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  1. ChadS

    OEM Hitch and 1UP Locking Hitch Pin

    If 1UP knows it's for a Model Y when you order, they will send an appropriate hitch pin. If they don't know and send the wrong hitch pin, they used to send the right one for free. I think they charge you something now, though. You can also buy other locking hitch pins that will work on the Y...
  2. ChadS

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Thanks for all the detail! What happens if you do a left or right click, immediately followed by a click in the other direction? Does the Teslogic display switch away and then back, or does it just switch once and ignore the second click? I dunno if that will work or not, but it sounded to me...
  3. ChadS

    Model Y Regen Braking and Charging up/down a Mountain

    Here's a picture of my wife's Model S on Pike's Peak in 2014: There is (or at least was) a checkpoint on the way down where they check the temperature of your brakes. The guy checking was astounded at how cool the S's brakes were - he wasn't familiar with regen. A decade ago owners of the...
  4. ChadS

    Can you park the X in a garage?

    I am following up on my own comment because I realize it may leave the wrong impression with someone that doesn't have an X and/or has a dissimilar garage. When I say that it's very hard to get out on one side, not that's not just because it's a falcon-wing door. It would be very hard to get...
  5. ChadS

    Does the 2022 Model X have a heat pump?

    A resistance heater also gives you warm air faster, and it works no matter how cold it is outside...heat pumps lose efficiency as it gets colder; in fact when very cold they can use MORE energy than a resistance heater, and may even stop working at all. Older heat pumps used to start having...
  6. ChadS

    Trailer Hitch questions

    Installing the Torklift Ecohitch on a 2012-2018 Model S is pretty easy. They have a video HERE that shows them installing one on my wife's 2012 S (which they used to design the ecohitch). The hardest part is probably removing and replacing the trim pieces; with that out of the way, it really...
  7. ChadS

    Can you park the X in a garage?

    We've had our X at two houses with fairly traditional garages. It worked the same in both garages - the side near the wall just opens barely enough to squeeze in, so we don't use that side when it's in the garage. The side in the center of the garage will open most of the way, but it sees the...
  8. ChadS

    Mileage shortfall

    My 2017 100D with 65k miles is at 275. So yeah, all sounds normal.
  9. ChadS

    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    Thanks a lot for the pictures and information! (Especially since I have the same fenders on my bike). BTW, HERE is a video someone posted about installing one on a Model Y. Do you feel you need the locking pin? The Quikrstuff rack has a built-in lock, and a retaining pin just in case the rack...
  10. ChadS

    Quikr Mach 2 hitch rack

    HERE is an installation video on a Model Y that I found helpful. I have one on order, but it won't be here for another 3 months...
  11. ChadS

    Model X as a daily driver?

    Another vote for "if you are happy with the S, you will be happy with the X". My wife had an S from 2012-2017, then switched to an X which is still her daily driver. I can't recall a single issue we've had where she's said she wished she had another car. (Well, she still prefers the looks of...
  12. ChadS

    Cargo liner that isn't a slip-n'-slide?

    I've used the Worth-Mats in my Y for about 2 months, and so far I'm pretty happy with them. The only issue is that the floor mat tends to slide backwards a little when you pull cargo out, and then the hatch won't close. I was happy enough that I ordered a set for my wife's Model X. Those, I am...
  13. ChadS

    Model X towing a Safari Condo A-2124 trailer

    I took another 164-mile round-trip with it to the same place (Deception Pass State Park). Conditions were still not ideal, but closer, and this time I averaged 523Wh/mi. This time I stuck to 55mph, and there seemed (?) to be less wind, though there still was some. On the way out roads were...
  14. ChadS

    Seattle area: full-size Tesla Model 3 spare tires

    All three have been sold.
  15. ChadS

    Has anyone traded in their MX for an MY?

    Yes, the X 5-seater fits a Modern Spare in the subfloor area quite nicely. See some description and not-so-great photos in the 3 posts starting HERE. I have heard that you can get a Modern Spare under the Y floor if you make some modifications, but have not looked at it in any detail. HERE is...
  16. ChadS

    Has anyone traded in their MX for an MY?

