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  1. MLXXXp

    Real world charging speed on 5-20 @ 110v

    To get a 50% charge speed increase with 120V 16A vs. 120V 12A, fixed overhead would have to be 475W. I doubt overhead would be that much unless needed to warm the battery in cold weather, and the temperature isn't likely to be very cold during a summer vacation.
  2. MLXXXp

    Real world charging speed on 5-20 @ 110v

    It's a NEMA 5-20; 20A at 120V (not 250V). You would get 16A (1920kW) instead of 12A (1440kW), so about 33% charge speed increase.
  3. MLXXXp

    Sentry mode not detecting events

    In my experience, sentry doesn't trigger on cars driving by or pulling in or out beside. Only if people walk by or get in or out of the car beside you will it trigger.
  4. MLXXXp

    NEMA14-50 question

    In that case, I would still install a 6-20 outlet but run 6 AWG wire. This way, the majority of the circuit is future proofed and you'll safely draw only 16A max. To upgrade in the future, only the outlet, and maybe the breaker, has to be changed.
  5. MLXXXp

    FSD Beta 10.69

    I believe V11 is reserved for the "single stack", which integrates highway driving (currently the Navigate On Autopilot that all FSD subscribers have) with the beta Navigate On City Streets. The V13.69 software won't have this and will still switch to NoA on highways.
  6. MLXXXp

    2020 Model 3 - Mudflaps

    If you're talking about the OEM Tesla mudflaps, they come in two pieces. The mudflaps themselves are short and won't scrape but don't offer much coverage. The splash guard extensions are quite long and do tend to scrape often. I solved the problem by cutting the splash guards shorter...
  7. MLXXXp

    Air intake filter - yes or no?

    Like @ss71, I hadn't looked at mine since I installed it a year ago, so I just went out now and pulled off the cover and examined it. It's holding up perfectly. I was going to take a new picture to post but it looks identical to the one I already posted, so I won't bother. I used strong 3M...
  8. MLXXXp

    ESA Permit on Homeowner-Installed Tesla Wall Charger?

    Yes, Romex is a brand name but is commonly used to refer to generic NMD90 (Non-Metalic Dry, 90°C) cable extensively used for house wiring. Although 14 gauge is very common, as it is used for 120V 15A standard house circuits, other gauges are available. There are no rules in the Canadian...
  9. MLXXXp

    Tire rotation best practices?

    Only that you have to be sure that the local service center has a jack/hoist that can properly lift the car at the jack points without damage, and that they know to torque the lug nuts to 129 lb. ft (175 Nm).
  10. MLXXXp

    USB-C Center Console Ports

    Nothing precise. The latest Model 3 Owner's Manual (Software version: 2022.20 on the cover page) states:
  11. MLXXXp

    USB-C Center Console Ports

    My May 2021 built M3 LR has console USB-C ports with data capability. It was sometime after that date that power only USB-C ports were installed.
  12. MLXXXp

    Passenger Restricted Access

    If you use the app to unlock the car, it can't be driven unless you also enable keyless driving, even without PIN to drive set. I don't know what aux functions are available when unlocked but not in driving mode, though. EDIT: I just tried it and it looks like you can do everything except...
  13. MLXXXp

    Supercharger [should] Require Adapter from Tesla Plug to CCS Plug?

    Yes, Tesla did. https://driveteslacanada.ca/supercharger/how-tesla-allow-other-evs-north-american-superchargers-magic-dock/
  14. MLXXXp

    Door not unlocking as I approach the vehicle

    And yet, I believe the Bluetooth antenna is in the right side rear view mirror.
  15. MLXXXp

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    I'm thinking they wouldn't artificially limit functionality due to being in an era where you might have gotten one or the other. It's the same as some cars getting CCS charging enabled and some disabled. I doubt they'll offer "disabled" cars upgrades for free. However, it's not likely they'll...
  16. MLXXXp

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    I think you're wrong. I'm guessing most people here want matrix because they project "TESLA" when they come on during the light show! (Just kidding 😜)
  17. MLXXXp

