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    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Also - when the Model 3 First was orderable in Canada - Tesla Was Not on the Ontario Rebates List anymore (Since in March they Capped it at the $75,000 Limit, and the S & X were all above that), the Model 3 got listed later as it was likely in process at the time, but not yet Priced so could not...
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    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    I think Free Ridership is unmeasurable in this current program, as opposed to a Cash For Scrap Program, where you get the Rebate only when you Scrap an ICE Car to buy an EV Car (Or SUV). (In B.C. that adds 50% to the EV Rebate, going from $5,000 to $7,500 if you Scrap an ICE Vehicle, as I...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    I did send an email to the Supercharger Team Congratulating them on getting the 2017 Map Plan up, but also shared the Disappointment that there was nearly no more Superchargers connecting Sudbury with Winnipeg, or Winnipeg with Calgary & Edmonton, as well as Edmonton with Prince George, and Hope...
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    Dashcam Option

    With the Coming Mobil-eye system with 8 Cameras for the Autopilot functionality - if they have room for them - they could add one more (High Res, 4K, 120 frames per second, would be super), included for drivers records, insurance, and recording those 1/4 mile runs - facing forward, and - for...
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    Mexico Superchargers

    I guess - since they had a Popup Store in the Mexico City Area - this is likely the neighborhood with a lot of interest / demand - for the Model S, and maybe - the Model 3!
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    Supercharger - Port Huron, MI

    And yet - it was shown on Supercharge.info - as added on June 1st, in the 'Changes' tab, in-spite of the knowledge that is was permitted in April! So - know we know - the date listed in Changes - is generic and related only to the date they receive the notifications from volunteers! Even...
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    Erie, PA Supercharger Updates

    Also - the Station in Erie - have the red Tesla 30 Minute General Parking signs on them - facing just one side, per my attached photos! [I spell Checked and corrected your word in my reply 'quote' - for <stantions> to be 'stanchions', though Tesla Refers to the parking spaces as 'Stalls', as do...
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    Erie, PA Supercharger Updates

    To Clarify - I said - "the worker stated", but as we can see - there may have been some misunderstanding, as it does not seem they would bring the press there if the Charging Stall Heads are still bagged! Also - As to his job, he was surface Coating the Parking Spots, after he removed the Snow...
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    Erie, PA Supercharger Updates

    I took some pics, on my cell, but they are not so much different that the ones above, except the amount of work on the housing enclosure, but I heard from a worker there who was removing the fence and preparing to seal the parking spots: He mentioned that today there would be a Press Event...
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    Tesla Owners in British Columbia

    Is there anyway to rotate that image - I am not using a tablet here!
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    Central Canada Superchargers

    While it is currently obvious that Tesla plans to connect Calgary with the US, and Winnipeg with the US similarly, on a straight North-South Connection for 2016, we keep hearing that there will be an updated Tesla Supercharger Map (I expect - with 2017 Forecast plans at least - if not 2018 as...
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    SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc

    Details of Permit Stage - what it means or might mean? Peter - thanks for getting back to me with your thoughts at least. I guess Tesla's supercharging team is too busy to respond to this question with any details, as it likely varies from each place they go into!
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    Supercharger - Port Macquarie NSW

    From that Article linked - at the end of it - [So, with Sydney to Melbourne done, and the next route obviously being the one north, Beaver gave some indications of where the next ports of call could be located. “I start at a high level and say, ‘Okay, what towns do we want to hit?’,” he said...
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    SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc

    Back to the topic at hand - "SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc" - does this 292 days in 'Permit' stage - not seem like the longest piece of Red Tape Ever? When compared to Port Macquarie, Australia, that was in permit stage all of about 4-5 days, it seems like the Coal and Oil Lobby...
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    SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc

    Thanks for 'Getting it' Peter! Correct - that was the question: and - as this is from the phone app, which as I know my phone does good screen captures - a couple different ways, does the Tesla Screen have the ability to do a screen capture of it?
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    Can custom car builders buy parts from Tesla?

