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    Delete Nav Entries

    Yes. I have rebooted both with the scroll wheels and with the top buttons. No joy.
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    Delete Nav Entries

    I agree that they are locked by some process, but even after a reboot (multiple reboots!) these entries are back the next time I hit the Navigate button.
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    Delete Nav Entries

    I typically delete Nav entries about once a month or so. (It REALLY speeds up searches.) But after I delete all entries I notice that I still have 8-10 entries that simply will not delete. They are there the next time I look at the list. The number of these non-deletables is continuing to grow...
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    Reputation points?

    And I just thought it was all about the pony. Oh well...
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    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    Does this location have a CHAdeMo fast charger or is it just J1772?
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    Is it feasible to buy a Model S when I live so far from a SC and super chargers?

    When I bought mine I was over 100 miles away from a service center or supercharger, but I bought it anyway and I did so with no regrets. I would do the same again! I have had a couple minor issues that required a ranger trip to my house, but there was no charge to me for that service. I have had...
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    Tennessee Tesla Thread

    I am in. You can include me.
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    Audi Commits To Nationwide 150 kW Fast Charge Network In U.S.

    I do not understand why other companies are not taking advantage of the free patents offered by Tesla. Tesla obviously has the best engineered product. Why do others want a proprietary or less-than-optimal system?
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    Tesla PeaceMaker Package

    I am not sure what happened to the TeslaPeacemaker package but I am getting 404 error when I try to access it. Very disappointed! Hope the owner puts it back up.
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    “Anti-ICEing” Bill in Maryland Requires Vehicle to be Plugged In

    With our cars, Lloyd, how would anyone know whether it was charging or not??
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    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    Tap the x's faster. (Sorry, I could not resist.) There is only a one-at-a-time ability to remove them. I had over 2,000 entries so it took a while. But it was worth it to get the response times back.
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    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    h Worked like a CHAMP!!! Just cleared out over 1200 entries and it is back to lightning fast like the car itself. Thank you for your assistance!
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    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    Thanks. That would be a quick easy fix. I will give it a shot and report back.
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    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    I used to be able to plug an address into the Model S Nav and have directions in about 10-15 seconds. Now, it takes more than a minute before the directions show up. Anyone else experiencing this? Are there any solutions or workarounds other than using my cell phone?
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    Supercharger - Louisville, KY

    . You have a P85 and you are concerned about 190 miles??? Could be you just need to slow down a bit! I have driven mine 280 miles on a single charge without endangering others
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    midwest to HHI

    I went on to Burlington and then to Rocky Mount and points north.
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    midwest to HHI

    I have a P85 and,prior to Knoxville SC opening, I have driven from Chattanooga to Asheville on a single (100%) max charge. You should have no trouble at all if you charge in Knoxville.
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    These stats might be somewhat misleading if one drives far more conservatively when the significant other is in the car.
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    0 miles rated range

    You went 178 miles averaging 361 WhM and ended with 0. I certainly would have been averaging a WHOLE BUNCH LESS in order to preserve mileage and battery!
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    Navigation keeps directly me the SC we just passed!

    Just click on TRIP then REMOVE CHARGING STOPS (or something similar to that).
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    Brentwood to Knoxville?

    I have not done it but it is 185 miles. The car is really quite good at estimating on the energy graph. I have left Augusta on the way to Atlanta with a -9% and (watching my speed at 65 MPH) I have arrived with 12 miles remaining. Plugshare (PlugShare - EV Charging Station Map - Find a place to...
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    Are those your Flow-Hives, Bonnie?
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    Anyone from Murfreesboro, TN here?

    WELCOME!! I LOVE get-togethers with other Tesla folks. I have gotten together with the Atlanta folks on several occasions and twice with Tennesseans, albeit for legal meetings with the State. It would be fun to meet some others!
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    What Would You Put in Your S?

    You want to add grease to the oil???
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    Breed of dog Tesla Owners and Fans have.

