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    Battery defect for IT brainstorming BMS_u029 - P85 MS 2013

    Hi I got P85 out of warranty with unique battery issue. Let me start: 2 monts ago, battery reported BMS_u029 error - "Maximum battery charge level reduced". We measuerd battery, we checked BMS logs and determined that Brick 6 in block 6 is bad, it has little self discharge. Tesla call that...
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    BMS error disappeared after update

    Hi, EV Clinic does battery repairs in Croatia
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    TESLA - MODEL S - Control arms bushing kit

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    TESLA MODEL S stopped working... CAR MAY NOT RESTART

    You are wrong, he is right. It is due recent sw update. Error is readonly, you cant erase it without Tesla Service Center. Check my previus video.
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    TESLA MODEL S stopped working... CAR MAY NOT RESTART

    You mean this ?
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    Need 2018.36.2 Corona lockdown Blackscreen

    Hi I am im very delicate situation, borders locked, Croatia doesnt have Service Center. Not possible to deliver car to Austria, Austria out of stock with MCU1... yes it can get even worse. IC and MCU both died, cant recover it. I have 100% info that 2018.36.2 was last version and i need help...
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    Tesla in Serbia

    Facebook Supercharger IKEA Serbia is almost finished. Tesla is waiting to finish all South East locations and open it at once like trans canada
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    When i found issue on 1 tegra, i checked all of them which i got on stock and customers and all of them had sam performance hardware issue. It is not safety issue but it can affect tegra performance from 10-40%. Yes from now, when i change emmc i will make hw tweak too. Will probably release...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    TOP ALERT. After 3 days investigation, hardware debugging and tegra repair. I found out why some MCU1 have poor performance before and after emmc repair. Slow response and slow under heavy load. No need to turn off logs or any other software tweaks. It is hardware failure. From today all my...
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Repaired one specific MCU1, this time for Tesla SeC Munich. Soon certified 3rd party emmc repair. Demo Repair Price: FREE
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    New Level of ICEing "2 drunk idiots"

    2 Completly drunk idiots with beer in hands while driving damaged Ionity charger trying to stick plug into petrol reservoir. CROATIA RUGVICA
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    2017 AP2 Calibration issues.

    Hi I have 90D 5/2017 with AP2 I have constantly issues with radar. Error DTC APP_w010_radcCalibIssue I calibrate it via LAN Diag port, it works perfectly for 300-500 kilometers, then again shows up "Autopilot safety/convience features unavailable" (and something maybe it will work next...
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    Tesla in Serbia

    Yes indeed, he will need this in any balkan country. Home :: Tesla Motors :: Other :: 380V YU 5-pin 3-phase TO 16A 400V 3P+N+E
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Preventive eMMC change is best option, every 2-3 years. Either way its risky even to desolder working eMMC there is small posibility to change/alter/damage original data during the process. Proces of desolder/solder is risky. Tesla is not to blame, this tegra is nvidia “of the shelf” embed...
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    MCU1 Pinout for Bench

    Does anyone has it. I have schematic for power distribution but cant figure out which connector is it (3.1[1A])
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    Supercharger issue - Croatia, Rugvica

    We from Tesla Motor Club Croatia fb.com/teslacroatia/ Payed Add on Facebook of 200 euro just to make some statement about it and to warn people, some of them from picture were named in comments by other visitors. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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    Supercharger issue - Croatia, Rugvica

    Thanks, mail sent....
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    Supercharger issue - Croatia, Rugvica

    Croatia is tourist country and we encountering bigger issue than going to Mars ... Elon Musk Our supercharger is out of reach every day because your partner APIOS/OMV doesnt warn their guests with ICE cars that SuC is not parking, it is charging station for Tesla Cars. For whole month i am...
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    Tesla S Door Handle Read Write Clone

    Job done successfuly. Front right door handle programmed to the rear left position. Worked immediately. And i took investigation further. Door handle has only 1 design flaw. Melted plastic compound inside electronic is bad choise. Water got inside electronic on every door handle near wires...
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    First Supercharger Experience Since Sept Update on our 2014 P85

    On mine it doesnt. Every EU country works, but HU doesnt.
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    Tesla S Door Handle Read Write Clone

    Hi My RL door handle suddenly stopped. Measured power supply 12v and gnd were ok. Then i checked LIN line and something was wrong. Further investigation showed that water got inside DH electronic around wire insulation, and it was green and wires rotten. Then i heard that i cant just put...
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    Reading Battery Voltages and Temperatures via CAN on Model S

    CAN RECEIVED like this 6F2 00F2717C0C1FC7C7 For i As Integer = 1 To 8 value0bb1(i) = Convert.ToByte(newCommand.Substring(((i * 2) + 1), 2), 16) Next Dim value0bbit As Integer = (value0bb1(8) << 8) + value0bb1(7)...
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    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    Dude, this ball bearing on suspension arm is not original one. It is aftermarket sold on ebay, issue with that ballbearing is oversized. When old BB is pressed out, and new aftermarket pressed in, it cracks arm ring. New BB must be measured and slightly refinished on CNC to fit inside ori susp arm.
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    First Supercharger Experience Since Sept Update on our 2014 P85

    Did anyone figure out why MCU with latest update V9.0 freeze in those occasions: 1. Leaving car in zones where LTE internet is week 2. Accessing car with key and phone app simultaneously. 3. Accessing Spotify and typing something in SEARCH, and when you click on any Album 4. Crossing country...
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    Troubling squeak / creak sounds?

    I have Tesla S 85. 12/2013 Battling over rattle in front suspension for 1 month. Complete front supension (without coils) costs 1400 Euro + 1000 Euro labor in Tesla OEM workshop. I decided to investigate it my self, ended up with defect 6007997-00-B 2x and after refurbishing it, again 1...

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