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  1. drewmcmanus

    Let’s see your amateur radio setups!

    Cool. I’ll be interested to see how that turns out! We use the phone chargers a lot, so I am looking at other places to mount. Currently thinking either down in the console, or up on the dash far to the left (driver) side. Had not thought about the speaker—I’d like to have one on the head...
  2. drewmcmanus

    Let’s see your amateur radio setups!

    I like that Kenwood. Does the control head have a speaker? Or do you need to add one? I wonder if the control head could be up on top of the dash…?
  3. drewmcmanus

    Let’s see your amateur radio setups!

    I’m thinking about putting a mobile Amateur Radio rig in my 2022 Model X, and would love to see what others have done. I want to have a super-clean install, so would love to see photos of your setups!
  4. drewmcmanus

    2022 Refreshed Model S / Plaid - Cup holder too small?

    Anyone know of a Yeti or Hydroflask model that DOES fit in the 2022 Model X cupholders? None of my current ones do, and I'd buy some new ones that fit well...
  5. drewmcmanus

    Pet Barrier for 2022 Model X?

    I received the Guardsman UK dog barrier a while ago and finally had time to install it today. It is excellent. It’s a perfect fit in my 2022 Model X. Easy install—should be easy to remove and re-install too. And it is rock solid. No rattling or vibrating at all. I’m very pleased with it so far.
  6. drewmcmanus

    Pet Barrier for 2022 Model X?

    Good news. I emailed withe the company in the UK and they worked out a price to ship one to me in the USA. I will report back here when I receive it and get it installed. I hope it works!
  7. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    It's fixed. I had a conversation with another person at the Internet Service Provider--and he gave me the impression he was on some sort of forum with other people who run ISPs. He thought it was a very aggressive timeout by the car—if it could not connect to the Tesla VPN very quickly it would...
  8. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    Update on this. I now have 2 Tesla Model Ys and a brand new 2020 Model X that all exhibit this same behavior. They connect no problem at one home and not at the other. (I traded in the 2016 Model X that was able to connect at both homes). So it seems this is a behavior in newer vehicles.
  9. drewmcmanus

    Pet Barrier for 2022 Model X?

    Thank you. I am looking for something like that exactly. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that they ship to my country (I am in the US). I will email them to see if I can get one here. Thanks for the link.
  10. drewmcmanus

    Pet Barrier for 2022 Model X?

    Took delivery recently of a 2022 Model X (traded in my 2016 X 90D). I'm looking for a pet barrier to keep the dogs from hopping over from the cargo area into the second seats. I bought the Weathertech Pet Barrier, but even on it's shortest setting, the supports are too tall for the X. Anyone...
  11. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    At Home 2, the nearest eero beacon is in the garage and about 10 feet away from the car. If I sit in the car with my phone or laptop, I get maximum WiFi signal strength. This is actually closer than the setup at Home 1.
  12. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    Also tried taking the networks down to 2.4 GHz only. No difference.
  13. drewmcmanus

    Mystery Wifi Problem

    OK, here is the scenario: Two homes. Identical eero Wifi networks. Model X will connect to Wifi at both homes and download software updates, etc. Two different Model Y cars will connect at Home 1 no problem, but not Home 2 (error message: "Could not join <WIFINAME> The Internet is unreachable...
  14. drewmcmanus

    FINALLY!!! Maintenance Plans and Extended Service Agreement

    When I login to My Tesla, I only have options to purchase the Extended Service Agreements. There are no Maintenance Plan options. Anyone have any idea why?
  15. drewmcmanus

    Front passenger window sunshade options?

    My wife is very sun sensitive, and we take frequent road trips. I'd love to get some sort of sunshade for the passenger side window. Something like the ones Tesla makes for the other windows would be ideal. I've done some searching online, but haven't found anything great. Any suggestions?
  16. drewmcmanus

    Model X service plans

    Did any Model X service plans ever get rolled out? I just realized I am over 20K miles. I was planning to buy a plan but have never been offered one. Should I be going in for a service?
  17. drewmcmanus

    Tesla wanabies....what are they going to do for supercharging?

    Interesting product and brand strategy questions here. I'd like to read more about this, especially the open patents on superchargers. Anyone have links I could read?
  18. drewmcmanus

    model X charge port door

    Most (almost all) of the time, my charge port door will NOT open when I push the button on the UMC. It works every once in a while. Is everyone else seeing this work consistently?
  19. drewmcmanus

    Do You Spend Less Time on the Forums After Delivery?

    I was on the teslamotorsclub A LOT leading up to my delivery. Then not so much when I first got the car. Now I find I am back to spending time here, but maybe every couple of days. I recently joined the Facebook group, and I have looked at the forums on the Tesla site once or twice, but I...
  20. drewmcmanus

    Falcon Wing and Rear Hatch sunshades

    Try it for a few days. My initial reaction was "Whoa! I can't see out the back!" But it actually is not that bad.
  21. drewmcmanus

    Falcon Wing and Rear Hatch sunshades

    Got my rear sunshade. It definitely cuts down on the light coming in the rear window. My dogs will be much more comfortable back there. It lessens visibility out the back window (but it was not that great before anyway!). I've left it in for now. I wonder if I would even know how to fold it back...
  22. drewmcmanus

    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Mine would not make the fan noise while we were standing there (of course), but an X parked at the Supercharger was doing it (we could hear it from across the parking lot). They said, "Yeah, that's normal."
  23. drewmcmanus

    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Just dropped mine off at the service center for this and a few other small things. They tried to tell me the fan noise was normal, and they did not seem to know about any service bulletin. I urged them to look for the crossed-hose issue, and they seemed to begrudgingly say they would, but I have...
  24. drewmcmanus

    I know nothing about electricity

    Now that I own a Model X and just had SolarCity panels put on the roof, I wish I knew a little bit about electricity. It seems like black magic voodoo to me, frankly. Anyone have any links or resources I could use to learn the basics? I don't want to get a degree in physics, but I would love to...
  25. drewmcmanus

    Top or Bottom?

