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  1. stephenpace

    Houston electricity/which electrical company? EV incentives?

    I use Smart Commercial & Residential Energy Solutions | MP2 Energy as they have an EV plan which lets you charge "free" (with just CenterPoint fees) between midnight and 3AM. There are also no Houston or Texas rebates. Texas rebates require the car to be sold through a dealership and Tesla...
  2. stephenpace

    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    One more strange thing for the mix. I have an A pack (000219) and my car has now SuperCharged faster than 90 kW for the first time. Not for very long, but I was very surprised to see it. Is this a new firmware thing? I thought faster than 90 kW was impossible on an A pack.
  3. stephenpace

    Tesla confirms HW3 computer in production, FSD demo on April 22nd [Rescheduled]

    You can usually find the announcements under Tesla's press release section: Tesla To Host Autonomy Investor Day | Tesla, Inc.
  4. stephenpace

    Midland/Odessa + South Texas Tesla Owners

    If you have a Tesla vehicle in Midland/Odessa or South Texas and are up for some Tesla advocacy, can you ping me a private message here on TMC? This related to the Anti-Tesla Service Bill that has just been submitted. Thanks!
  5. stephenpace

    New Texas Bill to Screw Tesla Owners!

    Unfortunately, I believe this bill has a decent shot of making it out of committee because Governor Abbott wants it to help Warren Buffett solve his dealership problem. It is going to take a good showing at the committee hearing, better than we've had at previous ones. This will be hard because...
  6. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Tesla Owner Lunch – 17 Nov 2018 We are going to have a Tesla Owner Lunch at Saint Arnold's Beer Garden. They open at 11am but I thought we'd meet at 10:30am before opening, park the cars at the back of the lot to get a photo together, and then head inside when they open. It is covered and they...
  7. stephenpace

    Need to have someone look at cpo p85d at Houston facility

    Where is the car? Northside? We have a lot of people going by there picking up new 3s. Could possibly arrange if Tesla would let the person pick it up.
  8. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Yes, the Facebook group is the most active place: Tesla Club of Greater Houston
  9. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    All are welcome at "Tesla Cruise Night II" tomorrow (7/14) at 5pm at Otto's BBQ (11222 Fountain Lake Dr (The Fountains Shopping Center), Stafford, TX). BBQ and music, lots of Model S, 3, and Xs. At least 30 have RSVPed. Hope to see you there!
  10. stephenpace

    Model 3 at Texas Direct Auto

    Besides the one you point out: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Frank is also selling his (upgrading to dual motor): https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/741639627/overview/ Two white 3s for sale in fairly close proximity!
  11. stephenpace

    Houston Wheel Refinisher Recommendation

    I second Dr. Wheel (Houston Tx | Dr. Wheel)--I've used them and like that you can send them a photo and they send you back the price. People in the Houston owner's group have also had good luck with EVS, Gulf Coast Auto Shield, and Luxurious Wheels (Jack): +1-832-596-5133.
  12. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Houston Area Tesla Owners and Reservation Holders: Please join us for an event on 12 May 2018! We will start with lunch at the The Swinging Door BBQ (The Swinging Door Restaurant | Texas Bar-B-Q at its best!) at 11:30am: 3818 Farm to Market 359, Richmond, TX 77406 Then we will head over as a...
  13. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    We have set our last Tesla owner's gathering for 2017, and we have a special surprise for those attending. Where: Peli Peli Kitchen, 9090 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024 When: 16 Dec 2017 11:30am - 1:30pm URL: Peli Peli Kitchen If you participated in our group's bulk merchandise order, I...
  14. stephenpace

    2017 Texas Legislative Session Discussion Thread

    We'll have a few driving in from Houston to provide in person support at the hearing. Let's hope they don't pull a dirty trick (again) and change the time at the last minute.
  15. stephenpace

    Solar installations in Texas

    Solar City also lets you buy your system now. In fact, they prefer it.
  16. stephenpace


    Tesla themselves lost 12 vehicles in Harvey and in the owner's group we have counted 9 others lost. Likely more we dpn't know about yet.
  17. stephenpace

