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  1. bancroftc

    Change out Piano Black for Carbon Fiber trim

    Has anyone done this via the service centers? One of my only regrets with my car was not getting either the carbon fiber or matte obeche trim. As I'm sure many are aware, the piano black is a fingerprint and dust magnet and scratches very easily. I've managed to take good care of mine but I'm...
  2. bancroftc

    Concern Over Increasing Wh/Mile

    So I'm a little puzzled by a recent spike in Wh/mile in my 85D. I took delivery in Oct 2015 and have maintained a pretty consistent Wh/mi over the past 5,000 miles, usually hovering in the 300 range. My lifetime is 345 wh/mi and most of my driving is around the city with not a ton of freeway...
  3. bancroftc

    SAS - Lowers before raising

    I've noticed that my air suspension lowers before it raises. Meaning, if I'm in "standard" and want to raise it to "very high," it will lower itself (seemingly) all the way down before starting to raise itself it up. Anyone know why it does this? Just curious.
  4. bancroftc

    Smart Air Suspension- Dampening

    I'm curious about some of the features of the SAS. I've read some conflicting points of view on the forum about the subject of the SAS and their ability to control dampening of the ride, or not. The Tesla website says that the SAS automatically adjusts the stiffness of the ride based on driving...
  5. bancroftc

    Washing Car - Auto Window Movement

    When I'm washing my car I find it challenging to get the bottom part of the windows clean since they "auto-crack" (or whatever it's called, when they lower an inch or so for air pressure relief when closing the doors). Particularly the drivers door since I'm always getting back in the car...
  6. bancroftc

    90% to 100% Charge Time - 240V

    I'm about to take my first road trip. I have only ever charged to 90% and will plan on charging to 100% prior to leaving on this trip. My question is, does it take any longer than normal to charge from 90% to 100% on 240V? I can charge up to 40A at home, but I have it dialed down to 32A and I...
  7. bancroftc

    Key Fob Range/charging connector?

    I park my Tesla in the left-most garage in our house, with my UMC cable hanging on that wall by my charging port. My wife parks her vehicle next to mine (on the right), so the layout of our garage requires me to walk behind her car to get to mine when I'm leaving. So I always approach my car...
  8. bancroftc

    Side Collision Avoidance

    I was thinking about this feature on my drive into work this morning. It's one feature I have yet to experience with my Tesla (and yes, it is turned on in my car). I guess that's a good thing! Anyone had any experience with this safety feature? I'm particularly interested in how it works in...
  9. bancroftc

    Interior door handle damage

    I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? So the small strip of aluminum trim along the drivers side door handle that goes right under your hand when you pull the door closed - I noticed a very small dent in this a day or two after delivery. I assumed it was a small manufacturing...
  10. bancroftc

    UMC Amperage Drop

    This was a stupid mistake on my part, but I was surprised the car/charger didn't make note of it. I plugged in my UMC last night to charge and noticed the amps were only running around 16A @ 235V, when I have it set to 32A (50A circuit). I was only getting 12mi/hr charging when I usually get...
  11. bancroftc

    "Hidden cost of ownership?"

    Never in a million years did I think I would own a car costing into the 6 figures. In fact, I dismissed such expensive vehicles as unnecessary when I could still drive a really nice car for half that price. I've always appreciated cars but never considered myself a "car guy" or fanatic over...
  12. bancroftc

    UMC Charging Restart

    I'm sure some of you already know this, but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on this forum or in any materials. If, after charging is complete (and still plugged in) and you want to restart charging, just press the button on the charging handle of the UMC once and charging will resume. I found...

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