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    Prices up for everything except the M3P - potential for suggesting upgrades are near?

    Noticed that the price went up on all of the vehicles by a few thousand, except the M3P. Anyone know or think this may mean there's potential for an upgraded model soon? I don't think they would jack up the price on something right before they upgraded it, they would do it after.
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    Model 3 motor changes on the plaid

    Sandy has a great video (as usual) on the Plaid motors. They make the claim in this video that introducing this specific design change, allows Tesla to pull an additional 25% HP, and 25% TQ from the motors. I'm making an assumption here, but having this small segmentation on both ends is...
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    Upcoming M3P hairpin motor question

    Hoping someone with a background in motor tech can share some info on this. I watched a few youtube videos concerning the differences between traditional windings and hairpin wiring tech. Porsche claims that the hairpin can produce more torque, and holds sustained power better than traditional...
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    ANyone else with a 2021 get passenger lumbar?

    the new m3p I picked up has a build date of 9/21 but I have functional passenger lumbar. No one else I know has it on the 21's. Did anyone else get it that has a build date towards the end of the model year? Didn't realize it even had it on there until today.
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    Anything like an MPP party box for a model s raven?

    Assuming his doesn't have track mode like our 3's do; he was wanting to use it for a drift day at a local track. Any options available for this other than to pop the fuse like some of the other threads have suggested? Didn't seem like the fuse removal thing was a viable option for the types of...
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    FS: new set of M3P 235/35/20 Pirelli PZ4 T0 spec with less than 100 miles $750 local pickup only in Vegas

    Swapped out the Pirellis for a set of PS4S, have too many tires and wheels here and need to clear out some space. Tires have less than 100 miles on them, absolutely perfect with no issues. $750 Local pickup only. I will not deliver or meet up except within the city. No holds, first come...
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    only 9/100ths difference in 0-60 times after 74,000 miles

    Trading in the car tomorrow for a new M3P, figured I'd do a final dragy in the same exact setup. 2019 M3P stealth, 19" with continental all seasons. The run today was on the same exact setup, with tires that are 2 years old. first runs were done with +/- 10,000 miles on the odo, today it has...
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    Has anyone ordered the 19x8.5 geminis for the m3p?

    Curious if anyone has ordered a set of the gemini wheels sold with the winter tire package from tesla for the m3p, but ordered the wheels without the tires? Hard to reach our service department and didn't feel like driving all the way over there just to ask. If you did, what was the price on them?
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    FS: M3 both front control arms and compression arms (used - good for use if installing solid bushings)

    Just pulled off a set (both sides) of compression arms and control arms off a model 3. Main bushings on both are ripped and/or exhausted. This would be a good set of arms to use if you were planning on installing the solid/spherical bearing kits and didn't want your car to be on jack stands...
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    Rear control arm bushing on the front replacement

    Sort of jinxed myself a few days ago by talking about how much abuse the car has held up to over 60k+ miles... Power sliding around some stuff last night and had the type of understeer feeling pushing like the front tire sidewalls were flexing a lot. Long story short, looks like the rear...
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    Model 3 went down 100 feet embankment and all four passengers survived

    Happened in San Bernardino. Report says they were speeding, went down 100 feet, but they all survived. Looks like the bottom front of the driver's door may have an "unplugged" performance sticker. Is it anyone on here?
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    Green found an easter egg today suggesting adjustable suspension 3/Y

    Icon on the left in front of the passenger headlight. https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1352052405525950467?s=20
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    Speed sensitive power nerfing @ lower SOC after last update

    Looks like they may have implemented a speed sensitive power nerfing metric based on your SOC below 20% now. I just noticed when the car reached 19% SOC about 80mph, 4 dots popped up on the accelerator bar. Was off the highway a few minutes later below 45 and it was 3 dots. Slowed down at an...
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    alarm sensitivity increased after recent update?

    Anyone notice the alarm sensitivity is increased after the update a few days ago? Had my car up on jacks at least a dozen times in the past year and never had an issue. today i was rotating tires and the alarm went off 3 separate times, it has never happened even a single time before. Curious...
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    Evannex trunk struts reduce trunk lift by 5 inches

    As a tip for anyone looking for replacement struts, or auto opening struts for the model 3 trunk, the evannex struts reduce the distance between the bottom of the trunk lid and the top of the bumper by roughly 5 inches. oem struts open to 51.5” evannex open to 46.5” it’s an enormous...
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    20" M3P OEM wheels w/TPMS & Michelin A/S 3+ (8/32 tread)

    Have a set of these up for grabs. 20" OEM M3P wheels with TPMS and Michelin A/S 3+ tires on them. All tires have between 6.5mm and 6.7mm of tread left. There are a few of the usual nicks from road debris on them, but no curb rash or anything significant. Believe $1800 is a fair price since...
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    Engineering Explained- wheel size effects on electric cars

    Figured I’d link this since there have been a ton of threads on wheels and efficiency in here. Gives a lot more detail on all the aspects that affect range with wheel changes.
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    Taptes wireless charger works with iphone pro max?