  26. drewmcmanus

    A cooler that fits?

    Those are cool, but what I really want is one that will fit in the underneath compartment in the trunk. I fold down the third row and have my two big dogs back there. I need a cooler that will be completely underneath.
  27. drewmcmanus

    A cooler that fits?

    We do a lot of road trips, and often bring a cooler full of groceries. Ours doesn't fit in the frunk, nor in the underneath compartment in the back. I'd love a cooler optimized for either space. Anyone have one that works well in either of those spaces?
  28. drewmcmanus

    Sunshade UnNeeded!

    I've not felt a need for the sunshade either, and I am even afraid it will spoil the view! I have, however, been considering a rear liftgate sunshade for my dogs...
  29. drewmcmanus

    Falcon Wing and Rear Hatch sunshades

    Anybody get the Model X Rear Liftgate Sunshade yet? I'm thinking about ordering one for my dogs, who spend a lot of time back there. Any reviews or reactions yet?
  30. drewmcmanus

    Downtown Atlanta through Big Sky Windsheild

    The windshield is one of my favorite things about the car. It makes city driving in San Francisco amazing. And it was fantastic in Yosemite.
  31. drewmcmanus

    Change or customize center console?

    I think the center console design could be much improved. I'd love to see ideas.
  32. drewmcmanus

    HOV Sticker Placement

    That's for the green stickers. The Model X qualifies for the white stickers.
  33. drewmcmanus

    New Second Row Seats Adjustment from Touchscreen and other features

    I hope they still plan on a Cargo Mode feature. We often wish we could press a button to move the second row as far forward as possible without moving the front row.
  34. drewmcmanus

    HOV Sticker Placement

    Just got my (big, ugly) California HOV Lane stickers. Not crazy about how they look, but they'll save me a lot of time in traffic. The positioning of the stickers is mandated (one on right rear, one on each side near rear), but That leaves a lot of leeway for aesthetics. I've seen a lot of...
  35. drewmcmanus

    Question about Tow Hitch

    I have not tried using the tow hitch that came with my Model X (with tow package). At delivery, they gave me the tow hitch and what looks like a small wiring harness. I've watched the video about attaching the hitch, but I am wondering about the wiring. Is this something I need to get a service...
  36. drewmcmanus

    Need some minor body work/repair.

    My detailer pointed out a small dent in the rear/side of my Model X. Looks like someone backed into it in a parking lot or something. It's minor, but I really want things to be perfect, so I am going to get it fixed. Does Tesla do body work? Does anyone have any recommendations for body shops...
  37. drewmcmanus

    Model X in long term parking

    I like SkyPark in San Bruno when I fly out of SFO. They valet park. You can ask for indoor or outdoor. Free donuts. Fast shuttle to terminal. When you get back, you can use their app to request your car (or send a text). Catch the shuttle back to the lot and your car is there and ready to go. I...
  38. drewmcmanus

    Auto-unlock no longer working...?

    Am I losing my mind? I thought the X used to unlock when I walked up to it. For the last week or two, I have to press a door handle or use the fob. Looked through the settings, but did not see anything amiss. Also rebooted. Any ideas?
  39. drewmcmanus

    Key No Longer Inside - Car Will Not Restart

    Is there an official place to report software bugs like this to Tesla? Or do we just hope they see it here?
  40. drewmcmanus

    Key No Longer Inside - Car Will Not Restart

    Yup. Same thing since the software update yesterday.
  41. drewmcmanus

    My Model X tried to swallow my iPhone!

    I was headed home the other night. I set my iPhone 6 down on the (closed) sliding door on the console between the two front seats. While driving, I had to slow down, the iPhone slid forward, and it sort of stuck between the top of the console and below the small shelf at the bottom of the dash...
  42. drewmcmanus

    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Got ours yesterday. Everything seems perfect so far! Love this car!
  43. drewmcmanus

    How many X owners are reserving a model #?

    I am planning to reserve one, just in case.
  44. drewmcmanus

    Wall connector out of stock

    I'm in the same boat. I'm getting the X much sooner than expected, the garage is not ready, and now I can't get my hands on a wall connector. Just going to use a local supercharger until I can get the wall connector. If Tesla emails me about it, I guess I can just explain why.
  45. drewmcmanus

    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Excited to say we are picking up our 90D on Mon 28-Mar-2016!
  46. drewmcmanus

    Any non-Performance 90D take delivery?

    We got The Call today! We will be picking up our 90D on Monday 28-Mar-2016 at the factory!
  47. drewmcmanus

    What's up with HPWC?

    Called around to several Bay Area SCs last weekend, and the only one that had HPWCs was in San Rafael, which we deemed too far to go. The nice person at the Sunnyvale SC thought they would get more by today, and took my name, but I have not heard from her. We are getting our MX on Monday, and...
  48. drewmcmanus

    Random Model X sightings

    Couldn't get a photo, but I saw an auto carrier truck headed south on Hwy 101 in Morgan Hill CA today that had about 4 S's and 4 X's on board.
  49. drewmcmanus

    CA CVRP Income limits take effect for any purchase on/after Mar. 29th

    Ah, that seems much more definitive. Thank you for the link!

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