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    Should I get the self driving option for 10k or wait ?

    Would you buy your car today, let Tesla keep your $10k, with no firm date as to when it will be available. Of course knowing that in 2025, the car will cost $14k. If the answer is yes, by all means buy it now. You could also send the $10k to me and I will pay you 3% interest, to be paid when...
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    I understand updates are a bonus, however I think the Xmas update left a very large useless animation and shrank the map significantly. I will not buy FSD, but I sure hope I'm not left with the current screen allocation much longer. Imagine a light near the top of the screen, indicating...
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    They look like they fit well. What does the inside look like? One thing I've noticed on a set I saw locally was the inside was not flat, so I imagine it will collect a lot of junk/snow in the recesses. Are those caliper covers? I was thinking that exact same color combo :)
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Most cars look better with some sort of flap, IMHO. I view flaps as part function, part looks. I am going to try the RPM flaps. Honestly, OEM look like they came off a semi trailer, no thanks..
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    Still Waiting on Holiday Release Part 2 Update

    But, but. How can you drive without seeing your car in the lane on the screen, or the traffic lights, stop signs, even other cars! Such an old fashioned concept to look out the windows. Seriously, why don't we have lights on the screen to indicate a car in your blink spot, like most...
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    The rear is what we should see IMHO. A straight piece of material is pretty sad to me.. flaps are part style, part protection, count me on the style side... Interested to hear more about the molded options.
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    FSD City release date keeps getting pushed?

    Let me ask owners who use AP, would you sit in the back seat of a driverless Tesla? I would NOT. Its so far from ready, I think it will take the old "miracle happens here" event. do we need new radar in 2020 MY to have a chance?
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    After spending the last few weeks with the new UI(MY), I'm more and more irritated about the fascination Tesla has with displaying the car, other cars ahead etc, and the lack of proportion in general. (we do need to see cars in blind spots however) 1) Why on earth is the left side wider and the...
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    Winter handling Subaru vs dual-motor model Y

    There are some experts in AWD systems responding in this thread, so let me pose 2 questions. 1) Has Tesla produced a world class winter driving experience in the Model 3/Y? My answer to 1 is no, so that leads to question 2. 2) Is there any reason that, with the compute power and motor...
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    Phantom braking fixed?

    Out today in MY with 2020.48.30, every single time I passed a freeway exit, the speed was changed to 50mph. I never noticed the Speed Limit icon changing from 65. Some over passes when the freeway dips below, it changed to 45mph. I drive with my foot hovering over the accelerator, something I...
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    Winter handling Subaru vs dual-motor model Y

    Born and raised in CA, zero snow. Moved to CO and learned to drive on snow. 2003 Murano was a beast in the snow with allSeasons(kids still talk about how great it was), X5 5.0 with snows is quite good. I was planning to put snows on the MY and selling the X5. After a couple of drives on...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I spent quite a bit of time driving this morning and I think I've seen enough to share my thoughts. + Speedo position is much better in the corner. Font not an issue to me. + Font and icons along the bottom look much more modern. = Position of wipers, camera, climate controls etc. =...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Maybe we missed the latest update from EM.. "Car's taken delivery by 12/31/2020 will include Tesla reading glasses" Seriously, there is a good chance all of this will be fixed and be a distant memory. However, it seems to me, Tesla are too focused on FSD and gadgets, imho. Don't get me...
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    WTB 19" Gemini Wheels and Tires - SoCal

    I swapped out my original equipment 19" Gemini for some after market 20". I'd say there are less than 200 miles on the setup. I was thinking I would keep the wheels for a winter setup, but I would be tempted by an offer for the wheels, tires, covers, shipped from CO. Message me if you are...
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    Window opens when Wet

    Hi, my car is 17xxx. I don't have the SB, just the word from the service tech..I would take to it.. Hose Pipe? I sense some UK in your past.
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    Window opens when Wet

    I ran into an issue and I wanted to share. When I washed my car at home, I noticed that the window behind the driver was in the "door open" position. I thought, how could I have left it open. I tried to close it and it would not close. Also noticed the car thought the door was open. I...
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    No install of front license plate?

    Not cheap, but effective. https://www.1975creations.com/product-page/copy-of-quick-bandit-model-3-license-plate-mount
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    Rear hatch privacy cover.

    I had a similar thought related to fold down supports, attached with command strips.
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    Rear hatch privacy cover.

    Are there any plans to rework the support hooks at the hatch end?
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    Back and forth between a 3 and Y

    All of you points are valid, however I think this comes down to the size and shape of the car. To me, if you want a smallish sedan, get the 3, if you want a smallish crossover, get a Y. I really can't see many people not having an opinion over which form factor they prefer. I personally...
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    Thank you. I only associated preconditioning with Super Charging, so I went looking and I found this. Guess I need to bone up on my winter driving in a Tesla. Use Scheduled Departure or Precondition Before You Drive If your Tesla is plugged in, you can conserve energy by warming it up...
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    Installed 2020.40.3 today. The release notes mention activating the charge port heater, via preconditioning via the app. I do not see that in my app. What am I missing?
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    Model Y tire pressure sensors

    I believe TSportsLine has OEM Tesla sensors. Discount tire tried to sense the frequency to program their universal, but the new BT frequency is not currently readable/programmable. Call your local Tesla service center, get ahold of the parts dept and they will happily sell the for $75...
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    Rear hatch privacy cover.

