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  1. J

    Some questions after 2 months ownership

    Hi All, So I'm approaching the 2 months mark of ownership and I've actually been really pleased with my MiC SR+... I even had a really positive Tesla Service Centre experience last week so that was great! However, I still have some (basic) questions which I'm sure the more experienced owners...
  2. J

    Do you need Premium connectivity for remote access?

    My premium connectivity trial runs out in 2 days and I didn’t have any intention in renewing (will just use my phone as a hotspot) but then I thought… will I lose the remote access/monitoring via the phone without premium connectivity? I know it should work when at home as the car is connected...
  3. J

    Can't remove water spots from paintwork

    Well, I've had the most disastrous first wash of my MR this weekend... long story, short; I pressure washed my car yesterday and finished with AytoGlym Polar Seal... the problem is I started packing things away and I took too long to come back and dry the car and by the time I returned the car...
  4. J

    Sun cream on arm rest …. Argh!!

    With the gorgeous weather today, my arms had sun cream applied, and after a drive I realised I’d been resting my arm in the arm rest and there’s a cloudy white stain it! ******* typical! in a panic I tried rubbing it off with tissue but it’s just left a cloudy blotch… any tips on how to remove? :(
  5. J


    Hi All, Been pretty excited to finally get my M3 SR+ so went ahead and created my own Web App portal (I know there's a few of these available now, but I had some time to kill :p) Please check it out at TesFlix.net and let me know if you spot any bugs/issues or if I've missed any channels...
  6. J

    9 Months after I rejected a M3P, my first weekend with MIC SR+...

    So I collected my MIC SR+ from Bham NEC on Friday and spent my first weekend with our new M3 so wanted to document some takeaways as I always found the personal experience useful when I was debating the purchase. First, some background... I have previously ordered a M3 Performance (roughly 9...
  7. J

    UMC/3-Pin charger tripping fuse board...

    Just collected my SR+ (Separate post about that experience incoming!) - however, just got home and tried to charge using the UMC/3-Pin charger. As soon as the light turns blue and about to start drawing power, my house fuse board trips. Have tried this using a Tough Leads extension lead and also...
  8. J

    Underside of Trunk Paint Question

    Just curious if others have a fully painted underside of the trunk (under and in-between the honeycomb design) or do you see areas unpainted (the yellow/gold colour that you can see under the parcel shelf)?
  9. J

    So.... I rejected my collection car today :(

    TL;DR at the end... Woke up today feeling like Xmas morning with a collection planned at Bham. Everything went smoothly and I have to say the staff onsite were all incredibly welcoming, friendly and professional - very impressed by all the staff I talked to today. At first glance, my M3P...
  10. J

    3 Pin charging advice

    Due to collect on Monday and I was planning on using the 3 Pin charger until I get a home charging solution installed... however, I’ve just been reading about the mobile charger and I’ve got some questions: 1. It’s stated that using an extension lead is not recommended but I won’t be ably to...
  11. J

    USB Hub for M3 - Yay or Nay?

    I've seen these USB hubs for M3s that have the "older" 2 USB-A ports: https://www.amazon.co.uk/VXDAS-Dashcam-Sentry-Viewer-Accessories/dp/B08CDP1HJT/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=USB+Hub+tesla&qid=1600072178&sr=8-3 However, my collection is a week away and I'm assuming my M3 will have the USB-C...
  12. J

    PodPoint reviews

    So I have just pulled the trigger on my order and I'm 50% Excited, 50% terrified! Even after watching a billion hours of YouTube content I feel utterly unprepared so just researching Home Chargers. I'm looking at the PodPoint 7kw Tethered variant for £559 after OLEV grant. Anybody have this...
  13. J

    MSM or Black M3 Performance?

    Ok, I know this is totally subjective and you can't really go wrong with any colour - but convince me either way which is the better colour to go for on the Performance model out of Black or MSM.... Owner pics are always welcome :p
  14. J

    M3P owners using summer tyres in Winter

    Just curious if any 19/69 plate M3 performance owners braved last winter on the stock summer tyres? The guidance seems to be tyres should be swapped out but did anyone not do that when our roads are iced and temperature drops to freezing?
  15. J

    Model 3 Frunk re-designed... Heat pump, new headlights and Power Trunk/Boot incoming?

    So, I just came across this article and it seems the new Model 3 deliveries have a re-designed (smaller) frunk: Tesla updates Model 3 frunk, makes it a bit smaller — but why? - Electrek This almost seems to confirm that the Model Y Heat Pump will be making its way into the M3 very soon...
  16. J

    Pre-Purchase Questions

    I'm pulling the trigger in the next couple of weeks and had a random assortment of questions I figured the TMC community can help answer (Specifically, would be great to hear from UK owners) - I'm sure these have been answered on other separate threads in the past but who has time to use a...
  17. J

    Trade in questions before new order

    Looking to place an order within the next 4 weeks and I had a couple questions about trading in a car: 1. I am going to purchase through my Ltd Company but trade in my Wife's car (It's registered under her name) - Teslas FAQs specifically state the registered name on the trade-in must match the...
  18. J

    Long Range with 19" Sport Wheels (Pics please)

    Anyone who's purchased the LR with the 19" Sport Wheels - would you mind posting your pictures? Looking at placing an order in this configuration (In black) and would love to see some real world pics. Thanks
  19. J

    Leaking roof!? Serious concerns about Tesla waterproofing...

    So, every time I make up mind to place an order, yet another serious defect suddenly pops up in my news feed. :eek: Has anyone else seen this video about a 5 day old M3 with water leaking through and into the cabin? This kind of thing just shouldn't be happening on a "mass market" vehicle that...
  20. J

    18" Aero vs 20" Performance: Ride Quality, comfort, noise etc

    Hello all, I've been set on purchasing a M3P (mainly for the better looking wheels and that 3.1s 0-6 time!) but the more YouTube reviews I watch, the more it seems that the 20" rims plus lowered ride height really impact comfort, especially on our battered UK roads. I test drove the M3P and...
  21. J

    Pics of Model 3 with Grey Performance Wheels

    Hello All, Longtime lurker, first time poster :) I'm looking to place my M3P order at the end of the month, but I'm torn on what colour combination to go for, especially now that the only option for wheels are the Grey/Dark ones. I'm leaning towards Black on Black on Black (Black Paint, Black...

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