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  1. LJordan

    Battery to 0 overnight

    You should call roadside assistance. 0% for an extended period is not good for battery life. Do you have a 240V connection?
  2. LJordan

    Model 3 in Chicago area now

    No issues with the 19" wheels and standard tires. The only issue was ground clearance.
  3. LJordan

    Model 3 in Chicago area now

    I took delivery today. For anyone interested, I will be at the Bolingbrook, IL Supercharger on Saturday from 10 am to Noon. PM me if you would like to take a test ride.
  4. LJordan

    Model 3 spotted in Chicago

    My Delivery Specialist called! I am scheduled to pickup my Model 3 on Thursday, January 25th. :) If the timing sticks, I will schedule a meet up for the 27th or 28th.
  5. LJordan

    Model 3 spotted in Chicago

    When my Model 3 arrives, I will setup some type of meet & greet for those interested.
  6. LJordan

    Model 3 spotted in Chicago

    I got my VIN today (35XX)! Multi-coat red with the sport wheels.
  7. LJordan

    Model 3 spotted in Chicago

    I am in Chicagoland and configured on Thursday. (Current owner, First day @ 2 PM ) The estimate for delivery was listed as 4 weeks.
  8. LJordan

    FSD video completely fake?

    The is no reason for the onboard software to render a visualization of the neural network output. The onboard output needs to be something like, "A stop sign has been detected 250 ft ahead on the current route". The route planner can then adjust the vehicle speed as required.
  9. LJordan

    FSD video completely fake?

    It is common practice to post-process a video that shows the output of deep learning algorithms for visualization purposes. For example, the onboard system does not need to plot GPS Lat/Long on a map to use the position information.
  10. LJordan

    Any Midwestern Tesla owners heading to Carbondale, IL for the eclipse?

    I am heading down from Chicago Sunday evening and will stay overnight south of Champaign. I am looking for a park or forest preserve a little south of Carbondale for the main event.
  11. LJordan

    Unusual S key fob

    This is an issue with early key fobs that is covered under warranty. This is the repair part... KEYFOB, REMAN SERVICE KIT (1032984-00-C)
  12. LJordan

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    As of 9 PM, the site is up. No caution tape and no cones. All stalls are powered. I specifically charged using 2A.
  13. LJordan

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Lines are painted now.
  14. LJordan

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    As noted, it seems that only the meter head is missing...
  15. LJordan

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    It is getting really close...
  16. LJordan

    Anyone install Solar in Illinois in 2015/2016

    I used the Illinois Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program for a 2014 installation. The web site shows no funding at this time. Energy: Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program I purchased the system from Welcome to Solar Energy of Illinois and recomend there services.
  17. LJordan

    charging etiquette - someone disconnected me

    If no other chargers were available at the site, Kosher. I assume they could tell you were full. I would leave you a courtesy note and explain why I unplugged you.
  18. LJordan

    My X has now come back from the Austin Service center damaged twice

    If someone says "(I) will do whatever it takes to make it right,", why the heck would you not take him up on his word?
  19. LJordan

    Monitor the current electricity generation mix!

    Real time generation mix for those in the Southwest Power Pool... Generation Mix - marketplaceportal.spp.org
  20. LJordan

    Monitor the current electricity generation mix!

    What fuel is being used to generate the electricity that powers our Teslas? This topic is often discussed and I have found an informative web page that shows the hour-by-hour mix for folks in the PJM generation region. This region includes Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania...
  21. LJordan

    Knoxville Supercharger Not Working

    I feel for you. Tesla should be bending over backwards in this type of situation. I just checked my Nav system and it does not show the Knoxville Supercharger offline. I thought this feature was in 7.1.
  22. LJordan

    Why I am getting a Signature Tesla Model X

    When I ordered my Model S in April 2013, I had some concern about the risk of purchasing a new model from a new company. After 2.5 years of experience with a Model S as my daily driver, I have absolutely no concern with having a Model X as my only car.
  23. LJordan

    Reduced Charging Rate at Super Charger once reached enough charge to next stop.

