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    My car changed colors overnight!

    My Multicoat red is now represented as red on the iPhone app. I know this was the case for many, if not all with the same combination. Nice....
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    If you build it, they will come... Road Trip / Puget Sound, WA => Bandon Dunes, OR

    I'm making my annual pilgrimage from Washington State to Bandon Dunes Oregon (Golf Resort) in late January. Charging en route should be straightforward. I emailed Bandon Dunes to determine if they had EV charging capabilities on site, (I'll be there several days), they responded promptly they...
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    Energy Saver On => Slow Phone App

    The initial connectivity of the mobile app to my car became significantly slower after one of the upgrades. I turned the energy saver mode off yesterday as a test and the mobile connection time returned the previous quick response. Anyone else notice this?
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    Convinced my Model S helped me prevent a serious accident today

    When going in for service, Make sure you get a black one.
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    59 1/2, unless you utilize the 72t option which requires you to w/d a minimum $ amount annually for a minimum of 5 years.
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    Call for donations for Port Angeles High-Powered Charger

    Just left a VM for Kathy, hopefully will complete donation over the phone today! Sorry for the procrastin.... Where was I...?
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    Dash screen repeatedly going dark - Easy fix - Equipment Modification

    Removed my polarized sunglasses! :redface:
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    Tesla Competition - A business discussion

    I read the whole thing and am now late for a meeting...Get yourself an Agent...Speaking Tour...Start with MBA Programs and Master's level Industrial Engineering Programs.
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    When will we actually get the "summer" superchargers?

    Summer officially ends when you no longer can order a Model S in white...
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    Model E

    I doubt Everyone. "The People's Car" and "Everyone's Car" were used by Hitler for the Volkswagen KdF.
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    Tesla Motors Website Profile - Drivers License Number?

    Has anyone inquired why Tesla is requesting we update our profiles with our DL number?
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    Call for donations for Port Angeles High-Powered Charger

    buzzbuzz 100thMonkey* Tacket* DouglasR Odenator Palpatine* brianman almostFitToEat* hvb EchoDelta Seattle Vger MLH I'm in, let me know when you have the needed numbers and I can PayPal directly, thanks for your efforts!
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    Major accident for me tonight (5/26) (New P85 arrives 7/8)

    GasDoc and All, In that GasDoc had the thought of "who would take care of my kids?"... We all should know via a Will, delineating not just the executor of our estate, a but also the guardian for minor children should parents co-decease. In addition, because we are all driving fairly expense...
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    Request for Enhancement: Pedestrian Horn

    Just because you're paranoia doesn't mean they're not after you.
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Glove box locks with car. Quite handy if leaving the MS locked with the windows open to keep smaller items secure.
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    Ordering or Online Printable Pamphlets?

    I've had my Model S for two weeks and can appreciate the benefit of having materials available, as so many before me can attest. Can anyone point to or provide any official/unofficial materials I could download and print? Or is there a way to request from Tesla? TIA, Mark
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    The Inner Engineer - Model S Diagrams Availability

    I would love to have access to any diagrams illustrating the systems of the Model S. I'm not planning on playing backyard mechanic and certainly wouldn't pursue the level of detail where IP is an issue, just something to study and learn about this great machine. Anyone know of a resource or...
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    T-ball practice

    I thought "A light blue Tesla?" Until I realized it's the ever-changing gray...! Nice.... Red owner
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Mobile App - Red color not depicted, just a flat gray. Anyone else having/not having this issue?
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Those fortunate enough to have taken delivery of their Reds, does your Mobile App depict Red? Mine is shown as a flat grey - I'm thinking maybe they haven't updated the software yet?
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    9054 Seattle pick up Tuesday noon!
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    When does Life begin?

    In my mind, my car "came to life" yesterday - for the first time the mobile app recognized the vehicle, displayed the VIN, and directed me to activate from the touchscreen. Realizing we all come from different backgrounds, I would expect many differing thoughts on this issue... Life begins at...
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Mobile App changed today - went from always saying Car Not Ready => Turn Remote Access On...touchscreen....etc. It's Alive! Due Seattle SC April 19th - May 2nd.
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    Everything except the red car - now the wait is a killer

    <channeling Wayne and Garth> I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! when do you plan to travel to Kitsap County Washington? I would love to pick your brain....
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Although I've read your post each of the five times I've signed on tonight, I don't get it...
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    The Tesla Motors website should have a new feature: deliveries per state and country.

    I'm sure BMW, MB, GM, etc. would love to see those numbers. Very beneficial in determining marketing budget utilization, customer behavior, and so on. Between auto and oil companies, I'm confident there are "War Rooms" dedicated to counter the ground swell of Tesla. Demand for autos is...
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Tesla Model S Multicoat Red - The Loudest Quietest Car on the Road!
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    Tesla Motors Third Announcement: Service

    That's a winner!
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    VIN 9054 received from DS via email today.
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    what the %@[email protected] happened to Tesla's marketing?

    Ross Perot ran for POTUS using excellent data and graphs, without standard political marketing. Anyone remember him...?
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    Interest rate from Tesla's Financing LESS than advertised

    1.99% for 60 months via Tesla Financing (WF) response offered to me via email today.
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Just got my Delivery Button, picking up in Seattle. Window of 4/19 - 5/3. The questionnaire included; Registration address confirmation Additional registered owner? Yes/No – if yes, list Delivery or Pick up location Planning on trading in a car? Yes/No Front Plate mount? Yes/No...
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/9489-Model-S-Delivery-Update/page425 See post # 4242 for a graph of rev#'s vs. VIN's. They are batched.
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Mine will likely be on board also (Silverdale, WA / rev 16,097). I was told by a Tesla Rep the car should be off the line 4/16, followed by testing, shipping, and in Seattle last couple of days of April.
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    Why no Extended Service Agreement for WA ?

    I'm a Washington State resident (Silverdale Area) and the agreements are visible and selectable for me on the site.
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    If I knew then, what I know now...

    For those of you who have been in possession of your MS for several weeks or longer, what lessons/experiences caused you to think "It would have been nice to... before delivery? Examples) Load music collection on thumb drive Read E=IR chapter in old textbook For those of us counting the weeks...
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Something to hold us over.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBsmgBH-rUw
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    Is it me, or does the red depicted on our garage pages appears to be darker then the red we are seeing on photos?
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    Tracking Multi-red production and sequencing

    New red in the default Service Center "Coming Soon" picture?
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    Delivery Notification - Only on Monday's?

    I've seen within a thread noting that delivery notifications only go out on Monday's? Is that everyone's experience? Is it a TM procedure?
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    Paint: Multi-coat Red

    Is this Signature Red or the new Multi-coat red?
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    Tracking Vehicle at Factory through Delivery with New Mobile App?

    Has anyone/is anyone tracking their dearly expected car with the new mobile app?
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    Golf bag in Frunk?

    Has anyone put a golf bag and/or pushcart in the Frunk yet? Other than another person, what else has surprising fit? MLH

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