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  1. nitzmahone

    Powerwall Software 1.46

    Ditto here- not seeing the new settings yet. North America-based, Tesla app version 3.10.4 (Android), Powerwall 1.46.0, Model 3 software 2020.12.5. Both the car and Powerwall gateway are on the same network. I've tried switching between Backup/Self-powered/TBC, logging out/back in to the app...
  2. nitzmahone

    Oregon EV Rebate turnaround time frame

    You should probably be seeing it any time now, but depends on when you filed your phase 1. The email will come from a random person at state.or.us, so it might have gone to your spam folder (at least one notification did for me). I got the email acknowledgement of receipt of phase 2 about a...
  3. nitzmahone

    Oregon $2500 EV rebate open today

    Oregon has finally opened the "general application" for the $2500 EV rebates. If you previously submitted a Phase 1 application before 12/12/18, the Phase 2 app should be emailed to you within the next couple days. If you haven't yet submitted an application, you can do it in one step with the...
  4. nitzmahone

    Bluetooth media connecting while car is off?

    I occasionally have an issue where the car's Bluetooth media/phone connections are active even while the car's off. I first noticed this while having trouble taking a call. If I check the Bluetooth settings, it'll show it's connected to the Model 3. Bouncing the Bluetooth connection has no...
  5. nitzmahone

    Anyone upgrade the rear view camera?

    Yeah, that's almost certainly a sensor defect that should be covered by warranty...
  6. nitzmahone

    Software update v8.1 2018.32.2

    At least for me, they don't really go away after an update or reboot, but I have to switch to each "source" to see its favorites in the list after an update (and sometimes they're a little flaky for a day or two, though I haven't noticed that with the past couple updates). Once I've done that...
  7. nitzmahone


    Same here- I don't think this behavior has changed at all (it still won't work if the car's locked and deep sleeping).
  8. nitzmahone

    Chip inside Charge Port Door

    Yep, the same piece fell off my original charge port door about a week after I got the car, and the one on my replacement charge port door (replaced on "charge port door needs service" message flapping post-first-wash) just fell off a couple days ago. Epoxied it back in, all's well, and I'll be...
  9. nitzmahone

    Oregon $2500 EV Rebate is clear!

    Where are those numbers coming from? The relevant ORS makes no mention of funding limits other than a minimum 10% allocation for the related Charge Ahead program, and I don't recall seeing any mention of those in the interim rulemaking documents either...
  10. nitzmahone

    Oregon $2500 EV Rebate is clear!

    Looks like the Oregon Supreme Court has helped the state's $2500 EV rebate clear the final hurdle to actually start issuing rebates- bring on the rebate checks! If you've purchased an EV in Oregon on or after January 1, 2018 be sure to go fill out the Phase 1 application at State of Oregon: AQ...
  11. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    Gutsy move- can't say I'd be comfortable repeating it without life/limb on the line, but awesome to know it can be done!
  12. nitzmahone

    Autopilot - Car spacing

    I don't think the distances are car lengths- just seems to be a speed-dependent following distance factor. So yeah, when traffic stops, it'll get pretty close.
  13. nitzmahone

    Lexus IS300 vs Tesla Model 3

    Yep, I had a 2002 IS300 5spd in black that I bought brand new in 7/02- was hoping to drive it until my Model 3 was available. I never had a single problem with it in 14 years, still loved driving it, and the audio system was great (though I did end up replacing the head unit a few years back...
  14. nitzmahone

    Sto 'n Sho Aftermarket Front Plate Holder Install (+ pics)

    It comes with self-tapping bolts. The skid plate it attaches to on the car is pretty thick plastic, but I'm guessing over time it might need something a little beefier (like a nut on the other side and/or a little metal plate). The skid plate is tucked inside the bumper, so it doesn't look easy...
  15. nitzmahone

    Sto 'n Sho Aftermarket Front Plate Holder Install (+ pics)

    I forgot to mention that as one of the "unknowns", but I live in a pretty temperate climate, so I'm not too terribly worried. There's should be plenty blowing around it...
  16. nitzmahone

    Sto 'n Sho Aftermarket Front Plate Holder Install (+ pics)

    Take a look at the last picture- the "lip" is pretty much even with the top front of the plate, and will probably be exactly even once I add a frame of some sort...
  17. nitzmahone

    Request for pics of cars WITH the front license plate

    If the stock plate mount isn't for you, I just posted some pics and first impressions on a somewhat reasonably-priced aftermarket option here.
  18. nitzmahone

    Sto 'n Sho Aftermarket Front Plate Holder Install (+ pics)

    Like many others in "front plate required" states, I've been back and forth about how I plan to handle the front plate mount. My initial gut was to just leave the front plate off altogether, but my wife's been hassled by the police for license plate issues on my previous car, so I've been...
  19. nitzmahone

    How many miles did you get for your first full charge?