    My wife has a 2017 X 100D. I have a 2022 MYP. I prefer the Y for around town just because it's smaller and more efficient (and partly because it doesn't stand out as much). But I prefer the X for trips, and my wife prefers the X all the time (mostly for reasons below, but partly because it...
  17. ChadS

    Model X towing a Safari Condo A-2124 trailer

    We ordered an A2124 in Sept 2020. We live near Seattle, so we ordered from their BC dealer. It arrived in Dec 2021. We have only been able to use it a couple of times, and I unfortunately have not been good about resetting and checking the trip meter at the appropriate times. Our tow vehicle is...
  18. ChadS

    EVCS & West Coast Electric Highway

    Was that recently? I spoke with someone from ENW yesterday, and it sounded like the grant had been made, and the chargers would all be 50-125kW. As you said, they would like more power, but it is really hard to get in those areas.
  19. ChadS

    Considering Model X (Current Model 3 Owner)

    My wife has had an X for 4.5 years and 63k miles. Although she still says she misses the S she had before that, she really likes the X. I had a Model 3 for 4 years. She had absolutely no interest and would not drive it. I got a Y a few weeks ago - she had test driven one with me, and says she...
  20. ChadS

    Second Tesla Considerations

    If power goes, most gas stations can't pump gas either. Although some have backup generators. For that matter, some people have small gas generators or solar panel systems that can charge their EVs. There are many considerations and it's hard to make a blanket statement about what's going to be...
  21. ChadS

    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    I have a KAC rack that is extremely similar to that one. I posted a few notes about it HERE. It works great on my wife's X. I since got a Y, and I'm slightly less pleased - less because of the rack, and more because of the way the hitch is recessed on the Y. Most racks will be more of a pain to...
  22. ChadS

    Two Model Y Household?

    I don't believe a Y SR and an MYP would be any sort of problem. I haven't had that exact pairing, but for a decade now my wife and I have both had Teslas, including when she had an S 85 and I had an S P90DL...so similar setup, just both bigger, flatter hatchbacks than the Ys. I too initially was...
  23. ChadS

    Premium connectivity 1 year subscription during trial period

    Same here - I got my Model Y last month, and signed up for the yearly subscription last week, a couple of days before my trial period ended. They may not have done it right when they first rolled out the yearly plan, but I think they have the correct procedure in place now - they waited until...
  24. ChadS

    After Market Wheels

    Yes, you will. You need to get to Tesla's 64.1 hub bore size. Handy reference on all things Tesla Model 3 tire size is HERE.
  25. ChadS

    Seattle area: full-size Tesla Model 3 spare tires

    The bare wheel is gone. One wheel/tire/TMPS/center cap is spoken for. I still have one full-size 18" Model 3 spare available - includes wheel/tire/TMPS/center cap.
  26. ChadS

    Cargo liner that isn't a slip-n'-slide?

    I just bought something similar to the Topfit cargo liner. It's more expensive, but the sides go up higher, it includes full coverage for the two small side wells in the back...and most importantly, the rear seat covers are separate, so you can still raise/lower all 3 sections separately...
  27. ChadS

    Car names…

    Nice. Mine is unsqueezed, so I named it Hellamato. She is a LOT of tomato.
  28. ChadS

    Seattle area: Sportwing 2-bike wheel-holding rack $25

    I have a "locking" hitch pin for it (it uses a large hex key). Note the whole thing - including the Tesla Wall Connector box that I store it in - weighs 20lbs. Price lowered to $20.
  29. ChadS

    Seattle area: Near-new 2-bike platform rack $295

    Off the market. Got rid of another one, so will continue using this one...at least for a few more months.
  30. ChadS

    Seattle area: Near-new 2-bike platform rack $295

    Dropping price to $205 - half the price of a new one, plus there's no sales tax.
  31. ChadS

    Spare tire questions

    Doesn't the 18" wheel have a thicker tire, so the circumference is the same? Well, similar enough anyway. I'm assuming OP means a full-sized 18" spare, although I guess there are 18" spares that are not full-sized. I agree that leaving them mismatched in any way is not a good plan, but I would...
  32. ChadS

    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    Sure. Although there's a spare tire sitting on it so these photos won't show the whole thing clearly. Here is the back of my wife's 5-seater Model X. Underneath the pet cover is the optional Tesla rubber cargo liner (you can just see it along the edges). Underneath that are the two "false...
  33. ChadS

    Poll: How do you charge?

    I selected "Tesla Wall Connector" because, well, that's what my wife and I use. But note that for years, we both used the mobile connector with a 14-50 outlet until we got free wall connectors as referral bonuses. If the wall connectors hadn't been free, we would still be using mobile connectors...
  34. ChadS

    Any first hand experience with Tesla trade values with a low milage Tesla with extra purchased via the app?

