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    Procedure for windshield replacement?

    I need to have my 3’s windshield replaced due to a rock impact. Do I initiate that with a Tesla service appointment and Tesla arranges for a glass company to come to the service center or do I arrange for the glass company and then deal with Tesla separately so that Tesla can reattach the...
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    Does my 12V battery need to be replaced?

    About 10 days or so ago we removed our MCU so that we could send the Terga board off to be rebuilt with a better eMMC chip. During this process we had the MCU out for about three or four hours and the car was closed up, with only the frunk open. When we reinstalled the MCU that same afternoon...
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    Total Fleet Miles Driven?

    Up through 2018 there were occasional comments made by Elon or someone at Tesla about total fleet miles driven. Enough of those data points were reported on that I started making a graph of total fleet miles vs time and it was looking like a very nice exponential curve (R^2 = 0.9847). I've been...
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    Hulu (iTunes) Login

    I originally subscribed to Hulu through iTunes on my Apple TV and subsequently have only ever logged in to Hulu through iOS devices. As a result, I don’t actually have Hulu credentials. So, any idea how do I log in to Hulu in the car?
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    PSA: "Battery Coolant Heater" not included in battery warranty

    Our 2015 Model S has about 104k miles on it. The HV battery failed and was replaced under warranty last March and it failed again and was replaced in September. Last week the car began displaying a "service required, car may not restart" message so we took it to the SC today, expecting that the...
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    I want "inverse summon"

    Yes, it's great to summon my car from its parking space to the door of the building, especially on a cold and wintery day. What I would also like, though, is the inverse: I want to be able to pull into a parking space, gesture to the car to "learn" that spot, then drive myself to the front door...
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    Original 12V battery @ 99k miles. Should I proactively replace?

    Title says it all: Model S March 2015 build, currently at 99k miles and we are on our original 12V battery. I don't want the car to strand or inconvenience anyone with an unexpected 12V battery failure so I'm wondering if I should just proactively replace it now? I know the car is supposed to...
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    Apple Watch keeps nagging me for AppleID password

    I upgraded my Apple Watch to iOS 6.0 and now it keeps nagging me for my AppleID password. I enter the password (using the keyboard on the phone) and the watch throws an error; "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again." I've tried this a dozen times. And, yes, I'm sure the password is...
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    Why to threads reappear on subsequent pages?

    I typically browse the forums by doing the following: Select "What's New." Beginning with page 1 of the results, I browse the titles. If a title interests me, I right-click the thread title and choose to open the thread in a new tab. I repeat this process as I peruse all 10 pages of the "What's...
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    Netflix racing show “Hyperdrive”

    Have y’all seen the Netflix show, Hyperdrive? It’s like American Ninja Warrior, only with the competitors driving their own vehicles on gymkhana/drifter course. As I watch the show I can’t help but wonder how a Performance 3 (with traction control disabled, of course) would prevail. The driver...
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    Participated in a BMW autocross event yesterday.

    Yesterday I participated in BMW's "Ultimate Driving Experience On Tour," in which participants drove the 330i with the M package around an autocross course, accompanied by BMW racing instructor. Many of you, I'm sure, have participated in one of these, or something similar, so I won't belabor...
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    One Streaming Channel Stuck On Seemingly Corrupt Track

    One of my streaming channels froze while playing a specific track. The spinning, in-progress indicator just spins and spins. Gesturing to advance to the next track does nothing. I can switch to and listen to another channel just fine but if I switch back to the problem channel, the same track is...
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    Insurance company claims no value to a new battery and other items

    Here's the situation: A recent hail storm did a bunch of damage to our 2015 P85 and now we are dealing with the insurance company regarding valuation to determine if the car will be totaled or fixed. We prefer that the car be fixed because it has had a bunch of things replaced by Tesla recently...
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    Is the free ludicrous upgrade for current owners still in effect?

    a while ago Musk announced that S and X purchases made by current S or X owners would receive a free upgrade to ludicrous mode. Is this still in effect?
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    What was the initial price of AP1 and free supercharging?

    Our Model S suffered extensive hail damage at the end of March and we're now dealing with the insurance company, who initially was fine fixing the body damage but now wants to total the car. We'd prefer they not total it because the car has had a lot of things replaced, including the motor, the...
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    If I can't charge here, neither can you...

