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    Alarm function greyed out

    Possibly. I’ve never had a car in the past 20 years or so where you can disable the whole alarm - only motion sensors.
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    Alarm function greyed out

    You’ve never been able to switch the alarm off in a 3/Y. In my 3 I could switch off tilt/intrusion (if Sentry is disabled), but in the Y there isn’t even as button for tilt/intrusion.
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    [UK] 2022.24

    “Mirror, signal, glance down to a screen to look at a camera view which is useless anyway at night in early Model 3s, manoeuvre’
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    What Car EV feature

    I disagree that the article is pointless. Of course you would hope that people aren’t stupid enough to get down to zero, just like you would hope people aren’t stupid enough to let their ICE car run out of fuel…but it happens, so it’s worth knowing what to expect if the worst happens and for...
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    What Car EV feature

    What Car? magazine have a done a feature on how far a selection of EVs will travel (on test track) and what happens when they run out of power. Tesla is still the most efficient but interesting that they’ve said that the 3 and Y both behave differently when they run out of power.
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    Yep - let’s get sticky on buttons to fix Tesla’s shortcomings.
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    “Tesla - because we know you love a workaround”. I wonder how they get feedback on requests and decide what to put in the software. For instance you still can’t open the glovebox while watching YouTube. And yet we get stupid horn sounds.
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    Don‘t need EAP or FSD. Make sure you have it switched on in the menus somewhere.
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    bjorn nyland's test of tesla vision

    It absolutely isn’t.
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    Topfit Steering Wheel Display

    I quite like that. Could you elaborate on the workaround you had to do with regards to the cable please?
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    Now wiping coffee from my iPad after laughing at that comment! 😂
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    Model Y corrective steering annoyance

    Pretty much every time on my Model Y, whenever I get within about 60cm of the white line on the right hand edge of a dual carriageway I get the panic alarm and ‘corrective steering’ message. On my 3 this happened precisely zero times. Anyone else or just me?
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    Model y charging at Tesco

    And the Nissan Ariya
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    BMW i4 - Test Drive

    I was very impressed with the i4. Quality and refinement were way ahead of the Model 3 and Y. But by the time I specced it up it was approaching £65k. But if I had the money and I was happy to forego some efficiency, it would definitely be on my shortlist above Tesla.
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    Permanently Disable Tilt/Intrustion

    The Model Y doesn’t even have a setting for this (nothing to do with it being greyed out). So either they’re permanently on or it doesn’t have them. But I thought on my 3, once I switched off Tilt/Intrusion it kept that setting. Maybe I was wrong.
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    Sentry mode as a full dashcam

    The dashcam constantly records all cameras but overwrites after 60 minutes. If you looked in the Recent Clips folder within 60 minutes you might have found the incident had been recorded anyway. No point in buying a bigger USB, it won’t record for any longer period of time.
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    Genesis GV60 comparison to Tesla 3/Y

    My car reg no (Model Y) is now on WBAC and offer price is £400 MORE than I paid. I found the reg no of a high specced GV60 Sport (approx £64k) and they offer £20k less than list price. 😯
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    any way to send a multi-stop trip to the car from google maps/browser etc?

    Probably worth clarifying you can’t send ANY route to the car - you can only send the destination. The car won’t necessarily use the same route you might have selected on your phone map app.
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    Hansshow 9" Display for Model 3 Intel Processor UK Car

    Agreed - I‘ve had no such problems.
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    Help - MYP or BMW iX

    Just because something is popular doesn’t make it better. Just because something has fart noises doesn’t make it better. If you can live with the reduced efficiency I’d go for the BMW. But really you MUST test drive it.
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    Hansshow 9" Display for Model 3 Intel Processor UK Car

    Off topic slightly but would be interested to know how it affects air flow from the vents.
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    Auto wipers, you know, that new tangled innovation, is also in Beta….still.
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    Genesis GV60 comparison to Tesla 3/Y

    Fair enough - didn’t notice their location. As a side note it’s a great shame that the car manufacturers could not agree on a single location for the charging port.
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    Has anyone traded their 3 for a Y and regretted it?