    EV West - EV West - Electric Vehicle Parts, Components, EVSE Charging Stations, Electric Car Conversion Kits - is also working with EVTV ( EVTV Motor Verks - Custom Electric Car Conversion Instructional Videos ) in terms of reporting progress of their projects, and EVTV is also - like you...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Not just the Roadster Owners - but the Company owner of the Longest Electric Vehicle Charging Route - Sun Country Highway owner and developer of the "World’s Longest Greenest Highway Project" - World's Longest Greenest Highway Project - Item Details | Sun Country Highway Who installed all...
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    Supercharger install teams

    Well - Kelowna is now open on Tesla's listings - Kelowna Supercharger | Tesla Motors and was used yesterday - Western Canada Superchargers - Page 117 On other topics - I have spent a few hours, a few separate times, and saved the google map routes I planned out for placing Superchargers along...
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    SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc

    Is that an App in the car or the phone? That was a nice screen Capture - is that an app or feature in the car to send out a screen capture - or a very well edited camera pic taken of the screen?
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    EV Fest 2015 - June 14th, 2015

    As Posted in the Event Page! Any ideas or suggestions - please email them to me! [email protected] (I might actually have at least one Food Truck this year - got a Call today from a Pizza Truck that would like to be there!)
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    EV Fest 2015 - June 14th, 2015

    EV Fest 2015 is Planned for a return engagement at the Harry Howell (North Wentworth) Twin-Pad Arena at Highway 27 & Dundas in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for Sunday, June 14th, 2015! Sunday, June 14, 2015, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 27 Hwy 5 West, Harry Howell (North Wentworth) Twin-Pad Arena...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    - Wow! I thought the Stations were to remain Free! What is the first year - hardly any traffic at all! Locations in Golden, BC seem to have capitalized on the exit point - and are charging some $7.00 last I looked there! I wonder if we can structure a Deal like This - ALL 3.3 kW Charging is...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    March 26th, 2015, ~ 8AM: It is now listed on PlugShare, Correctly! But - it has a new URL: Comber Supercharger! Of course - having a 4-6 Stall Supercharger in London would be great for Advertising Purposes, but having a 4 Stall Supercharger in Strathroy, would be a great Travel backup, if near...
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    Powerstream SAE charger at 400 & MajMack

    Actually - that line maybe should be - "looks like it was produced by an engineer (with Poor vision, so they made it big to see it better!)." Also - I understand CHAdeMO - is Analog, while Tesla Model S & Supercharger Plug/Communications are in Digital format - so multiplexing of data can be...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    What about a Location in Strathroy, Ontario - on /Near Highway 402, West of London? Amy's Restaurant and Banquet Hall across from Strathroy Motor in - looks like a good start! - - - Updated - - - But - it is not yet listed in Tesla's Supercharger list as of today - at about 1:30 PM - Find Us...
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    Do the heated wiper blades do anything?

    Winterizing Challenges - Ideas Is it just me, or with the Autopilot features, including lane assist, auto braking, etc., could the Winter Package not Automatically trigger the Winter Function On - according to the Outside Temps - so that The Car is taking care of THOSE Safety Elements without...
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    40 kW limit!

    He He, That is interesting! My Electricfly (EV Converted Firefly, with Lead Acid Batteries) uses just 14 kW to move its lighter (2,000 Lbs) down the freeway at 60 Mph/100 Kph! Story at Electricfly - MyElectricfly.com - the Blog Links off from the menu there!
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Doug, I wonder how the BMW i3 is with it's Carbon Fiber Body in these Cold Cold Temps? Does the Vehicle Shell Material make any difference? Would a good Foam-Core Composite Shell on a Vehicle keep the heat from leaking out better than the metal ones we use now (Steel OR Aluminum - both good...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Well, for our population ratio of about 10% - that means - we are about 4 short: 292 X 10% = 29(.2), 29 - 25 (your numbers) = 4 short. Look forward into 2016 - and you see the ratio improving - with the USA-Calgary Link (+ Edmonton), and the Winnipeg Link, and the extras in Ontario North of...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Cute! Now - can we put that in the APP? (With autopilot - the Model S P85D becomes the new Mobile Roller Coaster Ride: buckle up, lean back, hang on!)
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    Supercharger - Golden, BC Canada

    Added this as a Listing for Golden Supercharger - on PlugShare - Golden Supercharger | Golden, BC | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare (using CHAdeMO & Tesla Models S HPWC Plugs as a place Holder, to show the Markers in Orange - until PlugShare Tech Support gets to update it - but - no...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Wayner - Not quite clear on - if you can't get a week off, or a period of 4 weeks straight? I used to Drive to & From Cleveland (officially a 5 hour Drive) regularly - not so much of a challenge, time wise! If I had stayed on my first job - started 6 weeks out of High School, I would have 5...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    This Post makes me smile - I just got back from a Week in Western Ohio, this Summer did a Month long Road Trip/Cruise Combo with mid road Trip for the Cruise (Time Wise: 1 Week Driving, a couple Cruise Weeks, back to Back from Canaveral, then another Road Trip Week) - and drove all the way to...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Adding another Sun Country Highway west of Lytton, BC on Hwy 12? Hi all, I grew up just 5 miles out of town (Lytton) on the Highway 12, along the Fraser towards Lillooet, and while I live in Ontario today, I am working on a nudge to my brother on the farm to get him to add some form of...
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    Just Test Drove BMW i3 and P85D back to back...

