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    My 2019 Stealth was just towed to Tesla service center after the 2022.20.6 software update. Messages after update included Powertrain Requires Service and 6 other major issues. Hopefully it's an easily resolved isolated issue.
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    When will Tesla update Model 3 interior?

    Hopefully the new TX factory will improve overall build quality. Looking forward to the new batteries also!
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    FS: almost new Model 3/Y factory steering wheel 2020

    Is this a real leather wheel or the non leather wheel?
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    Tesla Pet Liner (Dog Hammock and Door Protectors basically)

    Anyone receive their Tesla dog hammock yet? I would appreciate any comments from owners. It’s currently on back order.
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    Stainless trim cleaning?

    I have some noticeable stain/oxidation on my window trim. I’m looking for suggestions on the best way to clean and protect. I’m also not sure if this is coated stainless. Thanks
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    Receiving updates.

    40.4 installing now in NJ on 2019 stealth with FSD.
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    Like new 19" Model Y Gemini wheels/tires

    Seriously interested - Shipping cost to NJ 07869? How close to NJ are you willing to meet? Thanks
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    Software update without wifi

    Is WiFi still actually needed for upgrades now that Tesla charges a monthly fee for access?
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    Model 3 Configuration.... Help!!!

    I would definitely chose the performance version if cold weather driving is not an immediate issue. Remember the Performance version includes Track mode which keeps improving through over the air free upgrades. If you haven’t driven one you will be SHOCKED at how quick the acceleration is...
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    How often do you floor the pedal?

    Most people tend to forget that very quick acceleration can also be a very valuable safety measure.
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    Anyone buy the Model 3 Track Package?

    The 2019 Stealth Performance also has the same 165 MPH limit as the other Performance version with spoiler and heavy 20 wheels. It appears that is now changed to a 145 MPH limit on the current Performance car with the 18’s.
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    Adding FSD after car config

    There’s some thought that Tesla MAY offer FSD as a monthly subscription service. IF you can afford it I would get FSD and the larger battery.
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    Farewell to ordering a Stealth Performance Model 3???

    I was lucky enough to find a new W/W 2019 Stealth with 19s last July. At that time the Stealths were priced much less than the usual Performance but still provided the full 165 mph / Track Mode / actual benefits. *** A lot of people don’t realize that Summer tires have an official warning...
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    Cruise Control Slows Down on Curves

    I do the same (especially increasing speed in corners) and believe we’re helping Tesla improve their software by providing this extra info.
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    Wow - interior temp 146* vented to 100* remotely in 2 minutes

    EXACTLY Especially now that the state is essentially broke and is looking for any source of money it can.
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    Model 3 Super Sport (a proposal)

    I think Tesla’s plate is overflowing already considering all the already announced new models. I wonder though if it would be worth the logistics and liability issues for Tesla to create a performance parts division to sell (+ install?) upgraded parts for specific needs. Obviously the...
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    Michelin A/S 3+ closeout

    Car manufacturers set specific specs for their cars. If any under spec part is used it could cause failure, poor performance, no change, etc. An additional concern would be your liability if you were ever involved in an accident.
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    Michelin A/S 3+ closeout

    I believe that some / most shops wont mount and install tires that are under the car manufacturers load requirements.
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    12V Battery Just Died - Total battery failure

    I have a lot of experience using 12v Lithium batteries (Specifically Ballistic brand) in race cars and motorcycles but no experience or knowledge with Tesla 12v battery use. Ballistic is now out of business but I still use several of their batteries in motorcycles and race cars. The 12v lithium...
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    Vent Control

    I’m very happy with our vent system for both volume and direction.
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    Wow - interior temp 146* vented to 100* remotely in 2 minutes

    My windows are not tinted. My state has a hard view on cars with tinted windows. My white / white Stealth also has PPF.
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    Wow - interior temp 146* vented to 100* remotely in 2 minutes

    Thanks for the info - the point I was trying to make was how well the remote vent app works.
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    Tesla: please enable "I am being pulled over" mode.

    LMAO Let me guess - you’re from Boston ?
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    Wow - interior temp 146* vented to 100* remotely in 2 minutes

    It’s about 90* outside and my white car is sitting in partial sun on pavement. The interior temp went from 146* to 100* in about 2 minutes by using vent window on the Tesla app. Hopefully that should be hot enough to kill off any virus.
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    Track pack is here!

