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  1. CaryRx

    Cracked Front section Panoramic glass- Need replacement

    I'd be interested in hearing about how much the replacement cost and how it went? I just caught a rock on the leading edge of my sunroof and it cracked it pretty badly.
  2. CaryRx

    So far so good MCU2 upgrade

    I just had the uprade from MCU1 to MCU2.... still have Lifetime Free Super Charging and Lifetime Free Premium Connect.
  3. CaryRx

    How to save a lot of time on long trips

    I recently took a trip from the San Francisco East Bay area to Eureka and Crescent City, CA in my 2013 MS85. I usually am the only person in the car, but this trip there were 4 adults and some luggage in the car, so, significantly more weight than usual. I planned out the route using ABRP (a...
  4. CaryRx

    TPMS question

    I recently had my car, 2013 MS85 with old TPMS system, in for a TPMS problem in which they replaced a couple sensors and thought the problem was fixed. On the way home, the same error message came on again. Over the next three days it came on again and again, usually about 30 minutes after...
  5. CaryRx

    Does anyone regret their purchase?

    No regrets here. I bought a used 2013 M85 from Tesla Used division. It was in pristine condition, 30K miles, and was the flagship of its day. MS has come a long way since my MS was made, but I love my car, and have no regrets. I have learned a lot about Tesla, about EV's, and am formulating my...
  6. CaryRx

    TPMS Upgrade

    I just got my car back from having the Conti- retrofit to the new V2 TPMS. I am really happy with the upgrade. It's awesome to be able to monitor the pressures individually. I am also extremely happy with the service I've received from the Fremont, CA Tesla Service Center. They have been really...
  7. CaryRx

    TPMS Upgrade

    How much was the 4GLTE??
  8. CaryRx

    TPMS Upgrade

    There's a pretty good chance that labor costs are higher here than in many other places. I couldn't begin to offer any insight on whether they'd inflate prices to keep traffic down... that doesn't seem like a Tesla profit move... ?
  9. CaryRx

    TPMS Upgrade

    My 2013 MS85 is going in for a conversion to Conti-TPMS. My original system, Baolong?? I would guess... started crapping out on me last year in November. I kept getting a message: "Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault - Sensors unable to measure tire pressure." I took it in to have it checked...
  10. CaryRx

    Am I getting the High-efficiency Drive unit?

    I took my car in for a TPMS problem, they asked if there was anything else I needed them to take a look at, I mentioned there was a whirring/whistling noise from the DU, especially at certain speeds. Later that day they called me to let me know they'd be replacing the DU under warranty. Now the...
  11. CaryRx

    Whoa Holy Phantom Braking

    That's a mess that Tesla won't let you upgrade to a 100kW battery. I wonder if there's any good reason for that, like there's incompatible cooling mechanisms, or something else, or if it's just that they want to force you into buying a new car?
  12. CaryRx

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    I bought a used S85 last year and didn’t know about the chargegate stuff... I mostly charge my car at home so the slowdown in supercharge rates ticks me off on road trips, but otherwise I love this car and never want to go back to an ICE vehicle. That being said, I’m looking at going to a MY...
  13. CaryRx

    New MS Lease Insurance Sticker Shock

    Have you tried TESLA's auto insurance?? My rates went down pretty significantly when I switched from GEICO to TESLA insurance.
  14. CaryRx

    2013 Model S, can't drive, multiple warnings shown on forward display

    \ I just had my early 2013 MS85 (48k miles) in for service. The stupid TPMS had been lit up solid for like 4 months. Nothing else ever malfunctioned though. They did replace a couple TMPS sensors (under warranty). I happened to mention the weird whining noise from the motor. Two hours later they...
  15. CaryRx

    Whoa Holy Phantom Braking

    It's funny to hear all of you with AP and/or FSD talk about the pitfalls of the emerging technology, as I drive my 2013 MS85 with no AP and not even adaptive cruise contro - just regular "set a speed" cruise control! I bought my MS last year, used, with only 30K miles on it, flawless condition...
  16. CaryRx

    What did you name your car?

