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  1. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I really wonder if Tesla does A/B testing. That would totally account for how people have drastically different experiences.
  2. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I have the opposite problem... mine only has one braking level. Need to slow down for a speed change or red light? Let's slam on the brakes real hard. So much so, that I end up with brake dust on my rims.
  3. Castaway

    No luck using VIN searches

    That's a very early VIN... some early Model X's had some initial issues that were worked out as production went on. Seeing that that this was a lemon-law buyback, it makes me think that this particular example might be one of those that had issues... Note: There is no requirement that a...
  4. Castaway

    How to get my music info back

    Tap on one of the music source icons. If they're not in the dock area, you may need to tap the [...] icon to open the app menu. Once it opens up, you can drag to size. It can be one of 3 sizes. In theory, it should remember that size.
  5. Castaway

    Very strange SiriusXM behvaior (no not disappearing app)

    Your X is getting the actual radio signal via the satellite. However, it does get channel listing and frequency via LTE for some reason. So, if you lose LTE service and were already listening to it, it will continue to play. But if you were on streaming, and try to switch to SXM, it won't load...
  6. Castaway

    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    On mine, I have to press the side closest to the front on the front doors, and the rear on the rear doors.
  7. Castaway

    How do I unlock and open the driver door?

    My guess is that the handle button is no longer working, and might need to be replaced. If the door opens with the remote, then clearly the mechanics of the door are working. So that leaves the trigger button.
  8. Castaway

    Missing Premium Audio Settings

    If I recall, the base system has a few less speakers. I don't think it has a subwoofer, but I could be mistaken. It also does not have SiriusXM. The only way to tell if it is acceptable for you would be to give it a listen.
  9. Castaway

    Missing Premium Audio Settings

    It's not impossible... but improbable. Either way, it's a red flag. At best, the seller is misinformed as to what their car has. Could they be referring to the Premium Upgrade Package? Up until sometime in late 2017 I think, audio was a separate upgrade package. So it was possible to have the...
  10. Castaway

    SXM on Model X?

    Depending on what you listen to, you're probably better off streaming from the app anyway. The channel lineup is so messed up. Outside of Hits 1, none of the channels I listen to are where they say they are. So it's impossible to find anything. It's a mess.
  11. Castaway

    SXM on Model X?

    SXM capability was part of the Premium Audio package. This package was optional prior to September, 2018. Check your Car's "Additional Vehicle Information". If it says Audio system: Base, then you do not have it. If it says Audio system: Premium -- then you should have it.
  12. Castaway

    What other EV SUVs have you considered?

    The Audi e-Tron series and Jaguar I-Pace series are out there. I've been hoping Mercedes-Benz would get their act in gear. Their EQ line has potential.
  13. Castaway

    Moving to Alaska with Tesla X

    I didn't think there were any service centers in Alaska? I think that would be my bigger concern...
  14. Castaway

    Model X Service Center Issues

    Wait... I'm confused. When it died the first time, who replaced it?
  15. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Had the opportunity for an extended drive with 10.9 the other day. Overall, it did OK... but it has its moments of frustration. Nothing new, though. For whatever reason, it continues to prefer (and sometimes insist) on staying in the far left lane on a 3 lane county road. Didn't matter that my...
  16. Castaway

    Service Strike Again - Appointment cancelled with zero notice.

    I bought my '19 X back in November. When I was trying to set up my favorites back then, the channels were already messed up. This was back on v10.4 or something. That makes sense -- I am unable to switch to SXM while in a no LTE service dead zone. So even though music comes from the satellite...
  17. Castaway

    Questions on FSD vs NoA vs Autopilot

    Thank you, @Randy Spencer , @diplomat33 , and @JHCCAZ . Those explanations are very helpful!
  18. Castaway

    Questions on FSD vs NoA vs Autopilot

    Can I ask a dumb question? Which of these buttons means "NoA is On"? I'm new to my X... and I've been operating under the impression that the blue button (which is what I see by default) is off... and then I am to press it to turn it on (the uncolored picture). But I get the impression from a...
  19. Castaway