    My Stealth just started the 2020.8.1 upgrade!
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    Track pack is here!

    So “all Performace 3’s” includes the Stealth version?
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    What do new Model 3 owners think about...

    When I was stationed in Europe many years ago, one of the first things I noticed was the very large % of people riding bicycles daily.Very old people would actually even use them as walkers by leaning on the side of them as they walked. They still have the same air quality issues as we do...
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Not sure what we’re seeing - the original stealths have the same top end speed as the other performance option, these appear to have the same top end speed as the standard car. Not sure if track mode is included either. Are some of these 2019 cars with extra mileage?
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    Anyone here get a refund for Acceleration Boost?

    I have had numerous great muscle (442s etc) and sports cars (Miata, S2000,etc) but I have never had as much fun on the streets as I do with my Stealth. An important point is that there are very few cars that can actually perform as well on the street and almost none that can go from Clark Kent...
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Please note that I’m fairly certain the stock 18 Aero wheels don’t fit on the PS+. The hub design is different due to the brake package.
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Here in the Northeast the stock Performance 20 package is a definite risk to not only increase damage Due to pothole damage but cant even be used legally during the colder months. There are far too many lawyers that would blame any accident on you for using “tires outside the recommended...
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    Somehow changed to old stealth order?

    It’s just my opinion but I think the Stealth package was basically discontinued when Tesla decided to offer the “boost” package for the AWD. It’s a shame. I absolutely love my 2019 Stealth.
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    Anyone here get a refund for Acceleration Boost?

    You might have a long wait to get your refund. I personally would not remove it.
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    Looking for actual weight of aero 18s and optional 19s. Also ride difference. Thx.

    18’s are much lighter and provide a softer ride due to the increased sidewall height. Weight: 21.6 lbs (Without Aero Cover), 23 lbs (With Aero Cover) Vs 25 lbs for the 19s or 28.75 for the 20’s. Larger tires also add additional weight. The stock 18 inch wheels without the Aero covers are a...
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    I’m wondering how the fact that Tesla now has the “boost” upgrade for the non performance model 3 affects the previous “stealth” configuration production plans. It might be a very profitable idea for Tesla to simply offer an 18 inch wheel option that fits the Performance hub/brake setup.
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    Stealth Performance Now Available!

    Guess my W/W July 2019 Stealth with 19s is even a better deal than I thought.
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    FSD - Worth it? Price change?

    Heads up for NJ buyers - NJ now has a $5000 rebate for EVs. The deal applies only to cars with a sticker price under $55,000, because lawmakers did not want to provide incentives for luxury car buyer.
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    $5000 rebate for NJ Electric Vehicle signed into law

    Moderator note: Thread moved from Model 3 Production and Ordering Forum. FYI - NJ apparently is now offering a $5000 rebate for Electric car purchase. Previously there was a state Sales tax exemption for EVs but not a state rebate. I believe that a $500 rebate for installing a home charger was...
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    Greedy electricians - gotta pay them or keep looking?

    Suggest you consider the installation’s positive impact on taxes.
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    Retractable Charging Solution - Driveway Charging

    I’d encourage people to actually review the Appropriations Act posted above. It’s interesting to see how the government spends money.
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    4 Bent Rims - 20" - Anyone else?

    There is a reason the Stealth P3s are so desirable for a lot of owners.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I’d totally agree with your opinion IF I was driving an ICE car and there was excessive noise and wheel spin that distracted other drivers but the Tesla is obviously a different situation. As always though I value your opinion. Thanks
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I have a Stealth P3 and am able to enjoy full acceleration legally almost every day. Haven’t you ever been the first car at a light?. You can usually find an open spot in the slow lane and then just accelerate when the light turns green. It’s great fun to quickly accelerate up to legal speed and...
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    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    *Warning* Magic eraser is an abrasive that will remove both the stain and the actual material finish. While it may provide a temporary fix it can definitely cause a permanent issue.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    congrats! I’ve found that extra acceleration is a lot more legally useful than most people realize. You’ll also find yourself smiling more than before too.
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    One point that hasn’t been mentioned is that a majority of Stealth buyers went through a lot of effort and or compromise to get their cars. That effort included the decision to buy the cars that were available and not simply ordering the exact paint color, interior and options you wanted...
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    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    Any updates on when the Roadie will fit in the Jeda hub?

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