  17. CaryRx

    How many kWH will be used in CAMP MODE

    You will not suffocate with the climate control on recirculate. To add to what others have tried to illustrate, there are many leaky areas where air exchanges between inside and outside, some by design, and some by accident. There are loose seals around doors, there are gaps around wire and hose...
  18. CaryRx

    2020.4.1 Free Premium Connectivity (for some reason?)

    I had a similar occurrence. I bought my 2013 car in July 2019, and I had a screenshot from back when I bought it that showed premium connectivity, but didn't say 6 months or anything. Then back in December 2019 I got a message that I had to start paying for it. So, WTH, $10.00.... I just paid...
  19. CaryRx

    Former muscle car owner - thoughts and opinions

    I couldn’t agree with you more... the Teslas are absolutely a revolution in what car ownership and driving means. I’d been dying to buy a Tesla since I first saw them near the end of 2012 or early 2013. I live in San Francisco, so they were everywhere, and seeing them all over just made me want...
  20. CaryRx

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Thanks for the quote on those figures! I'd seen them somewhere before, but forgot the exact numbers. My approximate calculations came up to about 80-81-ish kW total pack capacity given the amount I could estimate from a 3-4% to 100% charge session and kW added numbers. I remember when I bought...
  21. CaryRx

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I assumed it might have been something like a SC cabinet communication issue. I saw another car (M3) arrive and back into the cabinet that I had a problem with and a few minutes later move to another cabinet.
  22. CaryRx

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Sorry, I'm not as tech savvy as some here. I just looked on Tesla Stats and it lists my firmware as 2020.4.1 - which I think just updated a few days ago.
  23. CaryRx

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I haven't had any repeats of the "Unable to Fast DC charge/Supercharge" message. I was assuming it was some communication issue between the supercharger cabinet and my car. My 2013 MS85 still Supercharges at 115-1250 kW if the battery is warm and SoC is <20%. It will stay at 90-110 up until...
  24. CaryRx

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I recently got this message at the SuperCharger. I ended up stopping the charge session, tried to reconnect to the same Supercharger, same message. Went to another cabinet at the same location and it started up. I thought it was possibly something wrong with the specific cabinet I'd connected to.
  25. CaryRx

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    That's actually a great idea - putting TESLA sales and service centers on native American reservations.. A friend of mine who is an incredibly "conservative" voter just blew her lid when she found that her state had turned the tables on EV owners by assessing them EXTRA registration fees to make...
  26. CaryRx

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    Your post got me thinking, I had to go back and check to see that I wasn't imagining it, but my car has dual onboard chargers. So, it does charge at 80A - at least up to the point where software limits it at higher SoC. I found this info about VINs to determine your onboard charger...
  27. CaryRx

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    In my case, it was just ignorance of what equipment is in my car. I just had the electrician wire it for the Max output of 19.2kw. Tesla seems to be pretty handy at making it difficult to find out specs on its cars. I had heard of the the one vs two onbaord DC-AC converter, but didn't know the...
  28. CaryRx

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    I guess I'm still learning things about my car... I didn't realize the onboard AC/DC converter was only able to go up to 48A. I just plug it in when I pull in the garage and forget about it until its time to drive again. I did read up on it after you pointed that out. Thanks!!
  29. CaryRx

    How much did you pay for your 50 Amp Outlet?

    I had a HPWC put in and a 100A circuit breaker added in order to charge at 19.2KW. They had to do some rewiring in the outside box, bring the wires through the outside wall into the garage, run a conduit across the ceiling, and mount the HPWC. Altogether with the high voltage wire and about 2.5...
  30. CaryRx

    Putting some numbers on the factors that affect range

    Wow, I actually get some pretty good Wh/Mile figures, especially compared to Ulmo!! But, I'm in California, where we drive downhill both ways.... LOL
  31. CaryRx

    First Tesla ?

    Fortunately, my total commute is only "roughly" 100 miles (more like 90-ish).
  32. CaryRx

    First Tesla ?

    My commute is 100 miles round trip. The 85 gives me two full round trips with a comfortable buffer. Even a 60 would give me what I need for the commute since I have a Super Charger a block off the freeway 4 miles from the house, and a HPWC at home in my garage. I was simply commenting that range...
  33. CaryRx

    First Tesla ?