    I have no regrets but mine was an early 3 so I really do notice a difference in the perceived build quality. I also think the hifi is better but that might be because I don’t need to increase the volume so much in the Y. I guess if I was coming from a very recent 3 the differences wouldn‘t be...
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    Genesis GV60 comparison to Tesla 3/Y

    Absolutely correct. No idea why the original poster thought only HMG cars can charge at the handful of open to ALL Tesla Superchargers.
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    You don’t often hear the word ‘quality’ when talking about Tesla. Unlike ‘pointless gimmicks’ which you most definitely do associate with Tesla.
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    Easiest way to sell MY?

    Model Y SR - in the UK?????
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    Angled charging bays!!!!

    Why, Instavolt, WHY? Missed the exit for Scotch Corner Superchargers so went to Instavolt at McD Newton Aycliffe. Their location is perfect…if your charge port is at the front of the car. Horrendous if it’s at the rear. You have to reverse the ‘wrong’ way and have to do a similar convoluted...
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    Ditto. Same for me also going southbound. The car now ‘sees’ every single 50mph sign and changes the speed limit displayed to 50. But on three occasions it changed it back to 70 till it passed the next 50. I couldn’t detect a pattern based on distance or time of why it would do that. Two...
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    You obviously don’t live too far from me. I‘m looking forward to seeing if it finally reads the huge number of 50 signs in the roadworks on the A1 north of Newcastle. But you’re right, it must be far easier to program ‘see speed limit sign - display limit on sign’, rather than ‘see speed...
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    Model 3 requiring MOT soon

    If you look at MOT website, the only thing that probably won’t be tested is fuel system and emissions. Everything else should be the same? I guess they might be more susceptible to brake issues due to their lack of use.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    Are they both running same software? I wonder if the sensors might have been in the roof crossbar on the 3 which of course the Y doesn’t have.
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    Over sensitive pedestrian warnings

    I think you’re right about bends. This is where I generally see the problem.
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    I think the blind spot thing is a stupid gimmick anyway. The last thing I’m going to do when overtaking is glance at a monitor to my left. And in early 3s, it‘s useless at night time due to the reflection of the indicator. Moving the speed display back to the centre of the right hand panel...
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    100% agree.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    It wast definitely there on my 3. The screenshot of a 3 posted above shows it’s there.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    I’m thinking this is a distinct possibility.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    You‘ve never been able to disable the alarm, only the tilt/intrusion setting.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    I don’t think you’re right there. The security alarm setting is ALWAYS greyed out. It always was in the two years I had my 3. You could never disable the alarm as a whole, only the tilt/ intrusion setting and as you said, only when Sentry was not active.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    Sentry is Off on the top part of the screen also. I’m aware that if it’s on then tilt/intrusion would be greater out as it was on my 3. But on the Y it’s not even there.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    This is the safety screen and from further up showing that Sentry is not on. This is 2022.16 but was the same on 2022.11
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    I don’t have Sentry on and the option on my Y to disable tilt/intrusion simply isn’t there - not there and greyed out - not there at all.
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    Unable to disable alarm..

    The tilt/intrusion setting should switch off the internal sensors. As you’ve said, you can’t completely disable the alarm. On my Y, the option to disable tilt/intrusion isn’t even there.
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Totally agree with this. It makes a bong, you glance down and even if you can read the first line of the message text, you’ve got no chance of reading the tiny grey on black second line before it disappears. This isn’t just ANY user interface, this is a Tesla user interface.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    The lights come on INSIDE the car? That’s news to me. I thought it was just external lights flashed and screen gives message about recording.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    Yep - within 4 days.
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    Over sensitive pedestrian warnings

    In my 2020 Model 3 I could probably count on one finger the number of times I got a warning about a potential impact with a pedestrian. In 10 days since getting my Model Y it’s happened 5 times, warning chime and red pedestrian image even though the pedestrian is safely on the pavement. Anyone...
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    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Torque Alliance Model 3 Boot liner. Taptes wireless phone charger for original centre console Model 3 Taptes USB Hub for original centre console Model 3 All £15 each, collect from Northumberland.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Same here
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    Is this a new record?

    Yep - rear left! Annoyingly I was doing a good deed. Old neighbour with mobility issues asked if I could take him to a medical appointment. Wanted to get as close to the kerb as possible for him!

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