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  1. steph280

    Rubber trim on roof glass coming off where sunroof slides by.

    Just discovered the same issue on my 2015. I guess there's still no cheap fix? I found this product for the newer pano roof, but doesn't apply to ours on 2015. Maybe it'll be helpful to some.
  2. steph280

    20" Model X Slipstream Wheels on Model S

    Any confirmation this will work on coil suspension?
  3. steph280

    What happened to free supercharging for life?

    super charger stations are congested enough as is with paid charging. Imagine if they went back to free for all model.
  4. steph280

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Yup ran the VIN through decoder and it's a 2019. I don't know if it makes a difference but I did put down a $1K deposit back in 2016. Been dragging my feet making the purchase until now.
  5. steph280

    Huge New Inventory Discounts - S 75D for 63k S 100D for 73k X75 D for 73k x100D $85k

    According to the history chart the price is fluctuating every 2 hours for some odd reason.
  6. steph280

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    I ordered last night (3/17) because of the pending price hike, figure I will have 2 weeks to secure the best rates for my loan. Well today (3/18) I received an email scheduling my delivery for Wednesday (3/20)! The VIN number is already populated into my account. Do they have abundant of...
  7. steph280

    Price Change

    Me too! I wonder how many got suckered into ordering by this supposedly price hike. What if they come out tomorrow and lowered the prices even more? Like how they screwed the early adopters.
  8. steph280

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Never mind my question. I called them and was immediately approved for the advertised 1.80% rates. The payment need to go through their savings account. They were very helpful on the phone.
  9. steph280

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Are we not supposed to use the online application at Fairwinds? Mine came back with 3.5% using LionNation membership.
  10. steph280

    Help me time my M3 purchase.

    So what happened to the price increase? I ordered mine last night and price is the same this morning...
  11. steph280

    Priority to reservation holders?

    priority or not, if they have your $1k deposit, make sure you order through your reservation account so the $1k gets applied toward your purchase.
  12. steph280

    Help me time my M3 purchase.

    Thinking about pulling the trigger after the Model Y announcement, just in case Elon throw in another surprise.
  13. steph280

    Does this happen to you when going N on the 405?

    yeah specially with the "space saving" carpool of the 405. Barely wide enough for a Tesla.
  14. steph280


    Personally I think it's way overpriced for what it is. About the only thing going for it is the form factor. Since wife didn't even notice the Blackvue I installed behind her mirror so I'll stick with it until there is an absolute reason to switch (like killer feature).
  15. steph280

    2015 Model S 70D Leather vs "Standard" Seats

    we wanted to check out the textile seats when we were putting our order together, but none of the SC in driving distance had one to show us. Didn't want to end up with wife nagging (you should have gotten...) so I went with next gen seat.
  16. steph280

    Model 3 Review after Test Drive - "Better than a BMW"

    People who has not driven a Tesla will never get it. It's more than just numbers on paper. The instant 100% torque and lack of transmission pauses just makes it a much better driving experience. I've driven many German cars in the past and even with the fastest dual clutch system they still...
  17. steph280

    New Rainbow Road Easter Egg on the Instrument Cluster

    I have not read the release note yet but what are the updates/fixes other than the rainbow road cowbell?
  18. steph280

    Replacing Model S Fog Light.. Help!!

    Can you really just add foglights to non-tech package cars? Doesn't it also need software activation?
  19. steph280

    Anyone Else Having Trouble Getting Service Loaners?

    Imagine a year (or two) from now when SC is swamped with model3's getting serviced. "You want a what? the shuttle is over there..."
  20. steph280

    Build quality OK? Not sure.

    I mentioned this to the tech during an unrelated visit, he just pushed it into position with his hand right there on the spot, as if they were made to bend around.
  21. steph280

    Premium Interior & Lighting, wife and I can't agree, please help

    Power liftgate is the only regret we have not getting the premium package. But having extra $3K to spend on other options negates the regret. Everything else in that package is useless anyway.
  22. steph280

    How to save for Model 3?

    I bought some TSLA earlier in the year hoping to gain a quick $1k to pay for the M3 deposit, only to have it crash 40%. But now it's back and even higher, enough for my 20% downpayment! It's rare to see $8-10 rise/drop daily in a stock, and TSLA does it constantly. Need to have a strong...
  23. steph280

    Speculation - Carbon Fiber Spoiler now offered because new Model S design is close

    most (if not all) of the ebay ones seems to have a slight gap on the driver side from warpage. I can see it but I don't mind much about it. But if you are a perfectionist then spend the $1500.
  24. steph280

    EV Retrofit 68 Mustang 0-60 in 1.94 secs

    With speed being the priority over range, I'd suspect they wired them in series to create very high voltage with lower capacity as tradeoff.
  25. steph280

    P85D Rear Drive Unit failure

    It's all fine and dandy they replace the DU now. But what if we were stuck with the replacement bill after warranty expires? This can't be a cheap thing to replace, refurb or not.
  26. steph280

    What happened to substituting side mirrors with camera?