    I was very excited to see this item, but I think the metal supports are a deal breaker. I golf quite a bit and those supports look like, they are in the way for golf bag, will catch lots of items like plastic grocery bags and look pretty tacky in the photos(imho). Hopefully someone or the...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection - Not available

    Just want to let everyone know this is resolved. In the end, I opened a service request(had to wait until they closed my previous service request) and they resolved it via text messages. They said my car was not "fully delivered" in their systems. Once they did that and I did the steering...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection - Not available

    I did a reboot and Tesla had me do an Power Off, wait 4 minutes,yesterday. No change, still grayed out. I replied to them the same, I have not heard back from them yet.
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    Cabin Overheat Protection - Not available

    I just noticed I can no longer select Cabin Overheat Protection. 65% soc Alarm setting on or off, no difference. Firware 2020.32.3 Is this a bug in the latest software?
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    Y Upper A pillar interior trim / seal

    I had this repaired today via mobile service. It took him 10 minutes max. He said the clips were broken at the factory. Replaced them and it's perfect, no longer sits outside the windshield mask and depresses the same amount as the drivers side.
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    Footwell Safety Concern

    I've started to think there is a safety issue with the driver footwell. Since they simply they raised the seats, there is a very clear path under the seat. I had recently noticed that things do not stay in the passenger footwell. Today my daughter was in the passenger seat and her water...
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    Best screen protector kit?

    I have to say, I see some moire pattern with the AO Clear and my polarized sunglasses.
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    Need to wait before ceramic coat?

    I asked my detailer this very question. His answer was "so long as the paint is applied correctly, they can coat almost the next day".. So, the question is, does Tesla apply the paint correctly? :cool:
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    Change tire size in settings?

    Thank you, I will try the service appointment method.
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    Change tire size in settings?

    Hello, I recently purchase aftermarket 20" wheels to replace the 19" Gemini on my LRAWD. I've read that I can change the size in the CAR/SERVICE menu. However I do not have that option. I also purchased OEM TPMS, so the sensors were recognized without any action on my part. Do I need to...
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    Charging my Y with a NEMA 14-50

    Not to hijack this thread, but does level 2 charging at 32-40amps reduce battery life, or result in Tesla reducing charge strength, like SuperCharging does?
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    Tesla Service - Post Delivery

    How do you upload more than 5 pictures? I created a service ticket in the app for some issues, appt 7/16. Then created a ticket to install homelink, 7/7. Now I can't add another ticket for a couple paint defects I found, 42 miles. What next?
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    Dark rearview mirror

    Thanks..I felt blind backing out of my garage last night..I know there is the rear view camera, but it still freaked me out. I'll let time pass to adjust.
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    Dark rearview mirror

    I picked up MY yesterday and one item concerns me. The rearview mirror is very dark. It's like it's permanently in "night mode". Has anyone else seen this?
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    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    I have an appointment 7/16 to resolve those more permanently, plus several others. They stated some items were within spec. I've listed several in an email to them per their suggestion( Service appt item in App seems to be locked). I will follow up via phone tomorrow. Overall the car is not...
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    Low VIN and financing question

    I did exactly what you're looking to do by emailing the address mentioned above. Include your rn#.
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    What is this?

    I was on a Tesla lot last Sunday, looking for my VIN, and I saw a car with that. The substance was hard and rough, like spackle, is yours? Sorry I didn't contribute to your question, but I have seen it on other MY. Hard to miss on a blue one!
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    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    Awesome, my pickup is scheduled for Tuesday in Littleton. Where was your pickup?
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    How come noone is talking about JDPower report from a few days ago?

    Man, this forum is 80% dedicated to the reality of Tesla initial quality! :)
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    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    I received a call today from Littleton, my car is still in CA, and they need to move me from Saturday(tomorrow) to Tuesday. I mentioned touchless and checking the car and speaking to someone if there are issues. He also indicated they are not seeing many issues with the latest cars. I live...
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    Took delivery yesterday of Grey MY PUP, and the car is awesome!

    Great news. I am planning on swapping my Gemini wheels for TSS 20s too. What did they need to change? What color option are those wheels?
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    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    My car is still in CA, so delivery rescheduled from Saturday to Tuesday ☹️
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    Smooth delivery today

    Was the frunk trim loose, like we've seen on early cars?
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    Still expecting June Delivery?

    I was just moved ahead to Saturday, instead of Monday.. Littleton, CO delivery.
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    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    I was told my car vin 175xx was "born" 6/19. Is this what other are receiving regarding pickup? I had actually hoped it would not be touchless, in hopes it would be easier to get help with any "issues". BTW this is 2 days earlier than I was told just yesterday. "Tesla Update - Your Model Y...

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