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  1. TesAus

    All American Car Day

    @lonewolf313 and I braved the heat and carried the torch for the Tesla community. I took along my wife’s Model X which attracted a lot of interest. Again a real spectrum of knowledge from “what do you mean it doesn’t have an engine” to “Is this a P100D” on first approach. Top questions were...
  2. TesAus

    All American Car Day

    We are in the “Special Interest” zone this year! It won’t let me post a screen shot for some reason, but just on the left after the entry ramp.
  3. TesAus

    All American Car Day

    I’m taking the email from the President of the Mustang Owners Club confirming that we are welcome - that should ease things!
  4. TesAus

    All American Car Day

    I remember what it was like that first year and looks like this is going to be a repeat if not worse!
  5. TesAus

    All American Car Day

    I will be going along and hope a few others might join in (have put the details up on TOCA website also) I have checked with the organisers and they welcome ALL American built cars. Recommendation was to enter the show with cars between 8 and 9 or miss out on space. I was thinking of meeting...
  6. TesAus

    Supercharger - Bathurst NSW

    So something is happening in Bathurst.... This article refers to a recent council agreement for the GM of the council to sign an agreement for a charging station for 4-6 chargers on council property and asks people to guess where it is: Council in negotiations to install electric charging...
  7. TesAus

    Tesla battery event Hornsdale

    19 people who will be driving Teslas have registered their journeys.
  8. TesAus

    Supercharger - Keith SA

    Keith supercharger is now shown as live on the Tesla website: Keith Supercharger | Tesla Australia
  9. TesAus

    Supercharger - Euroa VIC

    Is anyone going near Euroa in the next day or two? Would be good to see if it is looking like it will be finished for the end of this week....
  10. TesAus

    Supercharger - Horsham (VIC)

    May be waiting for Euroa sled to become free?
  11. TesAus

    Tesla battery event Hornsdale

    Anyone who has got an invite and is planning on driving their Tesla to SA for the event can you please make contact with TOCA using the email address [email protected] (Thanks to those that have already). TOCA have been asked to coordinate timings for people passing through the...
  12. TesAus

    Supercharger-Adelaide (SA)

    The white boxes are part of the supercharger - two posts run off each box. The green box looks like a switchboard rather than a transformer. If a new transformer is being installed then it would also most likely be a green box approximately 1m wide, 2m long and 1.5m high. Given the install is...
  13. TesAus

    Supercharger-Adelaide (SA)

    Hi Ben, Any sign of the all important transformer to power the site?
  14. TesAus

    Tesla battery event Hornsdale

    You would only need a fraction of the full battery installation to power a pretty awesome event at night. Perhaps they will have the first section up and running?
  15. TesAus

    Tesla in Australia

    RMS registration statistics for Q2 now in. There are now a total of 760 Teslas registered in NSW. That is an increase of 142 since previous quarter! table115_2017q2.html
  16. TesAus

    NSW Drive and lunch - 18 June

    Hi all, Just "bumping" this thread. If you want to join us for the lunch part of the day you need to buy tickets by the end of Saturday (10th).
  17. TesAus

    NSW Drive and lunch - 18 June

    Hi all, If anyone is interested there is a Sunday Drive and lunch coming up. Need to sign up by the 10th if planning on coming along. TOCA NSW Event - A classic from the future
  18. TesAus

    Tesla in Australia

    Latest RMS registration stats now up: Registration Total Tesla NSW registrations up to end of Q1 2017 is 618. That is an increase of 119 cars since Q4 2016. There are now more Teslas in NSW than Aston Martins.
  19. TesAus

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    He retired counting at 1000 spots, probably sitting back in a hammock with a beer?
  20. TesAus

    Dead Patch!

    I can see why they might need to do that in a 60, but the larger packs should comfortably make it there and back? Unless they are doing constant launches down the Main Street of Forster.....
  21. TesAus

    Do new Model S's and X's in New Zealand come with the web browser enabled?

    I have been in at least two cars that will play a DVD or display TV on the centre screen (visible to the driver) when stationary, but then cut out when you start moving. They were factory fitted systems not some after market add on.
  22. TesAus

    Daisy chaining of HPWCs

    So we are soon to be a 2 Tesla household and have received the second HPWC (both three phase). The manual describes the ability to daisy chain the HPWCs so that the master HPWC charges first and when it finishes sends a signal to the next one to start charging. That way you don't need to run...
  23. TesAus

    S. A. Needs Help

    About 25 years ago I visited a pumped hydro scheme in Wales called Dinorwig or "the electric mountain". It has an installed capacity of nearly 2000MW and the turbine hall was basically a cave hollowed out in the mountain. They would keep two of the turbines spinning on air when not producing...
  24. TesAus

    Model X Review

    Another one... 2017 Tesla Model X P100D review
  25. TesAus

    Tesla in Australia

    RMS rego stats for Q4 now up. There were a total of 499 Tesla's registered in NSW as at 31 December 2016. That is an increase of 46 since end of September 2016.
  26. TesAus

    Was CWJ 26E, but now changed - both spotted

    Was CWJ 26E, but now changed - both spotted
  27. TesAus

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Not just possible, it is a new addition to the Evoke fleet and its first paying customer was Robert Llewellyn of Red Dwarf and "Fully Charged" fame over from the UK at present. Robert Llewellyn on Twitter
  28. TesAus

    100D price differential??

