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    22" Model X Black Turbines & Tires

    I have these wheels in my house brand new ready for pick up. Sol Cal. $4,000 firm.
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    Fed up with supercharging, going back to ICE

    I owner a model S since 2014, then switched to X in 2017. The number of superchargering station have qouad tripled, but at the same time, those smaller stations are overly clouded. I don’t use supercharger that much, maybe 2 to 3 times year. Never had good experience. Today, I needed about...
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    FS Volks VR G2 20” stagger

    I won the 22” wheels so I will be selling my Volks VR G2 20”, they are exact replacement of the stock 20” on the mode X and stock 20” tires are direct fit. I have 17k miles on theSe factory tires. Here is the weight comparison, I got great efficiency and power to the wheels: Stock 20" weight...
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    Model S rear console give away

    Used model S rear console, it is in top condition. I boxed this after I sold my S and has been sitting in the garage. If you are about to order your model S, PM me for details.
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    Tesla radio flyer give away

    My kid ride this couple of times and has been sitting in my garage since. If you are about to order your Tesla model S or X, PM me for details.
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    2017 model X 76D AP2.0

    been thinking about selling my X75D, 17k miles, black, standard textile seats, alcantara headliners, premium package, enhanced autopilot. It is in top condition, I am located in SolCal. Text me or PM if you are interested 626-39O-7379 I am asking for 75k
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    Hard breaking when passing semi on the right at high speed

    my AP2.0 still hard break at high speed when passing a semi on the right. Does this happen to everyone? Or just my car?
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    Oh boy, there is going to be some learning curve for model 3 owners

    Oh boy, parked but not plugged in, we waited 15 minutes for someone else to pull out.
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    0 to 60 uncork

    Hi All, SC uncork my X75D today, it is a Dec 2016 built, AP2.0 and I believe it has the old DU. I am having a hard time verifying my 0 to 60 times, since there are just too much traffics around. I tried to launch few times but not getting any accurate times. The closes I got was 5.3 secs...
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    Main screen has been freezing a lot lately

    9 months with 9000 miles on my car, and my main screen has been freezing a lot or reboot itself every other day. Does this have to do with software? Or hardware? any of you experiencing anything similar?
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    Poop smell coming from AC

    Any idea how to fix this?
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    are these misalignments acceptable?

    Hi All, I want to get some references from your Model X. to check if any of you have these alignment issues. I took my X to service twice, each visit my X was there for 1 week to align the FWD, bumper, garnish and chrome bell. After spending 2 visits, total of 2 weeks. I was told that this...
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    Service now only communicate with text messages

    I found that frustrated with service since they only want to communicate with me via text messages. It is nice to get text message for informative information such as "your vehicle is in queue now", "your vehicle is being serviced now", "we will need few more days to address the issues". those...
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    Seriously, how do you open the FWD with your key fob?

    For me, I like to use my key fob to open my FWD for my kids as we approach the X, because if we open the FWD by pressing the handle, you would need to step away to the side in order to give time and space for the FWD to open which is trouble. By double clicking the fob, if it works, the FWD...
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    20" forged wheels weight reduction

    I had these Volks wheels on my S for almost 50k miles and I love them, they are light weight but much wider than the S 19" stock wheels. Therefore, I still lose about 5 to 8% range with these wheels on my S, but not by much. After I traded in my S for the X75D, I was trying to sell my Volks...
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    cheap lug nuts on Model X

    I was at my tire shop putting new wheels on my X and found out the stock lug nuts are different than my 2014 model S, they are actually covered with fake plastic caps.
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    Reason why Tesla does not offer bike hitch rack

    I went with an after market bike hitch rack instead of the Tesla bike mount rack. I really like this setup except the problem I have with my bike hitch rack is the parking sensors going all crazy. I don't want to activate tow mode since it disable my suspension and drive assist. Any thoughts...
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    360 dash camera

    Hi All, just traded-in my S for a X, and I removed my blackvue 650 in my S which I plan to install it in the X. After thinking about all the wiring that I have to do for the blackvue and the lack of angles from the blackvue system (front and rear only), I started to look for a 360 dash camera...
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    Sound equalizer keep on resetting by itself

