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    New garage door opener problems

    A software update came in last night. Either the update itself or a reboot that it did seems to have completely resolved the problem. If it returns, I will update, but for now, it is resolved. Thank you all.
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    New garage door opener problems

    I've owned my Model 3 for almost a year and a half, and just decided that I would get a garage door opener. Got a Chamberlain. The car is parked in a one car garage attached to my house. Since having it installed, I park the car in the evening and when I come back in the morning there are...
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    Radio issues and spotify question

    Hi, Since the last software update, after parking the car overnight, if I choose to listen to a radio station no audio plays. The only way I can restore the audio is to do a full/hard reboot (hold down both steering wheel buttons while holding the brake pedal down). Anyone else had this...
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    "Avoid highways" mode?

    Before our "friend" COVID-19 became well known, I plotted out a route from home on the east coast to (I'm leaving out the names of most national parks that were on the route)Seattle, then San Francisco, then Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Dallas and back to NJ. What I found was the vast majority of...
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    Panoramic roof sun shades

    Thank you....Quick follow up. Do you still have good vision to the rear, or does the Tesla rear sunshade block view to the rear? Mark
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    Panoramic roof sun shades

    I've had my M3 for almost a year now and it has been a near flawless experience. One of our small complaints is that on a sunny summer day the sunlight that comes in through the roof really is annoyingly hot, even with the A/C on. My goal is to have sun-shades that I can keep on while driving...
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    Driving Tampa to Spokane in 2020 MX

    2 of my kids moved to the west coast (we're in New Jersey) and we planned a road trip going to Seattle, then San Francisco, Albuquerque, Grand Canyon, several other parks and monuments and back home. When the pandemic struck, we waited and waited, but finally have decided to cancel all...
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    Other car's paint left on my M3, how to remove...

    Thank you everyone.. I used toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, worked gently and in a couple of minutes the black paint was gone. Thank you all for the suggestions.
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    Other car's paint left on my M3, how to remove...

    I have a white model III (8 months old). Someone opened their door into mine in a parking lot and left a black paint mark on my door. How can I, without damaging my car's paint, remove the black paint and restore the car to the pristine condition that it was in? If I have to go to pros, I...
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    Don't get bitten by this bug....

    Model 3-long range--Last Monday we went to an evening concert in my Model 3. When we left at 11:15PM, I backed out of my parking spot and by accident nudged the gear shift from reverse to neutral while the car was still rolling. This caused the software to "freak out" (service tech's words)...
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    Voice command error

    Today, I was on a 200 mile road trip. While on the highway, I went through some rain, and the voice command "WIPERS ON" worked just fine. Then the rain stopped, and I issued the command "WIPERS OFF". Well, "wipers off" was echoed on the screen, but the software interpreted it as "NAVIGATE TO...
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    So Why Does the 12V Battery Die?

    Seems that is settled. Now on to my bigger (well, to me anyway) question: I got my Tesla in August. ( My previous car had tires that needed air every few weeks and to deal with that I bought a high capacity 12v DC pump. It draws too much current to use a "lighter socket" to get 12V DC, so...
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    Are these normal, or is it time for a service call?

    I got my Model 3 in July. Now about 4k miles. The temperature has just gotten into the 30s(F) and I have noticed the following: After I get into the car and am ready to go: 1. If I'm backing up, the back up lights don't come on for about 10 seconds and the "active guide lines" in the tablet's...
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    PM3 Nema Wiring Setup Help

    I can tell you what I know. My town uses the "New Jersey Uniform Construction Code" permit application. (And to be 100% open, I just found this... Had I known about it, I probably would have done the work myself.) On pg 2, there is a section that states: 1 C. "I further certify that I will...
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    PM3 Nema Wiring Setup Help

    I'm not going to repeat what others have said. I am also a NJ resident, and you need a permit (meaning an electrician) to do the job. I had my 14-50 setup installed (including cost of parts) for $400. That was a reasonable price to me. Without a permit, you could run into problems down the...
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    Spotify newbie...

    I have never (to my knowledge) used Spotify, Apple-car-play, android auto (if that is what it is called) or any of the streaming services. (I guess) I've used Slacker to listen to radio stations and music that I put on flash drives before the V10 update. So, I don't even know how to begin the...
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    Easy entry doesn't move steering wheel

    Thanks. Problem solved.
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    Easy entry doesn't move steering wheel

    I've had my Model 3, long range, dual motor for about a month now. When I come to the car to get in and open the door, the steering wheel does not lift itself up making it a struggle to get in. My software is 2019.15.105. Yes, "Easy Entry" is enabled in my account and everything else works as...
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    Model 3 parking lot bumper protection NYC

    Thank you Darmie, I've looked at their website, but I'm not sure if the bumper blocker will work with a Model 3 or not. I sent them the question, hopefully they will reply with a good answer.
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    Model 3 parking lot bumper protection NYC

    Thanks. Ridiculous as it sounds...in NYC a garage (and its employees) is NOT liable for damage to bumpers when parking or moving cars in the normal operation of the business. So, recording the incident does no good.
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    Model 3 parking lot bumper protection NYC

    In New York City if you park your car in a garage/lot, it is almost a 100% guarantee that your bumpers will be scratched and dinged by parking lot attendants. (bumpers are specifically excluded from parking lot/garage liability claims in NYC) So, a market has grown up for bumper protectors...
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    Set of 4 Michelin 235-45-18 OEM Model 3 Tires $600.00 Boston area

    How about $125 for one tire and rim? I will be going through the Boston metro area the end of the week, so I can pick it up. Please PM pictures to me and town you are in. Thank you,
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    Sitting In Back--too Little Foot Room...

    Thanks. I'm going to the Tesla store to try it out. That was the info that I needed.
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    Sitting In Back--too Little Foot Room...

    I understand your point completely Earl. Unfortunately, it doesn't help in my situation. Many thanks,
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    Sitting In Back--too Little Foot Room...

    Hi, After looking at a few all electric vehicles, I've decided on a Model 3 EXCEPT for the following: I'm not overly tall (5' 11"), but I do like to sit with the front seat moved back. So, I got in the driver's seat and set the seat where I'd be comfortable. Then, without moving the seat, I...

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