    Mine showed 317mi on my first full charge (which I also did after about 2 weeks). It sounds like there's a bit of a range that people have seen. What I'm not clear on though is if driving habits affect the reported range or if it's purely a mapping from battery SoC/capacity to estimated...
  20. nitzmahone

    EAP with Update 2018.14.13 - Phantom Braking

    Yep, I had this happen a couple of times on my Seattle trip with TACC/Autosteer enabled when approaching a large dip or a dark asphalt patch on a light concrete road (both in areas that were under construction). It was a little jarring, but very quick and made sense when looking at what I'd just...
  21. nitzmahone

    Legal owner as Credit Union on Loan?

    Dunno about your state, but at least in Oregon, the lender holds the title (and is listed as a lienholder) until the loan is paid off, at which point they send you the title with the lienholder release signed off. You're still technically supposed to get the car re-titled anyway once that...
  22. nitzmahone

    Where is the front radar on Model 3?

    Curious if they give you any more detail- seems like you'd have similar problems with a metal license plate near the same location (which most of us will likely have at some point). My Sto-n-Sho removable front plate bracket should be here in the next few days- I'm assuming they've tested with...
  23. nitzmahone

    Does basically every owner here use HomeLink?

    Yep, use it and love it, though for a number of reasons I disable auto-open and close...
  24. nitzmahone

    Model 3 in Portland OR?

    Ooh, thanks for the pointer- join request sent!
  25. nitzmahone

    Android key issues worse on 2018.14.x?

    What part of "I've usually given up after 30 seconds or so of futzing with the door handle and just used the manual app unlock or the card key" wasn't clear? ;)
  26. nitzmahone

    Android key issues worse on 2018.14.x?

    I'm curious if anyone's phone-as-key issues have actually gotten worse with 2018.14.x... In the three weeks I've had my Model 3 (starting on 10.5, then 12.3), I've had an issue with the phone key maybe three times where the car didn't unlock within 5 seconds and I actually had to pull my phone...
  27. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    It's far from scientific since I don't have a daily commute to evaluate against repeatedly in different conditions (I work from home), but it seems that my efficiency on my regular drives is maybe 10-15% lower when it's raining.
  28. nitzmahone

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    I also got an early ship on a late order- ordered on 4/7 and got a shipment notification on 4/12. Wonder if they're prioritizing accounts that have a vehicle registered already or something (would sorta make sense).
  29. nitzmahone

    GPS offset?

    It was a mix- some freeway, a couple of long stop lights... Hoping it was just a freak thing.
  30. nitzmahone

    Wiring plans for Model 3

    He's talking about wiring a NEMA 14-50 outlet, not an HPWC. But it's a good point- if you do end up replacing the wiring, the extra expense for stranded copper instead of AL will be more "futureproof" in case you want to hardware a device later.
  31. nitzmahone

    Wiring plans for Model 3

    Yep, second most of this. Assuming it's going to be inspected, your electrician should know what to do. There's nothing "wrong" with aluminum for larger stuff like this, since you're unlikely to directly mate it with copper (which is where it's problematic in smaller applications), and most...
  32. nitzmahone

    Auto lane change not working

    I think it was right around then that it started working (good mix of local and freeway driving). Other than a couple of odd "aborts" on my recent road trip (that didn't seem to fit the reasons the manual states), I used it dozens of times with no issues. I only use the "hold at first detent"...
  33. nitzmahone

    GPS offset?

    Oh, it was totally stuck- my drive was about 25min on wide open roads/freeways during which it never corrected itself.
  34. nitzmahone

    GPS offset?