    Spigen Matte screen protector - looking for feedback

    I got a matte protector from Abstract Ocean. It comes with an alignment frame that, while not as sophisticated as the Spigen one, works well. Mine does a good job of reducing glare. I didn't notice much difference in screen sharpness compared to the bare screen. Any reduction in sharpness...
  18. MLXXXp

    Protective cap for the end of the mobil charger

    After following the link, I ordered one Friday evening and it was delivered the next day (yesterday). It seems a bit expensive for what it is but it appears to be of good quality and fits well. The cap has 4 small holes at the corners, probably to let air escape to make it easier to install and...
  19. MLXXXp

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Your SR+ has two internal AC to DC charging circuits that provide 16A each. By dialing back from 32A to 16A it's likely using one of the chargers at 16A, so you're putting just as much stress on the electronics in that one charger as when not dialed back.
  20. MLXXXp

    Custom Light Show isn’t Working

    The light show will still work on cars without matrix headlights. The headlights (and everything else) will still work but they won't spell out TESLA.
  21. MLXXXp

    What games should we currently have?

    Maybe this will help: https://www.finder.com.au/every-game-you-can-play-on-a-tesla-from-asteroids-to-sonic
  22. MLXXXp

    What games should we currently have?

    My car has both of those. My console USB ports are data capable but interestingly both games say: "Supports: controller, steering wheel, touchscreen" and I was able to play both with the steering wheel and/or touchscreen without having a controller plugged in. I'm currently at software version...
  23. MLXXXp

    What games should we currently have?

    So what I'm saying is that the games you're missing may be the ones that require a controller in order to be able to play them.
  24. MLXXXp

    What games should we currently have?

    But do those games require a controller?
  25. MLXXXp

    What games should we currently have?

    It depends on whether the USB-C connectors in your console are charge only or data capable. I believe games that require a game controller aren't included if the ports are charge only (even though the USB-A port in the glove box is always data capable).
  26. MLXXXp

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    It's not the least bit better for the battery. Li-ion batteries such as that in your car won't fair any better for any reduced charge current under about 0.8C. For the 54kWh battery pack in the SR+, at 240V, 0.8C would be 180A. All you're doing by cutting the charge rate in half is keeping the...
  27. MLXXXp

    Do the NEMA 14-50 Adapters ever come in stock?

    But the need for the OP to get a 14-50 adapter then wouldn't be so urgent.
  28. MLXXXp

    Do the NEMA 14-50 Adapters ever come in stock?

    Which could also make the wiring cheaper since only two live wires (plus neutral and ground) are required to be run instead of the three needed for a properly wired 14-50 outlet. Note that the Tesla Wall Connector only needs two live wires, as well.
  29. MLXXXp

    Air condition controls

    The problem with Auto mode is that you can't control where the airflow goes. It decides whether it goes to your feet, centre or the windshield or a combination. If you want to set the airflow location(s), you need to use manual, which you also need if you never want A/C to turn on.
  30. MLXXXp

    Air condition controls

    Ideally, the car should allow you to set the hysteresis i.e. the highest temperature before the A/C turns on and the lowest temperature before heat comes on. It would also be nice to set to only allow A/C and not heat or only heat and not A/C (except for using A/C for defrost).
  31. MLXXXp

    Air condition controls

    As I and @Benito1283 said, sometimes you just want some fresh air and don't really care about the temperature or don't want the loss of range that having the A/C on would cause. Also, in certain conditions where the outside temperature is close to your set temperature, the system will...
  32. MLXXXp

    Air condition controls

    I certainly wouldn't want it to do that. Sometimes I only want fresh air blowing from the vents at my selected fan speed. The only way to do this is to set a very low temperature in manual mode with the A/C turned off.
  33. MLXXXp

    Mystery vehicles showing up in nearby vehicles display

    A few days ago, trees were casting shadows on my garage door. As I pulled up, my car showed it as a semi truck parked diagonally and gave a forward collision warning. Once the garage door was opened, the truck mysteriously vanished. :)
  34. MLXXXp

