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  1. rtanov

    End of warranty question

    I did an EWI before my warranty expired and ended up saving some money as they found a problem I had not noticed and fixed it under the warranty. Here's my thread: End of warranty inspection
  2. rtanov

    Low mileage second EV, keep coming back to .... M3!

    You're right - not good for long trips, and tricky if you have to put someone in the back seat. Therefore, "around town" were the keywords in my post :) So, if you need it for 1-2 people to go to the store it's very good. Can fit quite a lot of groceries in the back, turns on a dime, easy to get...
  3. rtanov

    Low mileage second EV, keep coming back to .... M3!

    How about a BMW i3 BEV. I loved mine - very practical for running errands & shopping around town. The Model 3 was mostly sitting in the garage and the i3 was seeing all the action until we sold it. Used to be cheap to buy used here in US but not any more (like most everything else).
  4. rtanov

    Repeater camera feeds are mostly useless when turn signal is on at night

    Nice! Do you have any pictures to help us replicate this?
  5. rtanov

    End of warranty inspection

    I've had the cabin filters and wiper blades just replaced, they suggested brake fluid check, clean & lubricate calipers, tire rotation, and wheel alignment. I have about 38k miles.
  6. rtanov

    End of warranty inspection

    I just had my end of warranty inspection done at the local SC. My warranty expires early next month so I wanted to do an EWI as those have saved me some money in the past. Tesla charged $222 for the inspection and I paid extra to have some maintenance done which I considered appropriate. I'm...
  7. rtanov

    Unexpected 100% volume since last update?

    Few folks had this problem several years back. I believe it was determined that something was emulating a touch in the lower right corned of the screen triggering the volume up button. AFAIR it was either a faulty screen digitizer or a SW bug.
  8. rtanov

    Repair or replace front driver side panel?

    BTW, I believe the front fenders are not aluminum but steel, which would make it easier to PDR. You can easily verify this with a magnet.
  9. rtanov

    EZ Pass problems

    My son has film on all windows of his SUV including the windshield - the EZPass transponder only works if he holds it against the sun roof. Must be the type of film he has.
  10. rtanov

    Garage Issue: Need Charger Placement Advice

    Here is what I did - an easy DIY job. A steel cable and a few attachment and tightening clamps from the local HW store. And a few zip ties to attach the charging cable to the steel wire. You'd have to have enough clearance over the Suburban though. My charger is on the right hidden by the shelf...
  11. rtanov

    Stock Tires and Aero Wheels

    Bought the DIY Bright Aluminum Wheel Kit from these guys and followed their detailed videos, very easy, don't even need to remove the wheels from the car. Bright Aluminum Wheel Kit
  12. rtanov

    Stock Tires and Aero Wheels

    Or you can PlastiDip them yourself, which is not as durable but cheap and easy, and reversible. I wanted to do chrome delete in gun metal color on mine to match the wheels, but PlastiDip chromed the wheels instead to match the chrome trim as an easier & reversible temporary mode. This was 2...
  13. rtanov

    Stock Tires and Aero Wheels

    Check out the Tesla Parts for Sale forum - there are a number offered with asking price and some even have the sold price. Tesla Parts for Sale Have in mind that if not sold local you'd have to ship which adds significant cost & effort.
  14. rtanov

    How I price a used M3

    OP, that is very interesting thought - if you find a used TM3 with 100k miles you should be able to get it for free if we follow that train of thought :-) There must be something wrong in the assumptions, right :-)
  15. rtanov

    Budget Track Package for a Daily Driver (Under $4k)

    The main problem with tracking the TM3 for me is charging. I have been planning on tracking my LR RWD ever since I got it more than 2 years ago, and I think i can get plenty of fun with just the brake fluid flush (which I did early 2018), the PS4S's I have, and appropriate pads. However, I...
  16. rtanov

    Alignment specs attached

    Long range, RWD. At the time of posting the only available option :-)
  17. rtanov

    TeslaBros vs NikolaPros chrome delete kit?

