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  1. Fernand

    Fed up?

    OK, now we have CNN joining the accusers, talking about the frustrated FSD awaiters, but also throwing in all manner of naysaying. Like how a current NOA/EAP-equipped car slows down at stoplights and "can't tell if it's red or green". Doh, that's by design at this stage. The driver is supposed...
  2. Fernand

    Model 3 No longer powers down to reboot?

    I used to do a full reboot after some upgrades by putting my phone in airplane mode, and sitting calmly in the car after tapping "power off" on-screen. You could hear mirrors fold, everything gradually power off, then contactors clunk release after about 2 minutes. After waiting another minute...
  3. Fernand

    CA: East Bay Area Caldecott Tunnel NOA map error?

    Freeway 24 -> 13 NOA error. A recent map update introduced a dangerous NOA drop-out for drivers Westbound in the California highway 24 Caldecott Tunnel, who are about to take the Warren Freeway southbound, i.e. highway 13. The problem has now been there for a month or more? We have so many...
  4. Fernand

    Clear your cameras

    There are two different cool ways to enjoy this great car: eyes and hands to The Power, or autopilot Let It Be. NOA keeps getting better, smoother, more like a skilled driver. Actually impressive. I use NOA on freeways > 95% of the time, with occasional autopilot on city streets. I'm looking...
  5. Fernand

    Dash woody mods?

    Wrapping's ok, but it's been done. That wood is tricky to refinish. After trying a lot of approaches, this works well, if you're into Classic. Blue-tape the edges. Lightly sand with say a #400 grit. Careful, this isn't a piece of hardwood, it's like IKEA veneer on IKEA particulate. Wipe off or...
  6. Fernand

    Spotify search to kill you

    I used to love the voice command Search on the Model 3's sound system. It might not find exactly what you wanted, but it would always find and play a plausible choice. That was in Slacker. I got Spotify for $10/mo, hoping for better audio quality, and more choices. But ... Searches are now...
  7. Fernand

    Phantom Superchargers

    I wanted to take a little drive out into the primeval, in our little portable shelter-not-in-place electro-bubble. So I go to the Tesla web site to survey the Supercharger map. Little by little I came to the startling conclusion that they have better things to do than match their web site to...
  8. Fernand

    Living in my Tesla

    In light of the shelter in place order here in Northern California, and the general sense of doom, I'm considering moving out to the Model 3 in the driveway. The climate control is good, the sound system is alright. That pesky "not a Y" bar behind the rear seats makes a handy shelf for shaving...
  9. Fernand

    Vanished Android Tesla App? [Update: app is in the Google Play store]

    I was going to install the Android Tesla app on another Samsung phone, looked on the Google Play store, where I got it before, and all it now shows are third party apps. So I checked from the phone it's installed on, and that doesn't show it either. Is this more anti-Musk activity? WTF? Anybody...
  10. Fernand

    China government oppression (moved from Model 3 forum thread about new Tesla factory in China)

    Balls? It's amazing how naive people are. They equate governments with politicians with the monolithic steel jaws of the Chinese Communist Party. A system with total control that can e.g. prevents a citizen from buying a train ticket if the 24x7 cameras + facial recognition noted that he...
  11. Fernand

    I cannot believe Detroit (Chevy Bolt)

    I can't believe what this country has become. I rode in a Chevy Bolt. What a POS. It's apparently designed to make people run back to their gas guzzler SUVs. The default screen colors are baby blue?? The car looks like a golf cart. And it costs nearly as much as a Model 3. The wheels looked...
  12. Fernand

    Model 3 Car covers? Tesla's are silly expensive.

    I'm wondering what people are doing to shield their precious, you know like those of us who don't have a garage, or can't find free space in that old treadmill, bicycles, toys, tools and other gadgets storage facility that once was a garage. After all, a freezer is important, and all that...
  13. Fernand

    Simple, cheap door edge guard for black M3

    Found this for ~ 5 bucks at a local OReilley parts store. It's nearly invisible in practice and lets you open the door in tight parking spots without acting like a candy-ass, no damage to the Tesla, no damage to the other car. It was easier to cut two beveled pieces than bend it around the...
  14. Fernand

    Artificial Intelligence Failure

    So, there I was, cruising down the freeway and approaching my home exit, with some big ICE competition packing the right lane. I was relishing the approach, because the handling of exits keeps getting better, squeezing into a herd of SUVs without being too rude or too shy. But something was...
  15. Fernand

    Scary acceleration, how to reduce?

    I use NOA a lot, MadMax, very happy with it, keeps getting better. I also use AS/TACC on surface roads/streets whenever the context is right. I've gotten good at popping in and out of AS. It's great. My issue is a rather brutal acceleration style I find nerve-wracking. It's e.g. annoying in...
  16. Fernand

    How many EAP owners would pay for the 3.0 FSD computer at what price?

    As an EAP owner (got car in December 2018) I want the new 3.0 hardware. I know it won't change what I have immediately, but it will. I want to help Tesla keep developing the technology. But at what price, after EAP already cost me $5k?
  17. Fernand

    Should Tesla advertise a bit?

    Tesla is very closed, even the owner's manual isn't up to date. And that's starting to hurt I think. The ignorance of the general public is in part related to Tesla's circle the wagons siege mentality. It's been reflected in my own encounters with The Natives, who say things like "yeah, but...
  18. Fernand

    Why doesn't the alarm trigger? Sentry useless?

    I put a 100+ dB alarm module on my back triangular windows, with a threatening sticker. It flashes an LED. The intent was, in addition, for the (loud) shriek to set off the car's alarm if someone bangs on the window to 1) break it, 2) reach in and drop the back seat and 3) access the trunk. A...
  19. Fernand

    Right wand not engaging AP?

    This is on a 2018 MR RWD Mod3 with EAP. Can someone please confirm the behavior on a double pull of the right wand, namely that there should ALWAYS be a response, of some sort. Be it the normal engagement of Auto-Pilot, with either AS or NOA, or a message saying it's temporarily...
  20. Fernand

    How are people applying enough force in NOA steering?

    With the 2019.8.5 update, the Navigate On Autopilot is an order of magnitude more powerful. In fact it's amazing. But I find it tricky to satisfy "sufficient resistance" on the steering wheel. If I just rest my right hand relaxed on the wheel like previously, it seems to nag too easily. That's...
  21. Fernand

    What to do if leaving your Mod3 parked for a month?

    I sometimes go out of town for a couple of weeks, a month, or even more. I never thought about it when buying the car. What's the best way to handle that? I could leave it on a 120 volt circuit in the driveway, I guess. Does it reliably initiate "top off" charging, then stop charging again when...
  22. Fernand

    Lost my Navigate on Autopilot after 2019.8.5

    I have the EAP from a December 2018 purchase. After the update, the old and new autopilot options are there, but there's no way to make NOA active. No button in the Nav area, nothing happens if I opt for turning it on on all trips. Rebooted the screen several times, the whole system too. I was...
  23. Fernand

    Anybody else compulsively checking up on Tesla w/ app?

    I find myself "checking in" with the app, look at the charge level, the temp in the cabin, etc. It's a bit like petting the dog. Or making sure my wallet is still there in a crowd. Anybody else?
  24. Fernand

    Why doesn't Mod3 user interface make reading alerts easier?

    My peripheral vision isn't as good as it was years ago. Maybe it was never great. I know I'm not alone in this. I wear my computer glasses down on my nose, and that works just fine. But much as I LOVE my Model 3 I find the alerts unfathomably poorly done, and I can't help questioning the UI's...

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