    Anyone else had an issue where your Model 3's GPS gets offset? I'd been parked in an underground garage for about 90m, and when I came out, it was consistently placing me about a block off wherever I was (so driving down the freeway, it thought I was driving parallel to it), which obviously...
  35. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    Follow up: got in a nice ~400mi road trip from Portland to Seattle and back this weekend (right after my upgrade to 2018.12.1). The trip up was overcast, with a bit of light rain here and there, and the trip home was dusk->dark with heavy rain most of the way. Autopilot did about 95% of the...
  36. nitzmahone

    Auto lane change not working

    Yeah, my Model 3 wouldn't do a lane change or autopark for the first several days I had it, even though all the other EAP features were working fine (Autosteer/TACC lit up on the way home from delivery). Just keep trying... I got back from a ~400mi road trip today where I used the heck out of...
  37. nitzmahone

    Dashcam Install Help

    TBF, it's a little nicer than that or the homebrew things others have done- has app management via Bluetooth so you can see current charge/discharge state in detail, and supports 9A 12V charging. But yeah, it is definitely a premium price. :(
  38. nitzmahone

    Dashcam Install Help

    Nice- that's the exact same battery as the Cellink Neo, just rebranded for Blackvue... I've currently got mine perma-wired through the glovebox- wanted to make sure I have access to it for awhile, but wouldn't be hard to relocate once I'm happy with it. Good to know it'll fit down there!
  39. nitzmahone

    Maximum charge rate actually 45 mi/hr

    This. The mi/hr rating calculation appears to be reverse-engineered from the overall range calculation. So on a brand new battery, if you're getting a slightly higher maximum charge rate, my psychic powers tell me your 100% charge range is > 310mi (this is the case with mine- it reads 315mi at...
  40. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    Yeah, must just be what we're coming from- I was expecting total crap from the 3 in wet handling with A/S tires and was pleasantly surprised, but have also not driven an S/X in wet conditions (nor an RWD version of those at all, actually)
  41. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    We've had some pretty heavy rain the past few days- I noticed a tiny bit more oversteer during cornering when the road is really wet, but only when driving pretty hard. Still quite manageable, and night and day difference from my old IS300. You might be able to get better wet traction on a...
  42. nitzmahone

    Does Homelink work with your Model 3?

    Worked just as advertised for me- didn't even need to get up and hit the "learn" button in the opener itself (as I expected to from previous Homelink systems)- likely because I have a really new Chamberlain opener. I had to disable auto open/close though, since I often drive on a road right...
  43. nitzmahone

    Autopilot Still in Beta? Edmund's Review

    I've worked in the software industry for 20+ years... For better or worse, this *is* the mentality when you have online update capability, even if nobody wants to admit it. Back when stuff got burned into ROMs and things were either completely non-serviceable in the field or required touching...
  44. nitzmahone

    News article: Will your Smartphone replace your car key?

    Well first off, at least for Android, they're totally wrong about "BLE doesn’t work unless the phone is turned on and the Tesla app is open and active on the phone." Dunno about with the iPhone the guy's holding, but definitely not true of a proper Android build. I can reboot my phone and not...
  45. nitzmahone

    Autopilot Still in Beta? Edmund's Review

    I'm looking at it more like "subsidizing the cost of ongoing development"- Tesla opted to put the necessary hardware in every car, and I want to do my part to support that because I like where it's going. OTOH, I'm skeptical enough about FSD being ready or legal that I did *not* opt for the $3k...
  46. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    There was plenty of water under the charge port door today (to be expected, it doesn't appear to be sealed in any way), but the charge port itself was still completely dry inside. There's a raised bit on the charge port door plastic that covers the actual charge port hole- seems to be doing its...
  47. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    It rained again today, so managed to get some pictures of the cool colors on the roof glass when wet: Also @Jgordonma, at least in light rain with wet roads (city, non-freeway), I noticed a ~10-15% increase in power consumption from my usual. Far from scientific, but at least for low-speed...
  48. nitzmahone

    Getting seatbelt warning with child seat

    I was actually surprised to see LATCH connections in the 3 at all. Every car seat I've owned either didn't support LATCH at all or preferred being secured by a seat belt. IIRC the only reason they exist anymore is that it's an outdated NHTSA/NTSB requirement. I remember when they first started...
  49. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    Good question- I honestly didn't pay attention. I was also driving much harder than usual, so it wouldn't be a very good comparison. Supposed to be some rain this week, so I'll try to keep some stats with "normal" driving and report back.
  50. nitzmahone

    First impressions in wet conditions

    My charge port looks perfectly dry (and doesn't have any telltale signs of being wet in the past)... I'm a 70xx VIN (but produced in March, after some 9xxx VINs), so maybe they've already switched in whatever seal or other changes they made at the factory. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for...

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