    My Experience With a Flooded Model S in Houston

    One additional point is this storm hit nowhere near Houston (almost 200 miles away). Certainly a heavy rain event was predicted and for sure if you lived in a home that had flooded before, you should have prepared for certain flooding. However, many of the areas of Houston that flooded were...
  18. stephenpace

    My Experience With a Flooded Model S in Houston

    Harvey was fresh water... then fresh water mixed with sewage. I'm personally familiar with 9 Teslas that flooded, but I'm sure there is a lot more given the official count was 1 million cars total damaged in Greater Houston.
  19. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Thanks, unfortunately we lost quite a few. 7 that I know from the owner's club and probably a lot more than that. Wired puts the total number of cars lost at 1 million if you can believe that staggering number: Harvey Wrecks Up to a Million Cars in Car-Dependent Houston
  20. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Tesla Owners Lunch - 9 Sept 2017 - Ouisie's Table Billy Garrison is organizing a group lunch at Ouisie's Table on September 9th at 12pm. Please RSVP if you plan to attend! Everyone is invited, however, each person must have a (free) ticket. If you do not RSVP, you may not be able to attend due...
  21. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    We are going to try and do things more often. Tesla has now recognized the clubs officially and we now have officers to help with additional planning.
  22. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Tesla Club Breakfast Date and Time: 19 AUG 2017 Saturday at 8 AM - 10 AM Location: Fielding's Wood Grill 1699 Research Forest Dr, Ste 130, The Woodlands, Texas 77380 Fieldings Wood Grill in the Woodlands has done some events with a few other owner's clubs including Porsche, so we took them up...
  23. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    That would be a good idea, but to date we've had small groups so we've just done follow the leader with a clear indication of target and time if someone were to get separated. If we do bigger events, we should consider radios.
  24. stephenpace

    Blog Tesla and Fake News

    Thanks, I will fix (if I can figure out how).
  25. stephenpace

    Supercharger - McAllen, Texas

    I have an uncle that lives in McAllen that could likely stop by. Is there just one Embassy Suites, the one at the convention center? Did the podcast say where the chargers were?
  26. stephenpace

    Blog Tesla and Fake News

    There is a lot of discussion about fake news these days. While some may feel we now live in a “post fact” world, I don’t. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to read NPR's Steve Inskeep’s take on the subject, A Finder's Guide To Facts. Steve offers a lot of common sense things to look for...
  27. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    While registration is officially closed, if anyone wants to do the drive to Calvert tomorrow, please let me know and there may be a few additional lunches available. You can let either myself or Rick Bollar know and you can PayPal Rick. The lunch includes soup, sandwich and dessert served at...
  28. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Join us for the first Texas statewide group road trip to Cocoamoda ! Date and Time: Sat, May 20, 2017 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM CDT PLEASE REGISTER AT THE EVENTBRITE LINK FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING! The Tesla clubs in Texas invite all Tesla owners to converge in Calvert...
  29. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Billy Garrison (TMC: TWBC) is organizing a group dinner for the end of March. Details below, please RSVP if you plan to attend, thanks! Everyone is invited! Date: 25 March 2017 Time: 7 PM Location: Vic and Anthony's Steakhouse 1510 Texas Ave Houston, TX 77002 713.228.1111 Parking: There will...
  30. stephenpace

    I wish Buccee's would get some superchargers

    I don't know. I love Buc-ee's, but their model is to get you in and get you out fast. Note there are no tables to sit and eat--that is because they don't want you too. Walking around for 20 minutes is fine, but I prefer not to eat in my car. Also, most locations don't have any place to walk to...
  31. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Congrats! The local group meets every couple of months. No standing event, pretty ad hoc. Here are a few photos from the last event.
  32. stephenpace

    Crazy letter left on my windshield over the weekend..