    Middle of the Lane and Brake Lights Issues

    Unless something's changed, the representation of your car does show when your brake lights are on by showing the center brake light in red. It's very small and difficult to see, though.
  35. MLXXXp

    Auto steer isn’t slowing down in time.. (M3)

    The following distance setting is not in car lengths. It seems to be mostly based on the time gap but other (unknown) factors are also involved in the determination (speed limit? road type? amount of traffic?). From the manual: Note that it doesn't say "the number of seconds", just a relative...
  36. MLXXXp

    Tesla OEM Mudflaps

    I marked a piece of cardboard (from a cereal box) with the outline of the bottom of an extension held against it. I then cut along the mark with scissors and used it as a template to mark a matching line higher up on the extension. I think I put masking tape on the extension and marked it with a...
  37. MLXXXp

    Tesla OEM Mudflaps

    @t-rex266, I haven't taken mine off yet to see how the paint is holding up. As for ground clearance, here's what I did: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5841918/
  38. MLXXXp

    Car not always unlocking

    I've had the same problem, hit an miss, since I got the car a year ago. It got better with some software releases (both car and phone app) but in the last few weeks it's returned with a vengeance (maybe since my latest software update to version 2022.12.3.20). I find that sometimes even opening...
  39. MLXXXp

    Turning Live Camera on in the app causes Sentry Mode to become stuck on recording, resulting in hours and hours of video footage

    Same thing happened to me yesterday. It's the first time I've tried live camera mode. Version 2022.12.3.20 This was at home, where I have set for sentry mode disabled.
  40. MLXXXp

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    If you tin the wire with solder, you should always resolder the joint after crimping. With a purely mechanical crimp, no mater how tight, the solder will cold flow over time and the connection will become loose and non-conductive. It's also better not to tin stranded wire in the first place...
  41. MLXXXp

    If you have FSD in Canada where are you located?

    Do you mean just FSD that you pay for as an option, or enrolled in FSD beta that self drives on city streets?
  42. MLXXXp

    CCS Adapter for North America

    What was the total cost, including any taxes and duties, for your order to Ontario, Canada?
  43. MLXXXp

    Model 3, scratches on front bumper: repair or replace?

  44. MLXXXp

    App Rate Plan - Ontario Hydro

    I made a spreadsheet to calculate actual costs, using Toronto Hydro's published rate information, and it matched my bill within a few cents. I'm on tiered pricing, not TOU, but I manually entered the cost for tier 1 into the Tesla app. (I've never used enough electricity in a month to reach tier...
  45. MLXXXp

    1537264-00-B vs 80-B

    You should hope that if they get you a -00- ECU board, they leave it in after fixing the real problem, rather that putting your original -80- board back in because it turns out it wasn't bad. 🤞
  46. MLXXXp

    Would You Order One with a Non-Glass Roof?

    I waxed my car yesterday (yes, I'm "old school") and was thinking how nice it was that I didn't have to wax that large roof area 😄 To help with summer heat, I bought these. It's not mentioned but they came with (optional) reflective silver coloured opaque overlays (held with elastic) which...
  47. MLXXXp

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    It seems to me that your 14-50 outlet may be damaged. If the ground connection is tight when installed the proper way, you shouldn't get an error that way but not when installed incorrectly. You should be able to test for a proper outlet ground connection with a multimeter set for resistance...
  48. MLXXXp

    2022 Q2 production Model 3 missing matrix headlights?

    Adaptive headlights have been legal in Canada since April 2018, long before the U.S. approved them https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6447276/
  49. MLXXXp

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    I think I was wrong about that. For Bryant and Hubbell 14-50 outlets, the screws don't move in and out. They only turn. Here's a video showing the operation (for a Hubbell. The Bryant is identical):
  50. MLXXXp

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    What is the diameter of the ground wire? Solid round 10 AWG wire should be 0.102 inches (slightly larger than 3/32 inches) (2.59mm) in diameter. If your ground wire is thinner than that, you have a problem. If your ground wire is at least that thick, the connector in your outlet might be...

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