    I think the main point to note is that trade-in values from Tesla vary widely over time and location. How many used vehicles can they sell in the area, is the local reconditioning center (or the sales lot) backed up, that sort of thing. I suspect they may also vary depending on whether they...
  35. ChadS

    Windshield sunshade/cover/heatshield recommendations?

    I have the heatshields for the X. They fit nicely in the rear subfloor when not being used, and are lifesavers when you are sitting in the car at a Supercharger while on a summer trip. They are pretty easy to put up, and really block a lot of heat.
  36. ChadS

    Is a 7-seater with the 3rd row folded down the same as a 5-seater?

    I went back and forth on which to get. Obviously if you need the extra seats, get them. But we didn't, so I got the 5-seater. I saved some money and got some more space (where the 3rd row would fold)... ...but once I got the car, I realized that extra space was not very big, kind of hard to...
  37. ChadS

    Seattle area: Near-new 2-bike platform rack $295

    Local sales only. This is a KAC K2 Sport 2-bike platform rack. Works great on our X and Y. K2 Sport 2 For 2” receivers. Can easily be changed to carry one or two bikes. Just set the bike in the wheel holders (which can accommodate pretty much anything), then lower the arm to hold the frame in...
  38. ChadS

    Seattle area: Sportwing 2-bike wheel-holding rack $25

    Local sales only. The Highland Sportwing is a very light (aluminum posts) bike rack that breaks down to store in a very small place. It is quick to set up, load, and break down. I originally bought it for my Roadster since it fit in the trunk; I have since used it on an S, X and Y. It holds...
  39. ChadS

    Seattle area: full-size Tesla Model 3 spare tires

    These three 18” wheels were part of a winter tire set for my former Tesla Model 3. They will fit any Model 3, even the Performance model. One is just a bare wheel (with 2 valve stems). The other two include tires and TPMS. I believe the bare wheel will also fit a Model Y if you put the right...
  40. ChadS

    Model 3 Performance Wheel Size Needed

    I think that's correct for the older silver wheels, but the newer Uberturbines are a little wider. There's a handy guide HERE.
  41. ChadS

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    With my last three Tesla performance cars, I've replaced the big wheels with smaller, lighter ones as soon as I got the car. I got my Model Y Performance on March 17, got my TSportline 19" wheels on March 28, put up a Craigslist ad for the Uberturbines on March 29, and sold them on March 30...
  42. ChadS

    Seattle-ish 21" Uberturbines for Model Y - as new, with TPMS

    Less than 200 miles on them; no damage so they look brand new. Wheels, tires and TPMS all included. They come with the Michelin all-seasons. Local sales only. $2900 obo.
  43. ChadS

    First flat tire - could be intentional

    I once got a 2" screw fully embedded straight in to my tire...on a bicycle. I could tell as soon as I picked it up on my ride, so I'm sure it really was just road debris that I ran over. It's hard to see how it can happen, but it does.
  44. ChadS

    What did you name your Tesla?

    I didn't name the first one. We just called it "The Roadster" My wife called her Signature Red Model S "Currant". Or Current, whatever I called my black on black Model S Performance "Shadow" I called my red Model 3 "Pepper" My wife called her silver Model X "(Silver) Belle" I called my gray...
  45. ChadS

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    Having sold a few, I can attest that used Tesla prices are normally far below new prices. These are unusual times.
  46. ChadS

    Electric Bicycles

    I don't own one, but have been to the "factory outlet" and have ridden one. They are local to me, and some employees are part of the local EV club. I see a ton of 'em around here. They are pretty big and well-capitalized for a DTC bike company. As mentioned they don't use high-spec components...
  47. ChadS

    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    Right now, I'd say the 2018 Model 3 Performance has been my favorite so far (at least as a daily driver). Completely trouble-free, so much fun to drive...and so easy to live with on a daily basis. It didn't grab me immediately, but it really wormed itself in to my heart over time. Of course, it...
  48. ChadS

    Model 3 Trade In

    I got a trade-in quote for my Model 3 from Tesla last October. It was great! I then placed an order for a Y. My Y VIN was finally assigned about 10 days ago. I asked for another trade-in quote (since the original was no longer valid). The quote was for $8k less than the original. I did not...

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