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  1. Art VandeIay

    Wheel configuration settings not being stored

    We were having this same issue with my wife's Model X since the vehicle installed 2022.20, but yesterday we installed 2022.20.8, and that seems to have fixed the problem for us! We just changed the wheels to 22" Turbines from 20" Slipstreams and this time it worked perfectly on both the MCU and...
  2. Art VandeIay

    Good article on tire pressure

    Funny that you read my mind :)... As I was reading your post, I was thinking about the fact that every time we take our Model S or X to our local Service Center, the TPMS readings on the Instrument Cluster always display 45 psi. I guess the Service Technicians over-inflate the tires in order...
  3. Art VandeIay

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    That feature has to be enabled server side by Tesla, as you can see by the "loading" spinning circle you get for less than a second when you click on the "Add/Remove Products" tab on the settings menu within the app, but the code to manage the Gen3 Wall Connector from the app is there since...
  4. Art VandeIay

    Good article on tire pressure

    Quite interesting article/thread. Here's my personal experience: My wife and I do a Costco run every week (Not my cup of tea, but my wife loves going to Costco, so happy wife happy life!), and we either take my Model S or her Model X. (95% of the time we take her Model X). So every 2 weeks or...
  5. Art VandeIay

    Issues with Web Browser

    Maybe not the best solution for an inherently crappy browser, but have you tried clearing the browser cache with some frequency, (maybe once a week), through the "Clear Browser Data" feature in: Controls → Service?
  6. Art VandeIay

    Energy Usage Graph and Trip Data no longer display

    Interesting issue! What software version is your Model S currently on? I LOVE the Energy Graph. I have it on display all the time, both on the MCU as well as the IC widget. It's such a beloved useful feature that many Palladium S and X owners are full-on grieving the loss of their Energy Graph...
  7. Art VandeIay

    Regenerative braking and brake lights, how do it work

    Also battery temperature and SoC...
  8. Art VandeIay

    How to access Sentry recordings on MS with HW 2.0 and MCU 1?

    The non-recording Sentry mode on Autopilot 2.0 vehicles was born from a tweet that was sent to Elon. At the time, there was a rising number of smash and grab incidents in San Francisco in early 2019, and Sentry was Tesla's attempt to reduce these incidents. Now back to the tweet... Someone...
  9. Art VandeIay

    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    Unfortunately not my Model X 😢, just a random picture I found on the Internet for illustration purposes...
  10. Art VandeIay

    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    Not saying you guys are not looking in the correct place, but it took me a while to figure out where to find it: From what we can tell, the colorizer feature needs firmware version 2022.20.6 or newer, and it's located, not within the Toy Box or the Games/Entertainment section, but in Controls→...
  11. Art VandeIay

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    My Gen3 Wall Connector updated yesterday to Firmware 22.23.0 and the SSID broadcasting still turns off after 15 minutes, so thanks Tesla for still not messing this up. I didn't see any new features on the settings page. I wish Tesla gave us thorough release notes for both the Wall Connector...
  12. Art VandeIay

    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    Hey Nathan, can you change the wheel configuration on your car? If you change your wheels to say "21' silver Arachnids" does the change reflect on the Tesla app and the vehicle render on the MCU after it finishes with all the reboots?
  13. Art VandeIay

    Model X - emergency open driver door?

    That procedure is only for the falcon wing doors. In all pre-Palladium Model S/X, both front door interior handles are physically connected to the door latch with a cable. The first 20% or so of the handle pull/travel activates the electronic actuator inside the door latch, the other 80% or so...
  14. Art VandeIay

    Model X Plaid GPS “Stuck” in Last Location (Parking Garage)

    Hey @BonB, Not sure if it helps, but I had a similar (but not quite the same) situation with my wife's Raven Model X. I wrote about the issue here... Long story short, we took our Model X to our local Service Center back in August 2021, and they had it for a little over 10 days. They weren't...
  15. Art VandeIay

    2022 MODEL S PLAID - Cosmetic disaster

    All yours! I actually have it set as my profile picture for the Tesla app and all Tesla related stuff 😬. I would love to give the original author due credit, but I found it on Reddit a few years ago and can't pin point where I downloaded it from... 🤷‍♂️
  16. Art VandeIay

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    Starting with version 4.10.0 of the Tesla app, you will be able to add your Gen3 Wall Connector to your list of Tesla products: The features that you are able to manage as of this version of the app are still very limited, but I'm sure Tesla will be adding more, as newer app updates (and...
  17. Art VandeIay

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    You can manually update your Wall Connector's software following the instructions here.
  18. Art VandeIay

    Gen 3 Wall Connector wont stop broadcasting SSID...

