10. Chris350

    Issue with texting

    What version of firmware are you on?
  11. Chris350


    Yep.... Just installed.... Bug Fixes.... That is all......
  12. Chris350

    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    I find the nav quite good... Just wish they would update it to include: Way points Alternate Routes Faster traffic updates Quicker map updates If those even make it to the car, then this should be as good as it gets for a nav system.
  13. Chris350

    [New Feature] Update downloading over LTE now

    Figure that they want as many cars on this new version before they push out the next big update... Kind of figure that V11 would be coming very soon, unless they are holding it back for a few more FSD beta releases before they push it out...
  14. Chris350

    Can't sign into YouTube - Plex fix not working

    It's Chromium..... Needs to be updated.... My Theater has been acting weird for about a month now.... Anything youtube (music/Tv) fills the memory and either starts freezing after about 15 - 30 minutes of watching... When exiting, it it will also just freeze the screen (full screen) and...
  15. Chris350

    2020.48.10 update and Roadie

    I stopped using the Roadie.... Loved it early on, but constantly has connection issues and always was worried about it's operation when new updates got issued. With the rumor of streaming cameras coming to the car in a Tesla update, there wasn't any reason for me to keep using it... I'll wait...
  16. Chris350

    Santa Mode

    Currently in the model 3 - Santa Mode - Parked - Santa Sled replaces the car. Driving - The screen shows it snowing / Turn Signals (when activated) play sleigh bells... The Song - "Grandmother Got Run Over" does not play or I can't get it to play....
  17. Chris350

    Santa Mode

    On my M3, all I get is the Santa..... No music.... and on Rainbow Road.... I get he Rainbow and the music, but the volume is so low (same with fart mode) and can't be adjusted... So, they all are borked for me in some way...
  18. Chris350

    Superchargers at Port St Lucie

    Not sure if this is new news or not... Port St Lucie stop is expanding... Not sure whne they go live or what type chargers these are as they are covered.
  19. Chris350

    Charging at Disney in Florida?

    I must agree with that fact being the chargers in the parks are few and far... They are always occupied due to the fact there isn't many of them... I have been lucky enough to charge at Disney Springs in the Lime garage on the level 5 deck a few times... But in most cases, we also use the...
  20. Chris350

    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    I think I will keep my car that gets better and better with every update.....
  21. Chris350

    Charging at Disney in Florida?

    The Dolphin has a few 110 outlets that are available..... But you have to ask when pulling in.... I saw a few Tesla's plugged in on them yesterday.. These are located under the covered drop off areas for the hotel and the convention area....
  22. Chris350

    TuneIn Login by scanning a QR code??

    I was able to log in using a Google Pixel 4Xl.... Logged in fine and now it finally shows my podcasts properly in my favorites...
  23. Chris350


    Has to be a bug fix as 36 still hasn't gone wide yet...
  24. Chris350

    TuneIn Login by scanning a QR code??

    Yeah.... It's a major pain... Logging in as a sub, it doesn't give you the channel breakdowns that I've set up at TuneIn... So, signing in with your personal account gets you nothing...
  25. Chris350

    Update 24.6.9

    Does this version fix favorites for personal TuneIn accounts? I've logged on to my personal account and it works great, just doesn't pull my selected favorites in. Just shows a black page and also doesn't show the latest New Episodes properly... The episodes it shows are over a week older than...
  26. Chris350

    TuneIn Login by scanning a QR code??

    I have an Android device..... I take a photo of the QR code and then scan the photo with Google Lens. It then displays a website URL which I then select, this then asks me if I want to activate my Tesla. I then activate it and it syncs after about a minute... But don't get to excited as...
  27. Chris350

    Phone and text messaging sucks really bad.

