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  1. EVer Hopeful

    Registration of a travel trailer / teardrop camper / [email protected] ... and can someone please stop me!

    Question one: I've been looking at Travel Trailers or Teardrop Campers, whatever you want to call them, specifically the [email protected] because it's the less insanely priced one. I'm in Texas btw Do you have to get them registered? (I expect that's a yes) Do you have to insure them? (I'm betting yes...
  2. EVer Hopeful

    Software versioning - is it the same across all models?

    Just an idle thought, but I wonder if they have separate software for the S, 3, X and Y or if they're all the same with IF statements embedded where necessary I can see advantages in each method
  3. EVer Hopeful

    I finally upgraded

    I'm on v11 (2022.16.2) and I have to say it's not as bad I had expected after reading comments on here (unless maybe I waited so long I skipped a level) One thing it doesn't seem to do well though is handle my phone. It shows as connected, but I now have to use the keycard to shift into D or R...
  4. EVer Hopeful

    How good is your Dashcam footage?

    I've reviewed mine a couple of times and I have to say, the Rear is pretty good, the Left and Right Repeaters are quite good too, but the Front is very pixilated Is this just me or is it a common complaint? Do I need to set up an appointment? I've had dashcams in my other vehicles for several...
  5. EVer Hopeful

    I'm trying to add an SSD so I can listen to audio books, but I'm having trouble

    I promise I looked for an answer, I even RTFMd, but I'm still having trouble setting something up so I can listen to audio books in the car I bought an SSD - a Samsung T7 and formatted it in the car Then I noticed it was exFAT, so I downloaded the free version of EaseUS Partition Manager and...
  6. EVer Hopeful

    I wonder why my new (refurbished) Samsung T7 SSD comes up as Teslacam . . .

    come on now - which one of you bought it from Best Buy then returned it? Oh this is annoying because you can't change the title of a thread: It's TESLADRIVE, not Teslacam :mad: The folder name was created when I formatted it in the vehicle (because it wasn't regocnised by my PC)
  7. EVer Hopeful

    I finally bought a tow bar

    I actually got it from a thrift store, with a ball and a pin for about $5 I took the cover off (nice warm day so nothing broke) and offered it up. It fitted perfectly, but I have to say if you grab hold of it and push/pull it back and forth, there's a little play in it. I guess when driving...
  8. EVer Hopeful

    trunk light removal

    Anyone know how to remove the trunk light in the Y? It's really alarmingly bright if you go glamping and open the back door
  9. EVer Hopeful

    The secret Frunk opener thing

    I read the User Manual before I got the vehicle, but tbh, I've already forgotten a lot of it and need to give it another go. Yesterday I read a thread that reminded me about the way to open the frunk with an A23 12v battery, so of course I had to try it - I mean open the hatch, not the actual...
  10. EVer Hopeful

    Setting up two connections ... but two different kinds

    Here's an interesting question: I have a Y and have the Tesla HPWC installed through a 30A breaker on a sub panel. I chose 30A after doing a load calculation and downrated the connector to match. TBH I think it's all you need really I got the wife looking at a Hyundai Ionic5 (very nice vehicle...
  11. EVer Hopeful

    tax credit for the HPWC - which form to use?

    I (finally) got all the way through the first draft of my 221 tax return, but I didn't see any way to include the installation of the HPWC to get the associated credit (I'm using Tax Cut btw) It'll be my Friday task to get this finished, but I figured I'd ask to see if anyone can point me in...
  12. EVer Hopeful

    The OEM aftermarket Wheel Cap Kit thingy

    The covers aren't too bad really, but the underlying wheels are really quite attractive.. I thought about going naked, but then I'd have to buy the Wheel Cap Kit No big deal, it's only (another) fifty bucks, but I wondered ... once you put the center thing in (or for that matter any of the...
  13. EVer Hopeful

    I might have to get the update after all :(

    After reading all the negative reviews here, I've been avoiding it like the plague but . . . today I got a message saying my time had run out and if I wanted a functioning car, I'd better start the download I'm not exactly looking forward to this
  14. EVer Hopeful

    How long before Drop Tanks become regularly available?

    Mind you, there'd need to be an internal connector or there's not much point other than spanning long "dry" distances or relief when you've pushed it too far I heard about trailers that contain batteries, but they're eye wateringly expensive AND will kill your energy consumption figures anyway...
  15. EVer Hopeful

    Has anyone painted the glass roof yet?

    I mean it's not like you can really enjoy the thing when you're driving as it's more of a back seat thing.
  16. EVer Hopeful

    Forget mud flaps and PPF - turn your Y into a Camper Van !

    I just stumbled across this YT video [1] of some guy up in Canada turning his Y into a Camper Van. Looks like he did it before with a 3 How I Built My Tesla Model Y SUV Camper (Kitchen, Bed, Storage, DreamCase) He does extraordinarily good work with some fairly advanced techniques considering...
  17. EVer Hopeful

    My windshield wipers are autoing unnecessarily !