    Just wanted to let you guys know that my Gen3 Wall Connector updated to Firmware 22.7.0 on June 3rd, and this software version stops broadcasting the SSID after 15 minutes if you have the Load Sharing feature off... just as it should!!!! :D Hopefully Tesla doesn't mess this up again on newer...
  19. Art VandeIay

    How to type "|" on tesla?

    This may be a long shot, but have you tried pressing and holding each key on your keyboard in order to see if they have additional characters in them? 🤔
  20. Art VandeIay

    Sentry Mode via App

    As of today, this feature is only available for Model 3/Y and Palladium S/X [with horizontal screens]. Your Legacy 2020 X with MCU2 is fully capable of having Live Sentry, as it has the exact same hardware as 2018-2021 Model 3's with the Intel CPU. There's rumors that this feature is coming, as...
  21. Art VandeIay

    No Live View Option?

    I don't want to get everyone's hopes up, but starting with firmware branch 2022.16 and up, Tesla has been working on populating the infrastructure needed to bring Live Sentry to Legacy S and X vehicles. The code is there, but it's still disabled. As with all things Tesla, we need to take this...
  22. Art VandeIay

    Model S OEM performance pedals part number

    Quick tip: If you press and hold on a📱(or right-click on a 💻) over any image of any product in the Tesla Shop website, and then select: "Open image in a new tab", the part number of that product is at the end of the URL of the tab that just opened... :)
  23. Art VandeIay

    Camera upgrade gone wrong?

    They upgrade the front inline triple camera, both side repeaters and both B-pillar cameras. In other words, all except the backup camera. A software update is required, but you can stage it beforehand if you live near a Service Center, and yes, you can order the parts yourself via the Tesla app...
  24. Art VandeIay

    Great dog cover for the trunk area

    I don't have this pet cover myself, but I've read amazing reviews on this one... You can also buy covers for the back of the hatch and the sides of the trunk.
  25. Art VandeIay

    For sale Tesla Model S tail lights

    Thanks for the quick reply! I have root access on my vehicle so software is not an issue. But I think I'm going to go the slicing and adapting the wiring harness route, especially now that Tesla has released the official service manuals and wiring diagrams for everyone. This is exactly the...
  26. Art VandeIay

    For sale Tesla Model S tail lights

    Hey @M0rpH3x, how troublesome was the tail light swap? I'm seriously considering taking the plunge as I LOVE LOVE the amber turn signals. I saw this guy on YouTube who just changed the bodyside part of the assembly, so he was able to keep the double reverse lights, and didn't need to enable the...
  27. Art VandeIay

    MCU2 has 5G??

    Or maybe they got confused by the new Wi-Fi frequency compatibility. MCU1 only has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi antenna but MCU2 has a 2.4GHz and a new 5GHz antenna for Wi-Fi, as described in the Infotainment Upgrade website:
  28. Art VandeIay

    Has anyone received a '17 Model X AP Camera Upgrade?

    Yes there has been some camera retrofits done for Model X' in the US. This thread has this chart documenting the very slow process... There's even people in Canada now getting cameras retrofitted on their Model X'. Your profile description says you are located in Melbourne, FL but there...
  29. Art VandeIay

    2020 MX (Raven) Heated Seats Icon

    Yes you can pin them to the bottom bar since firmware 2022.12.1. I'm going to quote myself--> here's how to do it!
  30. Art VandeIay

    Camera upgrade gone wrong?

    Hey @steilkurve you definitely got your original camera back after the "Monday visit" 😢. This has happened to other TMC members before, and it happens because the Tesla techs check on their internal Service software called Garage the "correct" part numbers required for your specific VIN number...
  31. Art VandeIay

    Tesla dashcam vs aftermarket one

    You did mention you have AP2 currently. All AP2 onwards vehicles have the exact same number of cameras (8). 3 in the windshield, 2 side repeaters, 2 cameras in the b-pillars and the backup camera. The only difference among cameras is their color filters. AP2 cameras lack a blue light filter...
  32. Art VandeIay

    Tesla dashcam vs aftermarket one

    Not currently, but it will, when you get the Infotainment Upgrade (MCU2). Actually, the Dashcam feature and Sentry that records to a USB drive are dependent on the Autopilot computer version, not the MCU version. When you get the Infotainment Upgrade, Tesla also updates the Autopilot computer...
  33. Art VandeIay

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Separate things. On one hand, there are lines of code in recent firmware that reference a DAS (Autopilot) HW4 computer. And on the other hand, there are also new side repeater part numbers, (I have no idea what's new with them in comparison to all the previous revisions and iterations), but...
  34. Art VandeIay

    Regen Hold Mode tuned for weight of X?

