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    FS: model Y Taptes Floor mats Los Angeles $100

    Brand new
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    FS, Los Angeles, CA - Taptes Floor Mats - Brand New $150

    For sale Brand new never used Taptes Floor Mats. Located in Pasadena, CA $150 or best offer.
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    Does the trunk have ducted heat?

    So on my app, when I defrost my car, it says that the trunk has heat. Signified by the red glowing light. Is this true?
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    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    Below is my alignment specs. The shop said they could not get the driver front camber and caster within spec. Left front camber is one degree more negative than the right and the left front caster is 1.5 degree less than the right. What are the implications of this? The shop sent me on my way...
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    New wiring harness and parking sensors - "Park Assist Unavailable"

    Hi, I recently got a new bumper with a new parking sensor wiring harness and a few new parking sensors. When I go to drive the car now, it says that park assist is unavailable, it also says that auto steer and cruise control is unavailable. Does the car need to be recalibrated/reprogrammed/reset?
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    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    I was going through an intersection, autopilot was on, and the autopilot steered me into the center median and hit a traffic sign. I do not have a full coverage/comprehensive insurance. Not interested in lessons right now. I have never been in an accident in all of my years of driving and...
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    WTB: Model Y LH Fender - Black or any color

    Hi, I'm looking for a Model Y left hand, drivers side fender
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    Denver: Will driving to Keystone be okay on Wednesday?

    I put the factory all season tires back on during a road trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. I want to go to keystone on Wednesday but it will be snowing, I am going to take 70 all the way and then get off in dillon. Well I be okay on the Tesla factory All season good years? Or should I go...
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    Feature Request: Pitch shift (lower or higher key) in Caraoke

    Dear Elon, it would be fantastic if Caraoke had the ability to lower or raise the pitch of a song by few pitches. This feature would enable us to sing at more comfortable and natural registers. Thank you
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    Chime on greenlight no longer working?

    Has anybody else's chime on green light feature stopped working in the past day or two? Mine has always been on, but randomly it stopped working. No changes by me and no updates.
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    I want to let my friend drive but not affect my safety score. How?

    Id like to let my friend drive my car. But he's a terrible driver. How does one let someone else drive but not affect your safety score?
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    Is there list somewhere of the historical prices and price changes of the Y in the USA?

    I just want to see a trend of how the model y price has changed over time. Is anyone keeping track of this on a spreadsheet or something?
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    How to let friend drive without affecting FSD Beta score?

    Hi. I have a perfect safety score, but i want to let my friend take a test drive and i want him/her to punch it etc . How can I let her to this without affecting my score?
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    what is full self driving visualization preview?

    What is full self driving visualization preview?. I have the FSD package. But when I turn on and off the full self driving visualization preview. My screen looks the same on either setting.
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    Anybody know the cost to drive from Denver to LA?

    I am thinking about going on a road trip from Denver to Los Angeles this weekend. I am not sure how to calculate the cost of charging. Does anybody know how much it would cost in supercharger fees to go from Denver to colorado?
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    Is there any evidence that phantom braking occurs when there a possibility of ear end?

    So we all know Phantom breaking is a thing, we have all experienced it. Some more than others. Something I have noticed, however, is that every time I have experienced aggressive Phantom breaking, there has never been anybody behind me. Does the car actually know that there is nobody behind me...
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    Does FSD Beta use the steering wheel or the interior camera to know if youre paying attention?

    On autopilot, it asks me every few seconds to nudge the steering wheel or hit the gear stalk. I've opted into FSD Beta. Once I am in FSD, does it continue to bug you to hit the steering wheel, or does it use that dash cam to track your eyes? or both?
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    Rally Armor mud flaps - clips are falling out

    I bought a set of Rally Armor flaps on December 9th, 67 days ago. 2 flaps have only one clip left. 1 flap has 2 left, and 1 has all three still on. I examined some of the clips that remain, and the problem is that the metal just starts to become loose and no longer have inward pressure...
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    Does FSD Beta still require you to hit the stalk or accelerator at every intersection?

    Just curious. Autopilot is great and I'm hesitant to opt into the beta but the stalk/accelerator at every light is very annoying and im wondering if the FSD beta fixes that.
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    Is there any efficient method of getting to a P model?

