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    Disappointed by 20" Michelin PS4 S

    2021 Model 3 Performance originally equipped with stock 9" x 20" ET34 Uberturbine and Pirelli PZero. Not amazed by this combo I changed rims with Lightweight 8.5" X20 rims. I continued with Pirelli PZero and the handling was way better than before. When finished the outer side of the Pirelli...
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    LR AWD Rear disc rotors and Performance 2 pcs Rear disc rotors are interchangeable?

    LR AWD 335 mm 20 mm thick Rear disc rotors and Performance 2 pcs 335mm 20mm thick Rear disc rotors are interchangeable? I mean: the inner depth of the hat is the same?
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    Michelin PS4s on 20" x 9.00 stock Uberturbine?

    Someone tried Micheli Pilot Sport 4S (235/35-20) on 20" Uberturbine (9.00 stock wide rims) originally equipped with Pirelli PZero? OR 8.5" stock 2019/2020 rims on 235/35-20 Pirelli PZero? I swapped the original Ubertutbine (9.0" x20 Et34) on my 2021 M3P with new rims (lightweight) with a 8.5"...
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    Trip screen prediction always wrong Model 3 Performance 2021

    I'm facing a strange problem. I'm never able to match (not even be near) the prediction % at destination with my 2021 Model 3 Performance. A typical example: Disclaimer: I dont drive in a wrong way or in a too aggressive way or in a way considered inefficient, I always start with pre heated...
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    Stock ET on Performance Model 3 .

    I know that 2019 and 2020 are ET35mm anfd for sure ET on 2021 is 34mm. I have a 2021. I ask: the ET is calculated on the external side of the lip (the flat of the hub wheel) or related to the more internal machined ring? I mean:ET is calculated by Tesla FROM Centerline TO YELLOW surface or TO...
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    Regen setting LOW-Standard

    I notice after lasts updates that the regen braking does not feel as strong as before in my 2021 Model 3 Perf. Im' sure of this because I know the usual trip i do and I know my car. It's not a dots (at the left of the bar) issue, so the temp of the battery is not the reason. We are in Summer...
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    Center bore on 2021 Performance Model 3 rims

    I know this has been discussed many time but I never found the right complete answer to my questions: wheels: 1)Is the center bore of a STOCK Long range Model 3 (Not Perf) rim = 64.1mm? (but it can fit Perf model too)? 2) Is the center bore of a STOCK Performance model 3 rim 64.1 or more due...
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    2021 p3D handling concerns. I'm disappointed [because suspension too soft]

    Just bough a Model 2021 3 Performance with 20" Ubertutbine with Pirelli P0 (stock 235/35-20 , after have had for 2 years a 2019 LR AWD with stock 18" and MIchelin Pilot sport 4S I was ready to an "harsh" ride with 20" and /35 tires, and lowered suspensions. I was ready for a more "difficult to...
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    2021 Performance model Uberturbine 9" rims w/245 tires Pictures?

    Just curious to see pictures of 9" Uberturbine rims with 245/35-20 tires. The 235/35-20 Pirelli P0 seems too stretched. Do others brands (Michelin Pilot sport 4S 235/35-20) looks better? or it's only a Pirelli P0 problem?
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    2021 Performance Model 3 range

    ...I mean, which is the displayed range on a new 2021 P3D with Perf Package? I'm not asking how many miles it can does, I'm asking the displayed renge when the setting is in Miles and not on Percentage.
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    0-60 P3D 2021 with traction all at the rear

    I was looking to a recent DragTimes Youtibe video: I'm really surprised about 0-60 times with Trackmode with 100% traction on the rear and also all at the front. How is it possible that with ONLY one motor the car is able to have the same times on 0-60?
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    How to datalog (export to .csv) from Scan My Tesla?

    I can read all the data from OBD2 (Obdlink LX) and scan my tesla with an adapter . alla data are instant data. How to collect data in csv files or in graphs? The SMT google site sys about an arrow menu with LOGs , but I can find any.
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    This is a FACT Model 3 LR AWD is a 462 HP (Eu) or 457 HP (imperial)

    Model 3 LR AWD without "Boost Acceleration" upgrade. Taken from Scan My Tesla on my 2109 LR AWD on 2019.40.50.1. 340 kW is the max registered value. (see arrow). I simply made a 60 km/h to 120 km/h acceleration floring the accelerator to 100%. SOC 87% and Battery temp around 45°C. Outside temp...
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    Som Q. on Dragy and 0-60 mph. expert adv needed. (SeeVideo)

    I have Dragy. I like it and I believe on the recorded times on 0-60mph or 0-100km/h. But when I use it on Camera mode to overlay the video, I can see (ONLY on playing the video) a sorta like Christmas tree. I can't see it while I start to record the movie on the phone. In addition (the main...
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    Latest Referral Program info

    I correct understand the Free miles thing, but not the same for Y and R2020 raffle AND the BOLD part on "credits to spend in services, accessories..." Which Credits? and how they worth ? 1 referral = one credit? and during 5000 miles period = 5 credits? and the value of 1 credit ? 10USD? 100...
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    Pedestrian safety system

    Is there some sorta of pedestrian safety system in the active safety features (I'm not speaking of AP engaged). I was at about 30 mph and i admit I was distracted by the screen. I looked forward and I saw a pedestrian with a bicycle crossing my road from left to right. I had to brake and I...
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    RPM vs. Speed ?

    Is there a formula or a table to calculate the rpm at a given speed? Example: at 10k rpm which is the speed ?

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