    I've been looking for a gray chrome delete to match the gray color of the 18" wheels without the aero caps. I just chatted with TeslaBros and they said their TeslaRaj Dark Satin Gray is pretty close to that.
  18. rtanov

    ISO: AutoX video of M3P vs. Corvette Z06

    The ZO6 wins by 0.04 s in this one:
  19. rtanov

    Decent Door Dent - What Am I Looking At $$?

    I had a very similar dent 2 weeks after I got the car. None of the PDR shops I talked to would agree to try to fix it, so I had to go with a body shop. Was $1300, luckily the guilty party insurance covered it. If I were to repeat that process again I would try harder to find a PDR fix first.
  20. rtanov

    Petition to remove Ohio unfair hybrid/electric vehicle registration fee

    I would like it to be same for all vehicles. If EV's have to be charged X dollars for road tax at registration, charge that for all vehicles and remove the gas tax. Otherwise it looks like special treatment. Especially with the way most states decided to do it at the same time it looks like some...
  21. rtanov

    Petition to remove Ohio unfair hybrid/electric vehicle registration fee

    I am not, and consider this an incentive for people to look at EVs. As I said above I don't mind paying my fair share, but if I average our family distance driven in the last 5 years and assume an ICE car with 30 mpg than makes less than $120/year in tax. The $200 they charge seem too much and...
  22. rtanov

    Petition to remove Ohio unfair hybrid/electric vehicle registration fee

    Please sign if you support. We should pay our fair dues but this seems too much and purposefully punitive. Sign the Petition
  23. rtanov

    Fogged side camera service, found old parts

    I had this happen to me just once, same side. It was quite foggy as you can see in the picture. I noticed that the rear door window was left slightly rolled down, so I thought these might be related. This was a month ago in cold winter weather. I rolled the window up and let it sit for a while...
  24. rtanov

    Tracking Trip Details for business expense purposes

    Yeah, but you are not counting the delivery charges :) I have 4.6 cents/kWh, 100% renewable in Cincy, but Duke Energy is slapping ~5 cents for delivery which brings it to 10 c/kWh. I wish there was a way around that :(
  25. rtanov

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    That's a great idea, didn't think about that. Thanks.
  26. rtanov

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    If I go into Creep I will have to switch to N through the car wash which I don't want to do. I would rather ride the accelerator throughout.
  27. rtanov

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    I really love the new HOLD mode and have been waiting for it for a long time. But today I realized it introduces a new problem (or rather inconvenience) that wasn't there before when going through a car wash. The car wash I go to has these rollers that push the car through the wash cycle with...
  28. rtanov

    Recommended tire pressure too high

    I have also been driving for the last year or so with 35 psi on the original 18 inch tires, and my wear pattern is also very even. I think people driving at ~45 psi should watch for more wear in the middle of the tire which would be an indication of overinflation. However, my tires have been...
  29. rtanov

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Yeah, I did the same for both my EV's, will see if we keep both for that long as there is no refund for unused registration :-) I don't mind paying my fair share of road taxes but this is too much and I believe it is driven by the oil & gas lobby, which makes me mad. I even removed the...
  30. rtanov

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Ohio - around $50 for regular plate plus $50 for personalized. They are adding $200/year for EVs starting January 1 2020.
  31. rtanov

    Experiences with Tesla body repair and glass replacement (Ohio Area)

    Sorry about the accident. I have no recent experience with the body repairs turn around time but would not expect it to be much different than elsewhere, which is not very good. Also, based on my experience a year and half ago from some dent repair by the only Tesla certified repair shop here in...
  32. rtanov

    5th Midwest Tesla Gathering -- NCM Motorsports Park Aug 3rd (Registration Closing Soon)

    I don't see any chargers at/near the track, is there any way to charge there?
  33. rtanov

    Good body shop in Cincinnati?

    Was not satisfied at all - it ended up a $1300 repair, and when I looked at the car my heart sank - the paint was a horrible case of orange peel. I rejected it and they agreed and fixed it but am still puzzled how could they consider the job they did as finished. AFAIK they are still the only...
  34. rtanov

    Annoying whistle noise, when driving relatively slowly – Is it normal?

