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    MCU failure with healthy eMMC

    13'85kw with replaced eMMC. MCU goes from failing 1-3 times a year for the past 3 years to now 1-2 times a week. Now I'm starting to get parking sensor error, and now "center display unavailable", but they seem to work despite the error messages. Tesla app shows the eMMC is healthy. The car...
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    FSD ????

    Sorry if this has been answered but from the search I'm getting confused. Does FSD work with HW2.5? Or only HW3? How about MCU1? Or do you need MCU2? Can you have HW3+MCU1 and not have FSD? Thanks
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    WTB Bike rack

    Hi. Looking for a bike rack for my 2013 MS. Please let me know. Thanks
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    MCU protector

    Sorry if it's been answered. I have a MCU screen protector and want to remove it. Any suggestions? It's on there pretty good. Thanks
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    WTB tow hook for my 13'MS

    Looking for the OEM hook that stores under the FRUNK carpet. Thanks
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    Wheel center caps

    Anyone buy replacement center caps somewhere? Bought a set of wheels and did not have center caps. Thanks
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    WTB center caps for 2013 MS wheels

    Let me know. Thanks
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    AC Blower

    When I turn it past 7 it sounds like it wants to take flight. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone replace it? Know where it's located? Thanks
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    4G LTE board

    $75 but need SIM
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    TPMS issues

    Sorry if this has been answered. 13' MS, I keep getting warning on the dash. Check psi and everything seems ok. I recently changed to 20" from stock. Anyone buy after market sensors to replace OEM? Did you get them installed at a shop not the SC? Thanks
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    Performance brake calipers for Model S.

    Looking for the calipers and rotors for MS. Thanks
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    Brake Caliper Decals

    Hi. Can't seem to find these. Gonna paint my calipers res and want the white decals. Let me know where I can find these. Thanks
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    4G LTE $100

    Just need SIM from Tesla. Shipping in CONUS included.
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    12 Volt Lithium battery

    Hi, Could you please post your experiences if you have used one? How long has it lasted? Performance? Easy of install? Just trying to decide on lithium vs lead acid. Thanks
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    12V off the shelf options?

    Sorry if this has been answered already. I have a 13'MS and looking for a replacement that I could buy locally or online. Would like to stay away from the $400+ batteries that I have found. Thanks
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    WTB 4G sim card

    Just need the SIM and not the computer board. Thanks
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    MCU help

    Anyone know how to remove this connection? Is there a clip?
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    LTE upgrade

    Sorry if this has been answered already. Once I install the board to get LTE ,I understand that I need a Sim card. Am I able to purchase a Sim from a AT&T cell store? Tesla wouldn't give me one. Do I need to install or replace the existing 3G antenna? Thanks
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    WTB LTE Modem

    Let me know if you have one. Thanks
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    MX 20" wheels on 2013 MS

    Installing and want to know if I can use the MX TPMS. DIY?
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    Anyone do it?Where did you get the parts and steps would be appreciated.
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    Body repair at Mile Hi Automotive

    Hi. Had my Model S repaired here in Denver. What a great experience. It is not listed as a "Authorized" body shop by Tesla, but my repairs were completed beautifully. My car was finished within a few days and it looks great. I'm sharing this to give another option to members here. Ask for...
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    WTB Gen1 charging port.

    Let me know if you have one. Thanks
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    WTB 20" MX wheels

    Looking for a set for my Model S. In Colorado. Thanks
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    Must have options for MX

    Sorry if this is an old thread. Please post link. What is a need to have with the X? I'm looking at the 60. Thanks
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    P90D Order Preference

    I thought I had read somewhere that if you order a P90D, you will get your X before someone else that may order a less loaded model. Is that true? I have a friend that is getting the P90D, and trying to figure a timeline. Thanks
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    Model X at showrooms?

    Has anyone seen one at the stores yet?
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    Autopilot necessary?

    I love the MS. When do you think you would use these features?
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    Use your MX for business?

    Anyone using the section 179 of the tax code to offset your purchase? Any other deductions are you using? Thanks
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    MS in the mid $40k range?

    With the current updates, models etc.. Do you see a used MS selling in the mid $40k range? 60 or 85kw. Thanks
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    CPO as a price yard stick

    While I keep looking around for my future MS, I see there are some price variances. EBay, trader, here etc... Would it accurate to use CPO as the reference when making a purchase? Would my local tesla center give me there formula for CPO calculations? Recommendations please. Thanks
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    Would you buy used with drive unit concerns?

    Would you buy a MS used? My concern with the torque is the stress on the drive unit/train. All that power going to wheels at such a rate has got to stress it out. I guess an extended warranty could be an option.
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    Repairs? Improvements?

    What if any repairs or needed service(not routine maintenance), have you had with the MS? Any improvements in the car you like to see? Not talking software upgrades
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    Verifying options on CPO Model S listings

    When Im looking at an online listing for the MS. Is there a way to verify the options ,and not just trust the sales person or OP? Thanks
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    New or Used?

    I would love your feedback on my next purchase. I don't own a MS or Tesla as of now. I'm debating on which route to take. I understand the new car loss, but used lacks the Fed/State credit. Is there a formula or calculation to ensure that a used MS is a reasonable price? I don't mean to...
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    Most expensive or extensive repair so far?

    Hello, What is it? Out of warranty or in, please share. Thanks
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    How long do you plan on keeping the Model S?

    With all the tech upgrades that have been coming down the pipe with the MS, how long do you plan on keeping it? Are you going to upgrade when you can? Is this the last car you plan on purchasing?Thanks
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    Owners in the Denver Colorado or surrounding area

    Hello, I'm a new potential buyer. I wanted to know if you could share your experience with your purchase and tax credit. My understanding is that its a credit and not a actual rebate check. So you get a perceived saving toward your taxable income? Did it have a actual effect on your return? Dig...
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    Model X in showrooms?

    Hello, does anyone know when there will be a model X on display in the store?
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    Resale calculation

    I want to apologize because I'm sure this question has been answered. I'm trying to figure out how you guys are calculating used MS values. Is it $1 a mile, until a certain mileage number of course. How about the model year? Thought I read a certain percent is subtracted per month. Thanks...
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    Looking for a Roadster

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I have been looking at purchasing a roadster. My price point is in the mid $60k range. I'm assuming with my price point I'm looking at 08-09'. Please chime in on what I should be aware of when looking at purchasing a used model. Potential issues, problems...

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