    Late April 2019. My wife has a 04/2019 Raven Performance X that came from Fremont with ventilated seats and Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels with 255/45/20 Michelin Tires in the front, instead of the 265/45/20 Continental Tires used on all other Model X's with 20 inch wheels. I guess they were a...
  35. Art VandeIay

    Legacy v11

    I totally agree with you. My wife drives a Raven Model X, which always gets updated to the latest firmware version as soon as it gets it, and I drive a Model S which is still on v10, as I haven't seen anything on my wife's X worthy of updating my Model S; although 2022.12.1 is looking to be...
  36. Art VandeIay

    Legacy v11

    Not quite full screen but 3/4 of the screen: And starting with 2022.12.1 the browser got updated to a newer version of Chromium and we also now have a "Clear Browser Data" button on the Service tab in the Controls Menu, which should be useful when the browser starts to become laggy:
  37. Art VandeIay

    Legacy v11

    You won't. The energy graph is still available on both the IC and the MCU screen in all firmware releases of v11 for Legacy vehicles. It's currently unavailable only on Palladium Model S and Model X, as their IC is not [yet] configurable.
  38. Art VandeIay

    Legacy v11

    They are there in 2022.12.1, but as with all things Tesla, it's was weirdly implemented... You can access them by pressing and holding the "Icon Launcher" [the square with the three dots inside], or by opening the "Icon Launcher" and then pressing and holding any "App Icon": I found it...
  39. Art VandeIay

    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    Someone VERY wise once said in the past :D: Here's and actual video of one in the wild: Talk about unicorn Model X builds...
  40. Art VandeIay

    Updates have stopped?

    Interesting 🤔... We have this exact same issue with our Raven X. We first got the seat alert with 2022.4.5.3, then we updated to 2022.4.5.5 which didn't fix it, and we just got 2022.8.2 yesterday but that didn't fix it either 😥. We have the alert on the right side mono-post seat on the second...
  41. Art VandeIay

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Not yet. I had them both on order at my local Service Center in order to open them up and see what was new, but I decided to cancel my order as I didn't want to take the cameras off of someone waiting to get the camera retrofit on their vehicle 🤷‍♂️. I'm not even sure if Tesla is actually...
  42. Art VandeIay

    Raven -> Refresh. Worth the upgrade?

    I have a 2017 February built Model S with the Gen1 ventilated seats like yours. My wife drives a Raven Model X Performance with the Gen2 ventilated seats. Model S and X Palladiums have the Gen3 ventilated seats. Unfortunately, my derrière must not be as sensitive as yours, since I can't notice...
  43. Art VandeIay

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    I agree! HW4 code can be found in 2022.4.5.15 and above and there are new side repeater cameras, even for our Oct 2016 - Jan 2021 [S2] Model S' 1495866-22-C and 1495867-22-C
  44. Art VandeIay

    Legacy v11

    Unfortunately it's a known issue. You can find 6 pages (and counting) for this exact situation here: Model S intermittently loses 4G/LTE/network connectivity
  45. Art VandeIay

    2022 Model X Plaid Delivered

    Hey John, congrats on your new ride! You got the new charge port with the double hinge and the new Plaid badge :cool:. I don't know how's the weather in Maryland, but have you had any issues with the charge port door in cold weather conditions?
  46. Art VandeIay

    Plaid X: Can I flip it?

    We all know the Model X is a very difficult vehicle to flip ;):
  47. Art VandeIay

    What tires comes in the MX plaid 22” wheels

    If you are lucky enough 😒, you get to try 2 different brand of tires at the same time on your Palladium X (although not in the 22”):
  48. Art VandeIay

    Rear brake light moved?

    Did the Palladium X you had for a week had the new charge port? Because if it didn't, I'm pretty sure the new taillights with the new charge port are different, just like the ones @stkgator saw: As you can see from the 20'' Cyberstream Wheels, these 2 Model X's are both Palladium Long Range...

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