    Any one have this problem?
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    5 standard seat upholstery fitment question

    Hi guys, I am looking for someone who has a 5 standard seat as mine. If you refer to the picture, the upholstery does not fully cover the right hinge, and I want to check if other X were built the same. Please help.
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    I am mad with Tesla trade in

    I am so mad right now, I dont know where else I can vent this out besides here. In October, Tesla gave me a trade in value for my S, I thought it was do able, so I ordered my X. This week, my X is in production and they said they need to reappraise thr car. I was like ok, since I was told...
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    PUP no long comes with Alcantara Headliner

    Hi All, I am running into a problem and I cannot find any discussion on this topic. I placed my order early October and during that time, Tesla design page allows you to add PUP and leather seats independently, meaning you can add PUP without leather seat and get alcantara headliner as part of...
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    FS- S85, 47000miles, asking $56000obo ($8650 extra)

    Text me at 626 592-0980, located in LA, California 85kwh (non-autopilot), top condition, trying to sell just a bit more than Tesla trade-in. Note, I will not sell lower than what Tesla offered to me. Extras: 2 year extended warranty (total 6 years, 75000 miles, 8 year and unlimited miles on...
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    FS-Volks VR G2 20" wheels

    I am selling my S, need to sell my Volks and put my stock wheels on. Volks VR G2 20x9 +35 front, 20x10 +40 rear (require 5mm spacer). Michelin Pilot sport 255/40/20 front, 285/35/20 rear. Stainless steel lugs. Now, my Michelin has only 2000 miles on it, and my last set of Michelin lasted me...
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    FS Model S Whispbar + Inno roof box combo

    I am hoping to find a buyer for local pick up in South Cal. The roof box got wear and tear, but the whispbar is in really good condition. Asking for $700.00
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    OMG, I feel embarrassed with my Tesla

    When you open the door, the music partially MUTE automatically in the tesla right. Well, it failed to function yesterday. I was picking up my girls, parked at the curb in front of the school. Went inside the school office, picked up my girls, and came back to the car as usual. I opened the...
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    Mobile Charger - No Longer Available

    Mobile Charger I got an extra charger from Tesla, it is brand new, never used. Tesla is going to give me the bag and 5-15 adapter in a week and I will include everything. From Tesla online, this cost $650 + tax + shipping, and I am asking $550 + shipping. My price is firm and...
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    after market wheels lug nuts, forged aluminum, steel or stainless steel?

    I just found out the model s lug nuts torque is 129 lb-ft per tesla's specs. I took my car in for other things but they checked my wheel and told me my lugs are under torque. I am using forged aluminum lugs, and torque them to 85 lb-ft, I am really worry since I don't think aluminum lugs can...
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    broken clips when removing interior panels

    Hi Guys, I see many of you did modification to your car, such as car camera, upgrade sound...etc. All those work require remove of the interior panels which held by those blue clips. Recently, I installed a subwoofer and added 2 speakers to the lift gate. During the installation, I would say...
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    FS 19" Michellin Primacy Tires - SOLD

    FS 19" Michellin Primacy Tires I plan to put my 20" wheels on my model s in a week or so. Will be selling my 19" Michelin that came with the car, and my car has 1,300 on it as of today. I want to see if I can find a buyer in the Walnut, CA area. List Date: 10/1/2014 Location: San...
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    FS - 21" Grey Turbine Wheels OR 20" Volks VR G2 Formula Silver - SOLD

    FS - 21" Grey Turbine Wheels OR 20" Volks VR G2 Formula Silver Hi Folks, my situation is kind of complicated, so please be patient to read with the wheels I have for sale. F.S. 21" Grey Turbine Wheels - I ordered my MS on 5/26, and recently I found out the 21" tires are very soft (short life...
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    S or X or Wait?

    Hi Folks, I have been chasing Tesla and reading this forum for awhile, since I can't find the answers I am looking for. I decided to post a thread to seek help. I test drove the model S about a month ago, wow, I told myself that my next car must be a Tesla. After few days of cool down I...

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