    A kind employee at my office park took the initiative to orchestrate having some Tesla wall chargers installed, courtesy of the Tesla workplace charging program. In recent weeks this i3 owner has started parking in one of the spaces just to block the charger. It reeks of a childish tantrum, "If...
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    Defaulting to 5 amps

    I have to primary charging locations, home and work, both equipped with wall chargers. I typically set my charging amps at these locations to 30 - 48 amps, depending upon a variety of factors. Lately, however, my 3 has been defaulting to 5 amps at both locations, no matter what the amperage...
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    Massive Hail Storm in North Dallas Last Night

    All of my concern about paint protection and avoiding door dings during the past years came do an abrupt ending last night in the form of a massive hail storm that pelted north Dallas. Hail the size of golf balls resulted in our Model S looking like the surface of the moon. Based upon the high...
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    VW, September 2013: "We will be world leader in EV and hybrid by 2018"

    September 2013: "At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen outlined its strategy to electrify all segments of its vehicle lineup across the globe and to become a worldwide industry leader in e-mobility by 2018." How's that promise to be the world leader in electric and hybrid vehicles working...
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    My biggest complaint with Navigate on Autopilot

    I've been using NoA extensively for about a couple of weeks now and overall I'm impressed with where Tesla is going with it. I understand that the neural net is relatively young and it's going to be learning very quickly I'm fine with reduced functionality under certain weather and construction...
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    A Positive Tesla Article on Seeking Alpha? (Hell has frozen over.)

    Summary Tesla [Model 3] reaches No. 4 best selling passenger car in the US and should pass Toyota Camry in Q4 to become the No. 1 selling passenger car in the US. Tesla has ~90% of the US EV market space. Tesla deliveries in Q3 are double the deliveries in Q2. Tesla sales are projected to grow...
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    CNBC reporting a criminal probe over Musk's "going private" statements

    CNBC reporting that criminal probe is occurring. No further details at this point. I love the guy but he really needs to let a grownup review his tweets beforehand. At least for a while.
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    Someone in the Melbourne area willing to run an errand for me?

    Is there a kind soul in the Melbourne area who would be willing to run an errand for me (in the vicinity of the Church Street Supercharger)? The errand involves dropping something off to a relative of mine from Texas who will be visiting near there. PM me for additional details if you think you...
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    I just convinced my wife to get a Model X and now I'm getting cold feet

    Here's the situation, we love our Model S but it's getting a bit older and starting to have some out of warranty repairs. We love the Model X for a variety of reasons. My wife, who much prefers the look of the S, has finally conceded that the X is more functional and has warmed up to the idea of...
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    Can charge but cannot supercharge

    After taking a short road trip out of the metroplex yesterday in my Model S, I stopped at the Southlake, TX supercharger to charge for the final leg home. The supercharging began, as normal, drawing about 90 kW. After a few minutes, however, the main display switched to "Charging Stopped."...
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    Why would we see same miles added with 8.32 kW or 7.68 kW charging?

    A friend of mine also has a Model 3 and our workplace just installed a bank of Tesla wall chargers for our use, so we've been experimenting with them the past couple of days. They're on three-phase power so when we plug either car in we are seeing 208V/40 amps, or 8.32 kW. When charging at this...
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    Replacing Rear Door Handles: My Notes

    I recently replaced my rear door handles and made some notes on the process. I know there are a number of threads on replacing the door handles already here on TMC, with folks chiming in on their procedure for doing so. There are also some great videos online showing the process; however, I know...
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    What is a Chick-fil-A awards car?

    I saw this at the Waco Supercharger. What is a Chick-fil-A awards car?
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    Factory tour, how to best manage luggage?

    Couple with a brief business trip to the Fremont area, I'm scheduled for a Tesla factory tour in the near future. Due to the logistics of the trip and available tour times; however, the factory tour has to be the last stop I make before heading to the airport, after checking out of my hotel...
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    Have never charged to 100%. Should I?

    Our 3 has about 4,000 miles on it and we've never had the need to charge to 100%, either for local driving or for the few trips we've taken within Texas. We're taking a road trip soon that's about 200 miles and we could charge to 100% and make it all the way or charge to 80% of so and make a...
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    Drive.AI Launching Service in Frisco, TX

    Drive.AI is launching an autonomous ride-hailing service in Frisco, TX, between Hall Office Park and The Star (Cowboy's training complex). I signed up to be a test passenger tomorrow, the first day of public testing. :eek:
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    Trunk release button (on screen) not working

    Car in park. Foot on brake. Press the button on the main display to open the trunk. Nothing happens. Passenger standing at back of car finally gives up and presses the physical trunk release to open the trunk. Anyone else seeing this behavior? Am I doing something wrong?
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    New Rooftop Solar, Help Me Understand Monitoring

    I have a new 10k system with a SolarEdge inverter and SolarEdge optimizers. SolarEdge just sent me login credentials for their dashboard, which I also used for logging in using the SolarEdge monitoring app on my phone. I can now see data about my system's power generation; however, I thought I...
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    Non-PUP Glass Roof

    I was at the Southlake, TX gallery yesterday, witnessing the overview demonstration by the Tesla rep and he said something that I hadn't heard before. Forgive me if this is already common knowledge: The Tesla rep said that for non upgraded Model 3 interiors, the roof would still be all glass...
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    Is the Tesla server throwing an error for you, too?

