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    When does model year in VIN change to next year?

    I just ordered a MY LR and it shows delivery Oct 2022 to Jan 2023. Question is when does Tesla flip the model year when building vehicles? The model year is baked into the VIN so they must at some point flip to the next model year. When does that happen in most years?
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    2017 Cars On Tesla Site Used Inventory

    The 2017 75D and 100D cars listed on Tesla site show up as "Full Self Driving Capability" Does this mean they all have been upgraded to AP3.0 hardware? And unless the previous owner has done the MCU upgrade by paying for it out of pocket, they should still be running MCU1.0? Are there any...
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    I will be in the market for a used 2017 Model S in the next few months. Wondering if i should seek coil suspension models or air suspension? My plan is to keep the car long term and i am concerned air suspension could become a maintenance issue down the road. Though i have heard the folks here...
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    Impact of Model S Redesign on Resale Values

    Just wondering when do we start to see downward pressure on current used Model S prices once the redesign cars start showing up. I am expecting at least a $5k immediate hit on current used car values. And with more used cars coming on the market later this year due to heavy leases in 2017-2018...
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    Model S Lease Residual

    If i build a model S on the Tesla site, the purchase price comes to $69,420. The lease terms offered for this same build is: $7,500 down and $923 per month for 36 month. This means the lease cost is: $40,728. I did not include tax in this calculation. My question is what is the residual value in...
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    Some MS 75D have 0-60 @ 4.2 and Other 75D at 5.2

    Why is it that most 75D on Tesla.com Used Inventory section have the slower drivetrain but a few cars have the update that was released sometimes in 2017. Slower models have 0-60 at 5.2 secs and faster models have 0-60 at 4.2 secs. Why isn't Tesla selling all 75D with the upgrade? It seems they...
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    I have tried to put in the numbers into various lease calculators and the numbers for a Tesla Model S lease are not adding up. If i price out a base 75D, the Tesla website shows the lease payments to be about $1000 with a $5K down. That means over a three year lease, i am paying $41K for the...
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    Any info on EPA filings on the SR model?

    We are just about in Jan 2018 (Happy New Year folks!) and there is still no word on EPA filings or other compliance registration on the SR model. If i am not mistaken, the LR EPA paperwork was filed in Aug and that was about two months before the first public batch of cars were delivered. Based...
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    Which model year are the current line of Model3 cars?

    I am curious how does the model year work for the cars getting released this month into the end of the calendar year? Are these 2017 model year cars? A run of the mill manufacturer announces release of new model year cars and people know exactly what model year car they are buying. But what...
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    Could the Model 3 autopilot HW support up to Level 5 autonomous driving?

    Do we know if the Model 3 autopilot HW will support up to Level 5 autonomous driving? EAP is currently at Level 2 as far as i know.
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    Tesla to discontinue RWD Model S 75

    Looks like all Model S will be AWD this point on. I picked up this news couple of hours ago. Not sure why there is no mention of this on this forum. This will truly differentiate their M3 from their MS and MX. Tesla, Inc. to Discontinue Cheapest Model S as Model 3 Deliveries Ramp-Up -- The...
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    Possible to max charge to say 70%

    As i read up on preserving and extending the life of an EV battery, the most dominant opinion is to charge to about 70-80% and don't let the charge deplete below 20%. I am not a Tesla owner at this time and I was wondering if there are controls available on the Tesla to cut off charging when it...
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    What is this rear glass roof in the base interior?

    Any ideas what is this rear glass roof in the base trim? Is this a fixed moon roof over the rear seats? If so, does this have a cover to protect against the sun? Or is this an extension of the rear windshield that flows into the cabin and over the rear seats? This is from the FAQ on the Tesla...
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    Interior color other than black availability??

    Just wondering if Tesla has announced firm plans other than the blip in the FAQ on availability of interior colors other than black for Model 3. Wondering if colors other than black are available on base textile (cloth) seats and interior. Wondering if colors other than black are available on...
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    Model 3 battery pack size

    How does 220 miles equate to 50kWh pack size? My leaf is a 30kWh and the EPA range is 107 miles. 107/30 = 3.56 miles/kWh Model 3: 220/50 = 4.4 miles/kWh Considering the Model S gets close to 3.5 miles/kWh as well, how is the Model 3 so much more efficient than the Leaf? Where i am going with...
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    Isn't the new Model 3 LR competing with slightly used Model S 60

    While establishing a business case to justify the higher cost of the Model 3 LR, I looked at pricing for a slightly used Model S and it seems the prices are running about the same. How are others on the forum working through this conundrum? Obviously the Model S at that price point is couple of...
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    Is EVSE needed with Model 3 or do we plug directly into Nema 14-50?

    I currently have a Juicebox 40 Pro and just wondering if i can plug that into my Tesla 3 when i get it or do i need to plug the Tesla provided charging cable directly into the wall receptacle? I keep hearing Teslas don't need EVSEs.
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    Base car seats v/s Premium package seats

    I am trying to ascertain the differences in seats between the base model and the premium package. Here is what i can find in the specs. Base seats: Textile seating. Does this mean this is a cloth seat or is it softex type synthetic leather? Is it only available in black or can i order textile...
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    Potential Depreciation on a Model 70

    Could current and past leasee folks kindly comment on what their potential depreciation cost has been on their leases? I have a friend who has a model 60 (with a 40 model capped capacity) that is coming to the end of the three year lease and she says Tesla is offering a program where all of the...

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