    I made the huge mistake of buying a 2022 LR Y with the 20" induction wheels. The performance model would have been only a couple thousand more. Is there any efficient method of trading in to a performance model without getting completely cratered by transaction costs?
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    Can Sentry record video that doesn't activate in it?

    For example if a theft happens close to the car but is unrelated to the car can i access that footage? For example the footage from 1pam to 2am. Is it possible to get it? The car is never triggered.
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    Any tricks for keeping rear camera viewable?

    It seems like if there's any moisture at all the rear camera gets covered and is not viewable. Are there any tricks for keeping the rear camera viewable in inclement weather...? Sprays, guards, etc
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    Is there a way just to let some natural air in without the windows?

    Hi, I am in a black tesla, and it is really cold outside, but the interior still gets really hot because it is black. Is there a way to just let the outside air come in through the filter and into the cabin, that is, just to get some fresh air in through the outside without turning on the ac...
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    Do we still need to run the AC for 10-20 minutes every week like older cars?

    Back in the day, we would have to run the air conditioning at least 10 to 20 minutes every week, even in the winter time. We did this because the refrigerant, or whatever it is is in the AC system, would need to lubricate the hoses every so often, otherwise they would crack, the refrigerant...
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    Why doesn't sentry live surveillance work when one of the doors is open?

    I accidentally left my car door open the other day. I wasn't sure if it was just cracked open or if it was completely wide open to the elements. I tried to look on the sentry app but it said "door is open sentry live cam disabled. I wish it would work when the door is open so i can check how...
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    If you have a video game controller connected to the tesla, can you use that instead of the gear stock or the accelerator to talk with AP?

    So when I am driving on autopilot, every time I hit a stop sign or a light, it tells me to hit the gear stock or the accelerator in order to proceed. If I've got a controller connected to the tesla, can I use the controller instead of the gear stock or the accelerator to tell the Tesla to proceed?
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    Does FSD have a random drive feature?

    I have FSD, but I have not opted into the beta. Is there a way to just make FSD drive you around randomly or do you have to tell it a specific place to go?
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    Is it okay to charge to 100% if I am immediately going to use it right away?

    So I know that Tesla recommends charging only to 90%, but is that for those of you that have home chargers and it will sit at over 90 for a very long time? I only charge at public chargers and I have to drive away from them just to go home so in my case would it be okay to charge to $100 since...
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    Thinking about buying the Lectron CCS adapter. Anybody have experience with refunds if it doesn't work?

    Not sure if I want to wait for the supposed Tesla adapter that is being released. Has anybody successfully returned the CCS adapter to lectron if it doesn't work? anybody have any experience with the adapter itself?
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    Are the cameras on the FSD good enough so that I don't have to worry about things like it clipping another car that's on the road?

    So when I have the autopilot, not the beta, on a road going down the street. Sometimes it's so close to the cars parked on the side of the road that i worry whether the camera and software could ever hit the cars. Are my concerns unfounded and I should just trust it? To be completely fair...
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    Was chilling in the car, everything turns off and starts blowing air?

    I was in the y, plugged in, in the backseat, chilling and hanging out. The outside air was 30°, but since my car is black it was nice and warm. The HVAC and heater was turned off but the screen was left on as i was listening to music. Every 10 or 15 minutes or so, the screen would randomly...
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    Back seat table/workstation

    I like to go in the back seat and work sometimes when I'm charging. Does anyone have any good back seat table solutions that would fit a laptop?
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    V11: how to make the mirrors NOT fold?

    It's starting to freeze here and i want to make it so that the mirrors do not auto fold. How do you do that? I put the car in wiper service mode like the manual says but it still folded them. In quick control there is only the fold mirror icon, and what this button does is it folds them in and...
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    Do you have any tricks for keeping the plug properly plugged in? (Slack & tension)

    On Charge point chargers there is a spring mechanism that keeps the cable tensioned. It something forces the charger to stop charging. Is anybody using some sort of system to keep a nice slack doing? Like some clamps or something that routs the cable to the rear tire first or something like...
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    Why does AP lower the Max speed even when it knows the speed limit is a specific number?

