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    Charger popping Circuit

    What an F'n hack job. Please start over with professional help. OMG. Too many dangerous things to even mention. Seriously.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    I have to chuckle because TJ carelessly asked an ambiguously-worded question, but was careful to use the "woke" pronoun "their" in his response.
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    Electrician confusion with 14-50 outlet

    He has two service disconnects. Up to 6 are allowed before a single main is required.
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    Electrician confusion with 14-50 outlet

    Your two main service breakers, I believe, are fixed mounted and not replaceable with quad breakers. I'm not sure 50/40 combos are even in existence. Also, GFI type breaker may be required for EV charging in your area. Best bet is to have a load calc done on paper (or logged with a meter) and...
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    Level two charger power consumption while maintaining desired level of charge

    Are there times when you are not allowed to use your oven, your A/C or your clothes dryer? Of course not. Charge whenever you want as long as the installation of the EVSE meets electrical codes, and is on your electric meter.
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    14-50 installation

    Ask the electrician if the neutrals should be separated from the ground wires. This panel looks like a sub-panel.
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    14-50 installation

    Yes. Don't pay him. I assume you mean 14-50, right? What kind of wire did he install? Pix of panel please.
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    Zero battery indicated all of sudden

    Wow! That is an amazing first post.
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    240V electrical noise causes charging problem

    You got it. Your GPU's switching mode power supply is injecting harmonics back onto the line, and Tessie does not like it. You could introduce an isolation transformer (or online UPS) between your wall outlet and GPU to quench the harmonics, but maybe a higher quality GPU power supply would be...
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    Extension cord for charging at 110V?

    Also, never coil up the extension cord or it will exacerbate any heating. I did that with my 2012 Leaf and a 100 foot extension cord. Nearly too hot to hold after just a few hours of charging.
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    Extremely Disappointed With Model S Range When Driving on the Highway at 35F

    Maybe see Munro's videos for massive changes made to new Plaid MS.
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    No 80 Amp Charging Anymore?

    My August 2017 MS 100D has 72 amp charging. AP2.5 also (now HW3.0).
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    Home circuit breaker 208 volts?

    People, there is no problem here. Vast majority of residential, hotel and condos are 208 volt grounded WYE to each apartment/condo. 120V from each phase to ground and 208 between the phases. Each resident gets 2 of the three phases. This is completely normal and is perfectly acceptable. It...
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    NEMA 14-30 with 30A breaker

    And you only have a 100 amp panel, already with a 60 amp breaker presumably for A/C or whatever is below the load center panel..
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    Replacing 50 amp breaker with 60 amp?

    Lotta people think the NEC is a design book. It is not. It is the bare minimum requirements for safety.
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    Alternative power when 240 is not available - are Quick 220 good?

    You are going to need 240V in your garage. Period. Start looking for an electrician and get a quote or two to bring power there. You wont regret it. You will regret paying for a box that promises more than it delivers.
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    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    In the past, the person/people that created waze for tesla have made changes to make it work with updates to the browser, and I hope this will happen again.
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    Any way to see supercharger rates on nav in car with free supercharging

    Actually, here is the trick to download actual CSV file showing all the good supercharging info: --Go to Tesla.com --Account --Sign In --Charging --Show:50 --Next...Next...Next (all the way to the bottom) --Yearly screen will magically appear! --Download months
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    Any way to see supercharger rates on nav in car with free supercharging

    Tesla gets hammered on what are called Demand Charges for most (all?) of their supercharger locations. Demand charges are high because it is more difficult and expensive for a power producer to accommodate 150 KW for one hour compared to 1 KW for 150 hours. Same energy, delivered vastly...
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    Any way to see supercharger rates on nav in car with free supercharging

    If you log-in at Tesla.com to your account, you can see your supercharging over the life of your car, and even download the logs. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. Sounds like you are more interested in why Public Utilities Commissions allow Utilities to do what they do.
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    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    Also, I used to be able to tap the time and the phone calendar would open. No more.
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    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    And now the browser window is limited to 1/2 screen on my MS. Rats. No full screen browser anymore.
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    Looking for real world winter consumption values

    Rats. I wanted to hear about how you coasted into your destination at 0% charge remaining. You did the right thing, however.
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    That's a cobbled mess, as others have already reported. And NM cable cannot be used as power supply cord 625.17(A)(1).
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    Any reason not to hook up a battery tender to the 12 volt battery ?

