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  1. J

    Model X Road Trips

    In theory, I could go all the way from Price to Tremonton without stopping. In the Summer that would not worry me at all. I wonder how much of a charge I will need in Price during the winter to make that? We will be spending the night in Green River, and we can easily leave there with 95 or...
  2. J

    Model X Road Trips

    We will be traveling through Salt Lake City around lunch time during our Christmas trip. I have never stopped at the SLC SuperCharger before but the map makes it look like a terrible meal time location! For those of you who have been in a similar situation, I assume you grab something To Go...
  3. J

    Poll: NEW Model X Delivery Experience 2019

    A couple of Tesla's "mobile techs" showed up at my house last night for "attempt #2" to fix the body panel alignment issues in my new Model X. Even though this is attempt #2, they quickly realized that they were not going to get far on the trunk hatch because they forgot to order a new wing and...
  4. J

    New front seat design now shipping!

    I think I am glad that I just took delivery of my X, before this change went into affect. The pictures have me worried. The head restraints now point sharply forward. I was going to get a 3 or Y, until I test drove a 3 and found that the head restrained banged against the back of my head...
  5. J

    Poll: NEW Model X Delivery Experience 2019

    I ordered on August 8th and finally took delivery of a red Model X on September 24th. I have been trying to get it "fixed" ever since then. I am in New Mexico, where it is illegal for Tesla to do business. The X had to be sent down from Littleton Co via an independent trucker. The trucker...
  6. J

    Cleaning Windows?

    I have tried various Invisible Glass products and have always been disappointed. I really do not understand why it gets such high ratings. True, it does not leave streaks, but it also doesn't clean worth a damn. I recently tried Sprayway and was impressed. It actually got the glass clean! It...
  7. J

    Rear view camera at top of screen

    Bummer. Since the turn-by-turn is in the main console, the map is less important than the back up camera, considering the very limited visibility out the back.
  8. J

    Rear view camera at top of screen

    I have watched a few youtube videos where the rear view camera was at the top of the screen and the map was at the bottom. I cannot figure out how to get my new X into that mode. Can someone give me a clue? TIA
  9. J

    12V Electric Water Kettle

    Right. I read the wrong specification from the manual. The socket is only cable of 15A. A lot more expensive, but this (or something like it) is probably a safer option: https://www.amazon.com/YETI-Rambler-Vacuum-Insulated-Stainless/dp/B07CRGWDSZ
  10. J

    12V Electric Water Kettle

    Good thought on reading the manual. I had not thought to check that. For the Model X, the manual states it can handle up to 33amps. I hope that means it would be okay, as long as the high voltage battery can keep the 12V charged. For my plan, it only be active while driving would be fine. I...
  11. J

    12V Electric Water Kettle

    I am considering buying one of these for a road trip I am planning this Winter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LF6P8D3 It looks like it draws around 20 amps. I assume that would come from the Tesla's 12V battery. Will that be a problem? I am unclear on how the Tesla 12V battery is...
  12. J

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    I am really jealous of those who have already received their cars. Especially those who order long after I did.
  13. J

    Model X Road Trips

    My plan is to hit Tremonton, UT about the time for lunch. Looking at google maps, there is pretty much nothing of interest near the SC. Especially since I will have dogs with me. I guess we can find some place to get take-out and then eat in the car while it charges.
  14. J

    Winter Road Trip with dogs?

    I am a little worried about leaving my dog in the car alone. He is a puppy so I cannot use a crash harness on him yet. I do have a PupSaver which attaches to the back seat using child seat latches. The PupSaver attaches to him via an adjustable tether, so I could loosen that up to give him more...
  15. J

    Winter Road Trip with dogs?

    Has anyone done a significant road trip in the middle of Winter? With dogs? For the lunch stop with warmer temperatures, I would try to find a "dog friendly" restaurant, which translates into one with a patio. In the winter it would be too cold to sit on a patio. Unless you have a service...
  16. J

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    I originally ordered my red 5 seat cream LR X on August 6th, 2019. Estimated delivery of two weeks. I was finally given a VIN by the SA on September 6th, 2019 and told the car was expected to arrive in Littleton, Co on September 14th. I have just been told there was a "transit delay, probably...
  17. J

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    Okay.... a different SA from Las Vegas just emailed me. He confirmed that my X should show up in Littleton middle of the month. The good thing is he gave me a VIN# !!!!
  18. J

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    My SA just called to let me know that they are expecting 100 vehicles in Littleton by the middle of the month. Mine should be one of those. They will not assign me a VIN until they have had a chance to inspect the Model X that was built for me, and verify that it has not been damaged in transit...
  19. J

    What the $#@$# is going on with Model X custom orders

    I ordered a Red LR Cream 5 seater on August 7th. I was originally told I would have it in two weeks. The sales manager just called to let me know that I can now expect to get it sometime near the end of September. He thinks it will make it to Littleton, CO sometime in the second week of...
  20. J

    USB music : multiple genres per file?

