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  1. Hugh-SG

    Flying Smart Summon!

    I play with Smart Summon regularly, but only when the parking lot at the supermarket is fairly quiet. I do watch out for pedestrians as they will do the unpredictable. But is it worth the effort and patience to watch their goggle eyed reaction to a Driverless car going past them and pulling up...
  2. Hugh-SG

    Flying Smart Summon!

    You have to keep in mind, to use FSD, you have to Click to acknowledge that you are accepting a Beta feature that is still in developement. FSD is currently like an 8 year old child in Grade 3. It thinks is knows everything, but it needs Constant Adult supervision at all times. I use my FSD...
  3. Hugh-SG

    Flying Smart Summon!

    I also have 2016-11 MX, which means I have the 8 Cameras (2 each side, 1 in the tail, 3 in the front), and it came with Full FSD paid for. Last year I got an email to come in for a Free Upgrade to Full FSD computer. So if your build date in 2016 is November, December, and you got it with FSD...
  4. Hugh-SG

    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    I will give the Tesla service folks two thumbs up on this. Nothing, not even spare change has ever been taken from my MX the few times I've had it in for warranty service.
  5. Hugh-SG

    Anyone here gotten the Kenzo treatment?

    Just found this tread. An interesting read. Yes, instant art indeed and it looks beautiful! But so does my 2016-11 MX ;) (personal bias) :)
  6. Hugh-SG

    YellowHead Highway Supercharger Needs

    I agree with you on this one. My thoughts are one at Blue River and one at Tete Jeune Cache. The one at Tete Jeune Cache give folks a chance to charge for either the run up to Prince George or south towards Kamloops. Blue River is definitely needed in the middle though. I suggest this for...
  7. Hugh-SG

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    Gud'day intrepedtoo, Monday, Jan 11th, 2021 at 17:45 GMT (or Tuesday, Jan 12 at 05:45 EAuDT down under) Thank you for the corrected links mate. I too got Empty page when I 1st tried so skipped fwd figuring you would correct that boo-boo and you did. Those photos are brilliant! Streuth !!! A...
  8. Hugh-SG

    Range with 1 person vs 3 persons (Roadtrip)

    I concurr! This is the best answer I've seen to this question in a long time. Thank you for your insightful analysis. I had a first hand experience with adverse Head Wind effects ...! Back in May of 2019, piloting my Model-X from Ritzville, WA to Cle Elum, WA on a hot 26'c day with a nice...
  9. Hugh-SG

    My 11.2kW Tesla Solar Project - Portland, OR

    I had that also when I first got my Powerwall-2 hooked up. It took a call to Energy Support to get it set straight. Congrats on Net Metering system. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  10. Hugh-SG

    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    Seven years after you wrote this, this still relevant and it also applies to the Model-X, Model-3 and Model-Y. Very nicely put together. Well done. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  11. Hugh-SG

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    Thank you Scott. A most enjoyable and fascinating read. Warmest regards, Hugh-SG
  12. Hugh-SG

    Summary of Tampa to Spokane Trip - Success!

    Take the Holland Tunnel from NYC to New Jersey on a hot summers day in the afternoon rush and you will soon want Biohazard Mode to be ON. Experienced eye watering smog and fumes there once. Hopefully never again. Food for thought, Cheers, Hugh-SG
  13. Hugh-SG

    Western Canada Superchargers

    I quite enjoy the drive out to Guildford and the Surrey TSC. Gives the battery a chance to warm up. :cool: FYI... I drove past Tesla's delivery prep center on Great Northern Way last Friday coming home from getting the FSD 3.0 Computer upgrade to my 2016 MX. It was wall to wall Model-3's out...
  14. Hugh-SG

    FSD Computer upgrade issues

    Gud'evening folks, June 27 midnightish. I got the notice 10 days ago. Immediately booked a Friday appointment. Got an email from Doug in Vancouver, telling me of shortage of FSD 3.0 computers, pushing me back a Week. No worries. So a week later my MX went under the knife at 08:15 this...
  15. Hugh-SG

    Western Canada Superchargers

    Hope you have a safe drive softcoder. The Burrard street Supercharger in down town has limited stalls, but parking (pay) is cheap there with great food court two floors above. Only had to wait a few times. The Pacific Center has bad direction signs in both trying to find what was Canada's...
  16. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Princeton, BC

    There are currently x3 Tesla Destination Chargers in Princeton. Princeton Visitor Center [Tesla] Operated by Tesla Tesla Destination Charger, 2 stalls, 16kW 169 Bridge St Princeton, BC V0X 1W0 49.45980, -120.50705 and The Vermilion Fork Kitchen + Bar [Tesla] Operated by Tesla Tesla...
  17. Hugh-SG