    Anyone use the Taptes charger (2020 version) and have an iphone 11 max? Was curious if it fits in there upright or if you have to lay it on the horizontal charger. Believe the 11 max is the same dimensions as the 12 max, and wanted to check before buying one. TIA
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    iPhone Bluetooth issues

    Switched over to an iPhone from android, and when I connected to the car there There doesn’t appear to be a way to configure the phone so it plays media from applications and instead all of it goes through the car, unlike the android where you can actually select if you want music or...
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    FSD update released in Italy

    - per reddit
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    Boring Co applied for a 15 mile loop in Las Vegas

    Elon Musk company seeks extension to underground transit system
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    Dashcam/usb issues after 2020.40.3 update

    Anyone having USB/dashcam issues with the recent update? Installed 2020.40.3 yesterday, and today I started getting warnings that the usb drive was too slow to save all the camera footage. Swapped it out with a brand new spare identical to the one I've been using a year, Samsung usb 3...
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    PSA: Pirelli PZ4 sport tires - steer clear of them

    As a PSA - got a set of Pirelli PZ4 sport tires because they were extremely lightweight (21 pounds), and figured if they worked well with porsche, they would do decent with an M3P... Those tires have to be hot to get sticky, like asphalt well over 100 degrees and tires way above that kind of...
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    historical battery upgrade releases?

    With the model S/X, did Tesla wait for a new model year to upgrade the packs say from 85 to 90's and 100's etc? Or did they just release them throughout the year when tech was available? Contemplating picking up a second M3 as a toy, not in a rush to get it, but if it will be a model year later...
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    How Ford's Mach-E 1400 makes lots of noise

    Just wanted to follow up on this, we have an official answer now. It's not the motors or the gears, we were both wrong. They are military strength speakers to simply make a lot of noise.
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    question on cycle life of battery

    The estimated 1500 cycles that the battery is expected to last through, do you calculate that by adding both the charge and discharge cycles? Or does it only consider the discharge cycles?
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    Power delivery change on last update - higher battery power showing in logs

    After the update last friday, my car (and apparently a few others on here) seemed to feel a bit faster/butt dyno. The biggest change I noticed, was when the car was at lower SOC, it seemed to have picked up a substantial amount of power. Previously, I have kept data logs on SOC launches...
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    Tunnel cutter in the parking lot?

    Anyone here around Vegas that knows if those huge things out in front of the convention center are the cutter they used to dig the tunnels? Couldn't get close to it and see if it had teeth on it, but thought it was weird if it actually disassembled in pieces like it was. I was thinking...
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    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info

    Had some issues with ordering a set of the Martian MW03's <insert drama blah blah>. Decided to source a set of wheels directly from a manufacturer (glad I did). Main thing I was looking for was light weight, and stay around the price of the MW03's. Wired money to the mfr last week, and their...
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    2.97 0-60 (1ft) model 3 stealth

    This is the fastest time listed in dragy; does anyone know if there are any others posted that are faster? 3.14 without the rollout, 2.97 with the rollout. On the 19s with continental all seasons to top it off. Only mod is the RB brake rotors the lighten everything up
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    Front lip similar to unplugged's version?

    Anyone know of a lip available out of ABS similar to the design of the unplugged version? Lots of lips around, but they seem to either be excessively thick, or not be a constant smooth curve. They've got that change in the middle that goes up and down by the grill. TIA
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    RB rotor kit install - nonPUP

    Throwing together a bit of info on the RB rotors for the P3- standard sized kit, looking to do this for removing as much unsprung rotational mass as possible ... OEM front rotor hat is +/- 7.5mm thick RB rotor hat is +/- 6.9mm thick (didn't measure OEM rotor thickness, had wear on it so it...
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    Swapping rear rotors to RB setup, ran into issue, question inside.,

    Picked up a set of the RB rotors and pads. Got the fronts on with no issue, minus what I think is the dust shield scraping on one side.. will address that tomorrow. Rears: put vehicle in tow mode, unhooked power to e brake at the rotor, removed ebreak motor from rotor. Everything disassembled...
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    Perfect conditions P3- 1/2 mile & below data

    Had the chance to take advantage of absolutely perfect conditions good asphalt, perfectly flat, full charge, minimal wind. Here's the Dragy output. 100% stock 19"s with all season Continentals.
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    18x8 rim with 42mm offset?

    considering switching to a set of VMR v804 rims from the factory 19's. Offset on them is 42mm instead of the stock 40mm. Will be running a 235 tire; anyone know if there will be clearance issues on a stealth performance? TIA
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    Torque level dynamics between f/r motors during acceleration

    Had a question, datalogging today doing a launch and noticed that the rear motor torque numbers start dropping substantially around the 43mph mark and gradually decline after that. However, the front motor continues to make almost identical torque from 0, to 58.5 mph before it starts declining...
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    Manually warm up battery?

    Had a question, and seen someone else with the same inquiry on reddit. M3P . Cooler temps, the battery is not nearly as responsive/powerful until (i'm guessing) a certain battery temp is reached. About 50 degrees outside, started at 90% capacity, raced a CTSV at 80%, the CTSV pulled on me when...
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    When Tesla tests motors how many amps do they max out at?

    [Moderator note: the “clickbait title” has been changed to more accurately reflect the quesiton posed by @Sam1. Please do not use grossly inaccurate thread titles. Thank you.] clickbait title. Forgot to post earlier, I guess Tesla runs the 3 motors hard right off the assembly line. Graph goes...
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    Continental tires on 19" m3p quality?

    Wanted to ask, this "stealth" (or whatever people call it) m3p I bought has Continental contiprocontact RX tires on it, and they don't seem to have nearly the grip that the Michelins did on the car I test drove. You can feel the traction control actively interacting (a little) during a launch...
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    If you're waiting for delivery, drop into the store ...

    Was waiting on vin#; heard about the programs for potential free upgrades for in stock vehicles as a swap. Ordered the full m3p initially... Local store just got the m3p with 19's no caliper, no wing, in stock last night, so they got me delivered today, and since it was not technically an...

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