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    EDD Modified from 1/15 to June

    I’ve been checking the estimated delivery date for our MY order and it narrowed to 1/15 - 2/10 or so a few weeks back and has been stable since then, so we’re preparing to take delivery. Tonight it jumped to “June”. Presumably this is a wacky bug / inaccurate? I know the dates tend to jump...
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    Process to buy w/ PenFed loan

    Lots of folks seem to be using PenFed for auto loans bc of the great rate available, but I noticed the following at the start of the application: Is this going to be problematic? It sounds like in some cases by the time you get the VIN Tesla wants you to complete the purchase within some silly...
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    2018 Model 3 LR RWD w/ EAP - NYC area

    Have a Y on order to be delivered in March; hoping to find someone who needs a car in that time range. 2018 Model 3 LR RWD -Blue exterior -Black interior -Enhanced Autopilot -18" Aero Wheels -28.5k miles Car is in excellent shape overall and has always been garaged; there are a few...
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    Can FSD be removed w/o order pricing change?

    Ordered a MY a few weeks back (prior to recent $2k price increase). I understand that generally configuration changes forfeit your ability to have your original order pricing honored. However, does this apply to removing software like FSD? Asking because for this particular order change there...
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    Hit and run caught by sentry mode

    Noticed some pretty bad scratches to the driver's side corner of our Model 3 today; checked the sentry video and sure enough someone sideswiped the car while trying (poorly) to parallel park recently. License plate is clearly visible. Any advance re: how to proceed? Do folks typically bring...
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    New homescreen widget

    Apparently there is a new iOS homescreen widget available with v4 of the app released yesterday. I’ve downloaded the app (which is working great), but don’t see Tesla in the list of options when I try to add widgets to my homescreen. Is there something I’m missing? Does something need to be...
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    New Camera Icon in FSD Beta [ in 2020 - not current FSD beta]

    Anyone else notice the new camera icon (to the left of the existing Dashcam icon) on the screen in the FSD videos? Any idea what this might be indicating? Perhaps the in-car camera is recording while FSD is active and this is an indicator? Screen Shot 2020-10-23 At 1.26.23 PM by eab6287 posted...
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    Recommend AC Evap Cleaning?

    Hey all- Dropped off my Model 3 to the service center today to have the recommended 2 yr maintenance performed (tire rotation, alignment, cabin air filter replacement, etc). They just sent a text asking if I'd also like to do an 'AC Evap Cleaning' to clear out any possible mildew which can...
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    AutoPark + Smart Summon Questions

    Autopark - what is the most reliable method to get autopark to activate for perpendicular parking? I picked up my Model 3 about 2.5 years ago, and to this day the only time it has ever activated for me has been when I supercharged at the dealer a few days after picking it up (was directly...
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    Reverse Summon for EAP Purchasers

    An Elon tweet last night indicated that reverse summon (car drops you off at a location then drives off to go park itself) is coming later this year 'as part of FSD software update'. If I remember correctly as an early owner who purchased EAP (prior to most features moving into the FSD option...
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    Chunk out of tire :(

    Valets in our building’s garage unfortunately managed to take a chunk out of one of the tires’ sidewall (about 1”x1”, hard to tell in the photo but if I were to pull on the chunk it would come out; it’s about 1-2cm deep), probably by running into the car lift. Questions are 1) does the tire...
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    Touchscreen malfunctioning on long trips

    Recently took a trip from NYC to NC, about 9 hours, and on the way back the touchscreen malfunctioned. At first, it was just unresponsive but then it began registering my touches in random areas of the screen, with the map rotating wildly, zooming in and out on its own, audio blasting, and even...
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    Stuck on 12.1.2

    I don’t have consistent access to WiFi since the garage I park in at home doesn’t have it. Instead, in the past I’ve had success periodically using mobile hotspot while parked or at relative’s homes. Typically, the updates download right away (once in wide release) and I get notified promptly to...
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    Car hit while parked in NYC; Sentry mode partial capture

    Hoping for some advice! I recently returned to my (5 month old) parked M3 in NYC to discover that an SUV was parked approx. 1/2 cm from the rear bumper. Sure enough, there was minor damage to the bumper (scratching, not dents, but enough to take the paint off to the metal). I could live with...
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    Autopilot Qs & Observations

    Recently took a 1200 mile road trip, mostly on EAP (v9). It was generally a super impressive first experience with EAP, but curious about a few things: 1) Now that the car is using all cameras and is capable of identifying semi trucks, do we think it will ever give them extra “space” in a...

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