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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Tesla's website updated from Q2 2022 to Q3 target opening... Anyone try calling PSE&G to get a non-answer? lol
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    Looking for a window tinter in central NJ

    Got mine done at Leeberbs in Hillsborough, I am very happy and would recommend. Pricing was reasonable too. https://leeberbs.com/
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    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    It's password protected, I didn't try to guess to access on my phone. The car automatically connected. I was looking around for the dish and didn't see it until I got out to unplug my car. It's all the way to the left of the stalls where the trees end and wired out of the left most...
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    Supercharger - Basking Ridge, NJ

    Sorry to dig up an old post, but this Supercharger now has Starlink Wi-Fi. My car automatically connected.
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    My wife just sent me this picture, stalls have been covered, still no sign of a transformer and meter. Lines still not painted. Hello truck 🤷
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    There's also a fresh new EV -> sign on 28. I've noticed a bunch of pickups already parking in these spots so we're already getting ICED!
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    Tesla App Notificaitons

    I've been getting double notifications too on my S21, but I see this morning there is the app update 4.6.0-885 available for download in the Play Store. Release notes are 'bug fixes and improvements' so maybe this will remedy the situation.
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    Model 3 - Free Supercharging

    Yes, I was charged today after having the free charging for 2021. Sad! I charged earlier in the week and it was still free, guess it ended a day or two ago like you said.
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    They still need to finish paving the spaces in front of half the stalls too. Doesn't look like they've really done anything for a bit. Tesla's website also says this is targeting Q2 2022 opening now...hopefully that is sooner.
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    Audio system looses bass or all sound, and strange clicking

    I've noticed twice this winter when it has been very cold out in the mornings, my car audio will not have any bass. Playing with the settings didn't do anything to 'wake up' the sound. The first time it happened I tried resetting the car but it didn't do anything, only after I had got to work...
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    Got .7 earlier, same release notes, it seems the back up camera lag / choppiness is gone
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    And just like that, the stalls are in place. Looks like they need to level off the concrete in front of them to match the parking lot. Hopefully these are up and running soon! Also, the location of these chargers are in the rear of the Wawa, not on the side of the building like that permit...
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Finally, a sign of life! Not sure how long these have been here, but just stopped in Dec 26 AM and construction has begun.
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    Any recommendations for a touch up / paint repair shop in North / Central Jersey?

    I was rear ended last weekend, thanks to the cameras the other driver was found fully at fault. Tesla Springfield does not offer this repair service, the closest Tesla service center that does is 2+ hours away in Lancaster, PA which is way too far for me. Has anyone gone to an authorized...
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    Almost a year old but seats are showing wear, is this normal?

    I noticed these small spots while I was cleaning my interior the other day. Has anyone else experienced early wear like this? The spots are small but I am obviously worried about them growing over time. Car was delivered new in Dec 2020. I checked how I sit in my seat and it doesn't appear...
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    Sweet Solvent/Chemical Smell from AC (NOT mold/mildew related)

    Strange coincidence as I was thinking of this today. I got my windows tinted a month ago, I thought it could be leftover moisture from the windshield tint lube / whatever coming through the vents that may have dripped below the dash or trim. This only happens at certain elevations and...
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Tesla's website now updated to say Target opening in Q1 2022 So yeah, nothing this year sadly.
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    Model 3 tint recommendation and place in New Jersey

    Just got mine done by Leeberbs in Hillsborough after seeing recommendations on here for him. Very professional and did a tremendous job! https://leeberbs.com/ We did a half piece on the rear windshield for cost efficiency and it blends in with the factory tint. It looks seamless from the...
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    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    I haven't tried this yet I believe you need a suction cup to safely pull these out -
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    Blacked out emblems

    Thank you! It really helps to match the black trim now IMO.
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    Blacked out emblems

    Yes, use painters / automotive tape to create a square area around the emblem, then add some plastic wrap / bags in the surrounding areas. There are tons of youtube videos showing how to do this, it's very easy to do and looks great when done properly IMO. When finished the extra dip peels...
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Nothing started on this spot yet, I just noticed Tesla's website updated to Q4 2021 as well. Sad! Also from clicking around the map it seems like everything is pushed back to end of the year / 2022.
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    2021+ Model 3 Magnetic Sun Visor Scrapes?

    Yes, noticed it too.
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    EV NJ Chargeup $5000 rebate website notworking?

    Thanks, yeah, got the same response about the administrative steps. I met someone at a charger last night who said they got their check back in April and picked up their car in December too, so I guess he just made the cutoff.
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    EV NJ Chargeup $5000 rebate website notworking?

    Has anyone who took delivery / ordered by the first deadline (12/15) gotten their check or an email yet? My 150 days have passed but haven't gotten any notification yet, I just emailed to ask.
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    Tell me what you use to wash and vacuum your Model 3 at home.

    Either way, while Tesla paint is soft, UC is still a versatile product that has been an industry standard for years and will continue to be so. Your technique will most likely need adjustment. If you have a power drill, you can look into buying a backing plate and a few small pads and turning...
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    Tell me what you use to wash and vacuum your Model 3 at home.