    I would bet money this note was written by Scott Douglas Redmond--although certainly someone else could have printed it and put it on the windshield. Writing analysis is very similar to drivel put out at one of the many sites he maintains. Example: Lithium Ion Battery Danger More history on...
  33. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    The Tesla Houston Owners Group is having a lunch meetup this Saturday 12/10: Saturday, December 10 at 12 PM - 2 PM CST Peli Peli Kitchen 9090 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77024 As for the location, one of the owners has a Tesla and approached us with a Buy One Get One entree offer. They also...
  34. stephenpace

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I installed 2.44.130 last night. Hopefully it fixes a bug I just noticed in 2.42.40 to do with connectivity to the Phone. If you are listening to music via Bluetooth (I was listening to a Podcast) and you start talking on the phone, if you get out of the car (I had to retrieve a box) and get...
  35. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Late notice, but if you have time tomorrow, St. Cuthbert School has asked if there are any owners available to display Tesla vehicles (especially Model X) for their annual Touch-A-Truck fundraiser on Saturday October 8th from 9:30am to 2pm. I've done this a few years and it is fun to see all of...
  36. stephenpace

    Electric GT World Series — Based Entirely On the Tesla Model S

    At one point I think Mark made it very clear that they've put in a larger radiator and three additional coolant pumps that (with one other--NDA--change) makes it so the cars never need to run in reduced power mode. I believe the statement was along the lines that the cars--with those...
  37. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    This Saturday 9/17 from 9am - 2pm at IKEA there is a National Drive Electric Week event. Lots of Tesla's signed up already but if you'd like to meet some other owners and other EV enthusiasts, feel free to join us and take a shift: National Drive Electric Week Event - Houston
  38. stephenpace

    Another fatal autopilot crash - China

    Actually, we don't know if it is autopilot related or not. Tesla couldn't download the logs due to the severity of the wreck and the family apparently hasn't allowed direct access to the vehicle.
  39. stephenpace

    Thought on I-10 route

    I could be remembering this wrong, but I think current owners had some input to West Texas being delayed. I seem to recall some type of informal survey that asked if we preferred West Texas or South Texas and pretty much unanimously the current Texas owners said they would prefer the South...
  40. stephenpace

    Who's coming to TMC Connect 2016?

    I'll be there, both at TMC Connect and the Gigafactory party. We'll have a few Texas owners there.
  41. stephenpace

    Another Model X crash, driver says autopilot was engaged

    I think we should wait until we see what the logs say. Was autopilot really on? Was it accidentally disabled by hitting the brake? Etc.
  42. stephenpace

    Another Model X crash, driver says autopilot was engaged

    I think we should wait until we see what the logs say. Was autopilot really on? Was it accidentally disabled by hitting the brake? Etc. Also, mods, you might want to merge into this thread here: Another Model X crash, driver says autopilot was engaged Model X not Model S. Duplicate thread.
  43. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Great job, Stenn! I noticed one minor error: there are two service centers in Houston (Northside and Westchase).
  44. stephenpace

    Rent or Lend Me Your Chademo Adapter in Houston Area

    Happy to lend you my adapter for free. I live in West Memorial. However, you'll need to get it tomorrow or Friday since I will be unavailable on Saturday.
  45. stephenpace

    Tesla Referral Program

    Here's mine, thanks for doing this! Referral | Tesla Motors
  46. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Congrats! The new Tesla HPWCs are chainable on one 100 amp breaker to up to four which is nice: Tesla — Wall Connector with 8.5' Cable
  47. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    A few of us are getting together for Houston Coffee and Cars tomorrow (6/4) at Memorial City Mall. We play to arrive at the eVgo Charger across from Cheesecake Factory at 7:30am and drive over together at 7:40am. If you think you are going to arrive late, just drive over to the display area...
  48. stephenpace

    TMC Connect 2016

    Forgive me if I missed this, but is there any concern with the overlap of dates between TMC Connect and the Gigafactory opening? It seems like there would be a large overlap of attendees interested in both.
  49. stephenpace

    Mexico Superchargers

    With the first Mexico SuperCharger underway and planning for the first service center almost done, I think it is time to create a category for Mexico in North America as the news is likely to start coming faster and it would be good to consolidate in one area.
  50. stephenpace

    Houston, TX

    Official from Derek from Tesla Houston: "The line for Model 3 reservations will form at the entrance along West Alabama street. I will have a member of my staff only allowing a select number of customer into our showroom at a time in an effort to provide a very efficient experience. We are not...

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