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    FS: New Volk Racing 18" Wheels + Goodyear Supercar 3 Tires

    Set of 4. Both tires are wheels are brand new, never mounted on a car. Wheels: Volk Racing CE28SL Wheel 18x9.5 5x114.3 35mm Pressed Graphite Tires: Goodyear Supercar 3 in 275/40. Local pickup available in the Phoenix area. $3800
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    Martian MW05 Race Wheels

    Was just checking out the Martian 19x10.5 forged race wheels. They claim you can run a 305 without any fender modifications. That seems quite a bit wider than other recommendations I've seen. Can anyone confirm if this setup works?
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    Regen at the track

    Curious, how much regen do you use at the track and why? I'm finding its hard to judge how much the car will slow going into a corner with regen and I'd rather just trail brake using the actual brake. Probably something I just need to get used to.. what are others finding?
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    Scottsdale upgrade installer

    Wondering if someone can recommend an installer for performance parts (brakes, suspension, etc) in the Scottsdale area. Thx!
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    Dent puller

    Has anyone ever tried one of the glue dent pullers on their MS? I am considering trying one for a small door ding.
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    90->100 cheaper than 60-75?

    Noticed the 100D came out today. The price difference between the 90 and 100 is $3000, or $300/kwh. The price to upgrade a 60-75 is $7000, or $466/kwh. Seems odd.. am I thinking about this wrong?
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    Autopark - Doesn't see many spots

    So with about 1k miles on my MS, I have yet to have the option to use Autopark only once. I've tried it in several different lots, conditions, etc.. do people have it consistently finding spots?
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    Frunk on refreshed MS

    I picked up my new MS this week, upgrading from a 2013 60, roughly number 4000 built. The changes in the overall quality of the car are huge, night and day from my original. I personally like the new styling and center console, but the major disappointment is the frunk. The frunk on my...
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    60kwh supercharging

    Given that the 60 actually has a 75kwh battery, do you think it will supercharge like a 75? Meaning, it shouldn't taper as much as the end since the battery won't actually be full.
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    Fatigue vs gas cars

    I've had my MS for over 3 years and 50k miles. Like others, I've noticed how much less fatigued I am at the end of a long trip. Today I drove from Phoenix to San Diego, but did it in a virtually new gas car, so it was an interesting comparison. I was noticeably more tired at the end, even...
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    Summon end point

    Question, can the summon feature be taught where to end? Specifically, my driveway has a right turn at the end into the garage. I back out, turn and end up facing forward down the driveway. Could summon handle this sequence or just the simple back out?
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    Opinion on 2 CPOs

    Curious to get your opinion on the pros/cons of 2 S85 CPOs: 85 kWh Model S P16093 | Tesla Motors 85 kWh Model S P31912 | Tesla Motors The more expensive model also has more miles, but it is a 2014 and much higher P#. Are the 2014's significantly different? Also, the 2014 doesn't...
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    Winter Tires for RWD

    A separate thread got me wondering, do any of you put winter tires on your RWD vehicles for heading into the mountains? I'm thinking specifically about heading up to Flagstaff or the Arizona Snowbowl. Would you go with winter tires or just carry chains? I imagine Snowbowl road can be...
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    Drive Unit Replacement

    Well, after 43k miles, my drive unit gave out. As always, Tesla service was awesome. The pulled the logs from the car, found the issue and swapped out mine for a loaner. The replacement was done the next day. One question I had is.. what exactly is part of the drive unit? Is it the motor...
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    North Scottsdale to Flagstaff in an S85

    Can you do this run nonstop in an S85? Based on the ev trip planner, seems like it should no problem.. curious if that holds true in reality.
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    Aero wheels or wheel covers

    The discussion around the cost of upgrading to the 90kwh battery got me wondering, is that the most cost effective way to increase your range by a few %? I recall aero wheels offered a couple % increase, is that true? Could the same be accomplished with aero wheel covers?
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    Upgrade 60 to 90

    So now that a 90kwh pack has been announced, I wonder if it will be possible to upgrade a 60 to a 90. I suspect no, but am hopeful.
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    Nav without Tech Package

    There have been a couple threads/sub threads on this, but I was wondering if there is a definitive answer on the ability to add the Nav app for owners without the tech package. My understanding was that it was only possible if you had the upgraded audio. Even then, it wasn't clear how to get...
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    Borrow Chademo adapter in Phoenix

    Was wondering if anyone in the Phoenix area has a Chademo adapter they would be willing to let me rent/borrow next week? It looks like they are out of stock online and the Scottsdale service center doesn't have any.
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    Adding Nav Package

    I purchased my Model S without the nav package, but some of the recent energy usage features have gotten my attention. I contacted my service center and was told it isn't available as an add on, which was disappointing. Curious if anyone else has explored this and gotten any insight as to...
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    Scottsdale Tinting & Paint Protection

    I'm looking for recommendations on places around Scottsdale that do window tinting and paint protection. I moved my MS down here a year ago from Washington has broken me. Kids complain about the sun in the back.. I mean if you can't see your video game, the world is over, right? And the...
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    Do superchargers power the car after charging?