    Jaff - 'Former Sig' - does that mean you have the 'D' already? (I see it in your signature - so - I guess it's now done!) I would have thought - when the car is in 'Sport' Mode - the regen would match the acceleration, and the same in 'Insane' Mode! So - Faster Acceleration - High Regen Rate...
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    Most efficient charging method when traveling....

    This Must be the Thinking - that got an owner in trouble - driving the (high) speed limit (120 Kph) in BC a short while ago - on the Coquihalla - a Mountain Pass if there ever was one, in Cold Weather! The Other thought - is if the conditions and road are not well known, drive a bit/bunch...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    It is great that you shared this unfortunate experience, and would be a great reason to drive much like the person with the 60 kWh Model S is doing on his Eastern Trip and Western Return Trip across the USA, from Supercharger to Supercharger: Drive Slower at the beginning until you are sure you...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Coquihalla This Story Also reminds me of Desert Driving, like From Salt Lake towards Reno - and the signs seen in movies, like - 'Last Gas for 200 Miles! Fill up Now! [/B] - or something like that! Maybe the Coquihalla needs a similar EV Sign when leaving Merritt? In Flight Refueling...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    So - as a result of the Provinces Speed Review - you got nailed with a $200 Tow! So - you were 'Only' going 5 Kph over the 'New' Posted Speed Limit, but you still were going 15 Kph over the previous Speed Limit - and - as you say - Temps were -20 (I am guessing - that was - Celsius?), but it...
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    Supercharger - Revelstoke, BC

    Revelstoke Supercharger Interesting Email - sent to me 8 minutes after I emailed the Tesla Supercharger Team to confirm the Revelstoke Supercharger is live, since it was snot shown on the basic Supercharger page (as a red dot!): Not only is this great news, but evidence of the Teams...
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    Supercharger - Revelstoke, BC

    AlbertaNetZero - thanks for those links! I used them to justify a Posting on PlugShare, for Revelstoke Supercharger (but since we - can not add the Supercharger selection as a charging port - I selected Tesla Model S HPWC & CHAdeMO - so it would show the High Powered Icon!), and have sent a...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Looks like a decent amount of amenities there, too, plus the Cedar Creek Golf & Country Club - which would be nice if you were only using a Model S HPWC, but you would just be blocking a SC Stall much longer than needed if you played round of Golf! Also - there is East Side Mario's at 555...
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    What's the Ideal EV Battery Size?

    However - When was the last time you put the nails in and removed them (1 cycle of use), over and over again, in your house?
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    What's the Ideal Distance Between Superchargers?

    Funny! $40 is what it cost me to Drive from San Antonio, TX to Toronto, ON - but - that was when Gas was a Buck a Gallon = 40 Gallons for the trip (~1988)! And - It was in a Chevy Sprint (Geo Metro) - not a mid or full size car, like a Model S! Go Transit, in Ontario, Charges $2.50 a use (but...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Woodstock - PlugShare Listing - has some pictures posted already!
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    First found it listed as live on supercharge.info/ - and also now on the Tesla Supercharger site! I just added a quick listing for it on PlugShare - and have emailed the PlugShare support team to update it to Superchargers ASAP! (I just marked it with CHAdeMO DCFC, Tesla HPWC (Model S) - for...
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    The Barrie location - 20 South Village Way, from Supercharge.info Here are a couple frame / Screen Captures of the area: General Area Overview More Detailed Overview Just a couple Blocks from the Barrie Molson Centre Arena where we had - Electric Avenue 2013 !! Unfortunately -...
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    Who in Canada will order the new P85D?

    Yes - you could buy and get rebates for up to 5 EV's a year at first notice. The number might even have been upped since i read that - Eligible Electric Vehicles(BEV) rebates. Oops - found it: 25 vehicles per year - Electric vehicle incentive program.
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Here is an Idea - Use the Tesla Model S HPWC's located in areas where future SC's are to be added! Maybe installing just 2 of them at leading locations would be a great boost for them, and potentially way easier to get started than all the issues they commonly have to deal with for 600 Volt x...
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    Western Canada Superchargers

    Thanks to all those who visited the Hope SC site, and added pictures here. What with some posters comments on Proprietary Rights - maybe I should not have copied the Pics from here to the PlugShare Listing? http://api.plugshare.com/view/location/58690 - which is now listed as 6 Tesla SC's! Hope...

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