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  1. SeanM

    2018 Model 3 Warranty Coverage for Wheel Bearing.

    Hi, I have checked everywhere online but am not getting a clear cut answer, hence asking here. Does the four year warranty cover wheel bearing replacement/repairs? My 2018 Model-3 has an audible whirling/whining (like a turbo starting) noise from front left wheel when I drive, the noise gets...
  2. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    Have been getting this error message from past one month now. I own a 2018 Model-3 model and didn't get this error in any season to rule out hot temperatures in the garage, hence am a bit worried about it. Due to that the overall charging has gone down to 13miles per hour from 28 miles per hour...
  3. SeanM

    Is it only me or happens with any one else?

    Hello, Is it me or happens with other Model-3 owners too? I usually park my Model-3 far end of the parking lot, still see someone parked right next to me when I return back from my shopping. Even if there are other parking spots, still they want to park right next to my car. Just an...
  4. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    For those who have purchased the FSD package and got HD 3.0 in their Model3, So, I had purchased the FSD package some times last year and got an email that my Model-3 is next in line to get the new HD 3.0. (it currently has HD 2.5). My question is how long does the actual installation process...
  5. SeanM

    12V Battery Charging??

    Hello, Hope everyone's safe in this pandemic. Due to the Corona pademic, our family has hardly ventured out of the house, leave alone driving. Hence, I have parked my Model3 in the garage from past three weeks. It's plugged in at 80% charging. My questions, do we need to put a separate...
  6. SeanM

    TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds all 4 tires are low?

    Hello, My 2018 Model-3 had done a software upgrade over the last Friday evening & I drove it over the weekend. But, today morning when I switched on my car I saw the (see attached snap) TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds that all four tires are having...
  7. SeanM

    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    Hello, I have had my Model-3 past one year and enjoying every single time I sit in it (at times I just try to "find" reasons just so I can drive it). But, every time I plug it to charge, this question comes in to my mind, in the long run "Are we REALLY REALLY SAVING MONEY owning a Tesla??"...
  8. SeanM

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    Hello, After almost a year of enjoying my Model-3, it's up for the State inspection. The small sticker on the windshield says that it's up for next inspection... do I take it to Tesla shop (how much does it cost) or just get it done at any gas station where they have State inspectors? Anyone...
  9. SeanM

    Different charges during Supercharging.

    Hello All, I did a Myrtle beach trip over last week and for first time charged my Model-3 at Superchargers. The first 20 mins the Supercharger does around 450 mph - 525 mph, afterwards it starts dropping the mph rate of charging. My question is, after first 20 mins of charging the cost/min is...
  10. SeanM

    Fell from Model-3's bottom, what's it??

    Hi, I keep my Model-3 in the garage & no other car is there. Hence, today morning when I "Summoned" the car out, saw this (see pictures) on the garage floor just below the passenger (right) side of the car. It seems to have a number '16' on the insides. Any idea what it is?? The car is...
  11. SeanM

    New Software upgrade blamed for battery drain?

    Hello, I always have the Sentry mode on whenever am parked anywhere (besides in my home's driveway). I also keep the cabin temperature control feature on too (as it's been mid-90s here in VA). I used to see around 5-6 miles/day battery drain with these two features on. But, I did the new...
  12. SeanM

    Front Number Plate Frame Got Undone.

    Hi, I was lucky that the front number plate didn't fall off while driving. But, yesterday I had parked my Model-3 in my home's driveway, I came home in evening & saw the number plate & the frame was hanging away from the front bumper (there's an 'anchor' type of thing that it has on the bottom)...
  13. SeanM

    "Disappearing" Windshield Wiper Fluid [Update: passenger side wiper hose was not connected]

    Hi Model-3 Owners & Drivers, Not sure what's going on, I usually check and top-off the wiper fluids of the cars I own on a monthly basis and have seen that my Model-3's wiper fluid level always down, I garage park the Model-3 at work and home. I usually almost don't use the wiper fluid as I...
  14. SeanM

    Winter - Reduction of miles seen.

    Hello Model-3 Owners, I have the Model-3 past almost four months now. The days am not using the car, I am seeing around 5-7 miles reduction on around 24 hours time period. I keep the cabin temperature maintenance option off, also I don't keep it plugged all times. Does anyone have similar...
  15. SeanM

    "Snowflake" icon seen Model-3 dashboard & phone app.

    Hello Fellow Model-3 owners, In past few days it's been cold in Virginia. I have been seeing (off n' on) a 'snowflake' icon besides the the battery (miles remaining) life information on the dashboard & the app in my cellphone. Please review the attached two photos of what I mean. These two...
  16. SeanM

    Tesla Repair Center's approach for Flat Tires - Replace Or Repair??

    Hello Model3 owners, I have had the Model3 for a little over two months now, hence have started reading a lot about it & also came to know a few Tesla owners in my neighborhood. One thing they all have experienced, when your Tesla vehicle gets a flat tire, most of the time they will replace it...
  17. SeanM

    FM Radio not responding.

    Hello Folks, My Model-3 did an update last week. Today, while driving to work I saw the Radio selections are not responding, there's a circle (see attached photo) going round and round on top. I can't even select the "Radio" on the left, it seems to be 'stuck' on the Favorites. Anyone has got...
  18. SeanM

    Keeping Charging Unit Attached to NEMA14-50 for 24/7/365... or not?

    Hello Folks, I have the charger that came with my Model-3 attached to the NEMA14-50 since the day it's installed (almost over a month now). Based on the miles I drive, I charge my car once a week (mostly on weekends). So, will it 'hurt' the charger if it's connected to the NEMA socket all...
  19. SeanM

    Ceramic coating - Applying ourselves Vs. Professionally??

    Hello, Am planning to ceramic coat the paint on my Model-3. So, should I apply it myself OR go the professional route and spend a lot of money?? I was speaking with one local shop & they mentioned once they apply the ceramic coat, the whole car's paint surface is 'baked' to harden and mature...
  20. SeanM

    Is there any Ceramic "coating" stuff for Model-3 interior?

    Hello, Was watching a Youtube video where the detailer's shop person was spraying some (as per him) ceramic liquid cleaner/protector on the car seats. As per him, it safe guards the leather from spills or even minor scuffs caused (especially to white leather seats) by clothes (jeans??) when we...
  21. SeanM

    What do you make of this news?

    Hi Folks, Just read this article. What you do you think? S.
  22. SeanM

    Fan/Blower starting every time I open any doors on Model-3

    Hello Model 3 owners & to-be owners, Greetigns. Am an new member & a brand new owner of Model-3. It's a great vehicle purchase I have made till date. Had a question, every time I open any of the four doors, the fan/blower from the grill that's inside the frunk area (pl. see photo) starts. I...

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