    I recall a while back Elon said Tesla will eventually have side cameras instead of side mirrors. Did they abandon the project? With the Dumbo ear size mirrors, Tesla sure could benefit from this. BMW i8 has this already. https://www.facebook.com/businessinsider/videos/10153318157614071/
  27. steph280

    New Aftermarket Spoiler Install Advice?

    use blue painters tape to mark the position before you permanently stick it to the trunk.
  28. steph280

    Summon Parking Experiences?

    THIS! ^
  29. steph280

    Firmware 7.1

    That's weird. CA being the center of the universe but last to get the 7.1 update? :D
  30. steph280

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    I can't deny, this is having some serious effect.
  31. steph280

    Firmware 7.1

    7703 East Coast Hwy, Newport Coast, CA 92657
  32. steph280

    Paint Quality?

    I just wanted to add, where we are there are a lot of seagulls that can make palm sized droppings which are extremely damaging to car paints, more so than common pigeon or crow droppings. Our poor Tesla stands no chance against these crazy birds, no matter where we park.
  33. steph280

    Is this normal, or an unusual amount of issues for a 3 week old car?

    Our June 2015 delivered 70D had similar issue with door chrome trim, and pano rattle also developed couple weeks afterwards. I asked about the door trim on first visit and the tech just pushed it in by hand right in front of me and it looked better. That did not give me any confidence in their...
  34. steph280

    Magnetic interference P85D - Compass and DJI Drone

    I've carried all sorts of drones (DJI, Align, Mikrokopter) in my 70D without issues. But now you got me worried and I will pay closer attention.
  35. steph280

    Model S Performance & Handling Compared to my BMW

    Driving dynamics aside, one thing I learned coming from German cars is don't have high expectations when it comes to interior quality. While Tesla is nice, it is not comparable to the fit and finish of German luxury sedans. But like somebody said above, once you test drive a Tesla it will seal...
  36. steph280

    Paint Quality?

    Don't you guys find MS' paint more prone to bird dropping paint damage? I had a bird dropping on the hood in the morning, and after getting home from work and washed it off, there are already visible stains under clearcoat. None of my previous cars are like this.
  37. steph280

    Is there really a difference? 2015 vs 2013

    I also noticed better steering and suspension (both coil). The newer models seems tighter and gives you more confidence around the corners.
  38. steph280

    MS is going in for warranty work. What to expect for a loaner?

    Got P85+ each time and I didn't like them at all. Lots of power but the rear tires just break loose. Kinda reminds me of that video of that Charger Hellcat racing a P85D. I much prefer my 70D even though it has less power.
  39. steph280

    Pano roof chattering

    Our May 2015 build was right before they switched to the new roof, and we've had squeaks at fully closed position which they fixed after a few attempts. Your Sept/Oct built should have the new roof design. I guess they too have noise issues, just at different spot.
  40. steph280

    unhappy with my Audio

    Back in younger years my goal was to install a system strong enough to make the CD changer skip and blow the dress off of girls. Now anything above volume 4 is too loud...signs of getting old. :(
  41. steph280

    NAV audio suddenly stuttering?

    yes I had that couple times, along with Slacker radio stuttering. Eventually it will crash and reboot, or you can just reboot yourself to correct it. This has been happening since v7.0 update.
  42. steph280

    What's everyone's take on our nav system?

    Those in the know, if Tesla ever implements Apple's CarPlay, would it allow for any app to be used on the car's display, including Waze?
  43. steph280

    BlackView Install

    I made a plug out of common RC servo plug and plugs right into the Tesla wires. I wouldn't cut anything as that plug might be needed for some Tesla accessories.
  44. steph280

    Long-term ownership opinions on black interior in sunny climate sought

    heat issue aside, I had a Tesla loaner with tan interior and it look a lot more worn out than the black interior. They just show every imperfection. All our cars since the early 90's have black interiors. They do get hot if exposed to direct sun but not any hotter than seats of other color...
  45. steph280

    Some mod notes: mini 0806, tiny 12v 5v circuit, hatch light, front T, rear skid plate

    On my other dashcam (Mobius) I had this similar issue. It was due to the card being formatted as exFAT. I just had to reformat it as FAT32 to enable loop writing.
  46. steph280

    BlackView Install

    The center speaker grill on top of rearview mirror can be pulled off with just your fingers. If you have the 12v plug then inside is where you will find it. Here's a photo of it.
  47. steph280

    Some mod notes: mini 0806, tiny 12v 5v circuit, hatch light, front T, rear skid plate

    Just installed a Mini 0806 over the holiday. It doesn't have all the bells/whiles of Blackvue but the picture quality is every bit as good, plus at 1/3 the cost I can buy a second 0806 for rear. If you have the right plug to fit into the 12v plug in speaker grill then it will be plug and play...
  48. steph280

    Dashcam Install & Group buy

    But then that would defeat the purpose of having parking surveillance mode?
  49. steph280

    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    Got my email just now too. Yes it's the same email and no I am not going to post it, again.
  50. steph280

    How did you select your dashcam?

    I really like the small form factor of Blackvue. But the issues discussed in the thread had me search for alternatives. Currently I have a Mobius in my other car, and it's as discrete as you can get. Picture quality is great, but it doesn't have any bell or whistles such as LCD, parking mode...

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