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    Suspension question for folks who’ve had German cars

    A bit of an older post but wanted to say the rear of the Model 3 at speed is where I believe the attention needs to be spent if upgrading. Coming from BMW's, the Model 3 can't take higher speed lateral motions without unsettling the rear end. Trail braking through a corner, you'll find the...
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    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    I think one giant leap Tesla could make it to eliminate "miles remaining" and just show "percentage remaining", just like a phone. At least have this on by default.
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    Spotify w/ V10 update

    Since Europe only has Spotify in their interface, are owners there experiencing these issues? Curious if it's the dual "slacker/spotify" implementation.
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    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    Keep in mind recent OTA updates may have reduced any "reserve" older Model S's may have had. If you've driven to "zero" before without a shutdown, most will agree you now cannot. I treat Teslas just like gasoline BMW's. When you run low, it not only overheats the pump (shortening life), BMW's...
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    Spotify w/ V10 update

    No Spotify PODCAST tab inside Tesla interface??? Wow, I just bought Spotify Premium for this, loaded up all these great podcasts, only to find you can’t access them from the car.
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    Dreamcase Model 3 Pictures & Review

    Speaking of sleeping in the Model 3, anyone found sources for “night shades” that cover all windows? Lots of sources for windshield and roof but can’t find good options for side windows.
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    Tips on how I averaged~190 wh/mi for 17,000 miles (so far...)

    My tip would be to be conscious of changing the Model 3 tires if efficiency is your #1 goal. For me, I wanted better traction, improved cosmetic look, and to run my favorite Michelin AS3+ tires year round. Efficiency has been 300kW/h for 20,000mi driving “spiritedly”. I came from BMW’s so I...
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    Is it beneficial to periodically charge to 100% SOC

    I find this topic very insightful! Is there a benefit to setting our charging rates lower than the max "48" that the Tesla Wall Adaptor allows to better allow battery balancing? I've always been curious why Tesla allowed users to set a slower speed.
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    Help please - Max front wheel and tire size?

    I run staggered 245 Front and 275 rear with Michelin AS3+ tires on Model 3 Dual Motor. I average approx. 320wh/mi at quick highway speeds. You'll lose a bunch of efficiency with more aggressive tread touching the ground.
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    Atlanta, GA Waiting Room

    For those still waiting, if you can request Alpharetta/Roswell location instead of Decatur, I would suggest it. Decatur is a cramped lot, cars packed within an inch of each other and they are rearranging them many times per day to squeeze in more. I picked up my AWD last month there and the...
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    Keyless entry using iPhone issues

    Iphone SE will work about 80% of the time - always front pocket or holding in hand. The most frustrating is that when I use the app to finally unlock doors, I still can’t drive off and it says “use keycard”. I’ve been lucky a few times turning Bluetooth on and off on phone but of course if...
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    First day on the AutoPilot trial.

    "Tesla should consider a $50 per month subscription for a "Commuter Pack". You get the TACC and it works at low speeds, and up to speeds over 50 mph for 1 minute before it turns off." Thats an interesting concept given all the Model 3's are capable from the start. An "Autopilot On Demand" $$$...
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    Will staggered wheels and stickier tires up 0-60?

    The Dual Motor cars have more understeer than the RWD, which already has designed in understeer. If you add wider rear tires, you're now exacerbating that understeer (push) even further. The best setup is to put the widest possible tire/wheel up front, then match to rear. I've heard 265's...
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    New Model 3 won't charge from 110V outlet

    I think Mike is right, it's probably the specific outlet you chose. If you have a choice for a different circuit nearby, try that first. My phone also showed "charging stopped" with 110v plugged in and then "Charge speed reduced" due to different appliances on same circuit.
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    Is this rust normal?

    Sure, thats completely normal. That area will show some rust spots upon delivery of almost any new car. Same with cast iron rotors after the new car dealer washes and preps the car for you. It's not a worry.
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    Vendor Model 3 Wheel Fitment by GetYourWheels

    Big thanks to Josh for setting up my Model 3 Dual Motor with the AG M580 wheels above! I wanted to Ebay my Tesla 18" aero wheels as-is, without removing the TPMS sensors, so I asked Josh to quote me for a complete ready to bolt on replacement set. I went with the 19" Avant Garde M580 wheels...
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    Wall Street Journal reviews M3 Performance

    Thought it was interesting he criticized the stick of the performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. I'll take a leap and assume he meant they needed to be wider than 235. Would 265's fit in the front?

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