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    ROF-LOL... well done gents. One ole phart pokes his head up to offer a bit wisdom, and it has effect of drawing every dinosaur in town out of wood work. :rolleyes: hehehehehehehe Appreciate the additional input covering the points I missed. My next suggestion is for you to try A Better...
  18. Hugh-SG

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    4 days to go and I would say both the Hubbie and the kids are climbing the walls in anticipation. May an ole timer offer a few words of wisdom to the young lady who is joining the Tesla family...:) One pedal driving IS different so think about the following... 1.. Get the Delivery Specialist...
  19. Hugh-SG

    1,200 Mile Road Trip to Houston, TX - Am I Crazy?

    Thank you for your trip report. ABRP has saved my bacon a few times now, because you can program in Air Temperature, Road Conditions and Winds. You may arrive with more SoC in your battery, but it is better then arriving below 10% and risking battery damage. Last summer (August 2019), I let...
  20. Hugh-SG

    Blog Tesla Considering Cybertruck Factory in Central U.S.

    If they really want quick Profitability, place it under the US-Canada Auto Pact trade agreement and open the plant in Mississauga, Ontario, where cars are made for both sides of the border. The exchange rate will mean a much lower cost to build each vehicle, but still provide high paying...
  21. Hugh-SG

    Tesla Pizza

    Thank you all for a most enjoyable read. Now try a case of root beer in the Frunk and put the car into Launch Mode. Would be interesting to see a Tesla storming down the drag strip with pizza flavoured foam billowing out from under the Frunk Lid about 3.9 seconds later. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  22. Hugh-SG

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 4 - SLC-40

    Thank you for that information. I suspected the Abort to Water on that flight was a protective measure due to something being out of the normal parameters required to allow the booster to attempt an OCISLY landing. Appreciate you letting us know. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  23. Hugh-SG

    Roundabouts and FSD

    We have three really tight hairpin turns on the drive up to the Cypress Mountain ski area in West Vancouver. My EAP does slow down for the corner but then tries but can't figure out where the lane is during the middle of the hair pin turn and like a roundabout, things get very entertaining very...
  24. Hugh-SG

    What do you enjoy most about driving your Tesla?

    Correct mate. EAP / AP is like an 8 year old in Elementary school Year 3. It knows what to do most of the time, but needs Constant Adult (meaning driver-operator) supervision. Thus occasionally it gets distracted ................ SQUIRREL !!!.. and takes an unexpected corrective action when...
  25. Hugh-SG

    What do you enjoy most about driving your Tesla?

    LOL... Too true mate. My wife and I spent the past week at Revelstoke Mtn Resort in BC (Canada). We would pop the Falcon Wing Doors to sit in the back seat to put on our ski boots in resort parking lot, and pretend not to notice as kids and adults got wide Eyed all around us. Perhaps the best...
  26. Hugh-SG

    Loud pop, Model 3 died?

    Thank you for those images. Most informative and saved to my Tesla Info folder. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  27. Hugh-SG

    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Sorry for the duplicate as I feel my original went in via the wrong area. My CPO M-X is still under 4 year CPO warranty with 8 year CPO power train warranty. Is the repair of this problem covered under warranty or would it be an expensive out of pocket repair bill for me? I am getting a mild...
  28. Hugh-SG

    The argument *against* a 2nd gen Model S & X

    I am still under 4 year CPO warranty, 8 year CPO power train warranty. Would this be warranty (ie FREE) replacement or will it be a costly out of pocket repair? Thank you for any responses that can help me. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  29. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Cache Creek, BC

    I believe their EV DC-QC charging stations partner is Shell Oil, operating under the Greenleaves brand. I welcome correction if I have this incorrect. Cheers! Hugh-SG
  30. Hugh-SG

    What to do in first 7 days

    As my signature line shows, I ordered in February and it was delivered in April. Why? This was due to heavy snow storms making the cross Canada transport from Toronto to Vancouver a nightmare. Then the human element kicked it... the Telsa Toronto folks forgot to put the paper work in the...
  31. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    Thank you for your thoughts richteer. I initially was thinking of Tête Jaune Cache and the highway junction myself as the logical place. I moved my suggestion south to Valemont after reviewing the available facilities like shops, food establishments and a good motel. The folks who have put...
  32. Hugh-SG

    What to do in first 7 days

    Hi Ilguy. How did your 1st week with your M-X go? If I may offer some thoughts.... "bashcraft1" is right on keeping it in Chill mode. Due to the enormous instant power available when "stomp on in" in Normal or Ludicrous mode, may I suggest having it in "Chill Mode" for in city - in town...
  33. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Richmond, BC