    After the last software updates - I got 12.1.1 & 12.1.2 in 2 days - I don't have the whine in my car any more.
  35. rtanov

    3rd party used model 3 warranty?

    Warranty is transferrable - https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/downloads/tesla-new-vehicle-limited-warranty-en-us.pdf "Ownership Transfer This New Vehicle Limited Warranty is transferable at no cost to any person(s) who subsequently and lawfully assume(s) ownership of the vehicle after...
  36. rtanov

    Annoying whistle noise, when driving relatively slowly – Is it normal?

    Adding another data point to this: mine is an early RWD MY2017 and the whistling noise started recently, must be caused by one of the latest updates. It comes on at about 38 mph, maxes out at 39-40 mph, and by 45 mph it is gone. Have not noticed it outside this range, must be some resonance problem.
  37. rtanov

    Ohio Proposed EV Ownership Fee

    Update: I was able to renew the registrations for both my EVs for 5 years - ~$300/car with no personalized plates.
  38. rtanov

    Trying to buy a used model 3 performance

    No, it's not. I posted a picture of what I have and EAP & FSD in not there, only Premium Interior. I will contact Tesla to fix this.
  39. rtanov

    Trying to buy a used model 3 performance

    Sorry, to hijack this but it's kind of related to the OP problem: my detail page does not have the EAP & FSD showing. I purchased both at the same time when they were discounted, and it looks like only proof I have is the credit card charge. The EAP is definitely working but if I have to prove...
  40. rtanov

    Trying to buy a used model 3 performance

    So, the Autopilot screen will tell whether the car has EAP, but how about FSD? I paid for EAP & FSD post-purchase and apart from my credit card statement don't see any proof that I've bought FSD. My original purchase docs in my Tesla account don't have it and I don't see any new docs related to...
  41. rtanov

    Ohio Proposed EV Ownership Fee

    Yeah, I would be surprised too, but one can always hope :-) We'll soon find out.
  42. rtanov

    Ohio Proposed EV Ownership Fee

    From an EV driiver colleague: "The Ohio governor signed into law a new transportation bill that raises fuel/diesel taxes effective July 1. For those able to renew plates before July 1 and planning to keep their cars for several years, you might want to buy a tag of up to 5 years saving a bunch...
  43. rtanov

    Brake fluid reservoir cap, does it match another vehicle's format?

    I had the same problem last year. Since I couldn't find a standard attachment to fit I decided to make one - I bought several caps that looked similar and one of them seemed to fit very well. I made the attachment but when I pressurized the system it was leaking a lot and quickly depressurizing...
  44. rtanov

    Switching from R to D

    Most Ev's do this. Even some ICE cars would allow it.
  45. rtanov

    protecting against break ins

    If I buy the same DropLock would I be able to unlock your seat with my key?
  46. rtanov

    Model 3 performance test in Beijing

    A 20 min video all in Chinese :-( Tesla Model 3 Performance at Goldenport Park Circuit, Beijing Some drag race comparisons around 3:30 min showing the Model 3 beats all. Seems to be a Tesla biased test :-)
  47. rtanov

    ‪Emergency Response to the Tesla Model 3

    Wow, the second half of that is painful to watch :-) But reassuring for how efficient those guys are.
  48. rtanov

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I don't think the Model 3 TPMS compensate for temperature - I can see the reported pressure go significantly up as the tires warm up due to prolonged driving. Yeah, that warning is annoying and not very consistent in my view. I've found that 38 psi at around freezing temp only occasionally...
  49. rtanov

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    Also overinflating can cause the tire to wear more in the center as it bulges out due to the high pressure. So, if you are fine with that pressure monitor the wear to make sure that it is uniform through the section. 47 psi is too high for me - I am at 38 psi cold based on my previous experience...
  50. rtanov

    Winter tires for 18” Aeros

    Did you try their dealer locator page - it lists a lot of dealers around Chicago, some of these might have them. Dealer locator - Find your retailer / Nokian Tires

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