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  1. AnOutsider

    HEPA filter retrofit to Model S

    It wasn't in my wife's X, but that's about normal in my S.
  2. AnOutsider

    Trunk opening and closing slow

    Finally upgraded to a refresh Model S last month, and I have to say, while I got used to the much smaller frunk, the trunk is what's been giving me the most grief. I ship a lot, and often will bring packages to UPS, USPS etc. The trunk on this Model S (and all newer ones?) opens MUCH slower...
  3. AnOutsider

    Gen 1 HPWC with newer Model Xs?

    Yep, that's the email that wen't unanswered. I originally contacted ownership and they told me to email that address. Don't bother, just keep calling until you finally get someone.
  4. AnOutsider

    Corrupted USB in 2019.5.4

    I popped a brand new stick into my S on Wednesday. Yesterday (Saturday), I got back in the car and the icon and my music was gone. I never pulled the stick out from the first insertion. The only thing I can think of is that yesterday afternoon I hopped in the car and the screens were dead. Took...
  5. AnOutsider

    Corrupted USB in 2019.5.4

    2 Separate USB sticks toast. One partitioned, the other single volume. 2 different types of USB sticks too. Now neither will last long in my computer before it stops reading and disconnects.
  6. AnOutsider

    HEPA filter retrofit to Model S

    I got a new S that came with biodefense mode enabled, but compared to my wife's X, it doesn't really seem to do much. Following her home the other day I mentioned when we got home how biodefense didn't seem to work on manure. She said hers handled it just fine. Anyone know how easy it is to pop...
  7. AnOutsider

    Media player and MP3 on USB

    I thought Tesla fetched their own images from the net?
  8. AnOutsider

    Gen 1 HPWC with newer Model Xs?

    I was so happy to have a solution I didn't even consider destination chargers. With the longer range from the 100kwh pack (and losing the P), we haven't even needed to supercharge yet. I will have to keep the destination thing in mind though as we tend to look for those when heading to beach...
  9. AnOutsider

    Gen 1 HPWC with newer Model Xs?

    After a month of unanswered emails and voicemails, I FINALLY got someone at Tesla (I first emailed ownership, they told me to email the HPWC dept or call them -- did both, multiple times, to no avail). I was told there's a firmware issue with the GEN 1 HPWCs and the firmware in 100Ds. I was...
  10. AnOutsider

    Perforated seats durability?

    They replaced them due to small tears in the perforation. They did it completely under warranty. I'm wondering if they just stopped doing it since it has been a few years and they've moved on to (what I assume are) new materials.
  11. AnOutsider

    Perforated seats durability?

    Yikes @ that hole Same situation here. Though they replaced our seats, the new white ones were shorter and less comfy. The black is more comfortable and worry free.
  12. AnOutsider

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Experience the same. It no longer results in the system locking up/rebooting, so easy enough to ignore it.
  13. AnOutsider

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    That's more usage than degradation
  14. AnOutsider

    Gen 1 HPWC with newer Model Xs?

    Somewhat glad to see we are not alone. Will ring Tesla and see if they have any recommendations. In the interim, I'll only charge the S with the older HPWC. As for lowering the rate, that could work for most times, but the one reason we returned and re-bought another X was for the 72A charger...
  15. AnOutsider

    Gen 1 HPWC with newer Model Xs?

    We've had 2 of the first gen HPWCs for years (since about late 2012 IIRC). Recently (last month), one of them failed and the contactor would no longer close to start the charge. Was a very odd situation, but in the end I moved on since Tesla replaced it anyway. Fast forward to Friday, we bring...
  16. AnOutsider

    Any P90D or 90D owners receive replacement 100kwh packs?

    We traded our 90D in at the end of December, but the degradation was fairly bad. We were actually on a loaner pack at trade-in (which they then said was our permanent replacement) and even that one was only charging to about mid 230s. They were pretty adamant about no 100kwh upgrades, but take...
  17. AnOutsider

    When did X100D onboard charger change to 48A?

    I have had 2 100D Xs in January. Both with December builds. One had 72, the other had 48. Seems to be random.
  18. AnOutsider

    Tree Hugs Roadster Owner

    Wow, blast from the past. God time flies.
  19. AnOutsider

    Cold air infiltration below driver seat?

    Unsure what year car you have, but I have a 2012 and I've noticed this for a while. I think it's coming from beneath the center screen as since I had the center console put in, I notice I mainly feel it coming from the console when I have the drawer open. Closing the drawer stops the cold.
  20. AnOutsider

    Is it true that all new cars are delivered with 48A chargers, no other option?

    The change was made in November, so surely there are more. Just none that would have gotten here by today to take the credit (and bolster Tesla's Q4 sales). We preferred the white interior, but got black. We would have preferred the figured ash decor, but got CF (and the minor upgrade cost that...
  21. AnOutsider

    Is it true that all new cars are delivered with 48A chargers, no other option?

    Sad, but probably not too far from the truth in some instances. I just got off the phone with a rep from Fremont and he was able to confirm that they are indeed all 48A now and that they are NOT upgradeable any longer. So 48A and 48A only in the USA. There seems to have been a previous memo...
  22. AnOutsider

    Is it true that all new cars are delivered with 48A chargers, no other option?

    They need to better train their staff. We picked up a new X today and while transferring stuff from the old to the new, we noticed it was charging at a rate 22mph on the screen. Asked the rep if it had a 48A onboard charger and if so, if we could upgrade, they got us a solar advisor twice as...
  23. AnOutsider

    Parking Sensor Retrofit.. Tesla Service Bulletin

    I wonder if that week is painting work or actual wiring?
  24. AnOutsider

    Has Anyone Gotten Their Flamethrower Yet?