    When I try to log on to my Tesla account (to check for a VIN, of course), I'm getting: Internal Server Error - Read The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.660fd717.1517412862.bcb7f95
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    Powering my Model S with Hydrogen

    Note: This is a rather long post detailing a road trip to power my Model S using a stationary hydrogen fuel cell. The trip took place more than a year ago but various factors prevented me from posting about it until now. It’s not news to most anyone here on TMC that there has been considerable...
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    Reproduceable bug that causes the main display to continuously reboot

    This weekend I encountered an interesting, and reproduceable bug in my Model S's software. By selecting a specific destination in the navigator and following the suggested route, I caused the main central display put itself into a continuous rebooting loop that lasted until I managed to cancel...
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    My idea for an outdoor HPWC

    I purchased a second wall charger in anticipation of our Model 3 and for a while considered mounting the charger on an outside brick wall. I ended up mounting it in the garage instead; however, this was my idea for protecting the wall charger from our strong north Texas rain storms. (I apologize...
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    Texas car dealerships certainly are pillars of the community!

    After being convicted of organized crime in which he and his accomplices used stolen credit card numbers to buy diamonds, this parolee, Jeffrey Whittman, was hired by Trophy Nissan as a finance manager. Yes, a finance manager. And now, he has pled guilty to running two brothels. Can you say...
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    What is this HPWC worth?

    I have a friend who is interested in purchasing my HPWC for his upcoming Model 3. (I'm going to replace my single HPWC with two, daisy chained Wall Connectors so that I can charge my S and upcoming 3 on the same circuit.) I want to quote a price that's fair for both of us but there aren't any...
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    SEA-TAC Airport Taxis = Prius-ville

    I spent the weekend in Seattle and noticed that SEA-TAC airport taxis are exclusively Priuses. I asked a driver why and he said, "Only Prius." That's as much as I could get from him so I researched it a bit and it appears that the law requires any taxi or rideshare vehicle operating at the...
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    Another "Long Trip Using 8.0 AP" Thread

    Note: If you're not interested in hearing the details of a 1,000 mile round trip from Dallas to Kansas City using AP in 8.0, you can skip this thread. Last week, I drove from Dallas to Kansas City on Monday and returned on Tuesday after a late Tuesday afternoon meeting. I upgraded to 8.0 just a...
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    Cannot Connect without First Rebooting Car

    In recent weeks (months?) I've been unable to connect to the car using my mobile app unless I reboot the car. After rebooting, I can connect instantly. I've verified this behavior in a controlled situation where I was standing very near the car, could not connect with either of two phones...
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    Increased Body Roll After Air Suspension Adjustment?

    A couple of weeks ago our MS received its annual service. As part of the service, the car was aligned, the two rear tires were replaced (with the same factory OEM 19" MXM4's), and the SC performed a "ride height calibration." Upon driving the car afterwards we detected a very noticeable...
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    Autopilot 30-Day Trial?

    According to this post on Reddit, Tesla is now offering a free 30-day trial of the autopilot convenience features for hardware-equipped vehicles. Tesla now offering Autopilot Trials! • /r/teslamotors
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    After 25 years, I got stopped for no front plate

    Stopped, but not ticketed. Technically, one must display both front and rear plates in Texas but in 25 years I've never had a front plate ('cause they're ugly on any car) and have never been stopped. in fact, I've been pulled over and even ticketed for other reasons (in my younger days, not now...
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    "Our Goal is to Completely Eliminate the Gas Station"

    No, it's not an electric car company. It's a mobile refueling service that my office complex has just contracted with. I saw the big purple truck in the parking lot and chatted the guy up. He said, "Everyone I talk to hates the gas station. We're starting with office parks but before too long we...
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    A Warning About Geico's Practices in Dallas

    We just picked up our 2015 Model S from the Tesla authorized body shop, here in Dallas (Plano, actually). We’ve been driving a loaner for five weeks while we had damage repaired after a rear end collision. I’m posting this not to praise our local Tesla authorized body shop (who does great...
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    Circuit Breaker No Longer Stopping Current to HPWC

    Our MS was recently in the body shop for some repair to the rear end. Since we weren't going to need the HPWC during this time, I threw the circuit breaker so the HPWC wouldn't be energized. When I threw the breaker, however, the green lights on the HPWC stayed illuminated. Now that we have the...
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    Any Tesla owners in Charleston, WV area?

    I have a cousin in the Charleston area (Teays Valley) who is interested in seeing a Model S in person. She's driving an AMG Merecedes C63 now and was stunned when she learned that the Model S isn't a "lethargic feel-good car that one has to apologize for." If there are any MS owners who could...

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