    Happy to see that Richmond residents now have a close by TSC!! Congrats to all of you. The Richmond TSC has made a noticeable dent in the traffic at Surrey and Burrard TSC's. We no longer see line ups of folks waiting to charge. Now it is a waiting game for the installation of a TSC station...
  34. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    Getting back on Topic, I am also excited by the prospects of a Jasper TSC. I do hope the Jasper TSC is complimented with a pair of TSC's on the Yellowhead Highway (BC Hwy 5) north of Kamloops, with one half way to Valemont and one in Valemont itself, (Valemont is just a few kilometers south of...
  35. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    I have to agree with your sir on this statement. Almost No ONE uses the Whistler BC TSC under the Fairmont Hotel for just that reason, they are always ICE'ed out. When my wife and I go skiing up their we always Supercharge at Squamish TSC, and enjoy a nice breakfast at one of the mall eateries...
  36. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Abbotsford, BC

    I got an email this week letting me know that Tesla has "Test Drive A Tesla" event coming up in Abbotsford this weekend, as prelude to the Abbotsford TSC being activated. .... and I agree with Plus EV. This TSC will enable folks from the BC interior to top up before crossing the border south...
  37. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Cache Creek, BC

    That is good to hear! The only problem is unlike Europe where a "common" charger port design was mandated very early on by EU Regulators, in North America, Tesla's have their proprietary charge port which means we can not use the DCQC network with out expensive ChAdMo adaptors. We need to keep...
  38. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Cache Creek, BC

    I was up in Cache Creek last summer for a family visit and decided to join in with two other Vancouver based Tesla's for the Official Opening of the BC Hydro DCQC. By topping off to 98% at the Hope TSC my 2016 Model-X I had just enough range to make it up to Cache Creek for the family visit and...
  39. Hugh-SG

    How long does a Powerwall support a home during a power outage?

    Hi JBoy, It is a not bad estimator, but as everyone's daily consumption is different what would be 3 days of power for one home would be 18 hours of power for another. It is obviously set up for sunny temperate places as it does offer offer AC consumption... .... but has no button for the...
  40. Hugh-SG

    Alarm went off when in car!

    ... after reading all the above, I see no one has hit on the Low Tech solution that can done with every Tesla. The answer is very simple. Turn off Sentry Mode and then Alarm Mode after you stop and before you start your Nap. A quick and painless fix, and something takes about 5 seconds to do...
  41. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    Bureaucracy at its finest. Thanks im. Cheers, Hugh-SG
  42. Hugh-SG

    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    Mis read what you said, so let me edit this. I would like to see them show both SOC and Distance remaining estimates instead of just one or the other.. Food for thought, Cheers, Hugh-SG
  43. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    Gotta know about 1st. The PlugShare Mods have removed the Green Pin I put in to share the location of this newly operational TSC with fellow Tesla Pilots a few weeks ago. Guess folks will have to learn by word of mouth if the PlugShare folks are going to be as slow as the Tesla main map folks...
  44. Hugh-SG

    Shut down with supercharger in sight

    Thank you for telling us about your misadventure. Your level headed and candid report was educational and I very much appreciated the thoughts of others who have experienced this and those who responded with out trolling the poor chap. Civility much appreciated. I got caught once by strong...
  45. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    Thank you for that information. Learn something new and yes I agree with you on Tesla being very slow at keeping their maps, (both in car and on the Supercharger trip planning web page) up to date. So I manually added Blaine to the Map, as info available to me indicated that it had been up and...
  46. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    ... and it got Added it to PlugShare this evening.
  47. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Blaine, WA

    Actually Poobear it is 3B at Guildford that is broken... .... as I noted it PlugShare Check In's both today and last week on Oct 14. Someone has even taped a note on it saying "Out of Service since Oct 7th". Following proper etiquette, I removed the cable from the docked position and draped...
  48. Hugh-SG

    Supercharger - Burnaby, BC

    Gud'morning folks, My thanks to BlueSteel, Poobearcretu, darth_vad3r and Colsla for digging for the above information. For the Supercharger to move to the Permit stage, I would hazard a guess that the application letter of October 22, 2018 has been acted upon and Tesla now has a Permit and a...
  49. Hugh-SG

    Has Model S quality improved?

    Yes it is Very impressive. I am not sure what you mean by "perks and features I am missing" ... So far I have noted the following perks and features... 1... Better sound system, 2... more comfortable seats with adjustable lumbar support for front row seats, 3... delightfully easy to use AC...

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