    Thanks for that. Had to bail on the DC event, but still looking forward to getting it
  25. AnOutsider

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Not for me. It's less frequent for sure, and the reboots seem to go quicker, but it still happens.
  26. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Thanks all. I had an inkling that Tesla may not be the best on this (especially after comparing to the old sunpower quotes). Will definitely re-examine.
  27. AnOutsider

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Dame, I actually rarely use the bag, but this bug comane yo the weekend before we went on a camping trip. Was annoying have it reboot every little while. I don’t have a lot of time to scour the forums anymore, and like you have had a good run of problem free updates, so I just approved it like...
  28. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Yes, 2 Teslas, plus electric heat. As noted above, even at that size it’s not enough to cover our yearly usage
  29. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Thanks for the feedback guys. On the leasing side, if we went with Tesla we actually planned to do the 5 year buyout anyway, which seems to actually work out cheaper than taking the 30% up front (with them anyway) I haven’t gotten any non Tesla quotes in years though, and they don’t do ground...
  30. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Curious, does your system cover 100% of your usage now? I think that's my biggest concern TBH. All of this effort and still reliant on the utilities
  31. AnOutsider

    Model S Premium Center Console - Only in Black

    It would be great to get a replacement "flip door" that had wireless charging so that you don't cover your cupholders
  32. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Sure, I'm in PA, not the BEST solar state, but not bad by any means. Our home is west-facing, so many of the best flat surfaces aren't ideally-oriented, but no tree cover. For the trailing 12 months, we consumed 55,000KwH Tesla is proposing a 34.50 kW system that is estimated to produce 34,969...
  33. AnOutsider

    Does it make sense for me to go solar?

    Hi guys, long time no post. We have a newer(~5 years), energy efficient (solar/electric hybrid hot water heater, high R values, electric heat etc) home, that I initially wanted to get a propane backup generator on and passed due to noise and maintenance (plus was examining solar). We've had...
  34. AnOutsider

    Installing a Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller in a Model X

    Unfortunately, when my wife took it in for other service, the "helpful" tech drilled it in place -_-
  35. AnOutsider

    powerwall clarification

    Sorry to bump this, but had a relevant question before cancelling my powerwall. I was told at the site survey that they can NOT backup more than one panel, so I had to choose a single panel that had the most useful things on it (and was told it didn't matter how many I bought). Truth? Also...
  36. AnOutsider

    Supercharger - Lewes, DE

    Imagine my surprise when I stopped at a random wawa for air and find a supercharger right next to the pump. Imagine my disappointment when it plugged in, but served no power :oops:
  37. AnOutsider

    Employee who sent $30,000 off email was FIRED!

    Wait, you're saying Tesla has a comms problem? :D
  38. AnOutsider

    Employee who sent $30,000 off email was FIRED!

    Ha, I said reconsider, not jump off the ledge. Love my wife's X, but there hasn't been anything in the Newer S's aside from range to pique my interest.
  39. AnOutsider

    Employee who sent $30,000 off email was FIRED!

    Perhaps, but I don't think the "action" is getting out there nearly as much as the 30k off headline is. Heck, it made me reconsider holding onto my dinosaur P85
  40. AnOutsider

    Rear seat will not fold - 6 month wait for repair??

    Had that same problem (and read that thread). Wife folded down the seat from the trunk when loading things in and didn't realize something was on it. We ended up fighting to get the pool dart that was stuck on the seat out, then pressed down to fully latch. Seat works again and everyone knows...
  41. AnOutsider

    Opinions on 6-seat + 2nd row console config?

    Over a year with a 6 seater and no console. Can't compare since it wasn't available when we got our X, but the 6 seater is great. Feels very open and the lack of console makes it easy for kids and adults to reach the third row via the middle since we have 2 car seats in the second row at all times.
  42. AnOutsider

    Draw-Tite Aftermarket Receiver Package

    Thanks for the writeup Mark. The positioning of the safety hook attachment points alone makes this a worthy upgrade IMO. Ya know, I told my wife that, but what do I know right? I think she just finds it easier to leave it in :p
  43. AnOutsider

    Model X in fatal wrong way driver crash today in Phoenix?

    Definitely sad, but this image makes me so glad my family is riding around in a Model X
  44. AnOutsider

    I am confused over charging rate

    At 72A we get 46mph charge rate. We get 60mph at 80A in the S. 72 is 90% of 80, so shouldn't we get like 54mph in the X?
  45. AnOutsider

    Model X Founder Series - Facts

    I liked this post... but deep down, I wanna dislike it :p
  46. AnOutsider

    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    Just wanted to address this real quick. We also thought this was going to be a problem, but aside from a scratch that was there at delivery on our first X, haven't had any issues with them. Everything wipes off, and we ended up passing on getting XPEL on them. I still feel matte should have at...
  47. AnOutsider

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    lol yes I read about that. Also heard the Winny has a leg up on the rpod, but there were none near us to check. Still happy with our popup, but also curious about what could have been.
  48. AnOutsider

    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Very similar tot he rpod! Do let us know how it performs
  49. AnOutsider

    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    Reduced? That's been the quoted ranges with 90D/P90D since last year. If range was an issue, then.... Why have it on the S? There's no roof rack because of the falcon wing doors. It's not because Tesla is trying to save us from ourselves or any other reason. I think the above is the big...
  50. AnOutsider

    Musk had enough of the Falcon Wing Doors yet?

    I'm sorry, but this comes across as making excuses for Tesla. Roof racks are hard to reach! Tesla is doing you a favor by making you come up with another solution! My wife's Q7 has a roof rack and it is taller than the X. In any case, Tesla has indicated that they were working on a roof rack...

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