    Autopilot on I4 (Orlando - Altamonte)

    Yeah, happened to me a few weeks ago. Started at OBT. This was my first time using it in this area. I made the mistake of trying to stay on AP on the 408 interchange. That did not go well. Every 50 feet, AP would slam on the brakes due to supposed speed limit changing. I'd use the stalk to bump...
  20. Castaway

    Wiper Blade Sizes and Wiper fluid question

    I had mobile repair come out and replace mine. It was the same price as ordering online ($70+tax), plus $10 labor. The benefit to this is that they can also make sure the wiper angle is adjusted properly. It's a shame we're not supposed to use RainX -- It would really be nice with the X's large...
  21. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    This was my first time in that particular area. Not sure when I'll get back there, but probably not for a while. But it would be interesting to see if I can recreate.
  22. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I can certainly understand the confusion in your example. But we didn't even pass any speed limit signs, which makes it all the more perplexing. I really wish there was a way to ask the AI, "What were you thinking??" LOL
  23. Castaway

    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    Only the refresh X, sadly.
  24. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    So today was my first extended use of 10.8 during the daytime. The FSD on local streets part performed adequately, but most of my drive was on the highway, so it switched to AutoPilot. I had a LOT of phantom braking -- but I saw the cause. For some reason, the speed limit & max speed kept being...
  25. Castaway

    Model X Seats Different from Model 3/Y Seats?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the X's seats have gone through a few revisions through the years. I can't speak to exactly what has changed or when.
  26. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    I agree with you. Just yesterday, I had a similar situation... the unprotected left was a nightmare. But there was a traffic light with U-turn just a quarter mile up. But at least it's headed in the right direction. For some reason, at night, FSD gets confused at the traffic light entrance to...
  27. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    Correct -- while FSD Beta was engaged, when approaching a red traffic light, it waits until the last moment, and then slams on the physical brakes. According to the energy gauge, zero energy was recovered (e.g., no green dip). I'm hoping that once they have some of the major things down...
  28. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    So, just did a quick drive with 10.8... 10 miles, 55mph, 5 red lights. Did okay. According to the energy graph, it barely used regen at all. It would wait until last minute, and then slam on the friction brakes. No different from the past few versions, but the lack of regen just got me wondering...
  29. Castaway

    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    Just installed it on my X... Overall, it's not horrible. Not great... but not horrible. The icons are tacky. And I'm not thrilled with the music layout changes. But what I dislike the most is that they've reduced the size of many touch-points.
  30. Castaway

    2019 MX LR (Raven) vs 2020/21MX LR - Difference?

    They also added the external speaker in September 2019, I believe. The head restraint change is more significant than it sounds, though. As a tall driver, I find the power head restraint juts out, and digs into my shoulders more than I would prefer (even all the way up). I've gotten used to...
  31. Castaway

    Aftermarket wiper blade for Model X (2019)?

    If I recall correctly, the blades are a special design that incorporates the washer. Originally from Mercedes, I believe... Magic Vision, maybe? I think Bosch makes a compatible blade. I can't say for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Tesla blades were one and the same. Related query --...
  32. Castaway

    Seat Belt Warning with Dog in back seat

    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. The only problem is that the belt clip sticks out and causes a lump that would be uncomfortable to lie down on. But, I think she avoided that area, so I think that will work for now.
  33. Castaway

    Seat Belt Warning with Dog in back seat

    I have a rear-seat cover so that my dog can ride in my back seat (5 seater). She is in a harness, and secured safely. However, her weight is enough to trigger the seat belt warnings. I've searched and googled... and the only information I can find tells me to press the warning to change it to...
  34. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    So... 10.6 is a mixed bag. Pros: It does not stay in the left lane as much anymore. It allowed me to travel a few miles in the right lane! Cons: It does not seem to know how to make a left turn, or follow GPS. As you can see from the street view, the road where I was travelling is 3 lanes...
  35. Castaway