    I am also still on original battery, a MS 100D 2017, 60K miles. Not complaining!
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    Does it matter which supercharger I use on my 2017 Model S?

    This is my experience also; a high burst of 185 kw at about 20% charge, then a slow taper. Late 2017 MS100kWh
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    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    Ground wire does not need to be the same size as the phase conductors.
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    Can someone please give me a sanity check on my charger wires?

    Ask your electrician(s) this and please report back to us: "Why did you undersize my wiring? I said I wanted to charge at 48 amps, and the branch circuit needs to be 125% of that, which equals 60 amps. Romex is only good for 55 amps." If you get this answer, you have your answer...
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    Can someone please give me a sanity check on my charger wires?

    Ah, and there it is: "My installation is working just fine, so it will be ok" response. You are probably right. It will work fine. Just don't argue that it is coed compliant (especially with the Rock!)
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    160mi Daily Commute. Ok to charge 90% everyday?

    I charge and top off to 90% as a rule. Less than 1.5% degradation on both our 2016 and 2017 MS with 50k miles. Plug it in enjoy the hell out of it.
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    Load Shed Module?

    Maybe a shunt trip breaker on your EVSE circuit, if you can find one. Might be only available for commercial panelboards. If you can find one, wire 120 or 240 volt wiring directly from the generator to the shunt trip actuator circuit, so anytime the generator is running, it immediately trips...
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    Load Shed Module?

    He's saying that the whole house generator cannot give you the power you need to charge your car during a power outage, so he wants a relay to dump (kill) the HPWC on a power outage so you don't overload the generator. A pneumatic delay relay might be the ticket so you can ride through...
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    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    I love SDs explanation of how it OK to overload a branch circuit.
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    What are my home charging options?

    No. What is the electrical service size? What electrical loads are connected to the panel? Can any appliances be changed to nat gas/propane if necessary? Overhead or underground service? We need much more info and research by you to get a realistic discussion started.
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    Any electricians here?

    The point of load sharing is not to gain an advantage on a circuit, but to gain an advantage on a service. We want to maximize the power used for charging, while the main circuit breaker sees no increase in load, whether it be 1, 2, 3 or 4 Teslas charging on the electrical service. The NEC, and...
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    Any electricians here?

    Page 24 of the manual is clear to me that each HPWC needs a dedicated branch circuit.
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    Any electricians here?

    I think your electrician did not install things correctly. Two 60 amp branch circuits are needed: One routed to each HPWC. That is what the diagrams indicate is required. The sub panel shown would need to have a 100A breaker upstream.
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    I agree with 99% of everything you post on these forums, and unless manufacturing of NM cables has changed in the last 5 years, the actual letter of the law (NEC) treats the individual conductors inside NM cable with no rating. They are unrated and have no status in the NEC. If you strip back...
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    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    NM cable can be run in conduit when needed to be protected from physical damage.
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    NEMA 14-50 install guidance for Older home

    Blank checks in a checkbook does not mean you have money.
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    Is my circuit breaker old/faulty?

    If your electrician installed NM in an existing conduit from end to end, he is a complete idiot and needs to be dismissed from any consideration or payment.
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    Checking - Gen 3 Wall Charger on 100amp circuit breaker?

    Yet another option might be to use one of the 100 am circuits for both HPWC's. 80 amps continuous will charge two newer Teslas at full speed. I'm not sure if the Gen3 HPWCs have the load sharing option like mine old HPWC has. If it does not, then the other suggestions above sound good...
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    Anyone using Neocharge?

    Fakedevil:. Im sure it's too late now, but what size incoming service wires do you have to your electrical panel?
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    5-20 charging speed

    Of course I do not have a problem with a 20 amp device that draws 16 continuous amps on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The problem is that no one knows where these dedicated circuits are. Even in your own house, unless you are electrically savvy. Most HO aren't. And you are correct, random 20A...
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    5-20 charging speed

    Oh boy. Here we go. Clickbait video showing how easy it is to charge faster by simply buying a 20 amp adapter. No one knows what size wiring is buried in the wall, nor how many other outlets (or light fixtures if an older house) are on the same circuit. Yes, no one knows how much other...
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    Max charging amp on 240v60a circuit without wall charger

    Don't be silly; of course it is fine stranded wire. Anything above Class B is considered fine stranded wire. Probably Class K wiring in that appliance cord.

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