    Two Yorkies (17 and 16 years old) and a Mi-Ki (one year old).
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    Supercharger - Chattanooga, TN

    I was VERY happy to see that Tesla posted new signage at the Chattanooga SupeCharger
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    Supercharger Etiquette

    Did you? (speak to his manager) I am not sure why an employee would be out at the chargers, but the fix would be quick and easy. Just do the same to vehicle #2. BOOM! Back to full charge. We tend to assume that Tesla employees know everything about our cars...they do not. But educating them (and...
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    Supercharger Etiquette

    Ahhh yes...I vaguely remember those days. (Chuckling) But now it is ME and not the kids. Oh well.
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    Supercharger Etiquette

    Nothing to be paranoid about. Just stay with the car for the 20-30 minutes it takes to charge. If you are going to go shop or eat, it will probably not make much difference anyway as you will be gone long enough for their taper to begin and you still get your 80-90% charge.
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    Supercharger Etiquette

    The first to hook up on a pair gets ALL their car can handle. The second of the pair gets what is left over. As the first car begins its taper, the second will continue to increase its charge until it also begins its taper. The only way this changes is if someone walks up to car one and pushes...
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    Grammar Misteaks, Spelling Misteaks, and Bad Puns :)

    Meh....too sum it duz.
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    Homelink very flaky

    I had been having issues after a firmware update. I finally deleted the Homelink completely and reset it following the onscreen directions. BOOM!! Works like brand new again and has for a couple of weeks. I am HAPPY!
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Why can you not get to these locations? I would have no trouble getting to any of these locations if I were living in D.C.
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    Sugar vs Lithium 10x more power and duration

    And here I didn't think my car could get any sweeter!:rolleyes:
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    Fueling the Fire

    Ya know what burns me up about this?
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    Love, Partnership, Marriage

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    Driving on Sunshine

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! I NEVER said there was no link between the two. There obviously IS a link and I would not deny that. The 83% number above is misleading though. It says they HAVE solar or WOULD CONSIDER solar. Why would anyone NOT consider solar? I have solar on my roof and I would estimate...
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    Love, Partnership, Marriage

    Thanks for helping me make my point, SA. Oh, and btw, I did not question those rights either.
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    Love, Partnership, Marriage

    What, there are not enough of these already on the Internet? My concern would be that this would quickly devolve into arguments for/against same sex relationships. Do we really want to have these discussions on a Tesla forum?
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    EVgo CHAdeMO Charger in Brooklyn

    Did you notice his comment about Plugshare? I think he must be aware of it.
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    Anyone from Murfreesboro, TN here?

    Welcome, Timothy! I am in Chattanooga and it is always a pleasure to see other Tennesseans driving Teslas and participating on the forum.
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    Front armrests question

    First off, WELCOME to the forum! To which armrests are you referring? The ones over the cup holders between the seats?
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    Other Driver Interaction

    I can honestly say that in nearly two years of driving my Tesla, 52,000 miles and in more than 20 States I do not recall a single incident of this nature in my experience.
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    Harris Ranch is getting first battery swap station

    REALLY??? For "a few days"? Goodness! Kinda goes against EVERYthing we have heard over the years.
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    REPLY TO THREAD must die!!

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    REPLY TO THREAD must die!!

    Sorry if you thought I was rude. I am not perfect either, but I DO learn fairly quickly from my mistakes. It was certainly not my intent to be rude. I just cannot fathom why some people sometimes take so long to learn from a mistake. Again, I apologize for seeming to be super rude.
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    REPLY TO THREAD must die!!

    Why would you repeatedly pick the wrong one??? Once you make a mistake why would you not learn from said mistake and not repeat it consistently?
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    Driving on Sunshine

    I told you. I am going to call you on this every time you post it. You said you would not do that again, but here it is. Statistically you can say "60% of all respondents to this survey blah blah blah." You CANNOT say "60% of Tesla owners blah, blah, blah." The 250 respondents are NOT a random...
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    Anyone ever had someone else use their HPWC?

    I am (sincerely) not sure what you are saying here. I would find it VERY hard to believe your J1772 would be used often enough to double your costs. Personally I never charged or even hinted that I wanted any kind of reimbursement. I installed the HPWC because I have dual chargers and wanted the...
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    Anyone ever had someone else use their HPWC?

    Mine has been available on PlugShare ever since it was installed 1.5 years ago. I have had several wonderful Tesla owners stop and charge. All were very gracious. Some gave me a Panera gift card, or a bottle of wine, or took me out for supper at a local restaurant, or just sat in their car and...

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