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  1. djillusion

    Super Charging with Bikes….

    Always fun as you can ride around Meijer while you charge! 😬
  2. djillusion

    Anyone tint the upper region of the X windshield with something more darker?

    i'm going to have the X windshield replaced whenever the shop finally can fit me in as i have a decent sized rock chip. with that being said, im currently using the Tesla front windshield screen, while it works, looks horrible (ie cheesy) and really takes away from the inside "beauty" of the...
  3. djillusion

    Is Tesla service the best/reliable for windshield replacements?

    Lots and lots of glass up there and I knew this would happen sooner or later. Is it best to make an appointment for replacement directly with Tesla? What’s typical costs for replacement with or without insurance getting involved?
  4. djillusion

    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    I’m cringing at the fact the blind spot camera addition isn’t applicable to us. Still haven’t gotten any update yet either.
  5. djillusion

    Got the X detailed…

    It should stay clean for 2 days before Chicago winter arrives. 😬 Left the spacers on with the 20’s winter setup too.
  6. djillusion

    Anyone got a part number and price for the tow hitch cover?

    Lost a grommet before and now it seems the single one wouldn’t keep the cover on. Lost it somewhere on the road. 😕. I have the cap cover for the hitch itself. It’s off in the pic for now. anyone got a part number for the cover itself and grommets? Gonna ask Tesla via the app too. pic...
  7. djillusion

    shot in the dark: anyone got a spare 285/35R22 Pirelli Scorpion Tire?

    i got a slow leak in one of my rear 22" stock tires. it was plugged, but still leaking in the tread. im going to have to replace it, so curious to see if anyone was sitting on one by any chance that they would be willing to part with? just need the tire, no TPMS or wheel. if not, its a...
  8. djillusion

    30mm spacers installed all around with 22s. Some pics....

    Winter and snow is over, right!? Swapped in the 22s with 30mm spacers. Much more aggressive stance now on the C without any rubbing what so ever in “low” suspension mode. Dips, aggressive turns, etc - no issues. I know range will suffer, but it looks too good! My new TSS Sportlines...
  9. djillusion

    Wife's Key FOB says X cannot be driven and one last drive is possible. What gives?

    never seen this error/warning message before. Changed the battery twice now and i cant image that still being the case. any ideas on why her key FOB is throwing or giving out these warnings? any specific resolve to fix it?
  10. djillusion

    I need help from any Gen 2 wall charger owners....

    i bought by Tesla Gen2 wall charger via a local 3rd party. it has since had a terminal blown out (one of the terminal fried) and needs to be replaced via Tesla. the 3rd party person i bought the charger from does not have a proof of purchase for this specific wall charger which i bought new...
  11. djillusion

    I see Gen 3 home chargers over heating, what about Gen 2’s?

    My Gen 2 signature musk home charger has burned out. The smell after removing the cover was obvious and you can see the damaged/burnt terminal connection area(s). I’m going to email/chat with Tesla about this as this is really unfortunate but anyone else have this issue with a Gen 2 charger?
  12. djillusion

    Anyone else see lighter shades on Google maps?

    At time around my neighborhood etc, I notice the Google maps has some shady’er “blocks” on the map. I can’t figure out why this happens. Anyone else notice this? Pic for reference.
  13. djillusion

    What is the proper way to swap the wheels on the X?

    I have 22s and want to move back to the 20s. what is the exact process to do this with respect to settings in the X?
  14. djillusion

    Got the X detailed before the fall hits.

    Shop did an excellent job.
  15. djillusion

    Charging at home starts at 56amps and then drops...

    I have the Gen 2 charger installed at home, set at giving my X 56 amps in which provides around ~35 miles per hour. Pretty decent and charges the X rather “quickly.” Install was seamless to my beaker with the proper gauge wire to handle the 56 amps. The Gen 2 dial is set to 56 amps too. As...
  16. djillusion

    Can you turn off the rear parking sensors with a bike rack?

    Got the X hooked up with my bike rack and noticed that sensors still were picking the rack & bike up. Figured as much too. Anyway to disable just the rear sensors when this setup is in effect? I didn’t think trailor mode was necessary but I didn’t try it either.
  17. djillusion

    First Time using a Super Charger this weekend, I got some questions....

    Gonna be taking the X on a decent road trip this weekend for Labor Day. I will need to Super Charge locally at least once which I have mapped out. A couple of questions as I have never used a Super Charger yet with my X: 1) I know I should pre-condition the battery by selecting the local...
  18. djillusion

    Those with (2) drivers using (2) different key FOBS....questions.

    my wife uses key fob and i use the another key fob. when i walk up to the X, the door opens, but the setting of the seat is still set to her much different position, which makes it a challenge for me to get in. she doens't like to use easy entry, but i do. what is the sequence of events...
  19. djillusion

    Are rear Falcon door alignments covered under warranty?

    My passenger rear Falcon door isn’t completely aligned to the trim piece. I made a service appt at the local service center. Got an invoice for approving payment for this upcoming service. Is alignment of the rear Falcon doors not covered under warranty? Is this a common re-occurrence...
  20. djillusion

    Is there any advantage of leaving the X plugged in even when charge is completed?

    I tend to unplug the charger as soon as I get the notification via the Tesla app. I’m curious to know if there is any issue with leaving the charger plugged in? Does it help the batteries, degrade them or provide any pro’s / con’s?
  21. djillusion

    Does a top of windshield screen exist...?

    Clearly the top of the X’s windshield gets a ton of sun when driving in it head on. Does a top half front windshield exist that can be used while driving? If not, has anyone applied more tint to that upper half? Wearing sunglasses helps but there are times it’s quite a bit of major sun in...
  22. djillusion

    If you use the Tesla App to access/drive your X...

    Is there a way for the front doors to automatically open as you approach, like when holding your specific key FOB?
  23. djillusion

    premium connectivity questions....

    once the premium connectivity trial starts, does anything need to be set up in the X for it to start working automatically? also if i have logged into my spotify account with my playlists, just it log me out / back in - every time? if my wife uses the X, she would want her spotify login to...
  24. djillusion

    Anyone with FSD try the new software update 2020.12.6

    i got installed on my X today, but haven't given it a shot just yet with red lights and stop signs. i have really enjoy experiencing FSD in action on the highway, but not sure just yet if i would use it consistently in stop-n-go traffic. anyone else have any experience to report since...
  25. djillusion

    Parking sensors not sounding off since last update....

    Anyone else notice that since the recent update (i can check the version), that the small proximity parking sensors in the bumpers don’t sound off when you get close to something? The dash shows the area in which things are but i was used to hearing a sound when you got a bit too close. Did...
  26. djillusion

    Re-setting or Re-calibrating Falcon Doors

    Is there a specific way to recalibrate the falcon rear doors? They are currently set to opening at a tighter angle, but I can’t seem to get them to fully open even in the open sky. Is there a reproducible (ie easier) way to fix this or do I need to make an appointment at the Tesla service...
  27. djillusion

    Valentine 1 install with Savvy

    Has anyone installed a V1 with Savvy...? I’m new to the Model X (P100D) but I believe it has a OBD2 port to plug in a Savvy unit. May need to get creative with the phone cord into the V1 while fishing/hiding it in the A-pillar. Curious to see if anyone else has had success here? TIA

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