    After your car is done charging does a supercharger continue to provide "shore power" like being plugged in at home?
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    Flagstaff Conditions Today

    Anyone up around Flagstaff today? I'm looking at driving up tomorrow and was wondering how 17 is. From the AZDOT site it looks fine, some ice and snow but no big deal. Any first hand accounts?
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    Main pack connectors not closing fully

    I recently went through an issue with my 12v battery (see Stranded at Snowbowl). While the car was at the service center they pulled out the main pack because the connectors were not opening and closing fully. This was explained to me that the main current carry connectors open and close when...
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    Stranded at Snowbowl

    Had a fun day today.. drove from Scottsdale to Flagstaff for some early season skiing. Upon getting back to my car in the mid afternoon I am greeted with the "12v battery" low message, and other messages saying the car needs service and is not driveable. Lovely. I gave Tesla a call and all...
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    Car wash in Phoenix

    Can anyone recommend a good car wash in Phoenix? Is Danny's any good? Danny's Full Service Automatic & Hand Car Wash - Phoenix, AZ |
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    Electrician in Phoenix

    Can someone recommend an electrician in the Phoenix (specifically Scottsdale) area for a home outlet installation?
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    Recommendations for transporting the MS

    I'm going to need to move my MS across a good part of the country in the next few months (specifically Northwest to Southwest). While I'd like to do a road trip, it may not be possible. With that in mind, does anyone have recommendations for a good car transport service? I'd like to find one...
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    Sammamish to Centralia on 60kwh

    I'm looking at a trip down to Great Wolf Lodge. It is 89 miles each way from Sammamish. Do you think I could pull it off using a range charge and not recharging along the way? Technically it should work. The total distance is 178 miles and a range charge should give me around 208. Seems...
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    60kwh range charge

    What rated distance have you seen on a 60kwh with a full range charge?
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    Vancouver area supercharger

    Some folks in the US Pacific Northwest forum were able to get information about possible supercharger locations by searching public records for electric permits. Does a similar online permit system exist for BC? I'd love to see where the Vancouver area supercharger is going to end up.
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    "Drop Tanks"

    The other threads discussing aluminum-air batteries and other range extension options got me thinking.. could you build it yourself? For example, could you build a battery pack that you carry around in your front and then charge from it using an inverter? If I did my math right, using 2 deep...
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    Elon tweet

    What's up with this? "There is a way for the Tesla Model S to be recharged throughout the country faster than you could fill a gas tank." Was there some more context around this I missed?
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    Pano roof creaking

    Has anyone had their pano roof creaking fixed at the local service center? I'm asking since it seems to be a known issue and am wondering if the Seattle service center has experience fixing it.
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    Cut and Polish

    So this is the first time I've owned a car worth detailing so I'm learning all the jargon. Is a cut and polish safe? Would you do it to your MS?
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    Slow Charging

    Is slow charging better for the battery? On most days I only drive about 30-40 miles. I only need the car recharged by the next morning, so charging at just a few amps would do.. I don't need to charge at 40. Is there any advantage? On the lithium polymer batteries I use in rc helicopters...
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    Seattle Owners: Heading up Snoqualmie Pass

    For those of you in the Seattle area.. I'm thinking about heading up to Snoqualmie Pass tomorrow. There is snow expected for tonight. Any concerns with the car's ability to get up there? My hunch is that it shouldn't be an issue. I-90 is a major highway that isn't very steep and is well...
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    Bluetooth Initializing

    On my drive home tonight I noticed Bluetooth wasn't working. I opened up the menu and got the "Bluetooth Initializing" screen for the entire drive. It seems like this is a known issue. Is there any workaround? Way to reboot, etc.?
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    60kwh Pickup Yesterday

    After the long, obsession filled road from reservation to delivery, I finally picked up my MS at Bellevue Square yesterday. What an amazing vehicle. Funny, I almost found the final step in the purchase process a bit of a letdown... well, that's not the right phrase. It was just too simple...
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    High current 12V outlet

    Does the Model S have any kind of high output 12V outlet? I'm looking to connect a battery charger used for RC models that would normally be connected directly to the car battery.
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    Bay Area Distances

    Ok bay area folks.. my family is considering moving to the San Jose area. We have 2 children, 5 and 8. I'm wondering, what are common weekend destinations and driving vacations you might take with children of this age in this area? I'm trying to determine if the battery size I selected...
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    Steer by wire

    Just saw this article that Nissan is introducing a steer-by-wire system soon. Wondering if this is something we'll see in future Tesla models. Seems like Tesla is always pushing the technical envelope..
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    60kwh performance

    Seems like many people, myself included, are picking the 60kwh pack. While considering this today I was thinking that everything we have seen has been the larger pack. Every test drive, every independent review. Is anyone concerned the 60 might not meet the numbers they are providing...
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    Scottsdale Store

    Does anyone know what color the Scottsdale store currently has? I'm staying in the area and am wondering if it is worth stopping by.
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    Distance Calculator

    Proving I have too much time on my hands, I took a bunch of pictures (yes, I almost got picks of every combination) of the distance calculator in the Tesla store and dropped the data into Excel to play with. Enjoy. Distance Calculator
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    Supercharger Event 2012/9/24

    From Twitter: "Tesla Supercharger unveiling event set for Sept 24. It will feel like alien spaceships landed at highway rest stops." Twitter / elonmusk: Tesla Supercharger unveiling ...
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    In the tech package, what exactly does Homelink do? Is it a fancy garage door opener or is there more to it?
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    Interior pre-cooling and heating

    From various thing I've read I have the impression you'll be able to pre-heat and cool the interior using a smartphone app. Is that actually the case? I was thinking how nice it would be to come back to an air conditioned car in summer. Assuming this functionality is available, are there...
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    Longer test drives coming soon

    Yesterday I dropped by the Bellevue store and in chatting with the rep found out they are going to start having test drives from Bellevue Square. He described them as a "more traditional" test drive, lasting about 30 minutes with various routes around Bellevue. No commitment on timing, but...

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