    I'll search for similar posts when I get back from Home Depot, but I have to run now and didn't want to forget about this Drove to Fort Worth and back last night and the wipers came on even though there was no rain for fifty miles. Had to switch TACC off to get them to stop which was probably...
  18. EVer Hopeful

    I have 18 ... I want 24 :(

    <rant> I got the Wall Connector before I got the car and actually back then, they were mostly out of stock - probably upgrading to the G model [1] Then one day they were suddenly available so I placed an order and soon after it arrived, I installed it Soon after that, they announced they were...
  19. EVer Hopeful

    I got a landyard thingie for my keycard

    I'm just on edge about being miles away from home and not being able to get into my car It seems to lock maliciously, when it's not necessary, when I don't want it to and I wonder if it'd do it with my phone inside. I'm honestly not sure as there have been plenty of times when I've approached...
  20. EVer Hopeful

    My $55,000 work truck

    I have some rental property so I'm often going over to fix something or other I used to have a Ford Transit Connect (great design, lousy build quality) that I used as the work truck, then I got the PriusV and promised myself I'd only ever use Tranny the Transit Van for work, but as the PriusV...
  21. EVer Hopeful

    It's the big fat butt!

    I think I've figured out why I can't reverse this vehicle in any kind of a straight line - it ALWAYS ends up crooked! 🤬 I'm a bloke, so I have to have this skill ... spatial awareness and all that. Well I looked in the mirror the other day[1] and I realised that the back is a little bit...
  22. EVer Hopeful

    I take back everything I've ever said about heated steering wheels

    It's FREEEEEEEZING here in Texas - I mean like down in the fifties, maybe even the forties!!!!!!! well I gave the heated steering wheel a try the other day and I have to say ... I see what you all mean now It's NICE !
  23. EVer Hopeful

    Glamping in the Y

    Took the Y for a 1,000 mile round trip to the Texas coast over the New Year The trip was a success, although the car currently looks like a badly treated rental. It's a little too cold in Dallas today to give it a wash, strange really because yesterday we were in tee shirt and shorts walking on...
  24. EVer Hopeful

    Would you download software just before a long trip?

    We're heading off on our third longish (ie, I'd better find a supercharger somewhere!) voyage, but I just got a notification of an available download Seems like an unnecessary risk to actually grab it right before the trip, but then again, downloads are usually full of "improvements" What...
  25. EVer Hopeful

    What do yo do for a flat tire?

    Fairly generic question to be sure, but it'll probably generate some interesting answers Just asking because I'm about to go on my second (maybe third) "long" trip
  26. EVer Hopeful

    Maybe the rear seats DO have motors in them

    The way the backs go flying down I figured they were just held against a spring and that pulling the switch just mechanically released whatever was holding them and the spring did the rest The I put them back up and lifted the adjustment to make them rake back a little more ... when I did that...
  27. EVer Hopeful

    Why don't the Galleries have Superchargers available?

    Sure I understand that it's not that simple, but it would seem like an obvious place to put one. I suppose they just have HPWCs for the demo vehicles We'll be heading to Corpus Christi next week and I see there's Three Rivers and Kingsville and Victoria, but nothing in Corpus Christi itself -...
  28. EVer Hopeful

    When Tesla moved to Texas . . .

    I'm just surprised that when Tesla were considering moving to Texas, they didn't negotiate a better deal for themselves and their customers For instance, they could have requested to be allowed to sell directly, not through the website (or a stealership) or let the new vehicles have a 24 month...
  29. EVer Hopeful

    Calculation time!

    I'm getting ready to sign up for a new electricity plan and I found an "EV special" with low (not free) rates from midnight to 05h00 Point 1: bearing in mind that I set the HPWC to 30A, that's not a huge window Point 2: I WFH, so I'm really not driving that much Point 3: I didn't actually read...
  30. EVer Hopeful

    Octopus US

    I just found out we have Octopus here in Texas. Never even heard of them until I read about them on here I guess in the UK you can all now choose who to get your electricity through. We've had that for a while, but they always do the best prices for "new customers", so guess what I do every...
  31. EVer Hopeful

    Superchargers: 150kW, 250kW ... is there much difference?

    I found and read a thread about this, but it talked about a Model S, not a Y I understand the V2/v3 Supercharger differences (I think) and that the charging system in the vehicle controls the charge rate, so I guess the question becomes: "Does the 2021 Y have a top limit to the charge it can...
  32. EVer Hopeful

    How to set the charging level without getting annoyed

    Sure you go to the Charging screen and press "Set Limit" and then you get a thing you can move from left to right, but here's my question: Why didn't they include a number as well as a (very ungranular) visual line? So if you want to set it to 80%, you slide it around to what looks like 80%...
  33. EVer Hopeful

    What settings do you use for ABRP?

