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    Tesla Gateway 2 w/ hub and subpanel

    New in box Tesla Gateway 2. Local pickup available in SE Wisconsin. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $1000 Came with referral powerwall, I already have a GW2 up and running.
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    Tesla Gateway 2 with hub and subpanel ba

    New in box Tesla Gateway 2. Local pickup available in SE Wisconsin. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $1000 Came with referral powerwall, I already have a GW2 up and running.
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    Older HPWC - All sorts of issues

    I had an early VIN P85, sold it a few years ago. Right before I sold it, I drywalled my garage so I had to temporarily disconnect the HPWC. When I hooked it back up it stopped working. I sold the car a couple weeks later so I never got around to fixing it. I have a P90DL now so this thing...
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    Best way to determine my car's value?

    I have P11XXX, a P85, every option they offered at the time except 21" wheels and air suspension. 74,000 miles. How do I go about figuring out what price I could potentially sell my car for? I suppose I should spell it all out. MC Red Pano Dual chargers Jump seats Carbon Fiber interior with...
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    Heat / HVAC on 7.0 - poor performance?

    Since I installed the 7.0 on my Classic P85 the Heat on the HVAC works like crap! I turned on the defroster at 74 tonight and felt cold air blowing, the car used to warm up to the desired temp quickly and this time it took 10 minutes or so while driving (in 40* outside temps) Here's a vid...
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    I want to add the cold weather windshield - service center says no!

    A small chip turn into a crack that runs along the bottom of my whole windshield. Since it is getting replaced I asked about installing the cold weather package windshield on my car. I find the wipers to be nearly useless without it in a good snow. I'm getting really irritated with Tesla...
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    Touch screen noises?

    I don't remember my touch screen making any noise when I first got the car so I can only assume that a fan is getting a little noisy. but damn if it doesn't sound like a hard drive in there (which I would love to grab an image of using dd) Is everyone else's touch screen / center console...
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    Non Cold weather package people in cold climates.. any tricks to prevent wiper ice?

    My biggest frustration about the car is how the poor the wipers are in cold weather. The defroster is great and clears the window but when I need the wipers the water they move will instantly freeze to them when they're below the hood where there is no heat on them. What do we do?? I have a...
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    Hey cold climate people! Anyone with oold air through the speakers in the rear doors?

    I had a passenger in the back yesterday that mentioned a ton of cold air coming in via the speaker in the rear doors.. Does anyone else have this?
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    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    This is going to be an unpopular post. Hoping you guys can help me with something I'm having a hard time with. Little background on me, I'm an IT guy and a fairly experienced mechanic. I build race motorcycles and I've rebuilt cars. Mixing the two makes sense to me, there's no "magic"...
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    S85 and P85 owners, where does your power meter peg out at when flooring it?

    Mine tops out just below 320. How about yours? (please be safe about testing this!)
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    Onboard charger replacement

    I've only been charging at 40a lately, haven't really noticed for how long. I reported the issue to them yesterday and I have an appointment for Oct 30th to get the charger replaced. Is 8 days without one of my onboard chargers really acceptable? How many others are there now that have had...
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    Lost keyfob, any way to locate it using RF signals?

    I know both of my keys are in the house somewhere.. unfortunately I can only find one. I'm hoping the dog didn't eat the other. Does anyone have any knowledge of the interaction between the car and they key fob that activates the walk up unlock? I figured it was the car sending out a "ping"...
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    Anyone driving around sunrise and have issues with display?

    Given the time of the year, I can only assume many of us are driving to work around sunrise and I'm wondering if others are having the same frustration I am. If I don't adjust the dash brightness myself as the sky is getting brighter I can't see my dash for up to 30 minutes lately during my...
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    Slacker issues anyone?

    I haven't had slacker working since yesterday morning. I've tried from the car's 3g and wifi tethered to my iPhone. No problems with network connectivity so it seems to be just slacker. The app on my iPhone wasn't working either.
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    Anyone have a window randomly roll down?

    I'm (almost) certain my passenger front window was closed last night when we got home. I plugged the car in but didn't really look it over. Since I parked at the girlfriend's house it isn't in a garage and well this morning, just that one window was down all the way. And as luck would have...
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    Multi-coat Red with stock 19" wheels in black / any dark color, anyone?

    I'd love to see a picture of this.. I've been searching the threads today and I have yet to see one..
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    Windows fog up too easily

    Compared to other cars I've owned, this car fogs up like crazy!! And this is my first really nice car. Previous, nearly fog free vehicles were, 2010 Ford F150, 2003 Jetta TDI, 2000 Grand Prix GTP (x2), and many others. Are you guys experiencing this?
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    Chicago Superchargers?

    Is there any word about Superchargers opening in the Chicago Metro area?
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    Added a little carbon fiber.

    First and foremost, I shamelessly stole this idea from another form member here. He had his rear diffuser done in carbon fiber and it looked fantastic. I can't find the post right now so I can't give proper credit for this idea. I did the same, and also had the front bumper "chin spoiler" done...
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    Anyone get 5.0 and use a HPWC?

    If I understand correctly, the cars were set to only go to 60A by default and we had to turn it up to 80A. Are we able to keep the charge rate at 80A yet (with the new fuses)?
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    vinyl wrapping chrome

    When vinyl wrapping the chrome, is it usually removed or done right on the car? If removed, does anyone here know how to remove it? I'm a little far from any shop that has any sort of experience with the MS.

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