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    Lithium Ion 12v battery?

    Late to this conversation, but why, pray tell, wouldn't Tesla make their own in-house 12V lithium battery, are charge it as it is best charged? For a company that is arguably a battery company as much as anything, values vertical integration and makes a fair number of its non-battery...
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    A Model S caught fire while supercharging in Norway (link in Norwegian)

    Not spontaneously and/or as a direct, result of adding fuel to it. This is pretty serious, and I'm actually surprised at how little media attention it received -- whether "in" or "out of" proportion. I think advocates (and I count myself among them) make a mistake to minimize or 'poo-poo'...
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    Consumer Reports reliability of Model S - worse than average

    Throwing salt on the wound, eh? Are you one of those Schaden Freudians I've heard about? ;-)
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    Consumer Reports reliability of Model S - worse than average

    I read through the first few pages of this and some of the later summaries, and I must say that it has been both eye-opening and a bit disheartening. I am a LEAF 'owner' (lessee) and to my knowledge, Nissan hasn't had nearly as many issues with it as Tesla has with the S -- despite the LEAF...
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    How much money has stayed in the US...

    I just realized that I used the global number (estimate) of miles driven in #2 above, not a U.S. number. Still, that's the smaller of the two numbers (by a lot), and "over $600 million" in savings per year still applies. However, the number of U.S. miles per vehicle can only go up (until its...
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    How much money has stayed in the US...

    because of Tesla/Model S purchases (vs the prior high-end sedan purchases which were largely from overseas manufacturers) Tesla/Model S "miles" (fueled by 100% domestic fuel vs say 50% domestic petroleum) ??? i.e., Savings from difficult-to-quantify environmental, health and other benefits...
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    Engineers: Lowest Wh/mile possible for Gen3 at 55mph? Battery pack size

    Two ideas to increase efficiency, the second one a bit "out of the box": 1.) Temporary/rentable battery modules How about if one could buy a minimal size battery pack (say 30kWh), which might be all one needs for most of the year, and then be able to temporarily rent one or two additional...
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    Model X Feature request thread - (to be seen by Tesla Motors and perhaps acted upon.)

    This is more of a general "big idea" feature request for any EV manufacturer and/or model, but it would be nice if one could buy a minimal size battery pack (say 30kWh), which might be all one needs for most of the year, and then be able to temporarily rent one or two additional packs that could...
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    "Best potential" room for improvement

    This brings up a probably-silly idea that came to me... But if reducing drag could increase efficiency that much, might it be possible to have the front of the car "transform itself" (as in the toys and the film), say at higher or highway speeds, into a shape that substantially reduces drag...
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    Automatic windows-up (or down) "feature request", possibility

    Ok, I'm not a Tesla owner, so for all I know this feature is already available, but I haven't seen it. It would entail automatically rolling the windows up or down in certain circumstances, when the vehicle is parked with no one in the driver's seat. The first version (up) might seem a bit...
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    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    Just gotta say that after Thursday's presentation, I feel more than a bit "vindicated". In my mind, it was inevitable. ;-)
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    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    If it does what it looks like, yes! (But also, provided that the vehicle does not need to be precision-parked, which appears to be the case.) I have a hunch that a lot of Tesla owners are into the cool factor :wink:, so it might be a popular option!
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    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    Never? Plus, you're not the only one out there; others, including myself have forgotten (i.e., this isn't personal). I just think that it might be a nice feature to offer, as eventually hundreds of thousands and millions of vehicles are sold. Some buyers might like the idea, especially if...
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    "Robotic Autoplug" (?)

    Hello, I'm not an owner and not a regular visitor here, but I'm curious if there has been any discussion about some sort of automated plug-in mechanism that could be added to (or included with) home chargers. I know that: "Wireless charging" has an appeal to a certain segment of owners and...

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