    The interior lighting/Tesla Theater issue has been resolved in the 6.1 update... I have confirmed it.
  28. Chris350

    Tunein keeps logging out

    Confirming this.... I have yet to find a way to keep TuneIn logged into my personal account. I log in using the QR code and it's all good until I get out of the car.... It then defaults back to the Tesla account. I have looked through the account online at home and it shows the Tesla as...
  29. Chris350

    Autopilot Nag Feature Disabled

    I am on that same firmware version in a RWD and still get the nag...
  30. Chris350

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    For me, this has worked pretty well... The only major issue I have run into is blinking YELLOW lights... In 50% of my cases, although the car has been given the OK to proceeded through, it will force a stop... Pretty dangerous in the area that I have this blinking yellow. This blinking yellow...
  31. Chris350

    HW3/FSD retrofit downgrades firmware

    90%+ have all gotten rolled back to 8.3 when the upgrade is done.... It is based on the version that is pre-installed on the upgrade computer at the time of manufacture. One must assume that the newer CPU's will get a later version at some point in manufacturing. In my case, it was rolled...
  32. Chris350

    Text dictation volume control

    It currently can't. Assume it will be added in a later update
  33. Chris350


    Roadie is a system that allowed you to access sentry and teslacam from your phone through its app. Cool gadget... I have one. My only issue was that I constantly had issues connecting to it via WiFi consistently. With this new firmware, it appears that it is now DOA.
  34. Chris350


    Roadie is dead with this version? Anyone reach out to them? Over 100 Teslafi installs in the last hour.... So, it appears that they have opened it up to roll wide.
  35. Chris350


    Not an EAP... Just slow rollout at this point. When we see 1k, then it's going wide.
  36. Chris350


    Wow... Already complaining about the new software. If you own a Tesla you know that it only gets better. Be happy you have it..
  37. Chris350


    I believe that this version includes additional visual items. STOP now appears on all stop signs for me and I'm seeing bike lanes consistently now.
  38. Chris350

    12 Volt Battery Tesla Owners Beware

    I had this issue back in December. Car had 35k and was only 1 year and 6 months old. I got lucky in West Palm. I pulled in the SC and they had one. Replaced it in 15 minutes and I was out.
  39. Chris350

    2020.12.1 Hitting Now

    This version does display the word STOP on the stop signs. 12 (for me) only displayed STOP on very few signs. It does it all the time now.
  40. Chris350

    New Tesla Service Center & Store in West Palm Beach!

    It was a 4 day service... They did the retrofit and new rear tires. The delay was more due to the SC being backed up more than anything else. Mine required the rewire work. Once done, I did lose everything and had to go and reset all settings/phone/wifi and homelink. Lost all previous...
  41. Chris350

    New Tesla Service Center & Store in West Palm Beach!

    Service is up and running. Had my HW3 upgrade there back on 3/7. Drive by on Tuesday last week and the lot was full of cars... Good chance you can get delivered there.
  42. Chris350

    Vero Beach, FL SuperCharger Open

    Are these v3's?
  43. Chris350


    12 is rolling out fast. Just big fixes...
  44. Chris350


    Looks like they are pushing it out pretty hard... 1k+ downloads on Teslafi today. I just got it... LR RWD.
  45. Chris350

    HW3 Install Time

    Dropped off last Thursday.... Picking up today (Monday). Retrofit (w/rewiring needed) Rear tires replaced.
  46. Chris350

    HW3 Install Time

    Mine was dropped off on Thursday.... Need HW3 upgrade / New rear tires / and a check of the BMS software due to strange eff Wh/mile numbers... Doesn't look like I will see it until Monday...
  47. Chris350

    Is there a way to load custom spotify playlists into the Tesla Account?

    Nope..... I had to sign up for PR to get those playlists to show up...
  48. Chris350

    Orbital Wheel Covers Kickstarter reboot

    Just covering the rash alone is worth it.... Cost to repair a rashed rim is around $100.
  49. Chris350

    New Tesla Service Center & Store in West Palm Beach!

    It is getting very close... Saw 6 or so Tesla's parked out front yesterday.. Interesting... I have a 3/5 SC appointment for HW3 and it still shows the old location for the service...

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