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  1. linux-works

    did anyone get blasted by bach tocata on entry?

    in 2 years of ownership, never had anything like this happen. today, went to enter my car in the AM to go to work and had the usual fight with it not seeing my BLE, so turned off ble on the phone and then back on. walked back to the rear of the car where the antenna seems to pickup the best...
  2. linux-works

    Are Service Centers Competent?

    imagine how much better the tesla experience would be if he (or someone in charge) concentrated on the areas that need improvement. they just ignore them. what are they doing, in advance, to ensure that parts are always available and that service centers have enough cap to support the...
  3. linux-works

    convince me that elon is an engineer, at heart

    I hear, time and time again, how much of a 'genius' elon is. and how he has a good handle on technical issues. can someone help me understand why people believe this? I'd like to see some examples of HIS designs, or HIS implementation. by himself or in a very small group where he was the...
  4. linux-works

    clicking on driver side/front during very slow full-wheel-turns

    I'm going to take my 3 into service today, but wonder if I can see if this problem has been reported (and solved?) before. when entering a parking spot and slowly turning the wheel (close to the extreme lock position, but not AT that lock position, just a little slack left) there is a...
  5. linux-works

    status of the 'black-screen' console bug?

    how is that coming along, for everyone? I've had my car about 3 months and I've had one black-screen event happen while driving. that was about 2 months ago and I have not had one incident since then. I'm not talking about the backup camera rear-view blackout issue and I'm also not talking...
  6. linux-works

    new grocery bag hook for m3

    new item found on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081VKHZNP $13 its threaded and screws right in. nice metal. not plastic.
  7. linux-works

    short the stock? this could happen to you ;)

    Florida Man goes bankrupt shorting Tesla, fills car with human poop and throws feces at pedestrians - The Stonk Market "When the Florida Man thought he was going to make a fortune shorting Tesla, he ended up losing over $600,000 of his own life savings."
  8. linux-works

    Discussion: should L2 (and above) cars have a visual indicator for others to see?

    I'd like to have a discussion about the pros and cons of having some kind of visual indicator on the car that tells other drivers around you that you are in 'more than human' mode (L2 level or higher). while we are in the transition period where we have a mix of human-controlled vehicles and...
  9. linux-works

    mobile app: parked location is wrong in an odd way

    this isn't about a software update but I could not find a better forum for this. its about the app. for me, the android app (I have no iphones, only android) shows an odd location when I park. I am frequently at a location that has a numeric pattern like '808 foo street' and yet the mobile...
  10. linux-works

    stock michelin tires follow ruts in road TOO much?

    anyone else having this issue? some pavement gap in the road (longitudal, in the direction you are traveling, like a gap between lanes on a highway) aligns with the tire tread in a very bad way; it yanks the wheel and you get a sudden direction change (which the driver will naturally compensate...
  11. linux-works

    any place to hide/bury a usb thumbdrive, for *secure* sentry mode?

    I was at a supermarket late last nite (10pm) and as I drove up, there was a huge amount of broken glass on the EV charging spots that were installed just 2 months ago. a model 3 guy was there, very upset since it was his car that had 2 windows smashed ;( the usual rear triangle that is not...
  12. linux-works

    YABATO (yet another bay area tesla owner)

    3 months into my m3 adventure; finally un-lurking. here, I'm grabbing some free juice at work: I live in the bay area, my background is networks/comms with an emphasis on embedded/firmware development. in that photo, you can see another model 3 in the background; yeah, we have a lot of...

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