    So Tesla are now offering 100D as a battery upgrade on the configurator under the 90D (for the X at least). Previously you could only get the 100kWh battery with the performance model. Reports from the US suggest price differential of $3k USD which should translate to approximately $4k AUD...
  29. TesAus

    Southern Highlands meet up - 15 Jan 2017

    With convoys converging from Canberra and Sydney we eventually had 41 cars attend today's event in Bowral including a P100D brought down by Kyle and Will from Tesla. That makes it the new largest gathering of Tesla's in the Southern Hemisphere. The 94 attendees had come from far and wide with...
  30. TesAus

    Destination Chargers in Australia

    I checked out the Castle Towers destination chargers at Castle Hill today (out of interest rather than need). Pretty nice set up, maybe 50m from the lifts at one end of the mall near Myer so convenient, but no so close that are asking to be ice'd everyday. Three HPWCs and marked bays. I have...
  31. TesAus

    Is this a new bug?

    Even before the latest update it used to do this on the M7 just after the Old Windsor Road turn off heading west. Have also noticed now that it has slowed for school zones for a second or two as you enter the zone and then accelerates back to non school time speed.
  32. TesAus

    Supercharging to become limited for new cars

    I assume the upgrade was done by Tesla? Have you noticed any improvement in performance of the screen or streaming songs etc?
  33. TesAus

    Overnight Charging at Home

    Was there a software update download or install happening the night it started late?
  34. TesAus

    Southern Highlands meet up - 15 Jan 2017

    Looking forward to catching up with new and old friends on the 15th! We have quite a number of confirmed attendees, including some interstate travellers, but there are still places available. Further details of the event are available on the Eventbrite link in the original post. If you are...
  35. TesAus

    Supercharger parking fee when not charging introduced.

    So how will this work at sites such as Goulburn which allow general parking for non Tesla vehicles for 30(?) minutes. It would be perverse if a recently completed supercharging Tesla got a "fine" but an ICE vehicle can park there with no consequence...
  36. TesAus

    Anybody hear there was a Tesla stolen in Melbourne, Glen Waverley?

    Let's hope they are not smart enough to read this forum then....
  37. TesAus

    Southern Highlands meet up - 15 Jan 2017

    In January 2016 the Bowral meet up became the largest gathering of Teslas in the Southern Hemisphere with 37 cars attending, but we can do better than that!!! On Sunday 15 January 2017 we will descend (ascend?) upon Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral for lunch and a catch up on all things Tesla...
  38. TesAus

    Supercharger - Coffs Harbour

    I think there was a song along those lines....
  39. TesAus

    Australia\NZ Electric Vehicle Charging standards (Ban the J1772?)

    European joint initiative announced for fast charging network: BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen to launch ultra-fast EV network in Europe | CarAdvice Presumably this will determine the type of connectors fitted on future vehicles from these companies, which may in turn drive the balance of...
  40. TesAus

    How did your V8.0 update go?

    Haven't had an update recently but a few days ago I got a "collision imminent" red warning and beep approaching a bend in the road that had some pedestrians jogging close to the edge of the kerb. It definitely didn't flash up the picture of a car in red, it could have been the motorcycle...
  41. TesAus

    Autopilot in Victoria

    You could say he pulled the wool over your eyes? Ok, ok I'm going.....
  42. TesAus

    Did you know that the S is more expensive than the X?

    Finally a reason to move to NZ? ;-)
  43. TesAus

    Tesla in Australia

    I believe that those 2 are probably Hyundai demonstrators as opposed to private registrations as well? Given that even the staunch Hydrogen supporters such as Toyota seem to have softened their position I don't expect it to take off any time soon. Counter intuitively it will probably only be...
  44. TesAus

    Tesla in Australia

    NSW rego statistics now up for Q3. table115_2016q3.html A total of 453 Tesla's registered in NSW as at the end of September 2016. That is a 50 car increase from last quarter. There are 894 passenger electric vehicles (excluding motorcycles and other categories) now registered in NSW, with...
  45. TesAus

    HPWC install - isolation switch?

    If it is a similar requirement here then that might explain the differnce in interpretation. All of the original HPWCs were single phase 40A max. I understand that there are now 80A single phase units available. I wonder if the threshold (if it exists in Aus) is per phase or total? The three...
  46. TesAus

    HPWC install - isolation switch?

    Not sure that I quite follow the logic for that reasoning? Only a licensed electrician should have the cover off to "service" the HPWC and what would they service anyway? If an electrician was working on any other circuit in the house wouldn't they just isolate the relevant circuit breaker...
  47. TesAus

    Tesla moments

    At least the wipers wouldn't ever squeak?
  48. TesAus

    Full car wrapping Brisbane

    Some people wrap their cars not to provide protection but to get a different colour, finish (eg Matt) or add company logos etc.
  49. TesAus

    Supercharger - Knockrow (Byron Bay) NSW

    You ignored the alternative that the knight goes wandering by himself....?
  50. TesAus

    Supercharger - Heatherbrae NSW

    No sense of adventure! Who needs a ferry when the car can swim?

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