    I just returned from a road trip and I saw something similar on a few charging sessions. However, it was not tied to the "Enough charge to reach destination" message. My situation appeared to be related to battery cooling. It seemed like a thermal limit was hit causing the charging rate to...
  24. LJordan

    Comed RRTP (at least in Chicago area) is great!

    I have have a 9.35 KW solar array and have been considering switching to RRTP. I was concerned with the default capacity charge since I had a smart meter for less than a year. Now it has been more than a year and the capacity charge will be based on my actual data. Even with the Model S...
  25. LJordan

    My HPWC almost melted down!!!

    Just curious... What rate were you charging at and what size is the breaker?
  26. LJordan

    Firmware 6.2

    Can someone post pictures of the Trip Planner changes?
  27. LJordan

    Buffalo Supercharger Updates

    The Supercharger team is saying: "We do not think our station will be open before the Holiday Weekend, but we hope to open the site soon after." :crying:
  28. LJordan

    Dash screens are blank, ODO is zeroed out

    I was near a service center late this afternoon when my center screen got in a reboot loop. I went directly to the service center. They were able to correct the issue after about 30 minutes. HQ sent something to the car to fix the continuous reboot. Apparently it was related to an update to...
  29. LJordan

    Got Firmware 6.0?

    It worked! :cool: I got the update and installed it this afternoon. It looks like if you start a poll about software update status, you move to the front of the queue! It is not random after all!
  30. LJordan

    Got Firmware 6.0?

    I am hoping that anyone that starts a poll about version 6 goes to the front of the queue. :biggrin: So far it looks like I am in the minority and the roll out is at least half way done.
  31. LJordan

    Got Firmware 6.0?

    So, how many people have version 6 as of September 21st? Is it really random? Let's see!
  32. LJordan

    One month old P85 with 12V battery issue

    I had a similar issue today. I was getting two error messages. It was around 10 F in Chicago today. I have not had any problems in the past. After talking to the SC, they want to take a look.
  33. LJordan

    Model S REST API

    Assuming the car is "off", how long do you have to block API calls (other than vehicles) for the car to go enter "sleep" mode?
  34. LJordan

    Firmware 5.8

    5.8 was first reported yesterday and now appears to be in wide spread release. This release must have some important new features under the hood. Interesting when combined with the social media blackout.
  35. LJordan

    Blink Chargers at IKEA in Bolingbrook, IL

    I was at the Bolingbrook IKEA today. There are now 4 Blink chargers that are operational. Oddly, the Blink Mobile App and Web Site does not show these chargers. The IKEA is near the junction of I-355 and I-55 at the I-355 Boughton Road exit. See...
  36. LJordan

    Illinois Tesla Sightings....

    Saw a dark colored (black?) P85+ with temp plates eastbound on 75th St at I-355 in Woodridge.
  37. LJordan

    EV plates getting popular

    I have 1025 EL. I received my plates last week and picked up my Model S in early June.
  38. LJordan

    Regen and Brake Lights - Highway Issue

    BMW has a system they call Adaptive Brake Lights: Adaptive Brake LightsBumper-to-bumper collisions most often occur when the driver behind you didn't realize how hard you were braking. Our Adaptive Brake Lights help eliminate that scenario by emitting a larger, brighter light the more force you...
  39. LJordan

    When will we actually get the "summer" superchargers?

    Summer ends on Saturday, September 21st. As of today, summer is only 54% complete. I think they have added 8 superchargers so far and 11 are left. This places Tesla at 8 of 19 summer Superchargers complete(42%). It seem that the summer Supercharger roll out is on track.
  40. LJordan

    Canadian Train crash ...

    The train could have been carrying chlorine to make drinking water safe. The outcome would have also been devastating. The issue is that the train was unattended. Goods will find a way to get to market. If crude oil pipelines are not created, crude oil will get to market via rail (aka...
  41. LJordan

    Model S REST API

    I would like to use. No reason to reinvent the wheel!

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