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    Used MYLR prices

    I have a one-year old MYLR 5-seat/w trailer hitch, midnight silver metallic in near-perfect condition with about 6,000 miles, No FSD. I am in Florida and doing some initial pondering about how to price it for sale. Appreciate feedback from anyone who has recently bought or sold their MYLR.
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    Does the MYLR chime when backing up into obstacles?

    I have a year-old MYLR with software 2022.16.1.2. Let me preface this post by stating that I have not driven the Tesla for a couple months as I was out of state with a rental Subaru Forrester. Now that I'm home, in the past week, I've noticed that when I back up and see vehicles and people...
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    What battery charge level for storage?

    I plan to leave my MYLR plugged in to my garage wall charger for about 6 weeks while I am out of town. Looking for opinions from you battery geeks regarding what is a good battery % to set? I am thinking 50-60%.
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    The elusive blind spot chime

    I have blind spot cameras and blind spot chime enabled. When I signal to change lanes, the camera comes up, but no chime when there is a car occupying the adjacent lane. Does the chime only sound when I actually steer into the occupied lane? Has anyone actually heard this chime when changing lanes?
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    Just when I though I knew how phone pairing worked........

    So my wife was driving the MYLR today with her driver profile selected. Meanwhile I am at home 10 miles away talking to someone on my iPhone. While at a stoplight, she selects my driver profile to experience the seat/ mirrors settings. Suddenly she is hearing my telephone conversation through...
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    I finally got a Kuat 2.0, but hitch pin won't fit my MYLR

    After weeks of deliberation and ordering, I finally picked up my Kuat NV 2.0 Base the other day from REI. It turns out the hitch pin lock is too long to fit the OEM 2" receiver due to the electrical box. I contacted Kuat and got a quick response that a suitable replacement hitch pin would be...
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    First time 100% charge experience for other newbie owners

    After a month of MYLR ownership I decided to charge up to 100% and take a drive. I was pleasantly surprised that it charged to 330 miles. During the first 15 minutes of driving I found the regenerative braking didn't feel normal and the car drifted like an ICE vehicle when I released the...
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    Best hitch rack for 2021 MYLR to hold my e-bikes and current weight limit?

    After spending several hours pouring over previous threads regarding how much weight can be placed on the factory installed hitch receiver, I remain confused. The latest MY manual I found on the interweb (2020.44, Oct 29,2020) says: "The hitch receiver is designed to support vertical loads up...
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    Cabin Overheat Protection utility?

    Anybody out there who never bother with turning on the Cabin Overheat Protection? Are you experiencing any electronics problems? I lived in some very hot places and melted a few plastic cup, etc, but I don't recall any electronic equipment failing because of the passenger compartment...
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    Walk away lock feature ions

    Getting to know my new MYLR and want to test out the walk away lock feature. My iPhone is paired to the vehicle and I can use it to open the vehicle and drive. I went to the lock display and see the walk away icon, but it is grayed out and not executable. Any suggestions would be greatly...
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    MYLR phone charging pad success

    I just got a MYLR and plan to get a new iPhone to replace my rustic iphone7. Any tips on how well the iPhone 12 mini works with the charging pad on the recent MY's? I read some threads indicating spotty success from those who got their vehicles in 2020 and hope Tesla has improved the charging...
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    How to schedule mobile service?

    So I need to get my home link garage door opener installed. I opened the Tesla App and went through the screens to describe service needed, and pick a time and SC location. There was no option offered for having a mobile tech come to my home. Is mobile service a decision made by Tesla or me?
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    Premium Connectivity for new MYLR

    I just took delivery on my new MY. I forgot to ask the delivery folks how long the free premium connectivity lasts. It used to be a year, but I recall something about it now being a few months? I can't find anything in my documentation that lists this info.
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    2021 Model Y airbag locations

    I am scheduled for delivery of a MYLR next week and my insurance company is asking about airbag locations. The manual doesn't mention rear passenger airbags. Can anyone verify that the rear passenger seats do/do not have any airbags, side curtain or otherwise?
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    Jack pads from Abstract Ocean

    Anyone buy the jack pads from AO? They seem a bit pricey at $100 for set of four, but look well made and functional.
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    Latest M3 manual

    So, I have two vaccine shots in my body and will soon venture to the showroom for an M3 LR test drive. Does anyone have a link to the most recent M3 manual? Also, any feature cheat sheets to maximize my 20-minute drive would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Supercharger experiences

    I've tried the search function to no avail. Does anyone recall seeing recent discussion threads regarding owner experiences at superchargers? I am interested in how much additional time I need to factor in planning road trips. Also, what kinds of problems are people experiencing at superchargers?
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    Have I locked in a price

    So, I put down the $100 deposit for a dual motor a day after the unveil. Today I was perusing the website and looked at my order. There is no mention of any price. I can hit the order button and see a dual-motor is $49,900. I don't even recall if that was the price when I sent the deposit. Is...
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    What does it cost in the US to charge an M3 to 80%?

    I used the search function and found nothing. I was wondering what you typically pay to use a supercharger?
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    Reservation number

    Well, I placed a reservation the day after the unveil. Can anyone explain how I should decipher the reservation number to see how many are in front of me? thanks
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    Newbie question about Model 3 price

    I am new to the forum and interested in a new Model 3. Is there a thread here regarding what folks paid for their vehicles and what options were included? I did a search and could not find anything. I belong to a Toyota and subie forum and they both had very active threads about prices paid...

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