    I have a Model X on order and am trying to get ready for delivery. Considering how pathetic Tesla's support for 'local' music is, I am guessing the answer to this question is no: If a FLAC or MP3 is tagged with multiple genres will the USB music interface show the track under each genre? If...
  21. J

    Protecting against curb rash

    How well do the ultrasonic sensors work to detect and report the distance to curbs? Since Tesla has decided not to to grace us with 360 degree birds-eye cameras, do the sensors give us enough information to avoid scraping on curbs? My current car's ultrasonic sensors are useless for detecting...
  22. J

    Cream accent colors

    Ah! Got it, thanks.
  23. J

    Cream accent colors

    I have seen pictures of older versions with "cream" carpet so thanks for the verification.
  24. J

    Cream accent colors

    Based on some threads I have read, and the pictures on the order page, I get the impression that Tesla has recently changed the "other" colors in the cabin that go with the cream seats. I have a Model X with cream interior on order and was thinking about ordering floor mats, but wanted to make...
  25. J

    Model X Glass Roof Crack

    My premium with esurance is going up $300/year with the purchase of the Model X compared to my current car, so I decided to look at AMICA. With AMICA my insurance would go up over $1000/year! Full glass coverage would be nice, but I would need to replace the windshield at least once per year to...
  26. J

    Model X Road Trips

    Nice! I will try that when I get my X.
  27. J

    Model X Timeline - From Prototype to Production

    Where did you get the "Delivery estimate" from? The Delivery Advisor I have been dealing with has no idea when I will receive my Model X. LR / Red Exterior / Cream Interior / 5 seats / FSD.
  28. J

    Model X Road Trips

    I am hoping to receive my Model X before my trip next month. When using Google maps, you can ask it to show the rest stops available along the route. Does the Tesla navigation system offer that feature? I will be traveling with a puppy and it is highly unlikely that I will make it all the way...
  29. J

    Windshield Shade?

    Is there a code for the Model X version?
  30. J

    Left-side mirror and head-restraint

    That was a joke. Sorry, I should have added a smiley. What I am really hoping is that Tesla improves the seats. I came across this . Maybe the Tesla service centers will offer a customization service, if nothing else. ;)
  31. J

    Left-side mirror and head-restraint

    Thanks to a couple of local owners, I was finally able to test drive the Model 3 recently. That car is a blast to drive! Smooth and quick. Most people rave about auto pilot and it lives up to the hype. I want one! I did notice a couple of issues, though. I am 6' tall, but with long legs. I am...
  32. J

    Bluetooth LDAC codec?

    Does Tesla support the LDAC codec? That is now pretty standard on Android phones, while aptX is not. From what I have read LDAC is superior to aptX anyway. If Tesla does not support LDAC, what do they support? If it is just SBC, then I doubt I will be using bluetooth for audio. This car is...
  33. J

    How long is the cord?

    I have no experience, but this looks nice: Heavy-duty NEMA 14-50R extension cord for Tesla, 20 ft.
  34. J

    Albuquerque, Model 3: Anyone willing to give me a test drive?

    I will happily buy someone lunch, if they will give me a short test drive. Thanks, John
  35. J

    Playing FLAC over USB

    Does Tesla have a "bug reporting system"? Is there any way to know how much of a priority they put on an issue like this, or do you basically have to 'tweat' Elon?
  36. J

    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    Will Sense auto-upload to PVOutput.org? Smappee will, so I am leaning on going that route.
  37. J

    New Mexico Law Prohibits Tesla Stores and Service Centers

    I noticed on the DMV site, that New Mexico has a great incentive for EV owners: In Bernalillo, EV owners don't have to get their emissions checked. :rolleyes:
  38. J

    How Big a solar system to get?

    There is a solarpaneltalk forum site, if you want solar specific advise.
  39. J

    Off grid system

    I read that SolarEdge works with Powerwall. They have announced a new inverter with integrated EV charger: https://www.solaredge.com/sites/default/files/inverter-integrated-EV-charger.pdf . I believe I read that was due to be available at the end of the year. I don't know if it will work...
  40. J

    Will there be another Tesla Wall Charger out soon?

    I believe that I read this https://www.solaredge.com/sites/default/files/inverter-integrated-EV-charger.pdf would be out at the end of the year.
  41. J

    New Mexico Law Prohibits Tesla Stores and Service Centers

    Thank you SageBrush and tinm. About once per year I got to Oakland for business. Next time I should see about test driving one these :)
  42. J

    New Mexico Law Prohibits Tesla Stores and Service Centers

    It is only legal to bribe politicians. Bribing anyone else is a crime. So, how do New Mexicans buy Teslas? Order one and have it delivered to New Mexico? Or, is that also illegal in this state. If I went to Nevada and bought one there, then drove it back to New Mexico, could I then register...

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