    New Samsung Android 12 broke contact list loading

    Thanks for the tip -- I will try that!
  36. Castaway

    New Samsung Android 12 broke contact list loading

    Yeah, I have the same issue with my S21+. Forgot and repaired as well. Interestingly, my Favorites still come over. Not sure if it's a Tesla issue or a Samsung issue. I don't have another vehicle to test with. Question -- did you have contact images previously? Even when I had a contact list...
  37. Castaway

    Bring my HK Model X to the UK

    Not related to connectivity, but if you're still under warranty, check to see if that will be honored in the new country. I remember reading a post from someone who brought an vehicle into the US from Canada, and the warranty was no longer valid. I think it was Tesla, but I can't remember the...
  38. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    When I tried 10.4, I found that it preferred the left lane in multi lane scenarios... Regardless if I was doing the speed limit, while everyone else was doing 5-10 above. I'd switch over to the rightmost lane... And not 30 seconds later, it would switch back to the left, even if there was faster...
  39. Castaway

    Model X (only) - FSD beta

    So... 10.5... is it my imagination, or is it much worse than 10.4? I went on a short drive to the store. Using the turn signal to change lanes was an after-thought. It would change lanes, and THEN use the turn signal... and keep the turn signal on. (Is my car stuck on grandpa mode? LOL) Even...
  40. Castaway

    2018 MX Options?

    A few things happened in 2018. First, MCU was upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 starting mid-March, give or take. Then approximately starting mid summer (possibly late Aug), the Premium Upgrade Package & Upgraded Stereo became standard. Prior to this point, those two were options, and were not on all...
  41. Castaway

    5-seater Lower Load Floor cover availability?

    Thanks! Wasn't sure that was a possibility. I will call them tomorrow.
  42. Castaway

    5-seater Lower Load Floor cover availability?

    I am looking for the 5-seater Lower Load Floor cover. (covers the lower storage well so that the lower floor is completely flat) It used to be available on the US site, but it does not seem to be listed anymore. There was a link from this forum, but it gives a 404 now. The closest I can find is...
  43. Castaway

    Screen Burn-In?

    Thanks, all. I'm glad to hear that it's a rare/non-existent issue.
  44. Castaway

    Screen Burn-In?

    I've been looking to buy a used Model X. I was looking at a 2018 on Carvana, and one of the pictures showed burn-in on the the lower part of the center display. Has anyone had any issue with screen burn-in on either of the X's screens? Is this something I need to look out for when buying a...
  45. Castaway

    Refinance my Tesla loan on a business-titled Model X? Who is offering the best rates?

    Ah, I didn't realize they didn't do that. Sorry...
  46. Castaway

    Refinance my Tesla loan on a business-titled Model X? Who is offering the best rates?

    Digital Federal Credit Union (dcu.org) has rates as low as 1.24% for EVs right now (EVs get .25% lower rate than the standard rate). They have the same rates for new, used, and refinance. I've been with DCU for nearly 25 years, and have had multiple car loans and mortgages with them. They have...
  47. Castaway

    My thoughts on 2018 Model X after Turo Rental

    Thank you! I completely agree. But it seems as if everyone else prefers the single horizontal display? I don't understand that. When I test drove the Y, I found my wrist prevented a clear view of the screen and my speed. I also never understood when people would say that the horizontal screen...
  48. Castaway

    Autopilot 2.5 And EAP

    They didn't start using MCU2 until mid-march. So February would have had MCU1, unless it was upgraded by a previous owner. You can verify on the info screen. NVIDIA Tegra = MCU1, Intel Atom = MCU2.
  49. Castaway

    White Interior with Figured Ash Wood!!! 😁

    Nice! I didn't realize this was something that could be done. Personally, I like the Dark Ash.
  50. Castaway

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Okay, either it fixed itself, or I am going crazy LOL It seems to be filtering properly now. Thank you!

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