    How did you apply it? How deep are the scratches? Machine polishing with the correct pad + product combo usually makes short work of what you're trying to correct. Paint correction by hand is a different animal that is going to take lots of patience and elbow grease (unless trying to do more...
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    Heat Pump Question - Overnight Range Loss

    From my experience, I lost about 1% per night through the winter (no sentry), while I'm losing 0-1% as summer / warmer weather is here. 2021 SR+, picked up in December 2020, NJ climate.
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    Supercharger - Charlton, MA (I-90 eastbound service plaza)

    Does anyone know if that little cut-through road off Sturbridge is open to public use to access this plaza? This station would make the trip to Treehouse so much easier from NJ to hit up before pulling in (and trying to get one of their always busy destination chargers). Seems crazy that...
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    NJ - Time to Plates

    Took delivery at Springfield in Dec 2020 as well, I received my plates in the mail either the day before or day my temps were expiring. I remember reaching out and asking maybe a week or two before they were due to expire and they said it would be processed the week of. They were in a Fedex...
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    I need recommendations for Graphene Spray Coatings

    It didn't bother me when spraying on the applicator pad, but I would say it doesn't smell nice. Just don't open the top and take a whiff because that'll knock you on your butt!
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    I need recommendations for Graphene Spray Coatings

    I've only used the Adam's Graphene Spray Coating so far. I corrected and coated my car back in early April and it was a breeze to use and definitely helped with the gloss level. I know it's only been two months but the beading / sheeting is still tight and makes washing washing the car very...
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    2021 wireless charger

    I've noticed on my S21 that it will stop charging once the phone hits 48% (acts like the phone was removed from the charger, wireless charging paused message appears) and will be verrrry slow to charge once it's about 85%+. Picked up my 2021 in December. The 48% thing is recent though so idk...
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    [Is a model 3 a good purchase for someone who is] Not computer literate

    I feel like the basic driving functions aren't that hard to get used to, there is obviously going to be an adjustment not reaching for a console shifter for the gears and parking and whatnot...but it's not like he needs to be playing around with the screen while he's driving. Did you (or would...
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    Phantom text messages

    I deleted all those in case that happens!
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    2021 Wireless Charging Pad - does it fast charge?

    I just lay it on the pad. I have a cheap Spigen case on my S21 that doesn't interfere with charging speeds at all, other than it takes 2 seconds to start charging vs the immediate charging when it was 'naked' with no case on it.
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    2021 Wireless Charging Pad - does it fast charge?

    For the wired charger? I just plug into the outlet in the armrest and coil the cable and phone so it lays on top of each other. The S21 isn't a huge phone so it fits pretty well in the center console there while plugged in.
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    2021 Wireless Charging Pad - does it fast charge?

    I meant to follow up yesterday, I tried using my Verizon charger from my last phone (Pixel 2XL, no wireless) Verizon USB-C Car Charger with Fast Charge Technology | Verizon and I got over 10% charge in less than 10 minutes. That thing is very fast. I haven't tried using just the C to C cable...
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    2021 Wireless Charging Pad - does it fast charge?

    I have an S21, my 2021 wireless pad does about 10w...the notification on the bottom says 'fast wireless charging.' So not super fast, but not terrible I guess. I have a 20 minute commute to work and it's usually good for about a 10% charge.
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    Tesla Website lack of Information

    If you click the "Feature Details" button on the interior section of the build a car menu, it lists what's included for the trim you have selected. SR does not come with mats, other trims do.
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    Premium connectivity

    You don't need to log in, it's either activated or not if you have it. As the 30 days near you'll get a notification in your car that you can subscribe on your account at any time to keep it going.
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    Phantom text messages

    I've seen a few threads on this on here and reddit, if I'm not mistaken, it seems to be an Android thing that's been going on for a while. I just got an S21 and it does the same thing 95% of the time, coming from a Pixel 2XL and experienced it with that as well. I've gotten used to it, but...
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    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Here's the link for all the documents: https://www.bridgewaternj.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Tesla-Combined-1.pdf This Wawa is BUSY, not to mention how busy that intersection is where the Wawa is located. The chargers are going right next to the main entrance and exit too, this is gonna be...
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    How do you confront someone you catch trying to unplug your car?

    Yeah, that was the first accessory I actually bought for my car. It's a great piece of mind!
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    How do you confront someone you catch trying to unplug your car?

    This happened to me last night as I was leaving the grocery store. The shop has a few destination chargers for shoppers to use. I get back to my car and watch the couple sentry notifications. Nothing out of the ordinary, except one kid, who peels into the spot next to me. Swings open his door...
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    Delivery Success Stories

    Took delivery in December at Springfield, NJ on my birthday for my SR+. Staff was helpful, friendly, and actually seemed excited to see my car getting delivered. Paint was good and car was cleaned with minimal swirling, no panel mis-alignments, or anything noticeably bad from the factory. A...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Yes, the car will come with temporary plates, all paperwork you need to sign will be in the car. You make your 'final' payment (deposit or however much you're paying) online and the app will let you unlock your car so you can get inside and find the paperwork, which was laying on my dash. You...
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    EV NJ Chargeup $5000 rebate website notworking?

    Mine got approved on 2/12, but will be delayed a total of 150 days from then, so I guess I'll see it in a few months. Car was delivered to me on 12/15 and I think I applied on 12/18.
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    NOOB: Supercharged Saturday, never got bill?

    If you took delivery by the end of 2020, you should be getting free supercharging for all of 2021. Check your Tesla account online, on the 'Details' button under your VIN. 'Free Supercharging until January 1, 2022' is what mine says.
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    Public Charging Etiquette - blocking public chargers

    If this is the wrong spot for this, mods please feel free to move. I'll try to keep this short, I'm sure the solution for this is to just call my town's parking authority and see if there is something they can do, like implement a time limit that they probably won't enforce, but if anyone else...

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