    I'm a first time Tesla owner too. This summer I bout a CPO 2013 Model S 85 with Tech package, 29,000 miles, lifetime free Supercharging, for $40K. My car has been a delight. It looks like someone kept it "just for special." The battery is in great health - apps peg it as only 3-4% degredation...
  34. CaryRx

    Church Street Church Street

    I haven't encountered the repeating Church Street issue, but I may check it out as a destination soon as I have one near me, but I Do find that it misreads "Pass" as "PATH" on a regular basis. There are a few streets in my area that are XXXXX Pass, and NAV pronounces them all as "XXXXX Path"...
  35. CaryRx

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    Excellent article and good ideas to think about. I test drove a new P100D before ultimately buying the CPO MS85 that I got. I was amazed at the AP abilities, but knew I would never fully trust it enough to let it drive and stop paying full attention to the road. What I could see myself doing...
  36. CaryRx

    Loss of Cellular Connectivity

    I park in a garage at work that has really awful cell reception. I've had a similar problem where the car can't get cell connection and goes into a shut down mode. A couple times it left me really stressed trying to reboot the car. I finally started parking up on top of the building where I can...
  37. CaryRx

    Autopilot Called Out in NTSB Report on Tesla Crash into Fire Truck

    Unbelievable that a person would be so trusting of a program and some sensors at highway speeds. This is still pretty experimental technology. It takes the stress out of moment to moment driving, but it doesn’t replace an attentive focus on the road and traffic. That person was fortunate nobody...
  38. CaryRx

    Taptes Center Console Delivered Today

    There is a certain beauty to the open concept Tesla had with the earlier, no-console models. I've got longish legs and like having something to rest my leg against while driving. LOL... so basically I'm lazy and need a leg prop.
  39. CaryRx

    Taptes Center Console Delivered Today

    The Evannex console is pretty decent quality, though I think the $500 price tag is a bit much, but I understand it's probably a small production run so they have bigger costs to spread over a small number of units to sell in order to recoup costs and make a profit. I like that the TapTes unit...
  40. CaryRx

    Taptes Center Console Delivered Today

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Evannex center consoles? I bought one and have had it for about 2 months and like it quite a bit. It's configuration is a little different than the TapTes and Tesla consoles, but works really well, build quality is good, and good utility, I had a loaner for a week...
  41. CaryRx

    Tesla Wont Start - Need help!

    I haven't had this problem, but I've read a lot about cars that are left off a charger for an extended time and go totally dead have battery issues like the 12v being depleted, or the main pack being problematic. Maybe this auction car sat a long time and was a victim of Vampire Drain??
  42. CaryRx

    Tioga Pass - Model S 85 -- Is it doable??

    It was such a beautiful trip that I've been dying to do it again... this time without all the range anxiety. I have some days off coming up and am thinking of going just for the thrill of the drive, but stopping more often and planning a little detour down that road (Big Oak Flat) that I...
  43. CaryRx

    Tioga Pass - Model S 85 -- Is it doable??

    Absolutely!! We stopped in lots of scenic photo-op spots. On the way back I wasn't worried at all about range, so we definitely took our time and meandered off the main track a few times.
  44. CaryRx

    Firmware update 2019.28.3.1 is being pushed

    I don't think I've ever noticed my headlights blinking... I'll have to keep an eye out for that scheduled charging glitch people have talked about.
  45. CaryRx

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    I have a CPO 2013 MS 85 19” wheels, which I bought with 29k miles on it. On my normal 100 mile East Bay to SF freeway round trip drive to work which I make 14 days/month I set the cruise control at 65 and just go with the flow - I get an average of 292 Wh/mi. (I drive opposite traffic flow...
  46. CaryRx

    Firmware update 2019.28.3.1 is being pushed

    Seriously... that is an update? Why bother?
  47. CaryRx

    New supercharger pricing

    Yeah, I got kinda jealous of the new Facelift MS when it first came out, but I actually like the original design A LOT, and don't have any desire to change cars yet. Eventually, I'll probably get a M3LR AWD as I have a longish commute (100 mile round trip 14 nights a month), but right now the...
  48. CaryRx

    New supercharger pricing

    I will be driving my 2013 Model S 85 with free SC until there's nothing left of it to drive. I charge at home too (Solar roof with 4000 KWh extra/year for EV) but I use the daylights out of my free SC and have no qualms about it.
  49. CaryRx

    Tioga Pass - Model S 85 -- Is it doable??

    I’m *USUALLY* the consummate navigator, but every once in awhile I just blank out on that one one or two little cues of where/when to turn off.
  50. CaryRx

    Tioga Pass - Model S 85 -- Is it doable??

    It was a success!! I charged to 99% at Groveland Supercharger and set off on the road literally a bundle of nerves even though the NAV said I’d arrive with 40%. All along the route I was pretty conservative about my driving and used cruise control as much as possible. At the turnoff where 120...

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