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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    First of all, they need to fix the Raleigh situation. Having one in Raleigh like the one in Charlotte (sales center/service center combined) with lots of parking etc is what Raleigh needs in my opinion. As far as adding a 3rd sales/service center, Greensboro or Winston should be the...
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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    This was my original delivery date that was given to me by my ISA on August 2nd. After that, I heard nothing--I emailed my ISA twice, I called Tesla Raleigh once, and I emailed Tesla Raleigh once. I tried everything I could to get someone to say, "Yeah your car is here and we are ready to see...
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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Yes, sorry forgot to update this thread---here's my post from another forum: "Well, today happened, but not without a couple of problems. Driving to Raleigh for 10am delivery appointment, we hit something on I-85 that blows out a tire on my wife's Lexus RX450h. If you've never changed a flat on...
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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    Also, is delivery of your vehicle at the service center or the store in Raleigh? My Tesla account says service center. Granted they are down the street from each other but just want to be sure.
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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    I emailed my contact at the Raleigh center and he replied August 17th that he was not sure if my car had made it to Raleigh or not as of that day. I emailed my ISA on August 17th and today (22nd) to see if she can tell me if my car was in Raleigh, or Charlotte, or somewhere else---I'm still...
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    Raleigh, NC waiting room

    My delivery date of August 25th was set July 26 for Raleigh. At this point, it's still on for this Saturday at 10am. Cautiously optimistic this will actually go thru, but I'm also waiting on that email from my ISA that something has changed. I will update this thread as things progress.
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    Model 3 Performance AWD with Performance Package Delivered

    @TimAD more pics when you have time....this is my exact configuration due to arrive in 2 weeks.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Did you have the entire back glass tinted in one piece? If so, let me know who did your tint....I'm having trouble finding someone who can tint the back glass in one piece here in the Piedmont Triad, so I don't mind traveling to the Raleigh area if I have to.
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    Any Porsche defectors?

    2015 Macan Turbo sale pending as we speak, Model 3 Performance ordered with delivery by October (according to Tesla). When I bought the Macan in January '15, I really wanted a Model S but was scared to pull the trigger on a total EV at the time for some reason. I have always regretted not...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Does look a stealth wrap but not sure. Here are a few more pics on their Facebook page...just arrow over for each pic. SD Wrap
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    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3

    Much better stance with the coilovers imo. Nice job @UnpluggedP
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    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3

    @UnpluggedP more pics please! Been waiting to see some 20" wheels + coilovers.....
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    What videos would you like to see of Model 3?

    VBox performance data video. That is all, thanks ;)
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    Vendor T Sportline 19" TST Wheels For Tesla Model 3

    Agreed. The first picture appears to be an actual photo. Second pic looks to be photoshopped.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Lots of you prefer the stock chrome with silver exterior....but to me this is absolute perfection. We all have to agree that it's nice to see some unique model 3 showing up.
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    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model 3

    @UnpluggedP when is the delivery estimate for your shop car from Tesla? I assume that's when all this UP things will get a little more serious. Looking forward to your project.
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    An amazing delivery experience!

    Great video! Congrats guys!!
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Wish we could see the back of this Model 3 as I wonder where it is from. Weird to see a Model 3 spotted in NC so soon.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Rubber splitter source? Not sure if it's the pics or what, but it looks pretty good! Evannex??
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Car turned out amazing, I know you are glad to have it back. Current mod list?
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    Poll: Model 3 Dissuasion?

    I am in the exact same boat. However, once the specs of the Model 3 are released, if my senses aren't aroused, I'll just pony up and get a P100D Model S. :)
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    Model 3 Mule Sightings

    Is it supposed to? It's a sedan, not a CUV or SUV.
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    Model 3 Price Estimator

    I just built a 98k Model 3 lol.
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    $100 Ludicrous Challenge... :)

    Showed this video to my entire family...wife said, "That looks like something you'd do!" referring to me and my son who is about the same age. Classic video!
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    Must-have Aftermarket Accessories

    Personally I'm waiting on Unplugged to come up with their aftermarket accessories once the Model 3 is finally released. I love what they've done with the S!
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    CRAZY speculation: Plaid

    Personally I feel like the top of the line 3 will do 0-60 in the 3.5 to 3.9 second range. That's faster than my Macan Turbo and my Macan is fast enough for my needs.
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    Same here.
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    Model ☰ License Plate Ideas?

    Ag Tesla (Guess you know what color I'm ordering)
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    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    2015 Porsche Macan Turbo. Will sale it in 2018 to fund the fastest model 3 Musk came come up with and then get it tweaked by Unplugged Performance.:D
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    Unplugged Performance Model 3 Release Frunkgate Party Recap

    As I've said before, can't wait to see what Unplugged does with the Model 3!
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    What Are Your Daily Driver Plans While Awaiting the Model 3?

    My '15 Macan Turbo....great car that I bought January of 2015 because I was too scared to go EV and get the Model S. However, as great as it is, I still have remorse for not getting the S. Therefore, I have reserved a Model 3 and will be selling the Macan the first part of 2018 so I have cash...
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    Tesla "Wave"

    Funny stuff. I've done that numerous times to Jeep owners when I'm not in my Wrangler. Go Heels!!
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    Preview of my Model S wrap

    Hope the car is finished tonight.....can't wait to see the finished product. I think you have picked the perfect color for the MS.
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    Preview of my Model S wrap

    The door handles look awesome, I think doing them in the same color as the wrap is the way to go. I wish someone could find a way to wrap and match the door handles on stock Model S colors. Would love to get rid of the chrome on the handles but don't really want to go black.
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    Preview of my Model S wrap

    I can't wait to see the finished product. Nice choice on color, and the blacked out chrome has me especially interested on the silver S.
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    Unplugged by another S owner...

    Best line of the whole thread!!
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    Picture request: Any Model S with a nice wheels/rims set up?

    Greg, I totally agree. Has anyone else dealt with this fairly new company TSportline? Home | TSportline.com | Carbon fiber tesla accesories | forged tesla wheels | tesla interior accessories
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    Picture request: Any Model S with a nice wheels/rims set up?

    ^^^^^^ "We want more, we want more, like, you really like it, ya want more!" That, my friend looks amazing. Nice job!
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    no more chrome

    Nice improvement! Curious as to the holdup of the door handles as well. Keep us posted.
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    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    Thanks Ceilidh. I'm agonizing over color, but I'm leaning towards Silver exterior, grey interior...only holdback was the fear of the grey being so light and showing dirt and marks. You guys have relieved my anguish.
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    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    Good news Jerry33, that's what I was hoping for :smile:
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    Grey interior owners please.. any regrets considering the headboard?

    So everyone who has the grey interior, how hard has it been to keep clean so far?? Had grey (Silverstone) on an E60 M5 and it was actually pretty easy, but then again, I didn't drive the car too much.
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    My 15,000 Mile Long Term Update

    Nice read....thanks for your impressions. Have you had many problems/glitches with your car since you've had it??

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