    I live in an area where the speed limit on the highway is 65 mph. The Tesla knows that it's 65 mph, and the indicator on the screen continues to say it is 65 mph. However, the car will change the set speed sometimes, to 50 or 55 randomly even though on the corner it still says the indicated...
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    Dashcam and Sentry in v11 - how do you turn these on and what's the diff between Sentry in "Controls" and "Safety"

    Hi there, Sentry: I tried to turn off Sentry and i hit the icon in "Controls" so that the red record logo is gone. However Sentry remained on. When you go to "Safety" there's an ability to turn "Sentry Mode" off or on and this is separate from the Sentry on/off in "Controls". Dashcam: In v11...
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    Would a cable protector ramp be okay for liability?

    So I live in a place where there is an outdoor outlet. However, the outlet crosses over a walkway. My question is, if I put this on the sidewalk, would it be okay it terms of liability? I dont want someone tripping over this and trying to sue me. For context, this is not a public sidewalk. I...
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    How does a Pint X Onewheel fit into the Model Y 5 seat?

    Thinking of getting a one wheel as a last mile option for the Y. anyone have one of these? How does it fit into the Y ? can it go in the frunk? low cubby of the rear?
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    If i forget to schedule departure and i turn on climate control how do I know when its ready?

    So i often forget to schedule departure. The manual says you can condition the battery another way by turning on climate control. When you do it via schedule the app tells you when it's ready. But when you simply turn on climate control there's no notification. So how do you know the car is...
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    Whats required to make Tesla Y record security videos? eg if someone keys your car

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10336189/Motorist-caught-keying-50-000-Tesla-cars-cameras-prosecution-kind-UK.html I read this article, and basically a young woman keys this persons Tesla, but the Tesla caught it all and they even caught the young woman. What settings and additional...
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    I just bought a Tesla Model in the USA, how hard is it to take the car to the UK?

    Im thinking of moving to the UK, i guess it was a bad idea to a new car. But, i was curious, is it easy to take a car and drive it as a daily driver in the United kingdom? Has anybody here done it with a Tesla?
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    Blind spot monitor on newest update?

    Someone said the latest software has blind spot monitoring. That is when you put on your turn signals, a camera showing your blind spot shows up on the screen. However, I downloaded the latest update last night, and I didn't see this feature. (2021.44.6) Is it still coming?
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    Took delivery, early December. Model y 2022 LR AWD

    I was concerned about getting a good vehicle. When i got to the center. There was a couple that also bought a new car. They didn't even look at theirs before accepting. Me, after being on all these forums, tried to look for all the flaws that everybody talks about. I didn't see a single one...
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    Which cargo mats have a design where you are able to access both sub trunks?

    All the cargo mats that I've seen are a single piece of matting which keeps you from being able to access the upper and lower sub trunks of the rear cargo area. I saw cargo mats that are split but i don't know who makes them. Anybody here have any idea?
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    Two Tesla destination chargers capped me at 10 kilowatts/he. Do i have a wrong setting?

    I went to Tesla.com and looked up destination chargers. I found two that were listed to be 16kw/hr. However when i charged at these two locations, both charged me at 10kw/hr. I was curious if I have some wrong setting? Both times i had the "amps" slider in the app set to max.
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    Do any of the camping beds take into account the fact that the back is actually not completely flat?

    So I want to buy one of those camping beds that fit in the back of the model y. However when you fold the seats down in the model y, it's not completely flat, so do any of these camping mats take that into account? Like do they come shaped to the shape of the angle of the folded down seats and...
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    Clicking from accelerator in traffic and autopilot

    The accelerator pedal makes an clicking noise when engaged in autopilot and when i was in bumper to bumper traffic this morning. Does anybody know what it is? Here it is:
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    Nobody mentions that the acceleration boost is too much power for the stock suspension of the non-performance model

    I bought the acceleration boost last night and I am driving it today. I've seen so many videos about it and I decided that it was something that I wanted. However as soon as I drove it for the first time, it is quite clear that the factory suspension of the non-performance model y isn't stiff...
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    Does the spoiler actually do anything?

    Does the spoiler on a Model Y actually do anything or is it purely cosmetic?
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    Does anyone know where to get these shades?

    I saw someone with these shades and it's a perfect fit. Anyone know what model or who makes these?

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