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    Fix for Broken FSD Beta 10.3

    Same experience here. I was really impressed with 10.3 this morning but I lost all functionality on my second drive this afternoon for seemingly no reason.
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    I still have FSD Beta 10.3

    I went from 10.2 to 10.3 last night and got the notification this afternoon pushing 2021.36.5.1. I didn't act on it because I was confused and it disappeared after ~20 minutes. I trust Tesla is working to sort it all out.
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    iPhone13 Pro Max

    The 13 pro max charges fine in my refresh console Y.
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    In cabin camera use verified!

    I'm noticing the same things after the latest update on my MYP.
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    North Texas waiting room

    It said 1-10 weeks when I placed my order. I bounced around a little but showed June delivery ~95% of the 23 days.
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    North Texas waiting room

    It's a performance, no tow hitch, black interior. Ordered June 4th. I feel a little guilty (?) showing the new ride off knowing that most people are playing the waiting game, but it's literally the point of the forum; to track everyone's order/delivery experience. Mine was superb- hats off to Tesla.
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    North Texas waiting room

    My car came in today. They drove it to my house from the cedar springs SC. Order to delivery was 23 days. It's a blast to drive; no complaints :D
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    Can I return my Model Y Performance

    You're projecting your anxiety from overspending on the vehicle into a problem with the vehicle. Psychology 101.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Probably the parking sensors which are ultrasonic and unrelated to the radar removal.
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    Updates to camera sensors? When and will they?

    As far as anyone knows, they're still using the same CMOS sensors that they started shipping with the model 3. Tesla has confidence that they have enough resolution with the current sensors to implement full self driving. Upgrading the resolution or other features of the sensors wouldn't...
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    When there is a huge back order why is there inventory?

    They don't just crank out cars and pile them up in the back of the building. Transport trucks are largely run by 3rd parties. Prices to ship a truck full of vehicles across the country changes by the hour based on demand. Tesla probably just throws demos/inventory cars on a truck when they need...
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    Current Delivery Times

    That is my understanding of the process as well. I went ahead and paid in full ahead of delivery this week in Dallas.
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    CA Waiting Room

    They can outsource delivery to essentially anyone with an insured flatbed, freeing up space on the lot and freeing up employees to focus on making all of the deliveries/pickups happen.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Yes it's incredibly easy.
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    North Texas waiting room

    It is my first Tesla. I like tech/cars and I've wanted a Telsa for years but didn't have anywhere to charge it (renting). I finally solved that problem last year and my current 530i lease is ending, so the stars have aligned. I'm super excited for the car. I got the delivery text earlier and...
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    North Texas waiting room

    6/21 - 6/27 EDD for me.
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    North Texas waiting room

    It is indeed just on the main order page. They gate showing you the VIN through the "accept Tesla Vision" button. Mine popped up this morning in the 7 - 8 AM CST window. My status seems to be updated everyday in that time window.
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    North Texas waiting room

    It's a x211 VIN. I would be frustrated too if I were in your shoes. Unfortunately it seems like they're prioritizing performance models for the end of this quarter. It could be driven purely by profit or a whole host of other things I imagine; hard to speculate.
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    North Texas waiting room

    Got a VIN this morning but EDD changed to 1-10 weeks. I kind of expect to have the car by the end of the month based on the average time from VIN to delivery I see on this forum.
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    Model Y Build Quality Improving?

    There still seems to be some unacceptable variation between units. The common issues like panel alignment still show up daily on these forums. I have a model y on order, and honestly, I'm going to be a little upset if the rear hatch D pillar is all misaligned. It's something I can spot from 20...
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    North Texas waiting room

    Yeah. I have no insider knowledge, but it seems like they runs of specific colors. It makes sense; less time changing out/cleaning paint robots since they're capacity strained.
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    Getting extension on supercharger miles from initial purchase.

    You chose to purchase the car. You accepted the offer they gave you for your trade in. They already said no on extending the time you have to use the complimentary 1000 supercharger miles which costs you nothing either way.
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    North Texas waiting room

    I'm sitting at June 26 - June 30 as of this morning. Yesterday I was in July and the day before that I was July - August. All over the place 😋
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    Current Delivery Times

    Thank you for the response. I never asked a SA or really put much thought into it; I just assumed it would be rolled in like other vehicles I've leased/financed in Texas. Looks like I need to adjust my down payment a little or get comfortable with shelling out another 4k this month.
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    Current Delivery Times

    I also have a Texas order (no VIN yet). The quoted monthly price on the loan agreement does not seem to include sales tax. I'm operating under the assumption that it's going to be updated once I have a VIN assigned and I'm asked for final payment.
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    North Texas waiting room

    We have identical builds. Fingers crossed for this month :)
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    North Texas waiting room

    EDD moved out one day for me this morning. Showing 6/21 -6/30. No VIN yet.
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    Current Delivery Times

    I already know my bank (Schwab) doesn't play nice with Plaid. E.g. it just never works. Is there going to be another option for final payment?
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    Any Model Y with new projector headlights in the USA?

    Yeah there's no reason to assume tesla has a warehouse full of old lights. All manufacturers try to hold as little inventory as possible typically.
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    North Texas waiting room

    My EDD is showing 6/20 - 6/30 today. Ordered on 06/04. Fingers crossed I guess- would love to have the car for some of the summer!
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    North Texas waiting room

    I just ordered yesterday, but it let me pick cedar springs for delivery. No idea if that's going to change or not when I get a VIN/devilry date.
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    North Texas waiting room

    I'm in Dallas. Placed my order for MSM MYP on 06/04. Delivery estimate is showing August 13th - September 12th. No VIN yet.
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    Can we talk about Tesla paint real quick?

    Paint tests are generally pretty crude (e.g. wet tape on a coupon to test adhesion). I'd give Tesla the benefit of the doubt that the paint is adequately cured when it leaves the factory. Paint/epoxies etc. typically have a few cure times listed on the data sheets. They'll list a cure to...

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