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    2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%

    It's strange we all have same issue. I didn't want to believe it was Daughter board issue or the 3G module. Heck it work prior to 2020.36.31 with no issue at all. I believe is the software update that cause all this issue. When the software update failed at 80% and reboot the MCU, i believe some...
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    Tesla Canada Part Warranty for Touch screen

    Hi, my MCU was change last year in July 2019 CPO under warranty. I believe my MCU is going to die soon (Out of warranry). I just did a new software upgrade and it stuck again at 80%. SC try to push to redownload it and still stuck at 80%. Last previous software upgrade it got stuck, was repush...
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    2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%

    They repush the update today and the update when fine and complete everything. Only issue now is the 3G that doesn’t work. bar signal with a slash through it First time the 3G issue happen when it fail the software update and when reboot it was like that. SC will check what happen. No idea...
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    2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%

    After couple of test, the map work, all setting work on the MCU. What not working is I can’t use the scroll wheel on the right side. the 3G is disable but wifi work. Tesla only open on Monday. I’ll call in first to push the update again so I can reinstall it first. i believe the MCU Was...
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    2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%

    I had to reboot twice and now I got MCU back so now I can’t give the car. But when I check for update it said no update. I’m still on 2020.36. my car got some error like Software update require contact Tesla and Center display unavailable. Driving and user setting cannot be restore. I try to...
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    2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%

    Hi My 2015 Model S 85D MCU 1. 2020.36.31 update installation stuck at 80%. Is it save to reboot it ?
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    Canada MCU 1

    In US there currently a investigation regarding for MCU, but nothing for Canada. If in the US they declare that Tesla was at fault and Tesla somehow allow to fix the MCU for free, will this move to Canada ? I’m sure a lot of people in Canada still got MCU 1
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    2015 Model S Parking Brake Pad?

    Hi, There is 2 rear caliper. I took my car to a garage to have my tire change to summer and he told me the parking break pad need to be change. Is there a parking brake pad? If so, what is the model and where can I get another one to have it change ? Thanks!
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    V10 on MCU1

    Double edge sword. MCU 1.0 can’t do that also except for some game. But for most, MCU 1 can’t play it. So it’s directed toward Tesla with MCU 1 customer also.
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    V10 on MCU1

    It’s coming now for Pre-AP MCU 1 AP 1 should be very soon Pre Autopilot Totals - 18 Active Cars Software Version Count Percent 2019.32.11 bac8c51 1 5.6% 2019.32.2.4 2109e05 1 5.6% 2019.32.2.2 da05838 2 11.1% 2019.32.2.1 9b8d6cd 7 38.9% 2019.28.3.1 f9e95acd 2 11.1% 2019.28.2.5 f5ae58a 1 5.6%...
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    Memory corruption issues in 18.42.2 on MCU1 cars?

    Same Issue for me also but on 2018.48.12.1. Tesla replace my MCU 1 Today. will let you know if this happen again.
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    Car doesn't switch from WiFi to 3G

    I have exactly same issue. I have CPo 85D. I did find an trick to fix it. If your out already, put your wifi OFF for few seconds and put it back one before you get home. Seem to fix it. I put an post about it also and no one reply back. If that trick didn’t work, then I had to reboot the MCU.
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    42.2 AP 1.0, wifi connecting issue ?

    Hi, I'm having issue to connect to wifi. I would be in my garage, wifi connected to the car, then i would drtive outside, out of my wifi range, come back after 30 minutes or more, park back in my garage, but it won't connect to my WIFI SSID. It doesn't detech any SSID of the neighour also. I...
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    Will it fit for Winter wheel for 2015 Model S 85D, 19 inch, Replika R163A

    will those work? Center hub ring 64.1mm ID to 72.6mm OD ? to fit the tesla logo?
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    Will it fit for Winter wheel for 2015 Model S 85D, 19 inch, Replika R163A

    Hi, I saw an wheel I like, the silver color. I need this for winter. I found this: Replika - R163A - Polished I put my vehicule information and it said it fit my car. Replika R163A (Painted/Hyper Silver) Wheels 19x8.5, 5/120 Offset: 35 4.8 (5) Reviews Price Range: $170.99 to $181.99...
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    Version 9 on AP1

    I had 32.2 before going to 39.6
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    Version 9 on AP1

    What Iike in v9.0, is that the autopilot is much better. when in traffic, it just doesn't break suddently. it does the stop much smoother. an big + for me. Overall, it easy to get use to the new UI. I recommand you to update it to v9.0 especially if you use autopilot a lot.
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    Version 9 on AP1

    I’m talking about the adjacent lane when the car is not on autopilot. The grey line on each side beside the car. Look at the picture I posted with autopilot and without autopilot and you can see without autopilot, you don’t see the adjacent grey line I swear I did see those lane before.
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    Version 9 on AP1

    Also, anyone notice there no more Green color lane when there no traffic in the map? I don’t really like that. Sometime there no traffic data on specific road and there no color. No color for me, mean there no traffic data
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    Version 9 on AP1

    I notice that if autopilot not ON, you can’t see adjacent line. Prior to 9.0, I’m sure you can see the adjacent lane without autopilot I upload 2 picture , 1 show with autopilot and without.
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    Question Canada CPO 5.6 sec 0-100 Km/h 2015 Model S 85D

    Hi, I got an question regarding an CPO I saw: Inventory Search | Tesla This car said it do 0-100 Km/h in 5.6 sec. When I bought my CPO back in march, for the same Spec, mine said 4.4 sec for 0-100 Km/h. Recently, all the CPO listed show 5.6 sec for all 85D. So did tesla did an false...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    anyone having issue to connect to their Tesla App on their iOS or Android ? I can log in on my Tesla account online. I live in Canada
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    Supercharger - Pointe-Claire QC

    Just to let you know and to be careful. There is a lot of nails on the ground starting from the first stall closer to the mall going toward the Fairview mall. I pick up at least 5 of those nails and throw it out in garbage but there is a lot more on the ground. It’s been like this for 2 weeks now.
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    Supercharger - Montreal, QC - Cote Vertu Blvd.

    What I hate the most there is: 1) Pot Hole. There a lot nearby. 2) People leaving the shopping cart near the bus stop and some roll down and might hit your car, or some people leave their cart at the supercharger. I'm happy there one soon at Point-Claire Fairview.
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    Supercharger - Pointe-Claire QC

    I live near Fairview Point-Claire. I'm happy there an Supercharger there :D
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    Supercharger - Pointe-Claire QC

    Pointe-claire Supercharger is not at Fairview. According to here: Point-Claire, QC | Tesla Canada
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    Premium audio

    I got similar question, but wanted to ask about the XM radio. Is this free or you need to pay?
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    3 Owner Manual

    sorry I didn't saw someone post this already. please delete :)
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    3 Owner Manual

    Here is the Tesla 3 Owner manual. It's not mine. I just share it from someone else.
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    Supercharger - Laval, QC

    There suppose to be supercharger also on Pointe-Claire, QC. Saw it on tesla website where you can see the map of supercharger: Point-Claire, QC Supercharger Coming Soon Target opening by end of 2017 Exact timing and specific location may vary
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    Windows lower down when open the door?

    30 min preheat? that a lot of time even if windows defrost on? doesn't that consume some electricity?
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    Windows lower down when open the door?

    Hi, I'm new to Tesla car and I did reservation for the 3, but it's Late 2018 my delivery. Where I live, I have cold winter, -10 degree or more sometime. I saw an video that Model S, the windows will lower down before you can open the door, but it's too cold outside and the door didn't open...

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