    I'm starting to get the hang of things and I took a look at some of the defaults that ABRP uses. I just wondered if peeps here had left those defaults, in place or had updated the values. For instance: Reference Consumption defaults to 298 Wh/mi @ 65mph (= 3.35 mi/kWh) ... and which way do you...
  34. EVer Hopeful

    TACC following distance is iliogical

    Push the wheel to the left and the numbers (and the distance) get higher Push the wheel to the right and the numbers (and the distance) get lower Is it just me, or should that work the other way round?
  35. EVer Hopeful

    Lane position with Auto Steer on - is it just me?

    Took a long trip over the weekend and got to use Auto Steer for most of it. However I noticed that it put me about 6, maybe 9 inches or so further to the right than I would normally drive (This is in the US btw), in fact I could feel the car move over when I activated Auto Steer It appeared to...
  36. EVer Hopeful

    Today's puzzle: I discovered a new icon on the Nav screen

    Right at the top, I had a locked padlock symbol with a white 12 inside a solid red circle I thought: that's interesting, maybe 12 people tried to get in, or hopefully it mas me trying to get in 12 times when I was testing Sentry the other day Then I set off on my journey and as I was leaving...
  37. EVer Hopeful

    How quickly does Sentry Mode arm itself?

    I was showing off the Y last night to a mate of mine, went through all the screens then figured I'd show him Sentry Mode I locked the vehicle, then stood far away and asked him to try and open the door. I was rather concerned when he was successful! So I tried it again, standing further away...
  38. EVer Hopeful

    How big is the battery?

    I suppose I should know this, but when I realised I didn't I went to the manual, and it really doesn't say much While I'm at it, what's the size of the motors? The website also has little to offer in this regard
  39. EVer Hopeful

    Anyone else having trouble using the turn signals?

    Like a good doobe, I use the signal before changing lanes, but because it was only a teeny tiny lane change itdoesn;t cancel, so I tap it ever so gently in the opposite direction ...then I start signaling in the other direction! so guess what I do next - yes that's right, and the people behind...
  40. EVer Hopeful

    Who needs a $7,500 tax credit anyway?

    I see there's just been another $1,000 bump, so one more and the vehicle will cost $7,500 more than I paid for it in June ...and the taxes I paid were on the lower amount too
  41. EVer Hopeful

    Another noob Supercharger question, but then again it's good to be prepared

    I've still a couple of shakedown tasks to accomplish, notably (i) take the Y for a long drive and (ii) try out a Supercharger So this is a bit of an embarrassing question, but it might save me from wasting time at the Supercharger: Do I just roll up, back into the stall, (being mindful of the A...
  42. EVer Hopeful

    Those steering wheel lock things - should I keep it?

    Is there any point in me hanging on to this thing? I put it on Nextdoor and someone asked me about it, then I thought ... "Maybe I should keep it for the Y" then I though "But it's a PitA - AND the cars are very difficult to steal anyway because of the telemetry AND it'll probably just tear...
  43. EVer Hopeful

    The traffic lights display went nuts today

    ...then I looked up and saw it was actually a railroad crossing!
  44. EVer Hopeful

    Anyone charged at a Texas State Park?

    I'm ass-u-ming all I need to do is get the 14-50 adaptor for $35 from Tesla - oh and book an RV site, not a camping site, but I wondered if anyone had done this and how it had worked for them. Do the Parks people even let you do this? I don't see why they wouldn't but you never know ...and I...
  45. EVer Hopeful

    Apparently the screen isn't a rectangle!

    Doh! typical really but I should have read the instructions one more time before I installed my screen protector 🤡 It's a little bowed at the bottom, so there's a right way and a wrong way to install it I finally got it right though and it looks pretty good
  46. EVer Hopeful

    The actual price of charging (at home)

    Dusting off the Grammar School Physics memories here but if Watts = Volts x Amps and I have the HPWC on a 240v circuit set to 30A, which for the 80% rule is really a 24A pull, then I'm drawing 240 x 24 ==> 5760 Watts or 5.76 kW and if I do that for an hour I will have used 5.76 kWh - might...
  47. EVer Hopeful

    What's the point of the Auto Frunk?

    Each to their own and all that, but to me, even if it uses a motor to open fully (and to close), I don't see the point if you have to either (1) tap an icon in the cell phone app or (2) get inside the car and tap on the screen or (3) spend even more on a key fob and tap on that It's still got...
  48. EVer Hopeful

    My phone refuses to stay paired with the vehicle

    It's an Android LG G6 if that makes any difference ... and a LR Y of course When I get in the car and move the shifter to D I get a pop-up that says I need to use a card key :( When I check the phone settings, it says I'm "connected to call and media audio" for the Y. I do have 5 devices...
  49. EVer Hopeful

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    So far the only thing I have on the PriusV that I don't have on the Y is a red horizontal line on the backup camera screen that was supposed to be 18 inches behind me. I tested it and it was pretty accurate, though I'm not sure how it handled the angle of the camera Having said that, the Y...
  50. EVer Hopeful

    How long before I can use Cruise Control?

    When I try activating it I get a message saying: Cruise control unavailable Continue driving to allow cameras to calibrate I guess it makes sense that they'd need to do this, I just didn't expect it

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